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  1. The Grateful Dead should have bought a pair of those “professional active speakers” instead of relying on 48 of those wimpy McIntosh amplifiers in order to obtain a measly 28,800 watts for their “Wall of Sound”. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wall_of_Sound_(Grateful_Dead)
  2. Haha...I certainly wouldn’t want to get within stumbling distance from it. The CDs were an eclectic selection of random Thai music that I’m completely unfamiliar with and a Metallica CD. He brought a jazz CD in when I asked if he had any western music. I think I might have to bring them a goodwill gift of a ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ SACD and hope they let me listen to it.
  3. Piyanas is good. Definitely worth checking out their website but I think the OPs budget would need to be upped to a minimum of 20-25k for the least expensive integrated amp + floor standing speakers + cables. I’m not sure how much they charge for shipping and their website is difficult to navigate. If you become a member, they give 15% off their list prices. The discount doesn’t apply to sale items however (I found that out when I bought a subwoofer there last week)...and yeah...they have some insanely expensive gear for sure. They were nice enough to let me into their hidden room to listen to this system when I was there (Central Bangna store) Piyanas.com
  4. If it was my money, I would go with a pair of Audioengine A2+ paired with an Audioengine S8 subwoofer. Next step up would be Q-Acoustics.
  5. If you’re looking for substantial bass, you might be better off going with small speakers plus a powered subwoofer. At your budget, I would highly recommend used gear.
  6. Don’t know what your budget is, but Lazada has stereo gear. Second hand in Bangkok is also an option (again, depending upon budget)
  7. Airalee

    Farang friendly hifi stores in Bangkok?

    Since last posting on this thread I was able to cobble together a satisfactory (to my ears) system using 3 different dealers. HiFi99 at Fashion Island: A small one room retailer who is the distributor for Sugden gear. Very friendly owner (only speaks Thai) and a good selection of second hand high end gear. Their website is a Facebook page that is regularly updated with the latest offerings. Prices IMO are fair and there is very little room to haggle. I walked out with a nearly new Hegel H80 integrated amp for about 1/2 of the retail price. Hi End Gallery at 9 center mall: another small retailer selling only new gear...most of it out of my price range...way out. But, I was able to get a great deal on some PMC DB1 gold speakers (less than I would have paid in the US). Brands I noticed were PMC, B&W, Chord, Bow Technologies and Meridian to name a few. Piyanas (Central Bangna): Friendly service, but I came in knowing what I wanted (REL T-zero and some speaker stands) so no high pressure sales. The best thing about Piyanas is their membership program which is free to join. It gives you 15% off retail prices and 20% off on your birthday. I haven’t been to any other Piyanas so I cannot comment on them. They were even nice enough to invite me into their “hidden” room and let me hang out for a while and listen to this...
  8. Numerous studies have shown that higher salaries for teachers make the teachers happier (of course!) but do not get you better teachers or improved outcomes with regards to the students. https://blogs.worldbank.org/impactevaluations/what-do-we-learn-increasing-teacher-salaries-indonesia-more-students-did http://www2.um.edu.uy/jmcabrera/Research/Funding poor schools.pdf http://www.nber.org/papers/w7082
  9. They could use some/more of those “medi-quick” places (such as I have used throughout the US) in Bangkok. I don’t see enough of them around and the few that I have seen, I wonder what their ability to fill prescriptions that are now strictly sold through hospital pharmacies...such as sudafed, or perhaps a stronger pain pill, cough medicine or whatever controlled substance that can be handled by a physician in a smaller clinic which would probably have a lot less overhead than the major hospitals. Leave the serious drugs/treatments to the hospitals. In the last year, I had the opportunity to need to go and register at Chulalongkorn Hospital in order to pick up a prescription (not a controlled substance) that wasn’t available at Vichaiyut. I first had to register and pay a 5 baht fee for my ID card. Then was directed to what I figure was more or less their “outpatient clinic” as I was required to see a Chula doctor because my Gastroenterologist couldn’t write the prescription that their pharmacy could fill. Then, the wait was 3 1/2 hours. Total bill was next to nothing. Something around ฿240...laughably inexpensive, as such a visit at UCLA would have run me a minimum of 50x (to probably as much as 100x) as much based on my last visit to a GI there (and I probably would still had to wait A bit after booking the appointment weeks or even months in advance). Of course, I had the time to kill, but I doubt most Thais have that luxury and probably need to get back to whatever their responsibilities are in a more timely manner. At the private hospitals I have used in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, I find that they are quite efficient (and equally as overstaffed as Chula) but of course, comparatively much more expensive (it now costs me about ฿1000 all in and Vichaiyut now orders the medication for me). Chula, however just had far more patients waiting that could have been better served elsewhere.
  10. I’m not seeing the vitriol you refer to. Especially responses that justify your painting everybody here with the broad brush of “racism” and superiority complexes. Have you read the original article and the comments (in Thai)? Her fellow countrymen/women are much more direct with their criticism. Did you notice her comment about “don’t tell me to ride a motorbike”? That comment wasn’t received very well by the Thais who chose to share their not so empathetic opinions. And can you point out where it says she lives in Bangkok? You also stated that if teachers weren’t paid more, they would be lost to other more lucrative industries. I commented on that earlier but you didn’t reply. What industries are those, that someone with a degree in education can freely and easily transfer into in order to make a high salary? Have you seen the starting salary of many other degreed professions? Many (if not most) of them are paid no more than the teacher who decided to publicly rant about her pay package. If she wishes to be the poster child for underpaid teachers, she should expect to receive some amount of well justified criticism.
  11. Airalee

    Wart cream?

  12. Cost of living in Bangkok is probably double that of most other provincial cities. So it’s good to know you’re ok with 10k everywhere else.
  13. Airalee

    Im in the Mood for some Western Food...

    Of course...that’s why I refer to condos in my post.
  14. Airalee

    Im in the Mood for some Western Food...

    Why would I buy a dishwasher when I’m just a filthy renter? It is interesting to know that some condos allow gas canisters. Ultimately, I’d like to buy an older place and do a full gut remodel with a proper kitchen.
  15. Airalee

    Im in the Mood for some Western Food...

    All the condos I have lived in have restrictions on using bottled gas. It’s a bummer, but it is what it is. I wish they had dishwashers here in Thailand also.