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  1. Why would you 'volunteer' to work in a school? Would you do that in your own country? Have you any experience in Thai schools? The cultural and differences between Thai education systems and western one are immense and usually incomprehensible for Westerners who assume that their ways are the best ways. They need to help themselves which they are attempting to do by expanding their provision for kids with additional educational needs. Yes, its great that you are qualified in this area of education but, to be honest, you would probably create even more tension and problems in the school by trying to apply western norms to Thai education and attitudes towards people with special needs.
  2. Thank you for prompt reply. My friend is coming here with his family. There are three people in total. Will he need 60k in cash then? His wife is Chinese and they have a one year old. Cheers..
  3. Do EU citizens arriving to Suvarnabhumi on 30 day tourist stamp need to carry 20 k in cash or is this just for Tourist visas and land borders? Thanks
  4. In Ireland too it would be considered rude to assume you can take off shoes in someone elses house. You would need to ask permission from your host to do so. This is because feet in Ireland, in the past, may have been wet due to the wet climate etc...
  5. It is extremely rude, disgusting and shows a complete lack of cultural understanding. However they are tourists and probably lack local knowledge.. In some countries it is considered extremely rude to remove your shoes in someone else's house. This is due to socks being smelly and dirty. So I wonder how many Thai people travel to other countries and take their shoes off when they are not suppose to? Tourists of all nationalities may become involved in such cultural misunderstandings. Do they deserve to be photographed and posted all over the internet? Probably not and it may also be illegal under the cyber crime act? The real fault is with the train staff and other passengers. A polite tap on the shoulder and a nice reminder that its impolite to put you feet up in Thailand may have worked. However the shyness and fear of confrontation stops many Thai people from doing so. They are not so afraid of confrontation whilst hiding behind their phones though!
  6. No 'devolved' government in Northern Ireland. The Irish government is in Dublin which is in the Republic of Ireland and is not part of the United Kingdom.