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  1. Those that blame this on the police are naive small box thinkers. It is much more about the engineering of the roadways, education and culture. None of these is necessarily a police responsibility in most western countries. In Pattaya, I see cops writing tickets all the time. Then people complain they got a ticket. Cop bashing is an easy smirk of brainless negatively but in truth their influence has little bearing on this problem. But believe what you want if it makes you feel better. Drive defensively....
  2. bkk6060

    Thailand Tells Black People Don’t Come Here

    This forum and others have continually expressed complaints about the listed subjects. Many about their presence on lower Sukhumvit and elsewhere, male and female. My experience with them has been verbal harassment and attempted drug sales. So, sounds like the Thai government got tired of it and sent out the troops.
  3. The last thing in my mind when I came here was to get away from a mall. Most normal westerners I know like some mix. It is not a problem they are strong minded. Some type of western influence in their lives is healthy. The people I know who escape to a nowhere province are odd. Why? They seem to be running away from something or have a mental illness.
  4. bkk6060

    Some good news

    Most will not admit it, but they hate people not their own. Yes, they give you fake smiles here. Just like in Europe, the USA, etc. That is the world. Full of hate and racism. Just stop the BS on this. Like it or not, try to get thru each day and in your self/mind stay positive and move on.
  5. Good observation, I agree with you. That food court is way over priced yet usually crowded as it has been the only game in that area. The Big C food court although limited, is a much better price structure. My answer to you is: NO. I do not think Marina will have the game to keep up. In fact as business slows, a typical Thai response is to raise prices to make up for the loss.
  6. Not odd I do no think. 9 times in 10 months is quite a few I think. Probably asking to see if you are working here. Sounds like he was doing his job. No harm no fool for you. Move on..
  7. Today is one of the worst traffic days I have seen. The rain and T21 are part of it traffic jams everywhere. Sukhumvit road from the north to south is backed up big time many people trying to turn right on Nua I assume to go to the mall. Nua from Sukhumvit all the way to the Doplhin circle bumper to bumper...
  8. I have been twice now another thing about this place is the girl watching. Central has always been pretty good but the T21 I think every hot girl in town has been visiting the place. Mostly wearing sexy walking around. Unbelievable, worth an hour or so for me just for the show.
  9. OMG that was over 2 years ago.... Seriously who cares???
  10. You must be very out of touch with Thai thinking and culture if you do not think it is offensive...
  11. Of course... That is my point. If a black man robs and beats up your mother you will have no negative feelings about blacks?? Too many want to lie about this. Just be honest about what is happening and the truth.
  12. Prison for one year would do the ¨trick" for me and send a message to these low lifes and any others who will try the same.....
  13. I hope some people look at this outside the box. What if this happened in your home town by a foreigner? A simple graffiti of a historical wall haha, no big deal.... If some of you wonder why Thai people can be rude or seem to hate Falang, this is an example. It is sickening, disrespectful and degrading. If you UK folks get a dirty look or disdain, this is an example why.
  14. I see the area as needing more malls. Especially Jomtien could use a massive one.