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  1. Surely you don’t think that they would be that petty and unprofessional, do you?
  2. farcanell

    U.S.-China divisions take centre stage at APEC summit

    Basically, China must buy more American made goods, to offset the imbalance caused by Americans buying Chinese. this means (China) buying less goods from other countries, such as European, Asian, South American, Australian and African countries.... which in turn means that these countries suffer, because of the demands of America. For this reason, i support any action that defeats the US attempt to dictate policy to other countries... and if Americans are really concerned, just don’t buy Chinese goods
  3. .... and yet, the very next reporter to be nominated, started out by praising Acosta and his professionalism.
  4. CNN certainly do broadcast lies... lots of lies... an unbelievable amount of lies how can they not, when the president and his mouth piece do little else than lie to the people, with CNN rebroadcasting these official lies made by the liar in chief. now... if the president stopped telling lies to the media, then the media wouldn’t be telling lies to their viewers.... that would be nice. all that said, I’m still rather curious as to wether or not you (or others) think that CNN have been the source of lies.... and if so, can you link me to one?
  5. Who said that there was no physical contact? the issue is about what that physical contact was, and wether it was in any way deliberate, aggressive or inappropriate on Acosta’s part from any video perspective, the intern threw herself in and aggressively tried to take the mike, which initiated the contact, so arguably, it should be her that’s barred from press room meetings, as she acted without decorum.... when acting like an umpire in a boxing match, there’s no way to avoid contact, which is what happened imo... this action against CNN, was a deliberate vilification of that reporter, to reinforce the WH “fake news, enemy of the people” line, in order to maintain the rage amongst his followers.
  6. I think my gibberish translator function is broken, as this makes no sense to me.... so I’m wondering if someone with a functioning gibberish translator can help out here
  7. Lol.... decorum and rules... what a wonderful idea, assuming rules apply both ways; rule one... don’t lie! personally, I like the euro model ( German I think it was) whereby if the president (interviewee) doesn’t answer a question, the subsequent reporter(s) called upon, asks the same question.
  8. Life imprisonment at age 92.... that’ll teach em.
  9. A gold medal and a nice wee dacha on the Black Sea.
  10. farcanell

    Lawyer vows to pursue rape claim against doctor

    https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/05/how-orgasm-could-dull-pain/361470/ interesting in that studies arguably support the doctors claims about pain reduction..... but disturbing in the way of treating the pain.
  11. Um.... wrong.... The investigation is ongoing, so right now it’s an unproven allegation (according to the LAPD), https://www.thecut.com/2018/11/michael-avenatti-arrested-for-domestic-violence.html
  12. So... hardly handed his ass by various courts, but rather, one court... a bankruptcy court, whereby he supports the judges determination, and is not hiding behind a chapter eleven “get out of jail free card”, but is rather working with his creditors to repay debts, unlike a certain president who springs to mind
  13. Statistically, some demographic groups are much more likely to deny that sexism is a significant problem, and this sentiment is most strongly embraced by younger men (18-29 years old), right-wing conservatives, and those heavily trusting in, and reliant on right-wing media outlets, including Fox News, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, Drudge Report, and InfoWars. https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/02/05/the-limits-of-metoo-sectionalism-economism-and-identity-politics-on-the-left/ ah... I see your point, so I had a quick look at the why of it.... this article has a few insights and explainations.