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  1. Here we go again. Have you ever traveled this country outside your comfortable $60 a bottle box? Because, this is not your country, or your up bringing, or your parents, or your culture. Traveling and learning about the world?? Believe it or not get outside the box and most people here are still just trying to survive. Put food on the table and get by day by day. It is not going to change any time soon this is still mostly close to a 3rd world country. It is unbelievable to me that people think this place should be like where they came from and their world. You seem like an intelligent fellow, but sadly seem to be clueless on this topic.
  2. Yes, for sure. So please donate much more then you had planned.
  3. If you look up the definition of reckless there are several that fit. One is: a person making an action without proper caution. Fits her scenario perfectly. I bet the insurance company would win any lawsuit.
  4. So if they had better tequila here it would open the tourist flood gates? I have no problem with you enjoying wine but your posts are extremely self serving and truly out of touch. You posted earlier that reducing the price of wine is a good starter to bringing back tourists... You care about that but 99.9 % of the people who come here could care less. I doubt if a hand full of people reasearch "what wine and the price of wine in Thailand" before coming. But, it sounds like maybe your friends do. Anyway this is one of those I can change nothing about nothing topics. The price of your wine is what it is and will probably just keep going up. Seems nothing you can do but keep being frustrated and complaining.
  5. Compared to what? Haiti? So, a bowl of soup went up from 35 to 40 b? It is still in the top 10 in most publications as one of the least expensive places to live or retire. And housing is still inexpensive here compared worldwide. It means nothing really. Costs are rising everywhere it is called a fact of life....
  6. Diving into a shallow pool is reckless and irresponsible. And what are the chances she had been drinking?? I will give nothing but hope she has a full recovery...
  7. So many recent posts are so sad, but typical. Too many with WWWM syndrome. Weak White Western Male Syndrome You can hear and see it in their posts. Yes, most of these situations are a you problem. Blah blah..women control me, Thailand and the world!! A bunch of scared weak babies. Wake up males ( you mostly are not men) and try growing a pair!!
  8. ¨Settled......Philippines, here I come. Easy visa requirements and cheaper living.¨ The OP seems to have a history of confusion regarding his Visa, etc. The above he posted on Dec. 4 along with other oddities. I would take what he says with a grain of salt.....
  9. In reading the report it seems difficult to believe. How can they determine lost work time if they are at work and sick? Thais are famous for wearing those doctors masks and going to work. Are they doing nothing then? Just saying that 6 days a month which seems very high.
  10. Just for info. this time of year you can play a decent course in the area for around 2000 b. This place is about 5500 b on weekdays and 6500 b on weekends... More then Siam CC I believe. Good luck with that. I suppose there are enough wealthy Koreans, Japanese and Chinese coming here to support it, but we will see.
  11. You seriously blame it on the Thai court?? Very sad at 76 but it is you who created it. And do not be surprised if you pay alimony ( they call it maintenance here) so there goes the pension. Just a shame....
  12. You bad mouth the place and could not even find the food court? Hilarious and totally lame. You got to explore beyond the first floor my friend. It is on the top floor next to the movie theater.....
  13. bkk6060

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    Busier then ever and will continue to be.