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  1. hello, looking for front beach house or bungalow to rent at koh phanghan, any information welcome.
  2. Looking for house to buy or rent at chanthaburi, do you know where to look? nothing online it seems ? please help.
  3. thailandroadblock

    Pattaya urine drug tests all around the city, why ?

    They do it Soi korpai, soi teedin, soi potisarn, and sometimes soi watboon. Have you spoted them also? I wonder what happens to foreigners coming from Colorado where weed is legal ? If anybody is sent to the court, is it pattaya court? And can we visit the court during the trial ?
  4. thailandroadblock

    Car Wash in North Pattaya

    Also interested by your feedback, thank you.
  5. Hello, I am wondering why they are checking people all around the city ? I spoted them at 3 location at least. Are they unofficial checks for easy bucks ? Do they sometimes send people to court to pay the 2000 fine or everybody pay on the spot ? Just wondering...
  6. thailandroadblock

    New car wash on sukhumvit road anything better ? pattaya quikcarwash

    Sorry, I cannot find this offer on their website ?
  7. thailandroadblock

    New car wash on sukhumvit road anything better ? pattaya quikcarwash

    I just Best way to have more swirls. More people working on car is the best way to have a very bad job done.
  8. People here do not understand that it's usually the seller who proposes this, notthe buyer as in this case. abuyer who has the money to pay has no reason to ask this, so it can only be a scam !
  9. hello, i asked what they are checking on sukhumvit road check now but they didn't reply and didn't breathalyze me, why ? if they are on the road at night theyshould check something or it seems a bit useless ! any info ?