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  1. Best All-round 4x4

    My friend and myself both have Toyota Hilux Revo with selectable 4x4 and Diff lock. We talked about the pros and cons of all the models available in Thailand taking into consideration all the factors and it was an easy decision, Toyota Hilux Revo; it did help that he is a newly retired consultant diesel engine engineer for a very well known Germany car manufacturer. Also if anyone is looking for the best deal on any Toyota drop me a message; I have a family contact within Toyota sales based in Bangkok who deals with customers all over Thailand.
  2. Toyota Hilux Rocco available date

    2018 Toyota Hilux Rocco with options . . . . Ordered at Toyota Paragon Bangkok and he'll collect it during the third week of December and drive it back to Chiangmai, he's like a 70 year old kid waiting for a new toy.
  3. Toyota Hilux Rocco available date

    My neighbour ordered his new 2018 model Toyota Hilux Revo three weeks ago and it is due to be delivered in the third week of December. . . . .
  4. Immigration closed today???

    SIMPLE ANSWER. . . . . . Chiangmai Immigration Office is OPEN so I'd guess they all are . . . . .
  5. Change of permanent address on immigration file nightmare

    I am giving the information I have received from the Thai Immigration Police in Chiangmai but as I have found out over these last few weeks each Thai Province seem to make their own rules up on a daily basis 1. If you traveling out of Thailand and you are on a Visa or Extension to Stay you need to get a "Re-Entry Permit" before you leave or you will lose your Visa or Extension to Stay entitlements on returning to Thailand. 2. On returning to Thailand or being a tourist the HOTEL, GUEST HOUSE or RENTED ACCOMMADATION are required to give notice they have an "ALIEN" staying; you have no requirements to give notice you are there. 3. When you return to your rented home in Thailand YOU are required to give notice on a TM 28 within 24 Hours. "FORM FOR ALIENS TO NOTIFY THEIR CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR THEIR STAY IN THE PROVINCE FOR OVER 24 HOURS" 4.The property owner / Blue Book registered person is required to give notice on a TM 30 within 24 Hours. "NOTIFICATION FORM FOR HOUSE-MASTER, OWNER OR POSSESSER OF THE RESIDENCE WHERE ALIEN HAS STAYED" The TM 30 is NOT your responsibility and any fines of not doing the TM 30 are also NOT you responsibility. There are also NO fees for doing a TM 28 or TM 30 report. I hope this helps clear things up a bit
  6. Change of permanent address on immigration file nightmare

    How about your TM28 & TM30 receipt of notification . . . . .
  7. Change of permanent address on immigration file nightmare

    This was my first and hopefully last visit to the immigration offices near the airport therefore I don't know about "The Hut" ; the site is a total building site and I was walking over mud piles and planks. My return to Chiangmai from Bangkok was never discussed and it seems like I have a clean and up to date TM30 immigration file if there is such a thing. . . . .
  8. Change of permanent address on immigration file nightmare

