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  1. Wow good for you. The RE market is fine, everything is great you love where you live, no one complains, everybody is happy, its all sold out must be fantastic. You are so smart sounds like you own the perfect condo happy happy. PS: talk about living in a fantasy world. Geezzzz.
  2. Good info. Yes the "odd diet" people are usually thin. Seriously the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to not eat a big dinner. Some nights (maybe 2or 3) no dinner. Someone once said "do you gas up your car at night as it sits in your garage"? Try eating a good breakfast, a good lunch about 2 pm, then nothing or something lite in the evening. I guarantee you will feel better and lose weight. Just a suggestion. I am in decent shape and do this. Eat a good breakfast, then about 2 to 3 pm, go to a place like Sizzler. I eat there 3 to 4 times a week. Load up on the salad bar with not too much of the oil and vinegar dressing. Then, order a lean piece of meat and a baked potato with no butter. Put ketchup on the potato no problem. Have the fruit for dessert. I promise if you do this for 30 days you will lose weight. You will be full and satisfied. Give it a try.
  3. Great post I know many guys that are stuck and hate it. Another is after they move into their lovely condo and soon a 2 to 3 years construction project starts next door. Pratumnak and Wongamat are famous for this scenario. Cannot sell, cannot move, cannot even rent it. Sad.
  4. ?? Yeah sure sell it. But you are 6 feet under I hope some arrangements are made on who is going to sell it and transferring the proceeds. Most people here do not even think about this. In fact, many in their home countries do not even have wills or trusts. If one wants the Thai government to take over and have control, that's a shame really but up to you.
  5. The sad trouble people will go thru to save 2 bucks. Actually that can be part of the problem. They don't all go to the tollway especially that time in the morning. Anyone should plan way ahead on this or make sure that Taxi driver understands to take the tollway. PS: If one can get the Airport link it is by far the most efficient way to do this. Yes it amazes me with flight, hotel, etc, how much trouble people will go thru to save 2 bucks.
  6. The weed now is very strong. Took 2 hits and was buzzed for hours. Maybe I am just a lite weight.
  7. Maybe in the past but there are 1000's of places available year round now makes no difference.
  8. Unless you don't care about your family or significant others, I hope anyone with property or assets here has a will in their home country, and here also from a good attorney. If not, the government here takes your assets and does what they want with them. Don't be fool about this.
  9. Don't know if this will get posted. One place I might avoid in the morning is the first floor toilet at The Avenue. It seems to open fairly early maybe 9 am. Not too many people around. So, I go in there a few weeks ago to use the urinal and some Ladyboy comes out of one of the shitters and solicits me. She was obviously hiding in there. Surprise surprise!!. I went by there a few days later and saw her outside near the front of the mall sitting near Mc'Donald's. PS: I did say NO!
  10. Get new construction like The Base or Centric. I am at The Base and hear nothing from top or to the sides. Many places will do a 6 month contract.
  11. Yes, very very good point. I live in The Base 20,000 b a month. Sounds high I know but the Chinese lady who owns it wants over 5 million b to sell. New place, nicely furnished, high floor, (2) 46" TV's, cable and wireless in the room, view of the bay. I literally brought my toothbrush and some clothes. Keeping my cash working for me in other investments and just renewed for another year love it here in Central.
  12. Finding a toilet here is like trying to find a trash can. But, lets say they had a public toilet on the beach. Could you imagine the condition of the place? All the sex and other activities taking place in there. I assume that is why they don't have them.
  13. Big C usually tries to sell you a replacement with the original purchase. Glad your GF got it.
  14. The hypocrisy of the US and the world really on things like opioids addiction. Big push by Trump on this yet fatness and heart disease, smoking, alcoholism cause so much more expense and issues in the world then opioids. Billions more. So why not ban fast food, smoking and booze all addicting? Haha no, too much money for the politicians. A guy like Trump and others are fat pig obese fast food addiction guys who do not care and do not try to lose weight, so why would they attack themselves when they can attack others? So hypocritical.
  15. People kind of laugh off being fat or fat people. Ok, they just like to eat a lot. Or, he has big bones and is husky just a bear of a man. Some people are actually proud of their fatness. But, being fat from sugar, fat, grease food is an addiction. Most people who lose weight gain it back because they are not dealing with their issues.Counseling or a 12 step program should be considered for true fatness redemption.