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  1. Any one still using a Windows mobile phone

    Still using a Nokia 630 dual sim. Probably will replace it with an Android phone when it (finally) breaks down. Mightily tempted by one of these retro Nokia phones, especially the banana phone that was recently announced.
  2. You and others don't seem to understand that not the Swede, but someone else setup internet banking. The Swede, according to the story didn't have internet banking, or was not aware of it. The real question is how someone else can setup internet banking as others have pointed out this is a rather involved process.
  3. I just went to my bank last week (Bangkok Bank) to transfer some money from my personal savings account and my wife asked me to check on an old joint account we have. Because there will be a law soon (I heard April) that allows the government to close dormant accounts and confiscate the deposits. We hadn't looked at that account since 2011, no transactions at all. There was no issue whatsoever, it just took a while to print all the backlog information on interest payments. So, I guess it depends on the bank and possibly the branch. I asked if there was any policy to close dormant accounts and they said that was only for accounts with low balance. Our dormant account has around 80,000 Baht in it, so perhaps that was what saved it. It is probably best to check with whatever bank you're with.
  4. Indefinite poll delay possible

    Agree with that in principle, except there hasn't been an official coronation yet. Perhaps another reason to claim a delay of the election is necessary?
  5. Wow, having fun living here, are we? The reason for extension based on marriage is that you support your Thai spouse, that is no longer a requirement for extension based on retirement. So at least it seems to be common sense, if not the decent thing to do, for immigration to make sure that the spouse is aware that officially you are no longer supporting him/her. Yes, I think that without my wife signing an agreement, I would have been refused my first extension based on retirement. So this 'rule' (I don't think it is an official requirement, just what I experienced), is not exactly non-sensical, nor stupid. I don't know about sexist or racist, or at least not more than anywhere else.
  6. You also have to bring your wife, as (depending on where you live) she may be asked to sign a form that she is aware and agrees with you changing to an extension based on retirement. For subsequent retirement extensions that is no longer required, just the first time.
  7. I went in last Friday (24 November) for extension based on retirement en walked in at 7:20 and was #7 in the queue. Done by 12:00 including re-entry permit. The guy in front of me was there 6:30 and as usual the first place was a professional bench sitter for an agency (keeping a seat warm since midnight). Apparently the day before (Thursday) it was very busy according to 2 people I spoke to who had been turned away that day when arriving after 8:00. So perhaps people were scared away for trying it on a Friday. Around 9:30 a guy walked in and he got #10 and he was also done before 12:00, so it was relatively quiet that day, not just for retirement extensions but for everything. When I left, two people just arrived for visa extension (by the looks of it based on retirement) and got their paperwork checked and received queue numbers for after lunch. If I had been unlucky, I probably would have tried coming extremely early another day. That is what I have been doing for years now. It looks as if there is some luck involved, but that coming extremely early is no longer necessary.
  8. Netherlands grants $2.17m to MRC

    It simply means they expect the initial study to reveal which approaches are best suited for further studies into managing flood risks. That is as tangible as it gets with MRC, they only develop approaches and advise governments. This is normal project cycle funding. The initial funds are used to assess if further work is required. This may again be funded by the Dutch government, as funding like this is often used to hire Western experts, as well as locals, not just Thais, most of the flood risks in the Lower Mekong basin is in Cambodia and Viet Nam.
  9. I saw on the Thai news this morning (Channel 3) he already was caught and he was really, really sorry (for getting caught me thinks).
  10. Lived in Chiang Mai for around 15 years, the smog started appearing 10-12 years ago, before that not that much of a problem. Smog season normally starts in Feb, just after the cool season, normally lasts 2-3 months (it comes and goes when there is some wind or rain), it can be really bad for a couple of weeks. The level of smog also depends where you stay, outside of the city it never gets that bad (I live 40 km North of the city), in the city the heat and smoke is a lousy combination. Temperatures get really hot from March to April-May, until the rains come in and the temperatures get fine and the smog is gone. Any alternatives depends on what you are looking for, I heard good things about Loei. As mentioned smog is a problem in the entire Northern part of Thailand. I have been also travelling in Laos and it is as bad there during the same period. The main source is burning of fields across the whole region (Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and even China). So any place with a cool season will occasionally have the same problem in Thailand. It hasn't been improving in recent years, despite efforts by local authorities, because it seems to be a regional issue, with smoke coming from outside of Thailand. Never saw any scientific proof where the smoke comes from though. Settling down near the sea is a good option, but it tends to be more crowded and possibly more expensive. Besides if you go down to far south you may get issues with the smoke that seasonally comes up from Indonesia.
  11. TM30 Experience

