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  1. An unpleasant case. But before going down the road of Thai-bashing any British BM's might like to reflect on the recent trial in the UK of child-abusers in Newcastle. It was on an almost industrial scale! 400+ victims and 200+ perpetrators. Unbelievable! And there were doubtless many teachers, police and social workers etc who must have been aware of what was going on and turned a blind eye. This is on top of Rotheram etc. I have been to Thailand numerous times and not seen underage streetwalkers - but I have seen them in my own provincial city in the UK...
  2. Second UK Visit Visa Refusal

    Are you involved in the travel/visa business to have seen many applications? I just ask because I had two Thai friends come visit me in the UK in March. Self-funded holiday travel. They left getting visas until the last minute and to my astonishment were granted without a problem in a couple of days! I think with something like 95% of applicants receiving a visitor visa there is no systematic problem in obtaining a visa. Its more likely that ECO's look a bit askance at a penniless Thai girl with a 2-month-old long-distance 'relationship' wanting to come to the UK..
  3. Second UK Visit Visa Refusal

    We got my girlfriend's (now wife) first visit visa in early 2015. Asked for 3 months. If I had believed half the stuff posted on this forum we would never have applied. My girlfriend had nothing - no job, no money, no ties etc. I just followed the guidance notes. The visa was granted in a week. No phone calls. What we did have going for us was a reasonably lengthy relationship (with tickets etc to show travel around Asia together) and my job involved working with the UK and Thai governments (so maybe they thought I wouldn't want to screw that up with an overstay). Anyway, she stayed 5 months in the end with a short break back in Thailand in the middle. The following year got married and got a family (spouse) visa - also processed very quickly. I think there is a very high degree of subjectivity in some of these decisions. My advice is resubmit according to guidance notes and have someone on duty by the phone over the critical period......
  4. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    From what I am reading on the French and German news websites they are increasingly in favour of a Hard Brexit. Cutting ties with what looks increasingly like a 'Banana Republic' off the northern European coast...
  5. UK has been fighting the adoption of EU fire regulations for years. Should now be adopted forthwith.
  6. Latimer Road fire: Huge fire engulfs west London flats

    Source of fire is hardly relevant. The fact is that a large apartment building will suffer multiple fires over several decades of use. Buildings have to be designed and maintained on the basis that fires are a relatively common event. We need to adopt European fire safety safety standards as a matter of urgency. It also seems the cladding was installed against specific manufactures advice that it should not be used above 10m high due to fire risk. The contractors and council who ignored this advice (in black and white) and approved the work have a lot to answer for. Criminal behaviour by any standards.
  7. Latimer Road fire: Huge fire engulfs west London flats

    Given what happened a bit of 'knee jerking' and immediately ripping this type of flammable cladding off other tall buildings would be a wise precaution. We can pick over the fine details of what happened over the coming year or so.
  8. Latimer Road fire: Huge fire engulfs west London flats

    I agree. In terms of government spend its sweet <deleted>. They could come up with the money overnight.
  9. This is true. Unfortunately the UK is generally averse to 'regulation'. We like the word 'deregulation' - which sounds a lot better than 'removal of standards'.
  10. Diagrams of the installation show the cladding spaced away from the wall, giving an air gap. Hot air rises and so you create a chimney effect. Once a few panel were burning you'd have a 'blast furnace' going..
  11. A web search reveals that the insulating material in the panels is made by Saint-Gobain. Turns out that its PIR (polyisocyanurate) and not polyurethane, as was reported in the press. PIR is somewhat fire-retardant at lower temps, but will go off like a Roman candle at higher temps. It also gives off hydrogen cyanide, which is obviously highly toxic... I am very sure that the Building Research Establishment has tested this material.
  12. Latimer Road fire: Huge fire engulfs west London flats

    Ah, Simon Snorkel. There's a blast from the past. From the Black Country and exported all over the world. Folded up in the '90's IIRC..
  13. Latimer Road fire: Huge fire engulfs west London flats

    The more that comes out about this incident, the more shocked I become. Cladding had already been tested and found to be a fire risk; company that did the work was engaged in various tax-dodges and 'restructurings'; gas and fire alarm installations not done properly. Sprinklers not required; no fite-fighting equipment in the building; UK building regs permit high-rise buildings with a single stairway and no fire escape. Its all appalling stuff. Now it seems that London FB does not have any platforms that extend above 30m! They had to borrow a 42m platform from Surrey FB! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4612672/London-fire-chiefs-borrow-engines-Surrey.html Many other countries have platforms that go to 100m. Of course that may not have helped, but it seems very poor that an affluent city like London, with many high rise buildings, seems to lacking in equipment that is fairly common elsewhere....
  14. Latimer Road fire: Huge fire engulfs west London flats

    Watched Theresa being interviewed on BBC Newsnight last night. Came over very badly. She was really struggling. With the hopeless election campaign and most Tories being very wary about a deal with the DUPes I think she is now in a very difficult place and has become a serious liability. I am backing Hammond for party leader.
  15. EU Freedom of Movement allows governments to impose minimum income requirements for residency. UK chooses not to do it. I believe its €600/month in Spain.