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  1. Nonsense. Just dont visit random Karaoke bars that tuk tuk drivers bring you too. Chiang Mai is a huge city and province. 99% of it is safe. The other 1% is where the tuk tuk guys bring you...
  2. Be careful on that page. People who have shared some of their articles have been arrested...
  3. claffey

    Prescription too expensive

    Count yourself lucky. My monthly prescription is about 8-9k! I will be trying to find it elsewhere next month...Or I will stop taking them..
  4. claffey

    Convert UK driving licence to Thai?

    Hi..What documents did you have and which office did you go? Thanks for your help..
  5. claffey

    Historic pots returned from US

    Great. Now maybe Britain and France can return all the artifacts they pillaged from their fallen empires over the last 400 years??????
  6. Why would you 'volunteer' to work in a school? Would you do that in your own country? Have you any experience in Thai schools? The cultural and differences between Thai education systems and western one are immense and usually incomprehensible for Westerners who assume that their ways are the best ways. They need to help themselves which they are attempting to do by expanding their provision for kids with additional educational needs. Yes, its great that you are qualified in this area of education but, to be honest, you would probably create even more tension and problems in the school by trying to apply western norms to Thai education and attitudes towards people with special needs.