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  1. In Ireland too it would be considered rude to assume you can take off shoes in someone elses house. You would need to ask permission from your host to do so. This is because feet in Ireland, in the past, may have been wet due to the wet climate etc...
  2. It is extremely rude, disgusting and shows a complete lack of cultural understanding. However they are tourists and probably lack local knowledge.. In some countries it is considered extremely rude to remove your shoes in someone else's house. This is due to socks being smelly and dirty. So I wonder how many Thai people travel to other countries and take their shoes off when they are not suppose to? Tourists of all nationalities may become involved in such cultural misunderstandings. Do they deserve to be photographed and posted all over the internet? Probably not and it may also be illegal under the cyber crime act? The real fault is with the train staff and other passengers. A polite tap on the shoulder and a nice reminder that its impolite to put you feet up in Thailand may have worked. However the shyness and fear of confrontation stops many Thai people from doing so. They are not so afraid of confrontation whilst hiding behind their phones though!
  3. No 'devolved' government in Northern Ireland. The Irish government is in Dublin which is in the Republic of Ireland and is not part of the United Kingdom.
  4. I'm sure that many people might be angry if there was a party held in Westminster Abbey or St Paul's Cathedral??? Try to empathize with people instead of deriding them for their beliefs. I'm not religious but I still respect other people's beliefs and values.
  5. Wow. Rolling out the stereotypes here. Just because he's Irish doesn't mean he's drunk! I hope he turns up safe and well.
  6. Which country are you from? Obtaining a visa for your 'girlfriend' and her dependents may not be so simple. It would be advisable to marry and live together first. Its going to be hard to prove your relationship if you are living on the other side of the world...
  7. Chiang Mai and Autism Spectrum Disorder

    There are only a few specialist centres in Bangkok. In Thailand special needs are not really a consideration. This is because families would rather 'save face' than have their child diagnosed and helped. I work in an International school and there is a huge reluctance on the part of Thai parents to have their children assessed, even if it is quite clear than help is required. Therefore, due to a lack of demand there are not many specialist centres to go to. There is one called 'The Village' in Bangkok which helps to assess and help children with special needs. If I were you I would reconsider moving here at all. Your child will receive better provision in your home country, unless you are wealthy that is...
  8. The Mom needs to go to the police and forget the school authorities. If the local police don help she needs to go above them to the district level.
  9. The levels of Thai bashing on this thread are astounding. Kids in the UK and Europe are just as spoiled. If you compare the behavior of Thai teenagers to those in the UK Thais are much more polite and respectful. Thai kids don't, in general, drinks cans of cheap lager and take over public train stations like teens do in England.Just one example... I could go on... The anger and hostility that most people show on this forum is startling considering that they have CHOSEN to live here. I wonder how they feel about immigrants in their own country who show similar attitudes to their 'hosts'...
  10. Actually It is their business. You usually are required to explain how you met and write down a 'history' of your relationship which may or may not include private emails, photos etc. Its up to the applicant to 'prove' their relationship to the authorities. The more details and evidence you use the better..
  11. You are not BARRED from your own country. Your wife doesn't meet the visa regulations. You can return whenever you want. Don't sensationalise it. The visa regulations are unfair but no need for hyperbole...
  12. Stereotypical view of Pattaya. In this case the stereotype possibly rings true. A 61 year old cabbie marries a 35 year old Thai girl he met in Pattaya. Cmon. Think about it.
  13. Hold on a minute! What about the millions of British living and working in EU countries! Freedom of movement was and is an intrinsic law in the EU..It works both ways. Well it did until the Right wing, evil Tory party won...
  14. It seems that Thaivisa has decided to make this news and is doing the 'reporting' themselves. Does the guy know one of the moderators? Or can we all lobby Thaivisa with our problems and 'news' items? The 'report' also mentions some of the posts made by Thaivisa members on the topic. Is this a once off or will anything we say on here appear in the next 'report'???
  15. Wrong. Nobidy outside Thailand who cant speak Thai (99% or more of the world) dont understand or care who this tool is!! He does nothing for Thailand only showing disrespect and making it harder for normal westerners to live here without stereotyping and xenophobia.