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  1. Sounds like the best way to get thru the day......
  2. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Just order up front and pay. Such as 3 shots whiskey and a diet coke. Bill comes before you get buzzed and pay it before you drink. Finish, walk away.
  3. In the US now visiting family. The traffic, the heat, paying $200 bucks for an average hotel, $30 for a crappy breakfast.... God, the women here disgust me I am spoiled in Thailand. As an older guy women here in their 60's like me. I cannot even look at them. Just hearing their voices annoys me. So glad there is places in the world like Thailand. If I had to stay in the US permanently I think I would die an early death of purgatory boredom. Can't wait to get back to LOS.....
  4. Breakfast Buffets

    Ha, OK thanks.
  5. Breakfast Buffets

    It is a decent price and lots of food. But just sayin, the biggest pile of grease I have ever eaten never understood deep fried bread.
  6. Uh, why don't you tell us since the 16TH was several days ago....
  7. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    It is an example of why many Thais have issues with foreigners. Hey, lets try to get them down from 20 b to 15. Are some egos that weak and insecure? It is truly embarrassing and hideous in my opinion.
  8. Jomtien beach has a very sterile feel to it. Kind of like a sterile lake, a place with no personality. It to me has never been pristine, unless I guess if one has never experienced a true pristine/beautiful beach environment. So many wonderful beaches around the world and in fact in Thailand much much better. Even Pattaya beach seems much more inviting and interesting.
  9. Insanity Nightclub - Now at Sukhumvit 11

    Uh OK. I am looking at all the hot Thai girls could care less about a bunch of young white dudes.
  10. A good American bank for expats in Thailand?

    BKk Bank is the best bet I think but some lack of information here I believe. The NY bank is not a place you can walk in and open an account. And last I checked you cannot do it online. So OP, it is not easy to just walk into any BKK bank in Thailand or any bank for that matter and open an account. The rules have been tightened within the past year. A lot depends on your residency status and Visa.
  11. Insanity Nightclub - Now at Sukhumvit 11

    Insanity is great. The inside is nice and many many beautiful ladies. Much better then the stuck up versions in other countries. What's not to like?..
  12. Its not about the money? Then why try to boast about what you are paying for? I hope some are not being steered in the wrong direction based on comments about this Visa. The 90 day reporting you still have to do it is so simple and has never taken me more then 20 minutes. So that is 80 minutes a year and you say elite assisting with this makes it worth it? So 100,000 b a year for 80 minutes worth of your time?? Where is the convenience? My recent year extension took me all of an hour. The 800 k that yes is in the bank. But lets see, you are giving them 500,000 you will never see again so..... The income verification again took me 30 minutes at my embassy. Good luck with it but seriously, I hope those thinking about jumping at this Visa seek some sound sensible financial guidance.
  13. It sounds like a huge waste of money for someone over 50 if they qualify for the retirement Visa. You could practically buy a condo, or at least pay rent for several years on the money saved. Doesn't make any sense to me.
  14. Decent coffee somewhere around Nana/Asoke ?

    Some of the recommendations here are for instant coffee places. There is a newer place on Soi 4 (Nana) near the cut off to Soi 6 called Arbarita. Good fresh brew they open at 6am. The best bang for the buck is actually 7-11. Fresh grind brew for cheap.