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  1. Yeah, have your act together and provide the proper documents. Never takes me more then one hour.
  2. Opening a bank account on a Tourist Visa in 2018

    Of course. Many threads about these accounts always end with useless I heard, if you walk down this street, my friend nonsense.
  3. Opening a bank account on a Tourist Visa in 2018

    False information. I challenge anyone to get such an account then provide the bank, branch, and name of contact. Won't happen.
  4. I think the guy is right. Many did come here for sex with younger girls practically unlimited opportunities. I also think moving beyond a sex obsessed brain is possible, but in many cases are left with these depressed, complaining, disgruntled people. Many turn to booze as their GF.
  5. Opening a bank account on a Tourist Visa in 2018

    Tell us where and when and what branches.
  6. Opening a bank account on a Tourist Visa in 2018

    False. If he opens a Thai account here ATM withdrawls here are free from that account including several other banks.
  7. Thinking of retiring

    False and misleading comments.
  8. Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    It must be strong weed. The Chinese economy grew at almost 7% the first quarter of this year. This year, It is expected to surpass the GDP of the 19 countries who use the Euro. It is a monster in infant stages.
  9. Bus to Pattaya gassing up on the way.

    Well, yes it can take that long as I stated in a previuos post and was told I was wrong. It is hit and miss about the gas stop has happened to me about 6 times.
  10. Who are you to question the OP? He brings up a legit observation/question I think.
  11. Well it is all about attitude. They are mostly insecure people who never amounted to much. They get some sort of feeling of superiority by complaining. Just ignore them....
  12. retards at it before 7 am already

    As opposed to all these mature grown men who feel it necessary to stand in the street and throw water at people. I bet I can guess where you are from......
  13. retards at it before 7 am already

    HAHA, No way..... For many on here Cambodia is the answer to Thailand. Claims that is the greatest place in SEA. Thanks for being honest. It is truly a god forsaken Shole..........
  14. Another chance to bash Thailand or do you have solutions? I'll take the USA as an example anyone can get in a car buzzed and drive. So??? I am very happy to see the cops out doing this. DUI disgust me.
  15. How about: Land of the Giants.... Maybe one of the stupidest shows ever which is why I liked it.