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  1. About two years ago I was surprised to see the Queen, along with a small entourage, eating in Tim Ho Han one evening... Quite a few years back I dated a rather well-connected young lady who was part of the marketing team for T21 in Asoke. She told me that the Pier 21 Food Park was run as a loss-leader (or at very minimal profit) in order to draw customers through the mall.
  2. HauptmannUK

    Helmetless Little Arab Peckerwoods

    Arabs cannot be 'Peckerwoods'. A Peckerwood, by definition, is white.
  3. HauptmannUK

    Axis Condo rental - opinions

    Just a follow-up to my post of a couple of months ago because it may be of use to those hunting-out good condos. My friend arrived in early June and my wife and I helped install him in a 60+ sqm room in Axis. He is renting direct from the condo management co. so its not particularly cheap (nearly 30k per month on a 6 month deal) but he is highly delighted with his room. It is at the back of building B and overlooks the Wat Phra Yai park. I hadn't realised the extent of this park until visiting my friend. There are marked-out runnibg tracks and an exercise area. Its also remarkably clean (for Pattaya). Anyway he likes the Axis a lot. Right on the bahtbus route for both Pattaya and Jomtien and he reckons its very quiet. So a good place but a little bit pricey. He hasn't bothered with the condo wifi, instead he bought a 4G 'pocket router' and uses an AIS unlimited internet SIM for about 500 baht per month. Apparently it gives a reliable connection good enough to watch UK TV in HD.
  4. HauptmannUK

    Corn removal

    Anywhere in Pattaya that will professionally remove corns? I have been plagued by some corns for several years. Have a favourite massage shop that shaves off the thickened skin. I put acid on, tried a home freezing kit etc. but they keep growing back...
  5. HauptmannUK

    Leaving Thailand quickly

    Yes, its highly likely he's expired. RIP
  6. HauptmannUK

    Short term condo rental crackdown?

    All of what I say is true as far as I am concerned. The Base is a very convenient place to stay if you want to be in the heart of the 'action' - but its not somewhere I could ever call home - it would be like living in some kind of transit camp. We stayed for 10 days about a year ago. It really was pretty bad. For 4-5 days we had a group of about SEVEN Chinese crammed into the double room next to us (I guess no one checks occupancy) and noise went on around the clock. Holidaymakers, mostly noisy and ill-mannered Chinese, seemed to arrive/depart the building at all hours of the day and night. If short term rentals could be stopped then things would be improved massively. This year we tried Unixx, which didn't seem as bad as the Base, although I was not impressed with the build quality and the room layouts are very cramped.
  7. HauptmannUK

    Short term condo rental crackdown?

    I agree, but my wife thinks differently and its her money to spend....
  8. HauptmannUK

    Short term condo rental crackdown?

    Over the last couple of years my wife and I have used Airbnb to stay at a variety of condos by way of experiment to see how we got on with condo living (my wife has money in the bank and wants to "invest" in a condo.....). Anyway, we tried The Base and it was just dreadful. Hordes of noisy Chinese and the building is poorly soundproofed. I pity anyone who lives there full time. Ditto Unixx - which we were glad to leave. VT6 is another one popular with holidaymakers (lots of Indians) but at least it seems quite well soundproofed - even if it does have the atmosphere of a large social housing project.
  9. HauptmannUK

    Where to buy roller blind chain

    I need new chain to repair several roller blinds. Standard chain in a dark colour with 4.5mm bobbles. Have tried HomePro and about 6 curtain/blind shops without success. Any suggestions as to where I can buy it ?
  10. Can anyone recommend a good reliable locksmith who can go out and replace a couple of door locks for my sister-in-law? She arranged for one guy to do it but he made a right mess of the job - now needs someone who knows what they are doing to sort it out...
  11. HauptmannUK

    Axis Condo rental - opinions

    Thank you Allen. That's really useful information. If the owner doesn't need the money it makes you wonder why he built it... Anyway, I will probably contact you direct in the next few days.
  12. That's a very offensive post. There is nothing 'fake' about anything I've written. I've been travelling to Thailand for a good many years (as well as various other Asian countries, India and W. Africa) and involved in various projects with the government (e.g. Thai MoD, OHEC etc) and several private companies - most recently AIS. I work for a branch of the UK government. I have an office and secretary in Exchange Tower. And yes, I do know lots of HiSo Thai people. If you'd like to PM me we can arrange to meet, I'll show you my credentials and you can think about whether you'd like to repeat your comments directly to my face.
  13. HauptmannUK

    Axis Condo rental - opinions

    Thank you both for your comments. Pretty much my thinking. My friend will rely on the Songthaew because he's too scared to ride a motorcycle in Thailand. I inquired in the Axis office yesterday - they have rentals available but they 'do not discount'. Had a look at a 60sq.m. unit - quite nice. They also have some new units still unsold. Again they say 'don't discount'. They appeared to mean it too because didn't seem at all interested in trying to sell me anything and just walked off! Obviously there are privately owned units for rental and I'll prob try to negotiate on one of those for my friend. He arrives early June.
  14. A comment on all the negativity about bar girls.... I have been coming to Thailand for many years, working in Bangkok and associating with people in government and the business community. I dated a lot of girls - and since I can speak/read/write Thai the 'field' was pretty big. I never considered a relationship with a 'bar girl' and certainly never considered marrying one. I had two serious relationships. Both highly educated Thai-Chinese and from wealthy families. One was fairly senior at Thai Life insurance co., the other fairly senior at the company behind Terminal 21 etc. Their careers had progressed rapidly thanks to family connections. Over the months both girls turned out to be as shallow, dishonest and money-grubbing as the worst bar girl. They just had more money and an exaggerated sense of their status. They were both immature too, with frequent tantrums and mood swings - basically over-indulged and spoilt. To my own amazement I ended up in a relationship with a massage lady I met on a random weekend in Pattaya. She was older, less good-looking and a lot poorer than any previous girlfriend. But I took her out for a ST - that was six years ago, and we haven't been apart since. Married for three years now and I can't fault her. One of her friends in the UK is an ex-bargirl married to an English guy. She doesn't hide her past. She's a really great girl - they have two kids and she's a good wife and mother. Equally, I've seen some dreadful cases. I do chuckle when I see posts from guys who claim to have a HiSo or highly-educated wife, as if that makes them intrinsically better or more honest.
  15. This is very true. I will be taking early retirement later this year. Friends and colleagues know my wife is Thai and that we often come to Thailand. When I say I'm going to move to Thailand I often get a comment back along the lines of 'don't come back to use the NHS'. This growing hostility to ex-pats is quite a recent thing IMO - the UK is becoming a rather strange place.