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  1. I've often been a rear seat passenger in a Thai taxi and they don't even have the seatbelt accessible; does that mean the taxi driver is now responsible for the fine, in the interest of preventing accidents and increase the safety of their passenger.
  2. What about a Scotsman wear his Kilt traditional style, where does that come under the dress regulations / dress code. . . . .
  3. 1080 would be my choice . . . . Thank you
  4. This is one of the main things I can't understand about vehicle safety management in Thailand; a vehicle is stopped, noted to have defects and even declared "Not fit for purpose" but yet the agency allow them to continue with it's use with a promise of "Yes of course I'll fix it" Coming from a Health & Safety industry this just boils my piss. Surely allowing this is "Gross Misconduct" on the part on the agency stopping the vehicle ! . . . . . . Yes I can hear you all shouting out loud . . . . ."WELCOME TO THAILAND"
  5. I want to share a near miss with a "Diamond Scam". SORRY THIS IS A BIT LONG BUT WORTH IT, well I think so ! I've been asking my Thai wife what she'd like for her 45th birthday / anniversary which is coming up in March and after many weeks of "I don't know" . . . "I don't need anything" Etc. She finally showed me a photo of a very nice diamond ring she found through an online / Instagram shop sale; it was second hand but only purchased a month ago and the current owner wanted a bigger diamond "As they all do" and was offering the ring for sale with all original sales documents and a GIE certificate "Gemological Institute of Europe" My wife contacted the seller and arranged an appointment to view the diamond ring at a local shopping mall where we had made arrangements for the diamond ring to be checked by a diamond specialist. For those who don't know. . . . When a diamond is examined and certified by the GIE the report / ID number is laser engraved onto the diamond and is clearly visible under a gemological microscope and copies of certificates are viewable online on their website to check certificates match Etc. My wife had informed the seller of her intention to have the diamonds laser engraved ID number checked by a diamond specialist against the accompanying GIE certificate and the online records and she was very happy for this check; the seller informed my wife that she didn't even know there was an ID number on diamonds Etc. On checking the diamond NO laser engraved report / ID number was found on the diamond and to add insult in injury the specialist told us that the diamond in the ring was far inferior in quality from the GIE diamond report; on hearing this the seller asked him to examine her new bigger diamond ring that she had purchased from the same jewellery / diamond dealer to the diamond ring she was now selling; also finding that there was NO laser engraved report / ID number but unfortunately she didn't have the GIE certificate for this diamond with her as a quality reference but I'd guess it wasn't to the quality stated on the GIE certificate. The diamond specialist concluded that either the high quality diamond that had been submitted for GIE certification had been removed and replaced with a far inferior quality stone before sale or the whole ring setting had been replaced with a copy using a far inferior quality stone. We advised the seller to return to the jeweller where she bought both diamond rings and ask what the <deleted> is going on Etc. We left her feeling very embarrassed but I don't blame her in the slightest as she would have never turned up with the diamond ring knowing it's ID was going to be checked and you should have seen the look on her face when the was no laser engraved report / ID number on her new 2.25 Carat diamond ring . . . Priceless ! ! My wife is very happy that I trust nobody and I CHECK CHECK and CHECK again ! ! I hope our experience will help others to be more vigilant. . . . .
  6. The lid is a multi stage electric lid, remote control option, body colour Etc. 100,000 Baht Cash discount from sticker price It doesn't take long to spend 80,000 Baht in options when you consider a Toyota liner tub is approx 6000 Baht . . . . First class insurance is 22000 Baht . . . . Pickup lid approx 27000 Baht . . . . External and internal options . . . .
  7. The dealership was a privately owned Toyota dealership not a franchise and therefore it's like any other private trading company they can buy and sell at how they please. . . . . .
  8. The 180,000 Baht was the total for CASH discount and OPTIONS fitted free of cost ! IE. I year first class insurance Window film Pickup liner tub Pickup lid Assorted body options All registration fees Delivery in Thailand mainland Extra protection mats I think that was about it. . . . . .
  9. I would like to share my experience of trying to buy a new car. . . . Or not ! For the last few months I've been thinking of getting a new vehicle; I'd even posted a topic on the "Thai Visa Forum" asking for advise and I received excellent replies and advice on the subject . . Thank you for that ! I spent time deciding on what vehicle would best suit my requirements, the running costs Etc. any additional options, the budget available and I decided on a Toyota Hilux Revo 2.4G 4x4. Now it was off to a recommended Toyota dealership with a bilingual and technically minded Thai friend; after the very polite greeting from the reception staff and explaining that we are here to discuss the purchase of the for mentioned vehicle we were show to a seating area and told a sales representative would be with us very shortly. The Toyota sales representative very politely introduced himself but unfortunately he spoke very little to no English and this is where my bilingual and technically mined Thai friend came in very useful; after approximately two hours of being shown all the vehicle details, the options extras available, going out in their full option prepared demonstration vehicle and negotiation on the total purchase price we finally settled on a fair price for the vehicle which included a cash discount and added no cost options to the value of 180,000-00 Baht; I was very pleased with the negotiated deal and it was now time to complete the formal order form and pay the agreed deposit of 100,000-00 Baht and this is where things didn't go as planned ! ! ! The Toyota sales representative gave the formal order for to my Thai friend, who then passed it to myself and I started to fill in my details including passport / Visa / extension to stay and yellow book details for vehicle delivery Etc. There was a conversation between the sales representative and my Thai friend before my friend told me that the sales representative thought the vehicle was being purchased by my Thai friend and the negotiated price and options was for THAI PEOPLE ONLY and he can not offer this to a foreigner, that was a kick in the nut sack ! I was advised that a Thai person / friend could buy the vehicle for me but the legal owner would be the Thai person; as if that was going to happen, I don't trust anyone that much as to let them legally own my 850,000-00 Baht vehicle. Even being fully prepared for the challenge of buying a new vehicle I didn't see that one coming ! !
  10. Excellent . . . Thank you ! Enquiry E-mail sent about RAM required and I'll drop in to see them with my old MacBook Pro ASAP Many thanks for your help David
  11. Hello John My wife called them to get their E-mail address so I could send an enquiry for the RAM I'm looking for and about bringing in my old MacBook Pro for upgrading Etc. but either she didn't get the correct E-mail address or I copied it down incorrectly as it failed to send; she'll contact them again today and hopefully I can get sorted out.
  12. I've had an excellent recommendation for a company that does MacBook / iMac refurbishments in Chiangmai I'm thinking of getting them to take a look at my old MacBook Pro and see what can be done to upgrade it and then my wife will be more comfortable using it.
  13. I was just looking at Crucial USA as I've used Crucial UK many times when I lived in the UK; I think that might be the way to go !
  14. Hello John If you do manage to visit the folks at "Magic" can you please get their full and current contact details as local recommended and reliable company to deal with Apple / Mac's is hard to find. Many thanks
  15. From my experience when I have done my "Extension to Stay" information from the "Government Call Centre" Tel. No. 1111 and information from my wife who has been a SCB Manager for the past 15 years; the "Bank Letter" is required to be dated on the day of application also with a transaction showing on the account this day to show the account is up to date; funds to be held and available in THB. Can't you get a "Bank Letter" from a branch of your Thai bank in Pattaya on the day of application ?