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  1. So what are the 11 "reserved occupations"?
  2. Teacherduck

    PM Prayut calls for urgent reform in five sectors

    Ans still nothing to reform the road toll or bad driving habits
  3. What a joke, but its OK to own a "Real Gun" Just proves how inept this police force is.
  4. Teacherduck

    Urgent coach safety warning

    If the junta put in as much effort to road safety as they do in saving their own arse, maybe this country may get somewhere and be a safer place to live, drive.
  5. Read my response again mate, I personally ask them in my class, I try to educate them about road safety because no-one in this country cares.
  6. Mate, I have taught in schools here now for 5 years and ask my students who has got a licence, no-one, I think I know what I am talking about, try doing gate duty at school and see it with your own eyes.
  7. No licence, no helmet, when will the police and land transport do something about it. Go to the schools, check every kid and those without a licence confiscate the bike and drag the parents into court, they are the ones responsible for all this carnage. Every day the police sit outside the schools and do absolutely nothing to solve this problem. An absolute disgrace.
  8. Can I be on the panel and suggest the following for starters, fines for unlicensed vehicles, unroadworthy vehicles, unlicensed drivers and motorcycle riders, fines for no helmets, driving on the wrong side and the wrong way, there's 10 million baht a month in revenue . That's just the beginning.
  9. I travel on the train quite often between Ayutthaya and Bangkok and see Thai with their feet on the seat in front of them, and throwing rubbish wherever they want, so if this is a cultural thing maybe you should tell the Thais about their own culture.
  10. Wondered why they don't show parliament on TV very often, the chamber is always empty. Thats the lawmakers for you, hence no laws. Do as you like.
  11. Have a look in the mirror Thailand. How many speed boat operators are there at tourist resorts, belting around at 100mph, and that doesn't destroy wild life and fishery stocks? But NO blame the tourists, the operators are not to blame, never
  12. Teacherduck

    Pattaya Woman Accuses Police Of Rape – Twice

    I think it's time the word Royal was removed from the Police force, never has a word been so disrespected as much in this country. Same can be said for the "junta"
  13. Suicide is easy, castrate the bastard, then put him in prison with the other rapists. Hope he gets what he deserves, as for the school, all they think of is their reputation. I bet they have not ,offered any assistance to the poor girl, probably just humiliated her and called her a slut. That's the Thai education system in a nutshell. Bugger the kids!!!!
  14. Teacherduck

    Junta slaps dozens with lawsuits to quell dissent

    That's what you call democracy by crooks bigger than the one's they ousted.
  15. Teacherduck

    Five top cops transferred after massage parlour raid

    I need a good corrupt cop to do some work for me. Would any of the 5 have time, now they are inactive.