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  1. As posted in similar topics, I have used the Aroma Clinic for many years. It is located just across Chayangkhun rd by the entrance/exit to/from Big C. Female dentist, speaks English, and explains what's needed before she starts.............
  2. All the best for the future Mobi, cheers!
  3. Great story KK Dave. An enjoyable read.
  4. I do like the view from the Pa Moo E Daeng cliff, and I do recommend it for tourists. But having lived just 25 clics away for 13 years, and visited the temple more than 30 times before the border was closed, I get quite annoyed when the charge is 400 baht to enter the park, while not too long ago I could enter for 40. So I guess my post was a little sarcastic, - If you don't get too many visitors - put the price up........ Here are some pics from last week...😁
  5. Prasat Khao Phra Viharn (Thai) or the Preah Vihear Temple (ruins) is not available from the Thai side, but you can always visit the Khao Phra Viharn National Park 25 clics south of Kantharalak and after paying a modest 400 Baht special farang entry fee, watch the temple in the distance through army binoculars............
  6. Several choises in Ubon. I use The Aroma Clinic, across from Big C exit on Chayangkun rd.
  7. No! Is the short answer...
  8. The same happened here in southern Ubon 2 weeks ago, except that the tight knit bag contained 8 young dogs. A worker alerted my wife about the find next to the main road, and we now have 7 (one adopted already) new beautiful puppies!
  9. There's a Kodak shop 50 meters from Wrongway Cafe in Ubon. It's by the traffic lights at the corner of Sapphasit and Padaeng rds. I've used it many times.
  10. Jim is alive and kicking, but got banned from TV a few years ago. If you know him he can also be found on FB.
  11. If you guys decide to gather up somewhere, please let me know and I might join you! On on
  12. You will find it in Macro and Tops(Central Plaza) in Ubon. I guess also in Sisaket??
  13. You can not cross the border and visit the temple from the Thai side!
  14. I live on 2248 13 km West of Nam Yuen. I've got one Aussie mate in Buntharik + one Norwegian, and the same in Nachaluai . Lots of foreigners around, but not so easy to get them out from their hide......... But I'm up for a cold one if the opportunity is there............! Btw. Ubon Hash House Harriers are having a run on Saturday 10/9, and they'll normally take care of your basic needs: Chat, laughs and beer............ See topic on this site!