    TO BE CONTINUED and concluded. At this stage I must introduce my wife and it will put the continuation and conclusion in persecutive; Mrs "Grumpy Old Man" has worked for the same corporation for over twenty three years being recruited before even finishing University and hold three degrees in different business related subjects, I guess you'd say she's a very smart cookie. . . . Her current corporate position includes document constancy, document investigations including document fraud; to say she is very precise, meticulous and tenacious is an understatement; she always says, if something smells fishy and she feels someone is taking the piss, it usually does and they usually are. After my nightmare at Chiangmai immigration "See Above" and confirming the information I had relayed to her was correct and accurate she didn't bother with the immigration office at Promenada Chiangmai she contacted the "Thai Immigration Investigations Division" based near the airport in Chiangmai and had a word in their skull, I will never know the full extent of the conversation but I would guess it was very polite but firm. I had an appointment with an Officer from the "Thai Immigration Investigations Division" at 09100Hrs today and my wife also confirmed the documents I was required to take with me. The Officer I had my appointment with spoke excellent English and that made this so much easier; he listened to my report of the pervious days nightmare and checked the documents I had brought with me; he then apologised for the way I was treated at the immigration office at Promenada. He then took the submitted documents and let his fingers do the walking on his computer keyboard and produced a document with a few red stamps and signatures on it with the instructions of, make copies of this, keep the original in your passport and when dealing with any immigration issues submit a copy of this document with all other required documents and you'll not have a problem. The "Thai Immigration Investigations Division" Officer I was dealing with for my immigration issue was so helpful and professional if I wasn't there myself I would never have believed it, I take my hat off to him. I now have a completed notification of permanent change of address to Chiangmai, no TM30 issues including "Fines" and I'll do my 90 Day report on Wednesday . . . Bonus ! I am under no illusion that without my wife's intervention, her experience with documentation, policies and procedures there would have been a far different outcome; there my immigration nightmare concludes. . . . . .
  9. I would like to share my nightmare of an experience trying to change my permanent address on my Thai Immigration file and do my 90 Day reporting. . . . . I turned up at Chiangmai Thai Immigration centre "The makeshift collection of desks and offices" to process my change of permanent address from Bangkok to Chiangmai and process my 90 Day report, an easy job you'd think, not so as it seems. Firstly after standing in a queue for nearly an hour I was told the office / deck to firstly change my address was upstairs as I can't change my address and do my 90 day report at the same time or office. I go upstairs to another office / desk and join another queue for approximately another hour before producing the required TM28, UK passport with Visa Etc, yellow book for my new address, Thai driving licence in my new address and copies of all to prove my change of address from Bangkok to Chiangmai; at this point you'd think it was a done deal, well not so. . . . . Not interested in my UK Passport or Thai driving licence, fair enough. They are looking for the TM 30 receipt from my Bangkok rented apartment address and the TM 30 receipt from my wife from our own family home in Chiangmai; I replied saying, the TM30 reporting and receipt for the rented apartment in Bangkok is the responsibility of the owner not me, contact them. I then asked why does my wife have to report on a TM30 when I have a yellow book for our family home; we also visit her parents once a week in Chiangrai province being 25Km away for approximately 26 / 28 hours does that mean they have to report on a TM30 an "Alien" is staying in the house and my wife have to report on a TM30 when we return home to Chiangmai province 26 / 28 hours later; then came the subject of my Monday to Friday in Bangkok and the apartment owner have to do a TM30 every Monday morning or within 24 Hours because I am now in a different province; I then return to Chiangmai on Friday night and I am being told that my wife has to report a TM30 there is an "Alien" staying at my own family home. . . . . I think you get the issues I am now facing I only wanted to change my permanent address to my family home in Chiangmai for 90 Day reporting purposes and all this crap started. . . . . Still haven't managed to get my address changed because the issue of outstanding TM30 fines came up and they wouldn't process my change of address until the "FINES" had be paid Etc. even after I reminded them that TM30 reporting and TM30 fines are not my responsibility . . . . TO BE CONTINUED
  10. 90 Day reporting online . . . . Available or not ?

    It's like being back in the "Stoneage" when it comes to modern technology and communication.
  11. 90 Day reporting online . . . . Available or not ?

    I don't have access to Windows 10 and just for my information what is IE from Windows 10 accessories ?
  12. A simple question but I have the feeling there will not be a simple answer. . . . . 90 Day reporting online. . . . . The last time I did my 90 Day reporting in Bangkok I asked the staff at the immigration office about the 90 Day reporting online as I can never get it to work or even get passed the front page; the staff smiled and I think inside was in a full belly laugh and said "Coming Soon" I have access to a number of computers and mobile devices i.e. an iMac and MacBook running Safari 11, an iPad and iPhone running IOS 11 and a Windows PC running Windows 7 Can anyone give me an Internet address or link that currently works for 90 Day reporting online for any of the above devices. . . . . . It would make my life so much more comfortable if I could do my 90 Day reporting online and I'm sure there are many people out there that are in the same boat. . . . . Thank you in advance for all your help.
  13. Remote Car Key Jammers Suspected in Chiang Mai

    This happened to myself on the afternoon of the 18th September, I was parked in the under store carpark of BigC Highway Branch Chiangmai, I was also parked as far from the automatic doors to the store as possible; on leaving my vehicle I pressed the lock everything and set the alarm button on the key fob unit there was no BEEP or flashing of the indicators, I repeated the action a few times with no success, my first though was it was a new vehicle fault; being a check, check and check again person I got back into my vehicle started it, let everything reset and repeated the process, it worked after that. Be it the automatic doors at the store or remote key fob jammers . . . Check, check and check again !
  14. Yellow Book / Tabien Baan and Thai ID card

    In theory / full legal requirements No.3 does mean you have to carry another form of ID if you leave the province from where your pink Thai ID was issued . . . . I personally never carry my UK passport anywhere and it only ever comes out of my house safe when required for 90 Day reporting and extension to stay Etc.
  15. Can anyone confirm the 90 day reporting process. . . . . I am currently in Thailand on my "Extension to stay based on marriage" I have been doing my 90 Day reporting in Bangkok at the Government Complex Chaengwattana for the last three time with no problems; I am now spending more and more time at my new home address in Chiangmai and I really don't want to arrange my life around going to Chaengwattana every 90 days. Surely I can just go to the Government Complex in Chiangmai and do my 90 Day report. . . . . . Thank you in advance for your comments and help. . . . .