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  1. Ok then... it was all a bit much for you to process in one mouth full... I get it...., so let me slow down a bit to make things easier on you you asked.... “are dictators elected.” the answer.... “yes” there ya go.... that’s the easy one syllable, one word answer.... if you can handle more syllables or words, let me know, and I will expand outwards, one word at a time, for your ease of understanding.... whilst trying my hardest to sound neither emotional nor hysterical as for delusional.... well hell.... I have already used way to many words for your apparent comfort zone, so we can address that sometime later.... perhaps after you have fixed this wee problem that’s hamstringing your acuity
  2. Your points are pretty well on the money.... but your opening comment can be expanded to include the rest of the world, as a lot of posters are concerned (or amused) citizens of allied countries ( maybe non allies as well) trumpists that rant about Obama, or deflect to others who may have done this or that, to try and demonstrate trumps worth vs other presidents, don’t seem to realize that we non US citizens don’t generally care about domestic swamp policy etc, but are instead reacting to how this potus is effecting the world, vs the USA (with a few notable exceptions, obviously) its not nessesarily about tariffs ( my country is not really effected) its not about crooked Hillary ( my countrymen could care less) its not about porn stars and pee ( my countrymen would pee laughing) its not about the wall ( I certainly peed with laughter) its not about (most ) things domestic. And its not about republicans, Democrats or whatever... they are all good..., lol... or bad its about his lying, erratic, unilateral, unpredictable behavior.. It’s about the total lack of statesmanship from the position of the worlds supposed pre eminent politician and statesman its about a demonstrable lack of respect for his allies its about attacking hard won concessions. its about his ability to inflict pain and suffering on others.... yes... other presidents also had that power, but as they were not lying, cheating, erractic narcissists, its not really been a problem before. The bumbling mr bean would be a more reassuring potus, but he’s not a murican, mores the pity.
  3. .... false equivalency? How so? you asked a simple question... I gave an basic answer, providing an example of an elected dictator... I could have pointed at Stalin, who was appointed to the leadership of Russia, but one clear example is enough to answer the question mind you... I think I know what you mean. You don’t like facts, so you cry “ FAKE NEWS” Fact checking is a bit#h....
  4. Indeed... I think it’s in hiding with other suspects, such as accountability and consequence.
  5. Perhaps... but hopefully a long time stay at the Bangkok Hilton hotel is inclusive in the price, for any potential buyer. this isn’t about what a child could, would or should do, but about what the adult could, would or should do.
  6. LOL.... trump supporters... what can you do? Qatar, along with hosting US bases, had also given the USA some 130 million in disaster relief aid since Katrina, and is a US ally... so you have it backwards, but that doesn’t surprise me, of a trumpist. that said, it seems ginger nuts has pushed Qatar towards Turkey, which will establish firmer bonds between those countries... further weakening the USAs alliances with its allies, thru the simple premise that the enemy of my friend, is my enemy.
  7. Seriously? i suppose with enough twisting of facts, one can conclude anything, f one is so inclined so.... let’s look at it realistically. in the last ten years, US debt has increased by about 11 trillion dollars.... on average, that’s 1.1 trillion a year Donald has increased the debt by 1 trillion dollars under his first budget (1 trillion in 14 months) Given this.... adding trumps fiscal year, the average annual increase will still be around 1 trillion dollars a year... ergo trump and Obama spendings are comparable..... so yap yapping about this s a non issue. that said... analysts predict that annual debt may increase by up to 3 trillion a year, under trump, in the years to come. Yes... I know it’s just a prediction.... but claiming he will reduce the debt, is just a prediction as well. (Although some may say it’s a fantasy) as a side note, to suggest that trump is the only one capable of saving the economy, is ridiculous, when considering that, unlike other leaders of the free world, trump has filed for six bankruptcies.... ergo he’s more likely to bankrupt the US, than any other president
  8. Lol im not sure about the total scope of the counter tariffs applied against US products, but if intelligent people impose tariffs on finished goods, then I’ll go ahead and speculate that these counter tariffs are on finished goods
  9. Yep.... 2 years ago I was also ardent about giving trump a go... I insisted that he must be given at least his first ninety days, before people started crying, and I repeated that sentiment thru out his first ninety days. I think that’s fair but two years on, fairness was fruitless.
  10. Lol... again... it’s a process hitler won an election before doing any of the above ( through bully and intimidation practices, albeit at a grand scale) What the world is concerned about, is how far trump will go.... as to ploys.... lol.... if people stop comparing trump to other presidents, then perhaps others will stop comparing trump to other past politicians.... after all, Hitler did start a war to make Germany .... yes.... great again
  11. .... are you actually asking for examples of things that have not been said by Brennan? if so.... no wonder your a trumpist , as logic and rational thinking should motivate you to provide examples of how he has not been silenced, to make your point. That not withstanding, if I hear anything Brennan doesn’t say, I’ll pass it on.
  12. Hitler was elected.... and was ultimately granted dictatorial powers. It was a process. trump was elected.... and appears to be seeking to gain a position whereby he can act out with impunity.... it is a process one liked nazis... one is enlightened and favors neo nazis
  13. farcanell

    Thai govt launches electronic waste crackdown

    We need to be sure that they will not cause environmental problems to our country, as the government and our citizens want to preserve a clean environment and sustainable future for our next generations,” common everyday practices (of littering/ pollution) tends to dispute the spoken word..... so.... more BS
  14. So... trump. supposedly as the “leader of the free world” is continually setting new baseline perceptions for the position of the worlds pre eminent statesman. this is getting to look like a game of limbo to see how low the bar can really go.... how far the American peoples will let it go. (Mind you, imho, he is likely to put the limbo bar holders out of work, [oops... more unemployment] as it will be supported by the grass.... just right for a snakes height)
  15. .... autonomous vehicles will require less driving skills on the operators behalf.... encouraging anything that reduces driving skills (and currency/ experience), which are oftentimes dubious at best, doesn’t sound like a great idea to me. however, I 100% agree with the last sentence, but feel proper training and policing of road law ( you know... the way most of the rest of the world manages idiots in vehicles) would be better than putting a clueless operator into a partially automatic vehicle mind you, if the autonomous vehicle comes with governors on all operations, like gps protocols preventing overtaking on winding roads, and incline sensors and wet weather road sensors and optical sensors (facing operator, so the machine knows the operator is awake) and BAC sensors and and and... then... well.... maybe.