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  1. The funny thing is that in May, when I went to do this at the Jomtien office when moving into a rented condo, I filled in the form with my details as "possessor" on the first page and listed myself on the second page as being the person arriving. No problem with that. Maybe the saucy Immigration lady just liked me. I was a day late in reporting and she said in a most pouty way, "why you wait to come to see me?" No fine for the delay, by the way. She also said there was no need to come to see her again after a trip unless I had a change of address.
  2. I don't have a car in Thailand, so I don't know if this is applicable: All modern cars in the US allow you recirculate the inside air (a good choice if you want to cool the car's interior quickly) or not. (In recirculation mode, only about 15% of the air that's put through the heat exchanger is outside air, otherwise, it's 100%.) In very humid conditions recirculate mode builds up humidity to the extent that the conditions described (persistent interior condensation) are seen. So, the solution may be as simple as seeing that recirculation is not selected.
  3. Thanks for the responses, all. It's a relief to know that the income letter date isn't terribly essential (in my case). I'm getting a letter with seal from the juristic person and see how that works out.
  4. Hi, I am due to renew my permission to stay in Jomtien soon(ish). I have questions unresolved by googling around the net, 1) How recent does the income letter have to be? Some places say six months, some three, and in at least one reference says 30 days. 2a) Will the current TM30 serve as the evidence of residence? 2b) Will a letter from the juristic person at the condo I rent suffice? It did at last year's renewal, when the sheaf of documents, contract copies and so on were rejected. 2c) Will the fact that they must have a record of the certificates of residence I got last month serve as residence evidence? 2d) If I still had one, would a certificate of residence satisfy the renewal requirement about residence? Thanks for reading!