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    xbox ones, playstations here more expensive?

    In my experience XBoxOne is less popular in Thailand, so more difficult to find, which may explain why second hand is more expensive. Both PS4 and Xbox were about 40-50 GBP more expensive in Thailand than in Europe the first year after launch, the price difference is almost zero now. When buying new it may be worth buying it locally for the warranty. In addition eBay or Amazon charge you import fees and shipping when you don't have a mate willing to carry it through Thai customs. I also recommend browsing on Lazada, which is how I bought my PS4 Pro and PSVR. They have new XBox One bundles on Lazada for around 10,000 Baht, which is not a bad deal.
  2. Amplish

    Property ‘windfall tax’ is long overdue

    I agree that windfall tax is a no-brainer, but the way they are going about may be wrong. They depend on valuations by by official estimates of what the value should be and limit it to 5 km from a infrastructure development. Instead it should be a fixed percentage for any real estate deal, regardless of the location and based on the differential between the original purchase price and the current resale value. The tricky part is that even now companies/individuals may undervalue prices to dodge transfer fees. It won't be different this time, so even with reservations on the accuracy of value assessments, perhaps they can just use the median price according to past transactions (perhaps that is how the official valuations are done). In principle all profits should be taxed and making it universal makes for a much larger windfall for the government, so what is holding them back?
  3. Amplish

    Gen Prayut confirms Thailand general election in Feb 2019

    Wait, what?! Where does it say the elections will be in February 2019, it just says early 2019. That could according to the current road map be until mid-June (3 months for royal endorsement, 3 months delay until law comes into force and then elections within 150 days). There is absolutely no guarantee even if an actual election date is set. It is dishonest and disrespectful, he could use section 44 to have elections this year if he feels like it and with the same ease postpone the elections indefinitely. What he says to appease leaders in Europe or anywhere has no bearing on when elections will be held and under what circumstances.
  4. Well, this has been predicted by several members of this forum, so no surprise really. This doesn't mean the elections will be delayed for sure, but the continuing obfuscation by Prayuth on the timing of the elections and continuous shifting of goalposts, makes it more than likely.
  5. Amplish

    Riding madness: a true story

    I have the exact opposite experience around Chiang Mai. Whenever there is a reasonable amount of rain people start slowing down and are hesitant to overtake, very sensible driving. They often don't turn on their lights though, even if it gets really dark during a thunderstorm.