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  1. If you are worried wear one of those surgical masks.
  2. My friend... I have heard.... Blah blah... I have never seen or heard any of the things the OP is reporting. Seen mostly the opposite.
  3. Opening Today....

    Sorry, but what exactly is it?
  4. Condo Rents Dropping?

    Accumulating more stuff is exactly the opposite of why I moved here. As I get older I want to have less, not accumulate and have to live in a bigger space. My one bedroom is 35 sq m and it is the perfect space for me. 50 inch TV's, big shower that easily fits 2 people :), small but efficient kitchen, double balcony. Like you said it varies from person to person. A simple and efficient comfortable life fits me perfectly would not want or need a larger space.
  5. High season in full swing in Pattaya

    Yes packed today. If one is actually looking for a quiet Starbucks, the new one on Beach rd. just north of Soi 6 is big 2 levels and mostly empty and quiet. Just sayin. But not the same views as Central. :)
  6. What a hypocritical nonsense post. You go on and on on how you stand your ground and gain respect, then you pay the cop off when he catches you speeding? Funny how people will say: I do this and I demand that. Yet, when they are actually caught breaking the law, they do what they can to weasel out of it.
  7. Got to be true. Those Soi 6 girls know everything and never lie.
  8. Traffic police fined me illegally

    HAHA. Sure ok, people in other countries (take the US) are only stopped because they are breaking the law... You have no clue how the world works. Keep those pure thoughts.....
  9. Traffic police fined me illegally

    Some of you can do what you want but I have paid on the spot a couple of times. I do not want a documented ticket with my information on file with the police. I do not want my license taken away temporarily. I do not want my motorbike impounded. I do not want the hassle of following up on a citation. Sure, it may be the principle of it but like others have said; this is not my country. The amount to pay and go is so minimal, I don't let it bother me and I don't care.
  10. Condo Rents Dropping?

    The furnishings looked pretty good, it was actually a place i was thinking of buying and the tenant was paying 12k usually higher. Not sure what you mean by "not much space for long term" are you talking about family and/or storage? Personally 66m2 would be easy enough for me/2 but everyone is different. Some people need a house with garden etc Yes, from what I am seeing rents are down and what you described is definitely doable. That is almost 2 times the size of several of the newer projects in town. The 1br in The Base for example is about 36 sq. m. Furniture? Seems like a petty complaint. All I need is a couch or a chair and a big screen....but I guess some with a decorative mindset need more..
  11. Traffic police fined me illegally

    I believe them not you. Sorry.....
  12. WOW. One of the best show ever BBC "Luther". Amazing acting and storylines.
  13. So you judge others? You brought it up so we can discuss this fact that you have a 53 year old wife and due to your physical problems, admittedly, cannot have sex. Yes, many of us enjoy our lives/sex tremendously. 2 or 3 times a day sometimes in my 60's. Some of us like paying and moving on do not need to be a human door mat attached to some old lady.......
  14. Condo Rents Dropping?

    Will look for you. But please, wear a Heineken tank. Much classier then Singha....
  15. High season in full swing in Pattaya

    Ha. Never seen any caves but would not surprise me.