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  1. Wrong. Nobidy outside Thailand who cant speak Thai (99% or more of the world) dont understand or care who this tool is!! He does nothing for Thailand only showing disrespect and making it harder for normal westerners to live here without stereotyping and xenophobia.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I bought it in Central Department Store Rama III which is now closed for renovation. So is the IIRC Synnex office/ store in Pantip Plaza as Shady 86 has said? Thanks again...
  3. Can I take it there in person? I'd rather go there than the post office! Thanks for the quick reply...
  4. I have a Seagate Back Up Plus Slim Hard Drive that has died. It is in warranty and I've registered it online. Where can I bring it in Bangkok to return? Do they have a centre in Central World or another shopping centre? I bought it in Central Rama III but they are closed now. Thanks...
  5. The Chinese are tourists too and spend a lot more than Western Tourists. I was in Don Muang last night and there were hundreds of Chinese Tourists passing through immigration and only about 10 westerners some of which looked like they lived here. Western tourists dont matter anymore. Its all about the Chinese and most of them are on strictly controlled tours.
  6. No. It won't affect you in any way. I have had a number for 13 years and I've never had any contact from the tax office. I've even claimed back tax on a few occasions. If you have nothing to hide and are here legally it will have no impact on you.
  7. English Programs in Sacred Heart Convent, St Joseph's convent, Assumption st louis/ Bangrak or Bangkok Christiam College. These schools are not cheap and the standard of education is not great. Foreign teachers may or may not be fully trained with QTS from their home countries. Some of them may well be TEFL teachers who have worked their way up. An international school in Bangkok would be much better depending on your plans and budget and almost the same price. All teachers will be fully qualified in their subjects and vastly experienced. The kids will be much more multi cultural and will not be indoctrinated with Thainess.
  8. I believe that, if you have the same surname as your wife, all you need is your marriage cert, copy of her Thai ID card and a signed letter from her. Don't forget to let us know what happened! Good luck...
  9. So you feel that you should be able to come to Thailand without showing return flights or a bank account statement? Would you be Okay with Thai people visiting the US without such proof/ documents. The USA is one of the hardest places to get a tourist visa for...Arrogance is a word that comes to mind.
  10. It always interests me that loans for specific things always come to a nice round figure! So the roof will cost exactly 100,000? Have they had a quote yet? I have a Thai friend who ,twice, became a guarantor for close friends for car loans. He lost both friends and had to pay almost one million back in loans himself after they had defaulted on the loans.
  11. You are being a bit harsh here mate. Thai government hospitals are very affordable for all Thai citizens especially, if they some form of social insurance and have worked legitimately all their lives. And old people do get a small payment each month. About 600 baht I believe? While not enough to live on it is a form of pension. Perhaps you should learn even more about the country you live in too...
  12. Some schools will just change it over in immigration. However the extra paperwork for the school means that its easier for them if you just leave and start again. Technically the obtaining of a Non B within Thailand is only done in 'exceptional' circumstances. If the new school has contacts in immigration maybe that can help. Look at the bright side. You will get to spend a few days in a neighbouring country. I recommend Laos and Vientiane. I never had any issues at the Thai consulate there...
  13. Ultimately it is your responsibility as it's your passport. Your school is asking you to break the law because they are too lazy to go to immigration twice in one week. I would reconsider working for such a company. They need to realise how important visas are...
  14. Bravery is not giving up and taking care of your family.. Suicide is selfish and cowardly..
  15. The child should be returned to the mother. Its tragic but its her daughter.. I can't see how grandparents would be awarded custody...