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  1. Thanx a lot for all the inputs. Valuable info. I’ll go through the links and come back here again. Cheers
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for advice where to go to make the adoption legal. The background is that my wife and daughter lives in Thailand, myself is still legally registered (home of stay) in my home country Sweden. One of many reasons (no need to list them all) for adoption is that she can get a Swedish passport that opens the doors for university studies in the EU. She is a very good student and I do believe that an European university grade will boost here future in Thailand, unless she finds a boyfriend "over there" and stays:) After research in my home country I was told that adoption within family ties should be done where the mother and child resides, in this case Thailand. So where and who do we have to contact regarding this? Anyone with experience in this matter? I'm curious about the process (who to contact) and time frame. Thanx for your replies.
  3. Hupaponics

    Songkran traffic death toll climbs to 188 in 3 days

    I don’t think so:)
  4. Hupaponics

    Songkran traffic death toll climbs to 188 in 3 days

    Today I drove over 500km and yesterday close to 200km. You are overreacting me think. People dye in traffiic? Yes sure, but who? It’s the stupid ones driving motorbike with no helmet. The traffic flow was great. I could cruise in 120-130km/h most of the time. But hey, old grumpy people should stay indoors so you not get splashed by water this days.
  5. April 4... Darn I missed that. Was on the bridge yesterday April 13. Not sure if that makes a lucky number but just to make sure I’ll buy lottery ticket 413:)
  6. Hupaponics

    What can you buy for 1,000 baht in Thailand?

    22 lunches or 12 dinners at my local restaurant. Or 3 speeding tickets Or 2 fatal accidents. However, wais will apply (free of charge) Or 35 liter dirsel. Not sure regarding Lao khao but surly enough to nock me out for a week. 1.000 Baht. Made in less than an hour work. Yet people complain on the exchange rate:)
  7. Hupaponics

    Best way to cycle visa runs?

    How about geting a proper visa that suit your stay? 2 to 3 year of stay in a country is not tourism. Try to stay as a tourist more than 6 months in any western country. Can I as a European stay in US 2-3 years on a turist visa? Or Asian guy in Europe? How long time can I stay in Australia as a tourist? Cheers
  8. So, how many Bar pressure is it in those guns? Maybe can use them as high pressure washer to clean the car?
  9. My wife is sent out for inspection when a major accident has accrued, and sometimes she sent me some pic's. When I saw that she was standing out on the road among the traffic, I gave her ha real hard time when she came home regarding to her personal safety. Actually, first time I informed her, second time I was more harsh. This will be a fine example to not believe that some cones will protect people working at the scene. It's sad that people had to put their lives. However, I hope this will be a wake up call (now when officials had to go down) to actually enforce the law and find unsuitable drivers and vehicles before accident happens. My guess (and hope) is that it starts at that spot. I would not mind if they stop speeding busses and beat the crap of the drivers.
  10. It’s people like this that make me happy. She will hopefully soon be headhunted to a good job. Every employer looking for staff like her. If I had the need to hire more staff, she’d be high on the list. Well done!
  11. I thought that procedure was reserved to when buying second hand car:)
  12. " Police have yet to interrogate the pickup driver to determine why he lost control of his vehicle." Interesting... So when it’s a pickup it’s the driver that looses control, but when a BMW than it’s the car loosing control 555. I just love it here:)
  13. Well, if that’s the expectation I suggest to choose an other country as the odds it happens to you are slim in Thailand.
  14. Hupaponics

    Hua Hin for a month

    Wow, a lot to do in HH. Eat, eat, eat, a day trip, eat and eat. “Only” 350B for fish’n chips! That’s a rip-off. I do recall that food was overpriced. I have to admit that the best attraction in HH, have to be the ferry to Pattaya.
  15. Hupaponics

    Neighbors aggressive dog

    Offer to buy the dog and place that wild pice of crap outside the home of one of those “dog lovers” posting here. In fact, all crazy dogs should be placed there.