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  1. It’s got nothing to do with culture.... nor education i suspect (eg... there moms would say that they taught them better), but more with the “me me me” attitude (that any one of us can have) and shows a total lack of consideration for others.
  2. Lol... talk about waving a red flag... are you mad? but seriously, this problem is uniquely American.... and it needs a uniquely America solution, not an Australian solution or a Sri Lankan solution etc etc. the only takeaway from Australia’s success, is that changes can be made if you want to.... pushing harder with the ra ra ra will only have a negative impact.
  3. Just called them.... TiT said .... “fake news.... beachs beautiful... here is picture to prove it!”
  4. Trump backs effort to improve gun background checks

    The very first words of the second amendment are roughly.... “ a well regulated militia, being nessesary for the security of the state” so does the reason still stand? are these nutters part of a “well regulated militia”? are these nutters acting “for the security of the state”? by definition, an amendment is a formal change to a law or contract etc etc.... so... amend the amendment, it’s not written in stone... it’s an amendment, changeable by definition. resistance to change, is what stops it being changed, not when it was written, or by whom it was written, or what British laws it was allegedly based on, or regarding what weapon it was origionally referencing... etc etc etc but..... Americans must agree.... I believe that a simple referendum should be held, and the results complied with (whichever way it goes).... ask the people vs leaving the decision to politicians being influenced by big business. and before being pilloried over suggesting a referendum, by the crowd that believes governments are elected to make these decisions, I firmly believe referendums should only be held on the most divisive of issues.... after representatives have failed to satisfy the electors on stand alone issues that said... unfortunately, I can think of at least two other issues needing interference by the electors... 1/ dreamers 2/ the Wall. and..... lol... maybe healthcare... best I stop 😂🤣😂
  5. Indian Woman Posing as Man Marries Two Other Women for Dowry

    Damnit... I’ve already used my “dumbest thing I’ve read today” card
  6. It’s still early.... but what the hell.... one must give recognition when it’s due.
  7. Drop a comment on TripAdvisor.... people do read those reviews, or at least I do. on the weekend we were off out for lunch, so we had a look at the new restaurant in town online and ended up giving it a pass.... people will vote with their feet, or be warnwarned anyway and, hotel management often replie to the postings and at times do improve their service... 👍 😂🤣😂🤣 im of to Krabi for a week shortly, I’ll make sure to find something to complain about.
  8. Lol... they should give up on the 21st and start making plans for the 22nd.... in that they may have a chance.
  9. And.... i was talking with a rawai vendor yesterday, having mentioned a price rise in a product I was buying ( mentioned... not complained.. she offered a 20bt discount [ ? ], which I refused)... she went on to tell me that the road works at chalong circle meant less people came down to rawai, so traders had to charge more to make money this is not the first time I have encountered this mindset.
  10. Are you suggesting that the FBI can only deal with one case at a time?
  11. I take it that by this you mean the school children of America, who are being terrorized, which is what this OP is about. Myself, I would rather not require the need for the option to shoot back A real wake up would be to stage a walk out on the anniversary of every school shooting. i just hope that when these children become adults, with a vote, that they remember this day, and these emotions, such that the next generation can influence their representatives... as the current encumbants seem ambivalent.
  12. Your “location” says China... is that true... or are you actually on a river cruise in Egypt?
  13. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 no... you don’t need to say it again... we already believe you what would really crack me up would be an article about a secret service agent resigning on the grounds that he wouldn’t take a bullet for trump.... that would make my day ( month and year, as well, I think)
  14. Thankfully, with the abandonment of plastic seals on water bottles, and the banning of smoking on 24 beaches, scenes like this will soon be a thing of the past
  15. Lmao!! so... once the arresting park rangers have all been paid off to ensure silence, prem would Assumedly walk free. but no.... now he has to pay of the tiger task force personnel as well, to make the s*** go away