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  1. 3 hours and no one knows of one, I am not surprised. My suggestion is to walk in some areas like Second road, Soi Buakhao or Soi Diana and look for the places where the ladies are dressed in some type of conservative matching outfits. Go inside and tell them what you want so they can send the proper lady to your room.
  2. A " Retirement Visa" getting or extension everyone with common sense knows what someone is talking about. Why some seem to want to prove they are in some way smarter is beyond me. Who cares why be so pompous? It is like a Kleenex or a Band aid. Most people with common sense know what you are talking about, but don't ask a bunch of specific questions about what brand, blah blah....... The sky is blue today. No it is not I see one cloud blah blah....... Someday, try to grow up and get over yourselves.
  3. On this. I love THE OPEN. The best tourney I think. I have the Black Box and am watching it on Fox sports which apparently has a contract with True Vision. But, the dude is a Thai speaking announcer. I cannot find it in English? I tried Sky, but it would not connect. Any suggestions. Thanks
  4. It is 2am now from the spots I have gone to. http://www.10best.com/destinations/thailand/bangkok/nightlife/dance-clubs/ Some of the best girls I ever met from Climax and Bangkok Beat. Now gone. But still, some decent places out there they just seem slightly higher priced then before.
  5. Yeah, it will be like the Jeepney's in AC. I actually think it may be a good idea for safety reasons.
  6. With this, I am sure most are aware the Military is the boss of the land. They can give the Thai police orders and direction, not the other way around.
  7. I know plenty of expats with money who can well afford the Gogo's. They have money because they are not stupid with it. Most of the Gogo girls have Thai boyfriend's anyway and provide a minimal mechanical hurried experience. Gogo's are mostly filled with tourists or businessmen. Most expats know the smart money does not go there for a girl experience as there are many other venues with much better interactions, at 1/2 or 1/3 the cost. It seems some may unfortunately be ignorant about this.
  8. I am not going to say the place is clean. But, I did take these before the big rain and was surprised at how much cleaner the beach looked. Another thing the trees along BR are in decent shape. I know they are condos for the rats, but they have been out trimming them and most look healthy. There are days it all looks ok. Others, I know not.
  9. So I have a question about this. I do not have to supply proof, but can no problem. What is the income proof for you? How much history before you go there do you have to prove the income? Could one, if they had some savings, place the required amount into the account for several months, then walk into your embassy and say: Look, I have this so and so job, and I make this much so I qualify?
  10. A big problem are in fact the pedestrians. Unfortunately, there are limited crosswalks. But, many continually walk in the middle of the street and put their hand up at you requesting you to stop. In many countries it is called jay walking. They do not have the right a way. So, from one lane, to the next, to the next, they stop traffic in effect causing some of the back up problem. An answer would to build some walk overs as they have in Bangkok. But, wishful.....
  11. He can get the income verification only if he qualifies at 65,000 b a month. He has not talked about that so the assumption is he does not qualify. With this, one can go in a lie as they do not check. But, if is a federal crime at the US embassy, not sure about others. Also, yes some offices are in deed asking for Med. cert. That is a fact.
  12. Why is that? The military is the government and most governments are in control of this type of regulation.
  13. Well, he did say: I buy very little these days. They have aggressive behavior They are confrontational, aggressive and rude. I avoid contact with female staff. I find it intimidating and embarrassing. Sounds like he is scared to me. I don't find this as a major issue here. The only place I do see it is the first floor at Mike's mall. They are probably mostly sick of the Cheap Charlie's sometimes arguing over 10 b.
  14. The only places I know have the Sunday carvery. Several off Sukhumvit, Kiwi bar Soi 8 and the Landmark Hotel has a good one I think both Saturday and Sunday. Probably some others around there also.
  15. You do realize the IO's don't care as they are getting paid. It will never stop as it is huge income for them.