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  1. You are overthinking this. Later this month I'll be flying to BKK and then on to China with about 20 motherboards, plus other components and cables. Done so numerous times before. Also bought back stuff the other way with no problems. If I was going to the US or India it would be a different story.
  2. I travel very extensively for my job and frequently carry a lot of electronic parts (microprocessors, memory, motherboards, cables etc) in my luggage. I have never yet had a problem - China, SE Asia, Africa etc. Pack it in your luggage and you will be fine.
  3. Obviously I don't mean first time sex. I am talking about selling sex to a foreigner for the first time. This younger sister had been in the village/farm up to that point. Almost no English and v. little contact with foreigners.
  4. She was early 20's. Good looking apart from bad C-section scar. Not sure why you find it hard to believe.
  5. I didn't take it as a compliment and no it wasn't free.
  6. Well, I did get asked to break in a girl's younger sister. She was coming down from the farm in Korat to start earning some money. The older sister, who my wife and I had known for a couple of years, was helping her get into the industry....
  7. How to invest £160k

    We are extremely lean and mean. I have worked with plenty of private sector organisations and they are far more profligate. Its unlikely private sector staff would put up with our working conditions - its not unusual for me to work overseas 90 hours without sleep. Its affecting my health. I've really only stuck with it because its interesting, I like the people I work with and the great team spirit (lack of backstabbing etc). I have been offered work, including in Thailand, but I think if I retire then that will be it....
  8. How to invest £160k

    Thanks guys. Some interesting comments. I actually work in a tech-related area so have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency - but its not something I would currently invest in other than as a hobby with money I could afford to lose. My property in the UK is a well-located and quite smart apartment. Mortage free. I could probably get £700 month maximum. I would only draw £300-400 month at most and keep the rest for repairs, redecoration etc. My son lives close by and would act as my agent. I don't want to buy any additional properties either in UK or TH. Too many headaches. I am most concerned to keep the real value of my £160k, since I believe my pension will be enough to live an OK life on. So I don't want to draw from capital or interest. My major concern is the state of the GBP. I basically work for a branch of the UK government involved in tech consultancy - very interesting job with lots of world travel and nice hotels (I frequently work in TH), but pay is very poor for the level of expertise and responsibility. The reason we are all being offered voluntary redundancy is Brexit - HMG seems to be imploding right now. Things are in a terrible state (the public are not being told just how bad) and I have great fears for the GBP - at least for the next 10 years. Converting my lump sum into US$ might be a good idea - but doesn't help with the pension of course.
  9. How to invest £160k

    Thank you for the replies so far. As regards an offshore bank account, what is the advantage. Is it simply that I wouldn't pay UK tax?
  10. The situation is that I am 57 and married to my Thai-national wife for some years. At the moment we live and work in the UK, but six years ago my wife built a house in Isaan. Thanks to my job we are very regular visitors to Thailand (at least 4 times a year). I have been offered early retirement, so relocation to Thailand is a possibility. Pension would be about 70k Baht a month after tax (inflation linked). I have a UK apartment that could readily bring in 15k a month after tax and other costs. In 9 years time I will receive the UK state pension (about 25k baht a month) - a nice bonus but not life-changing. I would have £160k (about US$200k) in cash. We intend alternating between the house in Isaan and renting an apartment in Jomtien - plus other travel around Thailand. The monthly income seems adequate for our lifestyle (we don't drink or party). The big question is, where/how to invest the £160k ? I want to keep the majority outside Thailand. Sensible suggestions please (yes I know I can buy my wife a business etc - but not going to happen).
  11. When I go out my wife always checks to ensure I have some condoms and delivers a short lecture about the risks of STD's and tells me to check the 'hoy' is clean before 'lia' ! She automatically assumes that anytime I am away overnight I will take a lady.
  12. Unfortunately I am sure this is pretty common. The previous 60-something Head Man in my wife's village (he's now passed away) would occasionally dress smartly and go off of an afternoon to meet up with a schoolgirl and take her to one of the local 'resorts' for a couple of hours. Everybody seemed to know about it, including his wife. According to my wife quite a few girls from the local high school were 'available' and the girls were alp willing participants. Another time we had a young teenage girl riding around and stopping to ask local guys for 1000THB in exchange for sex.....
  13. I frequently work in China and observe that the Chinese are very interested in all things Thai and Korean. Subtitled Thai soap operas and horror movies are very popular with young Chinese. Most of my Chinese friends have visited Thailand at least once. Usually they go with a tour at first and then develop a taste for independent travel. I have helped them with advice and bookings etc. Thailand is not expensive when compared with metropolitan areas of China. I think the next few years will see a huge rise in independent Chinese travellers to Thailand and SE Asia in general.
  14. This is what DWP are looking at. They are examining data from Aus and NZ to look at how it impacts on the number of returnees. Obviously they are looking to save money overall.
  15. Whilst in this case the husband is guilty of poor planning I think TVF members from the UK need to be aware that there is growing hostility in the UK toward returning expats. Probably partly fuelled by fears that, post Brexit, there could be sizeable numbers of older expats returning to the UK from Europe. I am a member of the Conservative Party and at a recent constituency meeting that I attended we had a government minister as a guest speaker. The topic was immigration and Brexit. There were a lot of comments about returning expats and some discussion about stopping pensions to expats after one year overseas. We were told that NZ and Aus do something similar and its being looked at by DWP. Certainly there are big shifts in public opinion going on right now.