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  1. I have to disagree with you. Moving here with Health problems and no health insurance is not a good idea. The hospitals are good here but without insurance they could bankrupt the gentleman very quickly and destroy his wife's nest egg. It would be better if she could move to the UK. However they haven't really lived together in a permanent way so I can't see the UK authorities giving her a settlement visa. Anyone have any ideas that can actually help them?
  2. Teaching on Skype works flawlessly on almost every system and connection.
  3. The main online portal for teaching language lessons via Skype is . It is an excellent site but requires patience at first. You will find students but it will be slow until you get your statistis up (ie. the number of lessons taught).. Remember that you will be illegally working here if you go down this path..Good luck... ps is another one but they are difficult to get accepted for...
  4. Did you all just land here? Its a mis transliteration obviously...Happens all the time with the following sounds/ letters! b/p g/k l/r ch/j v/w .... eg... Thanon Chan is pronounced Thanon Jan.
  5. Tell your friend to get a job at a school that completes all of this paperwork for him. If they can't be bothered to help him get his paperwork they are not worth working for...
  6. 1. You are 40 years older than him! 2. If a 60 year old man followed a 20 year old woman its called stalking! 3. Is he even gay? 4. He was probably just smiling as Thai's tend to do! 5. In your 60 years on this planet you obviously have enough life experience to deal with or be aware of your emotions, or do you? 6. See no 1. 7. If he is gay and if he is interested in you he is only interested in your, as he sees it, perceived wealth. 8. See no 1.
  7. When you have a child with a Thai lady the first thing you do is get two passports for them. One for Thailand and one for your home country. He deserves no sympathy. They are British citizens and he could easily arrange for them to receive British passports and join him abroad. His kids do deserve sympathy having somebody like that for a child.
  8. That's an interesting way to advertise a job vacancy! 'Pay is not fantastic!. That should attract some top class applicants. How about paying a decent salary of over 50k??? (That's also pretty bad).
  9. This question has been answered here many times. Go home and do the PGCE plus your NQT year. Then come back and look for EAL work in an international school. After a year or two, depending on luck, you can then switch to teach your subject if and when a position becomes available. That's what I did and it worked out well for me. Good luck...
  10. Bite the bullet and return home for a few years. I did this and I'm now working at a top international school. I did my teaching diploma for one year and also did my NQT year at home. I then returned here and taught ESL for one year in a top Thai school while looking for international school positions. I managed to get one and haven't looked back. The two years at home went really fast and also allowed my family to explore Europe. Good luck...
  11. Just get the police check anyway and then you will know! It's only a caution so any employer worth working for would ignore it and give you the benefit of the doubt as it is not a criminal conviction. I also had a few cautions in my younger years but they didn't show up on my record. You won't know until you apply for it.
  12. I disagree with your view. Many of the posters here have lived here a long time. We all know that it's not safe for a western woman to be in certain places at certain times. Does that mean a woman deserves to be raped? No it doesn't. But many western females seem oblivious to the dangers. They don't deserve to be attacked but they put themselves in vulnerable positions. For example, Thai women rarely wear bikinis to beaches. Then a western girl comes on holidays with a tight bikini and , well, large melons! Obviously Thai men will start looking at her. She then leaves the beach at 7pm and walks through the jungle to get back to her small hut. She is attacked on the way... Was it her fault? No but she placed herself in a silly, vulnerable position due to a lack of cultural awareness and common sense ( in terms of Thailand and not her home country)...
  13. Your son is a British citizen and entitled to a passport. They are probably guarding against child trafficking but it's still ridiculous. This is also not very protective for children who have been abandoned by Thai mothers and refuse to stay in contact. How would they get such a letter? Just give them what they want but it's another example of the nanny state gone mad...
  14. It's not easy but you need a good lawyer specializing in family law. You will also need quite a lot of money. It may be possible to settle this out of court by coming to a financial settlement with your ex wife and her manipulative sister. I have read here of similar cases where the kids have been released into their Dad's custody after a large payment to the kids Mom. I have also read of many cases where the family court has awarded custody to the Foreign Dad so don't give up on winning a legal battle. The key to all of this is money. If you don't have any it's gonna be a tough battle to win.. That's why the head of their school asked you how much rent do you pay. If you told him over a 100,000 instead of 20,000 he would've listened more. Good luck and please keep us updated.