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  1. Thanks for the link. As you said, it’s a US technology from around the 50’s and the possible reasons it was turned down was that using uranium in a “traditional plant” was more suitable for making nuclear weapons. Thorium deepburns and is not good enough to make nukes. When China have their reactors up and running it will be just a question of time before people realise how dangerous those old school pressure cockers are. And the CO2 hysteria is a cover up for not talking about re real issues like polluting and mass consumption to make global economy to thrive.
  2. I totally agree with you. CO2 is only 0,04% while water vapour (a greenhouse gas) stands for 96%. However, it’s not easy to put tax on water
  3. Thorium MSR is really great. They are just some years from fire up the first of 2 reactors.
  4. That comment was just rude. I gues you feel pretty by all the “handsome man” comments you get on those bar sois, and to make your self esteem higher, you talk bad about others. Your comment says more about you than this girl.
  5. Only me is interested in the DNA results? Does it belong to an Asian man or not? That would give some answers, b4 that it’s just guessing.
  6. Thanx a lot for all the inputs. Valuable info. I’ll go through the links and come back here again. Cheers
  7. Hi there, I'm looking for advice where to go to make the adoption legal. The background is that my wife and daughter lives in Thailand, myself is still legally registered (home of stay) in my home country Sweden. One of many reasons (no need to list them all) for adoption is that she can get a Swedish passport that opens the doors for university studies in the EU. She is a very good student and I do believe that an European university grade will boost here future in Thailand, unless she finds a boyfriend "over there" and stays:) After research in my home country I was told that adoption within family ties should be done where the mother and child resides, in this case Thailand. So where and who do we have to contact regarding this? Anyone with experience in this matter? I'm curious about the process (who to contact) and time frame. Thanx for your replies.
  8. Hupaponics

    Songkran traffic death toll climbs to 188 in 3 days

    I don’t think so:)
  9. Hupaponics

    Songkran traffic death toll climbs to 188 in 3 days

    Today I drove over 500km and yesterday close to 200km. You are overreacting me think. People dye in traffiic? Yes sure, but who? It’s the stupid ones driving motorbike with no helmet. The traffic flow was great. I could cruise in 120-130km/h most of the time. But hey, old grumpy people should stay indoors so you not get splashed by water this days.
  10. April 4... Darn I missed that. Was on the bridge yesterday April 13. Not sure if that makes a lucky number but just to make sure I’ll buy lottery ticket 413:)
  11. Hupaponics

    What can you buy for 1,000 baht in Thailand?

    22 lunches or 12 dinners at my local restaurant. Or 3 speeding tickets Or 2 fatal accidents. However, wais will apply (free of charge) Or 35 liter dirsel. Not sure regarding Lao khao but surly enough to nock me out for a week. 1.000 Baht. Made in less than an hour work. Yet people complain on the exchange rate:)