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  1. "Visibility of the road was not impaired, he said,...." Or rather, not adversely changed given that a large percentage don't actively engage their visionary senses to start with
  2. Interesting... but are they not all leaders... follies indeed. a president (etc) is the leader of a nation. a general is the leader of an army a Jesus is the leader of a faith
  3. My question is... why would it be recommended? not for physical reasons, surely, so that leaves mental reasons... ergo transitioning out would be better ( if one has mental reasons)
  4. Lol... I would thank my lucky stars that these writers weren't in charge of making international foreign policy or decisions. ( well... any policy or decisions actually) and i cant help but note that the followers of Christ have largely ignored these writings in persecuting others, post this dogma
  5. Interesting... I would have though these things should have disqualified him from candidacy for president (#1) obviously I would have thought wrong (#2) cheers... I was being lazy and not following my own mantra about google being your friend... thanks (lol... for not calling me on that)
  6. Is that not what it's for?
  7. Irrelevant misdirection.... when serving, she/he was a man... as a man, he served, and was decorated etc etc, personally, I don't really care about the sexual orientation or tackle type of others, providing this does not effect my choices, but I do often wonder at the mindset and mental health of a man who has his whatzit removed. these mentally confused and tortured people, trapped in the wrong form of body, may not nessesarily be the best examples to put forward as stable military leaders, and I'm sure phyc evaluations can't show them in the best of light. my critism in this, is that trump is reversing his campaigns policy comments / pledges... liar liar pants on fire oh... and balance... someone posted trump as a draft dodger (is this correct?), and another posted no trump family member in US military history..... isn't trump now the commander in chief of the armed forces.... the highest position in the military?.
  8. He started overdosing on solo soda, way to young, which, as a gateway drug, has led to this.
  9. I seem to remember those heady days of inter school rivalry from decades past. we would stare malevolently at the opposition, shooting daggers from our eyes, whilst stepping up onto the starting blocks at the pools end, determined to give those enemies a severe thrashing over 100 meters, just waiting for the starters gun to fire. i suppose things change.
  10. Your right... it's not easy... far from it but if they need the pension, then it's better than starving to death this is why the research needs to be done beforehand, so as you know your options before making decisions that may negatively impact on your future. also... as an aside regards Australia's priorities ( and resultant cost).... the deal seems to be to accept 60 South Americans, whilst having the US take 1250 refugees currently suckling off Australias tit.... a damn good deal, costing less, allowing more monies to be spent on other initiatives, such as the old age pension, for example.
  11. This is an over simplification of the system. most countries have agreements and quotas, that they are required to meet, to belong to the "international" community at large. to fulfill international treaty ( etc) obligations, the government must do this thing. pensions are domestic issues, and the rules are very clearly laid out.... there should be no surprises here, unless one failed to do their research... on the the positive side, if you like ( or need to spin), your friends can probably return to Oz for two years, renting out their houses here (?), then return once they qualify for the pension. they won't have to work, if they really don't want too, as they can undoubtedly find a way to throw themselves on the largess of the nanny state ( over fifties are not required to show proof of attempting to find employment... or at least that was the age specified when I left) mind you.... this would need research beforehand, to ensure compliance with the gazzetted rules. (admitting to wealth overseas would be an issue needing addressing, for example)
  12. Just when you thought it was safe to go into the woods again.....
  13. Unbelievable.... returns from the grave with absolutely no empathy for the common citizenry.
  14. 😂😂😂😂😂.... more like leading the way in comedian comment sound bites
  15. Lmao.... I must be a stingy bugger, that's a walk on the wild side too far... I never set the stakes that high, but rather take the most direct route possible to improve the odds 😂😂😂