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  1. I know this proposal isn't across the Thai Malay border, but a side benefit may be increased security, as it will be a very robust "border" protecting lands north of any proposed canal.... perhaps making policing Thai assets south of the canal easier. just a thought
  2. Great idea.... it's a no brainer IMHO ( depending on a favorable feasibility study) china will pay for it. 😜
  3. Surely the airline admin / authority would know why they were returning the two blokes to Phuket ( at their expense) and would then pass the information to their Thai counterparts, who would then inform immigrations. just spitballing there.... but... logically? ( and yes, I do know that it's often folly to introduce logic to these situations)
  4. You cropped and commented on five words of fifteen.... very selective indeed. the following five words, which complete the sentence, affirm that punjabis look like Indians (is that your point of contention... they do or don't???) ,what with it being an Indian state, and all , albeit now divided, ( largely Muslim moving to the Pakistani side... others staying in India) so... all punjabis, that aren't foreigners, look like Indians... no? coupled with a millennia, or so, of seeing the region as a travel gateway.... interbreeding etc... and who can really be certain? that said, your attack seems out of place and ill informed. How would you know what I know, for instance? clue for the clueless... my sister is Indian. in summary... Perhaps i do have an idea ( maybe not as well rounded of an idea as you.... I wouldn't want to be so insulting as to suggest I know better, I'll leave that to you)
  5. Both being originally from Punjab, would explain their Indian appearance.... and terrorist link ( theories) , perhaps.
  6. Oh no you didn't! here we go..... lol.... again
  7. 😁😆😆😅😅😂😂🤣😂🤣😅😆
  8. Never happen in an Uber. unless it was an Uber. was it an Uber? blurry Uber's!
  9. Whoa up..... I'm still gasping from the thought of kicking out the hooters.... I likes the hooters.... no more suggestions please ( unless we can all agree to keep those lovely hooters!)
  10. Statistics... damn statistics. 226 in the first four days... but what does that mean? Well, divide by 4 then multiply by 7, and it means we are on track for about 396 deaths during songkran ( more if you factor in a last minute spike.. but... on face value... 395) 2015 toll was 364... so we are looking at a bigger toll this year. 2016, acknowledged as being a particular bad year, was 442... so we may be better off than last year. the RTP will undoubtedly claim the high ground, if the toll is less than last year, but it seems likely that it will be an inexcusablely high fatality rate, compared to previous years ( prior the carnage of 2016), with police asleep in their roadside tents, doing little of a proactive nature, to intervene in the carnage.
  11. Yep... it's happy Easter in QLD.... all good... although next year I might take jsixpacks advise per post 7...
  12. No problems... stage your own coup, and start there. Hell, start anywhere.... just start. the general has picked his own starting point, so it's all good, right? just do something... anything... as doing nothing is plainly not working. you know this
  13. Lol... some of y'all live in a dream world. there is a very good reason why riding in the back of a pick up is illegal.... it's not an arbitrary " let's screw with the masses" thing, and it is so obvious that it should not need explaining or debating. that said, this in no way excuses all the other crazy actions or practices, that should also be acted upon, in the interest of public safety... that's the safety of the people, by their government, who have a duty to protect the citizenry, even if its unpopular saying this does not mean I lack empathy... what a stupid thought that is, and I will also continue to cringe at the carnage, whilst hoping that this one step in the right direction, is but one of many steps to drag down the road fatality statistics that are a preventable tragedy in Thailand... preventable by enforcing these sorts of laws they have to start somewhere, and it seems that here is where they have chosen to do it... so well done Thailand... i hope they don't pussy out and drop this initiative ( though I expect they will, unfortunately)
  14. Thas right... thas right.... I vote to let the stupid people tell everybody what to do. that'll work.... amazing Thailand... there's a slogo in there somewhere. dumb and dumber?.... but that's been done already.
  15. Lol.... seems everyone agrees with you!