    I went to Promenade yesterday to extend my permission to stay (retirement) and the officer just asked me if I ever had registered my address. I replied that I did, because I have used the same address (where I actually live) for at least 20 years after moving from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. However after checking in the computer there was no record. He explained that this is perhaps because I only registered it for marriage extensions in the past (I am only on my second retirement extension). My address is a house I built myself on land that only recently got a Chanot. It is not rented, I live there with my (Thai) wife and kids. I have until recently never heard of this TM 30 form and the officer at Promenada just asked me for a copy of the house registration with the page for my wife and that was all. No fine, no request for TM30, that 'requirement' was even not mentioned. I got my extension without a problem. So at least for Promenada they also don't care for the TM 30 for extensions, perhaps only if you stay at a private residence. Another applicant I spoke to did have to show his TM 30, supposedly because he was staying at a condo. I didn't ask for any further information from the officer, lest I can't feign ignorance in the future. Obviously, this TM 30 doesn't make much sense for most people who have been here for a long time legally. Trying to actually follow all this and other obscure rules is a fools errand, with requirements changing based on who you talk to and perhaps the stress levels they had to endure that day. I am not planning to start reporting my coming and going outside of filling in my arrival and departure cards, unless I am specifically told that I should by immigration. It seems to be a lot of hassle and not a priority, not even for immigration.
  12. Play-asia.com

    No worries, glad to be able to help. They have started selling Thai PSN cards now, so I could open a Thai PS Plus account, but in the beginning there was only the option of a Thai credit card linked to a Thai PSN account. I am not sure what would happen with all those 'free' games I accumulated if I would decide to change to a Thai PS Plus account, so I won't bother. Also setup a European and US PSN account to take advantage of sales, which are particularly bad in Asia, but sometimes pretty good in the US! PSN is very funny about accepting credit cards. I know several people who ran into problems getting their cards accepted by the system. In one case a friend of mine whose credit card was in the system for years, had to change just the verification code that is printed on the back, because of getting a new credit card (everything else stayed the same) and it would suddenly refuse to accept the credit card. To be honest, I don't mind not having my credit card details stored on-line!
  13. Play-asia.com

    This may not be completely relevant, but I ran into the same problem with my PS4 (Could register an user account, but not the PS Plus for Thailand since it wouldn't accept any of my Thai credit/debit cards). In the end I setup a PSN account with PS Plus in Hong Kong using PSN Network cards (bought digitally from Play-Asia). So, I think there is no need to link a credit card with your Xbox account if you go straight for a 12-month subscription, only if you want to have the free 1-month. After all this is Microsoft we are talking about... You can buy a Xbox Live subscription with a code you can buy on-line (Play-Asia, Amazon) or probably also in local shops. My guess is that having a Xbox Live/Gold subscription anywhere will allow you to use on-line services anywhere (at least that is the case for PS4), so since there are no Thailand specific Xbox cards, I think you can simply use either the Asia or Global variety together with an address in Thailand. For buying games on-line there are 'gift cards', so you wouldn't have to register your credit card with Xbox for that. The only drawback is that you pay a bit extra for shop credit if you buy it digital and you can't get the free trial...
  14. Immigration Promenada One Stop Service v2

    I wasn't going to post any more as no one had any relevant information on how many were getting the extensions in a day. Thank you very much for the information and experience you had. You are the first person in over 700 shares to give an idea of how many people were getting their extensions in a day. We know they will give out a lot of queue numbers but how many they serve has been a mystery. Thank you once again I now have a ball park answer. I know it will change day to day. But I have an idea. if you are getting a retirement extension of stay why is your wife involved When your current extension is based on you supporting your wife and/or children and you want to change that to a retirement extension she needs to sign a declaration (saying something along the lines that she is aware of this and agrees that you will officially no longer support her, at least for extension of stay purposes) and you have to submit proof that you are actually still married. I don't fully understand why this is necessary, but my brother had to do the same several years ago and according to my wife they told her last year at immigration that I would have to do that for my first retirement extension. For my next extension in 2016 it will no longer be necessary and I can just submit the bank letter and copies of my bank book. I thought it worth mentioning because it is something I haven't seen mentioned before.
  15. Play-asia.com

    NADZProject is fine, but a bit of a hassle on-line, because they seem to focus on Thai customers, registration, order and payment forms used to be in Thai only (I haven't used them in 8 months). They don't accept credit cards and you have to pay by bank transfer. I have ordered a few Wii U games and Nintendo related stuff (Amiibos), that are otherwise very difficult to find in Thailand. I have never bothered to try to visit their shops, as there are better options if you are frequently in Bangkok, e.g. MBK has several gaming shops with good deals. However for on-line ordering, Lazada is great, reliable and fast with shipping, often ship for free and have a wide range of gaming related products. I ordered several things from them (including a DS controller for my PS4) and recommend them highly. Excellent service and they do reply to English inquiries. Play-Asia has often good weekly deals on older games for both Xbox and PS4, that are close to the price you would pay on Amazon. Definitely a good place for games, not so much for buying a console.