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  1. Grumpy Old Man

    "Road Pizza" coming soon

    There isn't a "Brick Oven" pizza restaurant that I know of in Chiangmai but I often use "Pizza Lover" near "Tha Phae Gate" for pizza and they do a good job in my option. . . . .
  2. Grumpy Old Man

    "Road Pizza" coming soon

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I drive approximately 27,000 Km a year in Thailand everything from congested cities to the country tracks of the North East. "Road Pizza" is a reference to what the human body looks like after being hit / run over by a large vehicle; not everyones taste of humour.
  3. Grumpy Old Man

    "Road Pizza" coming soon

    I want to share a short "Dash Cam" video high lighting the complete disregard to basic traffic rule and no consideration for their own road safety. I had a GREEN light / road traffic priority for at least twelve seconds and these two young ladies on a scooter still jumped a RED light with no consideration for their own road safety and that doesn't include the road users jumping the RED light before them. They'll be the first to moan when they become a "Road Pizza"
  4. Mrs GOM has worked for the SCB for over twenty five years and holds a very good position within the SCB; we both have accounts with the SCB including my "Foreign Currency Accounts" she would never risk our financial portfolio where she didn't trust the banking system. In my opinion the SCB as a banking institution is a good as it comes.
  5. Grumpy Old Man

    Photos: New Benz pick ups arrive in Thailand

    Not forgetting the Nissan Navara NP300 ladder frame and diesel engine . . . . Mercedes engine coming soon !
  6. Grumpy Old Man

    Photos: New Benz pick ups arrive in Thailand

    Agreed a Pickup is not the most aesthetically pleasing vehicle in the world but they just work and are fit for purpose . . . Simple !
  7. Grumpy Old Man

    Thai business owners who think they own the public road

    Yes the photo is of myself. Thank you; I do understand there is a risk factor for standing up for yourself
  8. I want to share my experiences and interactions with Thai business owners who think they own the public road / highway outside their shop. On a very alarming number of occasions while parking on the PUBLIC road / highway in accordance to the Thai traffic law in Chiangmai city I have had a business owner or representative come running out of a business premises shouting " Can not park there ! ! " when I have asked, why not ? the top two replies are. "My shop" or "My boss park there" On these occasions I reply in a firm but very polite manner informing them that this is the PUBLIC road / highway with no indicated parking restrictions ie red and white no parking Etc. and I can legally park here; if the conversation continues I advise them to call the Police and the Police will confirm my information. On occasion I have lifted these white plastic chairs from the PUBLIC road and placed them on the pavement / sidewalk outside the offending shop and then parked, sometimes I have the same conversation regards to parking with a shop owner or representative. The craziest reaction I've had was a person who insisted I pay to park on the PUBLIC road / highway outside of their shop, after my well rehearsed parking statement the shop owner still insisted that I can not park there without paying and he will " Lock my wheel " I tried to inform him that " To permanently or temporary remove or restrict the use of another persons property is theft and a criminal offence" I know this feel on deaf ears because when I returned from the ATM approximately ten minutes later there was a chain passed through my wheel and a padlock attaching it to a concrete block. Two men sat at a table laughing saying " 1000 THB and I take off " I am not easily intimidated and I declined their offer, I promptly removed a pair of "Bolt Croppers" from the back of my truck and cut the chain link nearest the padlock, removed the chain with the still attached padlock, placed it on the ground and drove away. I know there will be comments that I should have called the Police Etc. or I should have parked in a different place because of the possible risk of car damage or personal injury but these are my experiences and how I chose to deal with them.
  9. Grumpy Old Man

    My experiences with Thai Police

    I would like to share my interactions and experiences with the Thai Police in and around Chiangmai over this last six months; there are many stories online about the Thai Police being corrupt, lazy, not fit for purpose, incompetent and generally a total waste of good skin so I would like to share my experiences. Many people might find this strange but I keep a detailed log of all my Police interactions, check point stops and general enquires, you never know when you might need the information. My vehicle is fitted with a forward and rear facing colour, full HD and infrared camera system, this makes keeping a traffic or check point stop log much easier. On average I have been stopped at a check point once a day for the last six months the most check point stops in a twenty four hour period being SEVEN; all of the check points I've been stopped at have been well laid out normally reducing the road to one lane for the check point management with at least five officers. I have only ever been asked once for a driving licence and on production of my Thai driving license was told OK and passed through the gate on wheels used at the check point. On many occasions when I lower my driver side window and in my best British English say "Good morning, afternoon or evening how can I help you" and the Police Office sees an old very white guy they don't even engage in conversation and just wave me through. I have only even been asked once if I have been drinking whisky before driving and with a polite "No drink whisky" I was waved on; the officers can tell at a glance if you're worth further investigation. Two non check point interactions with Thai Police I want to share; when my wife and I returned to our home in the private village where we live the front door was open / ajar and Mrs GOM said she was sure she'd closed and locked it, we both backed away from our home and contacted the village security / gate house, they called the Police and within ten minutes two armed officers arrive, checked their weapons and did a house sweep; very impressed with their professionalism. Last Saturday my friend called me at 07:00Hrs announcing he was in jail, could I come and help him; jail turned out to be a holding cell at a district Police Station. I got the location for Google Maps and after a nice coffee took a leisurely drive to the Police Station on entering the Police Station I was greeted by two officers who spoke basic English and asked how they can help me; with my very bad Thai and Google translator they understood I was here to try and help Mr . . . . . who I understand is in their custody, very much to my surprise they invited me through to the holding cell area and there was my friend looking very sorry for himself. Every interaction, check point stop and general enquiry I've had has been conducted in a very professional manner, maybe I've just been lucky.
  10. Grumpy Old Man

    Charging outlets at Thai airports

    I always travel with a power pack on international and domestic flights; under the current legislation power packs " CAN NOT " be in your checked in aircraft hold luggage but are permitted in carry on / hand luggage . . . . There is also a maximum power pack battery size as mine had been checked many times on flights but I can't remember what it is.
  11. Grumpy Old Man

    Health Insurance - what to watch out for

    I currently use "Aetna" formally "BUPA" at a "Platinum" service level . . . Compare the level of cover between "CIGNA" and "AETNA" and you'll get a good idea of any service deficiencies . . . . . "AETNA" have discounts for making an application and taking a medical insurance online; they also offer a "No Claim" discount of approximately 12% for the next year of cover. I did consider "CIGNA" three years ago as my medical insurance provider in Thailand but at the time the cover was not as good as "BUPA" now "AETNA" for the same cost. I hope this helps
  12. Not forgetting the oil drinking "Deep Fried Pizza" . . . . I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I'd seen a pizza being deep fried; I could feel my arteries groaning just looking at it. . . . . .
  13. Grumpy Old Man

    To change or not to change

    Having NO engine cold start is beneficial for the long life of any engine but the constant high temperatures of the engine oil and other fluids degrades their efficiency more rapidly . . . . . "Brake failure" is a very good example; the efficiency of hydraulic brake fluid degrades rapidly with high temperatures
  14. Grumpy Old Man

    To change or not to change

    In Thailand I drive a 2017 Toyota Hilux Revo Pickup and as per manufactures guidelines I change the engine oil and filter every 10,000 Klm or six months; I always ask to have the empty oil containers and old oil filter returned to check it is to specification are correct for my vehicle. The engine oil and filter is unique to the Toyota Hilux Revo Pickup over the Toyota Vigo Pickup. My advice is follow the manufactures service schedule with the correct replacement parts and there is much less chance you'll have a problem. The main factor that affects all oils and other fluids in vehicles operated in Thailand is the constant high temperature.