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  1. Kap kap kap From your link "In 2001 and 2002, Niklas Zennström, a Swede, and Janus Friis, a Dane, were developing peer-to-peer technology with some Estonian engineering whizzes"
  2. Tell me all about it mate:) Last 2 months i did 7.000km on the roads here. 800km during "7 days of death". I just love to explore this country by road. No monks blessing, just trusting my skills. However, when I was driving in Bkk I did want to find a temple for a blessing:) To everyone. Drive safe and keep the distance.
  3. The sadest thing, except that one person lost his life, is that everyone here on TV yak yak how bad Thai drivers are. Now (sadly) a biker dies and the respons of many of you who like bashing thai drivers now try to defend this "big bike" motorist with utterly stupid excuses. English is not my native tongue. However, I'm pretty sure there is a word for it. "they collided with the back of a pick-up". Really, what more to say? Who's to blame? The checkpoint? No, must be the pick-up truck that was breaking... Could be the road or the curve. Ohh, no curve... CONES, it must be the cones!!! Ridicules And for those of you blaming the accident on "obstacles" don't dare to bash the thai drivers... [EDIT] And shame on you! Now who got the driving license in a cornflakes box...
  4. I'm with you mate. However it's pointless to teach stupid... They just don't get it. Cheers
  5. Therefore you should know that it's the drivers responsibility to keep a safe distance to the vehicle in front. If you don't, up to you as they say...
  6. Amen brother! Well put. No one can object that
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong mate. This visa has nothing to do with IT "The five New S-Curve industries are automation and robotics, aviation and logistics, biochemicals and eco-friendly petrochemicals, digital businesses, and medical hubs" I'm heading for the biochemicals in the near future;) And while we are on it, SKYPE is not Estonian invention...
  8. And you can see the results don't you? This is the first step to bring non wrinkled people to the country that actually can contribute with some technology. Like it or not. It's happening;)
  9. Exactly. Thailand don't need more diluted and whining retirees playing with younger gals (in legal age). This is a good move I'd say. Finally folks with proper knowledge can come and provide with some new technology.
  10. Not per say. However, you can include me into the folks that have some "standard" before getting married. It took me 8 years to finally meet my wife. I did had some requets though. Good job (not in a bar, restaurant or massage) Have here own income (and pay tax). No freaking buffaloes that get sick. No car downpayment I have to take care about. And all the crap you can read about (sorry, but now i think I'm getting OT) on TV. Do you guys live in a "hill tribe" out in the mountain, or out in a rice paddy? Sorry but I wanted to climb the tree. No peasants for me thank you. Yes, it took long time, but now I don't have to think about the health insurance and visa issues. I'm included in my wife's insurance program. I don't have to brag how many rai's the family have. They don't have much now. Father sold most of the land to put the children to school. I praise him for that! Yes, I'm upset, so bear with me... Call me names if you want, but the first tramp I meet in a bar would never become my wife. Although I must say I do respekt the elders that did. Some of them are in fact happy. Just not my style. Cheers
  11. So why don't you do a full pull? fullfill all the requirements to apply for thai passport and then resign your old citizenship. Now you can feel like a real Thai, get all the credits you want and no more 90 days reporting. And to the fun part. If you want to visit your old country you'll need to apply for a visa:). Moreover, if you want to work to make some extra bucks, well... apply for WP:) If you receiving some pension, I'm not familiar about your (former) country's policies but maybe it will no longer be the case (or at least reduced). Enjoy your stay;) Now you'll have nothing to ween about. Guess your next move will be to find a "Britt Visa Forum" the day you want to go on holiday or for work 555
  12. PM wants Thai-style democracy

    Oh please... Are you the one of many that drinks cheep alcohol and spending the time looking at the rice growing? Or better:) (I was told) you are staying at the beach 55555
  13. PM wants Thai-style democracy

    Well, the topic is about democracy, isn't it? I'm not saying it's wright or wrong, like or dislike, ok. Just wanted to say to all the heroes of "democracy" that it's not always working that way;)
  14. PM wants Thai-style democracy

    You didn't get the message, did you? However, if you from Switzerland I do apologize.