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  1. RotMahKid

    Flooding imperils Pattaya Beach rebuild

    Before you start I suggest them to ask the Dutch, they just did not make a new beach but also some islands, where nothing then water was before.....
  2. Just make this public to all the western tourists, who will be treated as second rang tourists and have to queue up for one or more hours.
  3. A 15 year old owner? I don't believe this news.
  4. It's a Big Joke to let him interview that girl. He is not suitable for this because he has already made his opinion public and declares that it is a fake story. As a biased "policeman", you should never start a questioning / interview. They can never actually accept him for a questioning.
  5. RotMahKid

    Eroded Pattaya Beach gets reconstructive surgery

    Just ask the Dutch to do it, they not only make beach but also islands, see here:
  6. Transferred? They should be suspended and send home without income!
  7. Hitchhiking is very normal to do in western countries, it can bring you free to far destinations. I also did many times when I was younger and it does not mean " No Money ", because if I did not get a ride, I took the train or other transportation.
  8. RotMahKid

    Junta under fire over detention of woman

    It's an illegal, not chosen government, that can do whatever they want to do, this "junta" is nothing more or less then just a bunch of people that took over the legal chosen government by coup and now are even worse then what was before.
  9. Just saying that what they are building is no guarantee that they can sell it.
  10. So finally we will get some more fresh air in Northern Thailand during winter. What a relief there will be no more forest- and other fires here. Oh No, this is Thailand 4.0 : They promise everything but do nothing, what a shame.
  11. Indeed nothing new: ebb and flow exists since we have seas, oceans and big lakes. Just remember with flow the water rises the main current is to the beach and the under current is not so strong, however during the ebb flow the water goes out and special the under current is very strong and very dangerous for people that can't swim and just try to walk around in the water, the flow will bring them to deeper water and they drown. If you can't swim watch the tides...lol
  12. RotMahKid

    Tourist arrivals on the rise

    To show it's all commercial in Thailand they already put up a Christmas tree, what a laughable country. Some people don't like to see that already in September.