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  1. In Feb 2015 we submitted a visit visa application for my then girlfriend. I lived in UK, she lived in Thailand. She had no job, about 3000฿ in the bank and no 'reason to return'. Despite that she received a visa in less that 10 working days (from submission at VFS to receiving passport back in the post). By Feb 2016 we had married in Thailand and applied for a settlement visa and turnaround was again extremely fast - about 8 working days IIRC. I am sure that if you submit the correct documents you would get the visa. I think the issue would be the workload at the particular time you submit. There is historic data available on turnaround time, but no data on current turnaround time other than anecdotal from recent applicants.
  2. Well, in my work I meet a lot of people of all political persuasions. A lot of them don't agree with Brexit and some are concerned about a possible shortage of labour - however everybody is concerned about the impact that immigration has had over the last few years.
  3. Its not racist or xenophobic to be concerned about the number of people allowed to migrate into to a small island. I think the UK is still one of the least xenophobic countries in the world. For example I lived in France for a while and witnessed how racist and intolerant the French are. Paris is surrounded by sink estates which essentially 'warehouse' disenchanted young unemployed Muslims of North African heritage - French companies don't want to employ them. Its basically one big powder keg. Britain sure has its problems, but its a much fairer and less discriminatory society. Let's not even get started on Thailand..
  4. I feel that the UK has turned a corner since the referendum. People are now much more comfortable about saying that immigration should be stopped. I had my haircut the other day and the barber was telling me how he was looking forward to Polish people being deported after we leave the EU. I have known him quite a few years and never heard that kind of comment before. I was a bit gobsmacked. I also feel that there is growing ill-feeling toward expats - resentment toward expats coming back to the UK to use the NHS... Public opinion is certainly changing very rapidly and there is definitely an appetite for very stringent immigration controls - from EU and non-EU.
  5. Obviously I disagree with that statement! I think the manifesto's stance on immigration is very much in line with current British public opinion and a sure-fire vote winner - polling done by CCO indicates its the most popular Conservative policy. In fact I would say that the majority of working class Labour supporters are also strongly against immigration. Moreover I often see posts on TV from UK expats lamenting how the UK has changed due to mass immigration! My impression is that hostility to immigrants (especially non-Caucasian) has increased sharply since the Brexit vote. My own wife (Thai) has experienced a couple of racist incidents here in the UK over the last year (and we lived in a very 'diverse' city). Personally I don't know anybody who is not in favour of reducing immigration, and reducing non-European immigration is top of the list.
  6. I attended a manifesto launch presentation at my local CA last night (I am a long-standing Conservative Party member) and, yes, measures will be introduced in an effort to sharply reduce non-EU migration to the UK. No specific details were presented other than that there will be an increase in the financial requirements for family settlement visas and English language requirements will be 'tightened up'. Reduction in number of student visas issued. Full details sometime after the election I guess.
  7. I am British so I don't know much about Canadian welfare. I have visited Canada however, and I didn't see any Canadians who were starving. Also I believe Canada has good hospitals. My suggestion would be to return to Canada and let the nanny state look after you. The last thing SEA needs is another down-on-his-luck Westerner trying to scratch a living.
  8. The UK's gross contribution of £8.5Bn represents about 0.42% of EU GDP. The UK's net contribution (i.e. after deducting monies returned to the UK as subsidies and grants) represents less than 0.2% of EU GDP. I don't see these amounts leading to a 'holy row'. I am sure it will be covered somehow. What is less clear is how the UK will come up with the £50-60Bn it owes the EU. I can't see much prospect of a deal until that little matter is sorted out. Tax rises maybe?
  9. I am stuck with a British passport unfortunately, but if the mooted option of some kind of 'EU citizenship' becomes available then I'll jump at it. I have only got three years to go until retirement but am now trying hard to get a transfer to either our French or German subsidiary. I have worked at both in the past and grade-for-grade the pay and conditions are much better than in the UK. The problem is now that quite a large proportion of the UK staff have the same idea! As for the EU being undemocratic - well, unelected House of Lords anyone? My experience of living and working in France and Germany is that they are both more democratic and less elitist than the UK, particularly now that the UK seems to be being led by a small cabal of Brexit 'Jihadists' who are pursing some kind of economic scorched-earth policy with respect to the single market etc.
  10. Granted two visitor visas (2015 and 2016) and only submitted copies.
  11. Recently spent 3 days in Nakhon Phanom. A nice town, but their driving skills are non-existant. The streets were virtually empty and yet we saw 4 moving-traffic collisions. They must have been driving around looking for something to crash into...
  12. Last week we were offered rental in The Base at 17000THB/month for one year. Also offered 18000/Month in VT6 - which I thought was pretty good. However my wife is 'scared' of the big hi-rise condos, so we'll be looking for somewhere with fewer floors.
  13. There are quite a few units available in The Base - although I couldn't give you a figure. It was one of the places I looked at. The agent that I spoke to claimed I'd be able to make a good return via short rentals on Airbnb - apparently The Base is very popular with holidaymakers. That's not something I'm keen to take a risk on though.
  14. When I talk about vacant units I mean vacant as in empty - nothing inside other than what the developer supplied. I doubt these are being used at the weekend. I came across more than a few condos that have been for sale since 2015 and one or two in buildings that were completed in 2014. Whichever way you spin there is clearly a very low level of sales activity - too low. For the time being I feel safer renting - maybe keeping an eye open for a bargain 'distress sale'...
  15. Can you name the 'certain condo blocks' that sell/rent immediately? I didn't come across them in my research.