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  1. What a looser, one more reason for me Not to buy any of his products and of course share his tweet and the post in the Guardian.
  2. Then I would love to see you standing there and watching it when it happens, but I know that's impossible, but also you use words. I assume You know when a ships sails on the river what happens with the water along the shore? It's not a tsunami, but the effects are the same.
  3. It's a bit premature, first let's hope the 13 will be out of the cave safe and sound soon
  4. He gets the honor, but he can't do it alone. For sure he has a big team working for him in the background on all kind of cases, otherwise it's impossible to discover and solve every case within a few days. Bravo to his team!
  5. RotMahKid

    Chiang Rai cave: Rescuers in race against time

    Thanks, that's just what I want, just the news and not the comments.
  6. You would expecting it would be all pro's there, then this should not happen! I makes me so mad, indeed not surprised but disappointed.
  7. Prayut is coming.....and who are in all those following cars? Did he take his whole staff and household. What a mess. They only need people to save those kids and a good coordination team, all the other can go to the foot of the mountain to follow it en pray
  8. They should start this lessons all over the country.
  9. RotMahKid

    Police chief Chakthip hails drug busts

    Just let the reporters and public know when you destroy it all.
  10. RotMahKid

    Skytrain delays till year-end: operator

    Why are almost all the posts from Wednesday so posted in the news from yesterday also here in the "news" post of today Thursday??????????????
  11. Yes, THAT will help only one day, it's like a drop in the Ocean. Just do it all days in the year, like Makro does!
  12. Full story: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1044720-bids-sought-for-55-billion-thailand-to-china-high-speed-rail/ So what is it 55 billion or 5.5 billion?
  13. So for that purpose foreigners are good enough? I would say: " Do it yourself first! "
  14. Just try it, they want access to almost everything, location, photo's, documents just name it... I uninstalled it already.
  15. Right and now it's time to make a video with all the trash that the Thai are throwing everywhere and then send it to Pattaya update news and saying the a lot of irritate foreigners are furious at the Thai for fill it in yourself. Thai people have to stop blaming the others, they them self are to biggest polluters here.