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  1. Life’s to short.....eat desert first.

  2. Hi. We have condo about 10 min walk from Phrom phong and love the location. The size of the condo you are looking at is very good value for the price. Personally I would not go for one less than 100sm. Perhaps you could ask to speak to one of the committee members, that way you can find out more about how pro active the maintenance is. have you checked out what the common area management fees are and if they have a sinking fund? not sure if you are Thai if not you will have to check the foreign ownership, it can not be more than 49%.
  3. Inquisitorial

    Who drives the Condo's Tuk Tuk?

    We are about 800m to the BTS so am thinking the extra distance may make electric golf cart unsuitable as they do need to drive on Sukhumvit road, we will look into it, but as you say it may not be possible to get an electric cart registered and/or insured.
  4. Inquisitorial

    Who drives the Condo's Tuk Tuk?

    Not the case it is just parked in the bay awaiting repair - they seem to do most repairs onsite. though I am sure it is used for the occasional private run.
  5. Inquisitorial

    Who drives the Condo's Tuk Tuk?

    Our condo block operates a Tuk Tuk to and from the BTS this is managed by our property managers who employ the drivers via the security company. The Tuk Tuk is always "out for repairs" which we think is due to the way the drivers operate the tuk tuk for example they always seem to start off in second gear, plus general checking is poor, i.e. when we checked it the water and oil was very low. The tuk tuk is now in need of replacing due to the misuse after only 5 years of use. We were wondering if those of you are in condo blocks with tuk tuks can share how the tuk tuk is managed and who drives it and if you have same problems. Certainly when we look around the other tuk tuks running around our area seem in much better condition. We are trying to work out the best cost effective solution. Many thanks
  6. Inquisitorial

    Sick when flying

    Also take vics vapour rub with you and use during flight
  7. Inquisitorial

    Special Privileges for Thaivisa Customers at ShowDC in Bangkok

    Thanks for feedback won’t waste time going out there
  8. Inquisitorial

    Still wearing black in Bangkok?

    Hi Sheryl some of the older people still wearing black but we are wearing other colours now. Bangkok appears back to normal today.
  9. Inquisitorial

    Opening a Bank account in. Bangkok

    I opened a new account with Tourist visa in March this year but we do own a condo which we had to supply proof of ownership in order to open the account this was at Bangkok Bank Sukhumvit near Emporium.
  10. Hi does anyone know what the ramifications are if you do not submit the 1/2 yearly tax form due in Sept but do submit the annual form in March? Is it really required?
  11. Inquisitorial

    Buying apartment in Udon Thani

    make sure you check foreign ownership in the complex you decide upon cant be over 49%
  12. Does immigration do house visits for retirement visa? If so how often does this occur? Is the for everyone or do they just select random?
  13. Inquisitorial

    airbnb, first experience not so good! beware

    I have used airbnb many times but only once in Bangkok. It was only for 3 day stay so not a lot at risk. I did not have any problems. My payment was via Airbnb system no extra asked for. I also use Trip advisor a fair bit always check out what Airbnb and TripAdvisor have on offer for the location I am looking at.
  14. Inquisitorial

    Opening a Thai Bank Account- New Policy?

    Opened a new account yesterday at kk bank in Bangkok. We wanted new account in single name for retirement visa. Initially they told us that without the retirement visa stamp in passport or work permit they would not open new account New Head Office rule. I asked how do we get retirement visa without having 800k in bank account? Just told new rule. We already had joint account with another branch of KK bank. eventually got them to open account after proving we owned a condo. they filled in all paperwork and then said they needed HO approval which took about 20 min to occur
  15. Not sure what the Thai legal obligations are however the Condo should have insurance protecting the office bearers, we have 2 farang's who are on the juristic committee for our condo block and they have not mentioned any negatives with being on the committee. I see this as a positive as you will be able to ensure pro active maintenance and you have more insight into the actual running on your condo block. If we were going to spend longer periods in Thailand I would consider nominating as it is one way of ensuring your asset is maintained and keep eye on the Juristic office managers. Obviously you would need to consider who the other two owners are going to be to ensure you will be able to work with them.