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  1. I thought Thai fisherman had been forced into compliance with EU requirements..... is this an unavoidable consequence of fishing within the EU requirements,, or a breach in use of regulated fishing gear?
  2. Laughing at a tragedy is unconscionable.... making an unconscionable act laughable, is even worse. but then, perhaps in order to get the police to move forward, visiting a witch doctor had to be crossed off the affirmative action checklist.
  3. Non issue... they will be ready to swim into action come high season.
  4. Indeed... that “era” ended about 18 months ago.
  5. Understandable, as you have demonstrated that, much like Iran, (who refuse to recognise “isreal” as a state despite the fact that it has been a UN member since 1949, but rather refers to it as a Zionist entity,) you are an antisemetic racist.
  6. I don’t think it’s far fetched at all... throw China in too, (thanks to dons trade sanctions) and with a blind eye from Pakistan, and you can go overland between the two.
  7. The guy not in uniform and wearing white sneakers? maybe he is an IO... but I doubt it... fake IO I think.
  8. triple D... lol... makes him sound like a giant tit! oh... wait... right.
  9. dotard... from high Middle English, meaning old and feeble... peaked in usage over 200 years ago ( well before Kim was born) cheers... I had to look that up... live and learn
  10. The design and arrangement of a nation’s flags and pendants are often used to announce its intentions.... you know... Jolly Roger.... white flags... these have an implied meaning, that even the most obtuse of people know.... right? heres one used by the terrorists in Gaza. (Sorry stevenl... couldn’t be helped).... your victims flag, I believe.
  11. Lol.... me spinning things... wow.... are you suggesting that the IDF was randomly firing bullets at empty space, and that the rioters accidentally stepped into them, as part of an IDF mind and time bending experiment or conspiracy or some such thing? im pretty sure that the pulling of the trigger, was a reaction, to an action... that action being terrorists (according to Hamas, not me) encroaching aggressively on a defensive position that they had been forewarned against approaching, under pain of being targeted by snipers.... as they knew they would be... as they were Anyway... by victims.... I assume you mean the hamas terrorists, as has been admitted by Hamas, right? you mean the people running at a defended border, when they know full well that they would be shot at, right? If you knowingly and deliberately jump into a pit of rattlesnakes, and get snakebit, are you really a victim? If you jump off your balcony (please note... that is most definitely not a suggestions) and explode ten floors below, are you a victim? now that said... I do believe that there are innocent victims who have suffered... mainly from non lethal wounds, but perhaps some also paid the ultimate price, for someone else’s actions but.... in playing the blame game, you must include Hamas, as a responsible party, if you wish to be taken seriously..... as has been mentioned time and time and time again, yet ignored by you, just as often.... and the “why” of that is because ( insert answer here) oh look.... fox family movies are currently playing “trolls”... lol... serendipity or what?
  12. Indeed you could point that out... it’s in line with other biased claims ( not that all biased claims are wrong... just biased) That said, it is obviously nothing at all like denying that the deaths have occurred, assumedly because your prepared to look at both sides of the story, including isreal confirming shooting Hamas members, as a minimum (but I bet someone will spin it to imply your denying the deaths ) meanwhile, I see that Hamas have referenced the 62 fatalities of the other day, as 50 Hamas martyrs and 12 martyrs of the people. i have previously noted that everyone except the gazans are horrified by this senseless self sacrifice to their widely declared unachievable (hopefully) end game of Jewish genocide by Muslims.... despite the anti isreal PR that Hamas has wrought, in the mass martyrdom of its fighters and ancillary shields. with any luck, as in this instance, common sense can’t be relied upon, the gazans will tire of killing themselves, sooner than later with any luck, this will kick some common sense into the gazans, causing them to unite against Hamas, such that reasonable people can re enter peace proceedings
  13. Lol.... I know who the leaker is, I know who the leaker is i wonder if there is a reward meanwhile, I see trump is putting some thought into possible accommodation, after his stay at the White House.
  14. 555.... still with the continual denials of wrong-doing by the rioters, despite about 50% of the casualties being claimed by Hamas, as Hamas “agents” still with the denials that this is using civilians as human shields, should an investigation into a terrorist organization actually happen still with the lack of ability to do ones own research, relying on others, then... 555... denying its existence, in favor of biased opinion pieces still unwaveringly biased against a sovereign state, defending its borders, in exactly the way that they said they would defend the border. ho hum.... much like talking to a “creationist.” I think. meanwhile, I note that the UN said something along the line of “there was no evidence suggesting restraint was used”.... what a joke, thought I, as they went on to use figures like 115 dead ( half being Hamas fighter,) and 2700 wounded seems to me that they either used restraint.... or really really bad snipers. anyway Morch... keep plugging away, although its quite apparent that you won’t get anywhere arguing with someone with a single point of view, which, by and large, is unsubstantiated biased opinion. (At best)