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  1. Another day in paradise... I think I will wait till the end of August before moving any monies to top up my "visa account".... there may be a potential windfall in this.
  2. Singapore may be a better option... and if playing it on the safe side by waiting longer... it's a better place to wait
  3. The most amazing thing about amazing Thailand is the amazing lack of "give a damn" by the amazing folk who could actually do something to make amazing Thailand a preferred destination for tourists.... simply amazing.
  4. A new and innovative thailand which encourages entrepreneurs to develop rice cooking fridges.
  5. Hey.... hey... no wonder they want more upstanding Aussie types, hey? a much better class of folk from down under. 😇
  6. Setting a precedent.... 👍
  7. Lol.... I remember reading some of those tombstones... something along the lines of.... " he was right, we were wrong, but we strung him up anyway"... right next to.. " here lies Lester Moore, four slugs from a 44. No less no Moore." good times it's not an apology I would be demanding, but justice. If not so tragic, it would be funny, and is an example of how the lines so easily blur together here (or maybe I just need new specs)
  8. Each and everyone of them a Thai Mcgyver. 😂😂😂😂😂.
  9. Ah.... you no understand.... Thailand have catch 44 law law now 😂😂😂
  10. Electric shock. the yanks are right on this one.... they invented the word from electricity + execute, however, due to a lack of alternative words, electrocute has become increasingly more common for non lethal shocks as well.
  11. Lol.... but it was accompanied with elevator music to liven it up a wee bit
  12. Lmao.... if this is a post by my mate Nate... per the suggestive avatar.... he's already running at a very high approval rate, right here on this forum, despite the Nate hating posts
  13. I think that there are plenty of farangs making a bad face in Thai media, apart from Nate eg... German man murdering his gf in Phuket. (Etc etc), which are far far worse, wouldn't you agree? heres another, just for laughs... a great example of respecting the modesty of the Thai culture
  14. And swiftly too boot.... unlike many examples of worse crimes. hes been given the maximum fine..... I agree 100% with baboon.... this is how justice should be carried out