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  1. It's strange what they find strange. if I were an innocent servant of four years, I would probably quit as well, after being dragged down the nick.... so her sudden decision doesn't seem strange at all... more normal actually strange though, is the cops accepting a wai as evidence that she was innocent. stranger still, that they take her back to apologies to a statue, when she obviously doesn't respect said statue oh well... TIT.
  2. As North Floods, Major Dam At 100% Capacity

    Funny man. heres a wee picture of a damn structure to demonstrate your lack of comprehension ( again... consider the use of the term ""maximum"... as was used in the article).... in this diagram "MWL" means "maximum water level, and is clearly shown as being significantly less than "crest" level so kiddies..... here we see the "max" level as the uppermost height of the spillway, with the "normal" level at the lower most height of the spillway. the difference is herein called the "freeboard".... meaning this is the volume within which "controlled" releases should occur.... breaching the maximum level means "uncontrolled" overflow.... as in it's gone pear shaped. ( uncontrolled is the key word) now.... whilst I'm trying to understand, nasty little facts get in the way... facts which I'm passing on to you, although I think you really don't want to consider these
  3. As North Floods, Major Dam At 100% Capacity

    Me? scaremongering? it wasn't me who said the damn was at 100% capacity.... maybe you should look up a definition for "100% capacity" It will probably say something like.... the maximum allowable level in a container/vessel/damn (whatever).... which should not be exceeded i would guess that when the design engineers decided (calculated) what the maximum capacity should be, they were thinking about "maximum capacity"... why would you want to work that calculated figure downwards, increasing the risk of damn failure, by exceeding the engineers definition of what they determined to be the "maximum capacity" Anywho.... as you like.... back to reality (ie... the OP) from the link, the damn engineers say the level exceeds maximum capacity but it can take more water before the water crests (bursts its banks... erodes external wall and structure... which leads to failure) anywho.... now back to your reality.
  4. As North Floods, Major Dam At 100% Capacity

    Ummm.... maximum capacity ( as quoted in OP).... should mean "maximum capacity" any extra... excess... to the maximum capacity is an issue, and needs addressing. in the west, this difference (between working levels and excess of working levels) would be a no go area.... as in never exceed. Here, things like "safety factors", are often factored right out.... so there will be flood
  5. No no no... this is the "can do" list. Surely.
  6. Mmmm.... interesting POV... we may have read different books, but you get that. Rohingya people aren't invading anyone, other than an invasion of refugees, of course. And funnily enough, ( for intelligent westerners) during WW2, when the buddhists of Thailand and Burma, had turned their backs on the allied forces, the Muslim Rohingya, did not... they remained an allied supporter.... thanks Rohingyas... I appreaciate that, and hope that some sense and stability can be worked out sooner than later.
  7. Yes yes yes.... now back to my post ( and reality)
  8. Earlier today, I think... and then there was this chick, Amy, as well.
  9. Wow.... I had to look that up. i only ever curiously wondered about the economics involved in maintaining the junta. Obviously it takes a mountain of jade, mined by a slave army
  10. Mmm... maybe they need to rethink the branding plan, as many a local experience, do not a "quality" holiday make 😫😩😪 But women travelling to Thailand?... brilliant... be sure to bring a trusted companion. Two for one advert
  11. 😂😂😂😂 might not be what she gets, though
  12. There is indeed.... New Guinea. some of those blokes can stand motionless for hours, blending into the background like chameleons.... but they are not doing nothing... they are thinking really hard about the easiest way to get past the next hurdle, and some of those solutions are down right scary and more racism... that's always fun... detracts a bit from the "goofy" tag, though.
  13. BS BS I call BS... yay. lmao.... everything you claim is as assumptive as the claims you decry you start with an assumptive claim about a poster, based on a post 😂, vs a posters (arguably... it was also suggestive) assumptive post, based on a picture.... hey... ever heard that comment about a picture being worth a thousand words? paragraph two was verging on a hateful tirade, based on an assumption regards the Cat .... be cool oops... paragraph three sees more of paragraph two.... be cool! anyway... let's jump to the bottom, that appears safest..... No freaking way is this guy's body the result of thirty minutes a day... no way...BS! And nor is it easily achieved!