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  1. You figured that out? Real Einstein aren't ya.
  2. Proofs in the pudding. I had home delivery of the NYT for years. I stopped it last year after i got fed up with pro HRC bs they called news. Doubt you would have noticed as they're telling you what you want to hear.
  3. You're confusing honest but biased 'news' with impartial reporting. NYT has major Clinton donors for shareholders. It's impossible for them to be objective.
  4. You're being served a product, they package and market it to your lefy demographic.Same as any corporation does for it's customers. Soon as a few more pct points of the viewer shares jump from the trump brigade, Fox will begin their shift in marketing to folks like you. Just like McDs changes their menu and for the same reasons.
  5. If thats what a sausage roll is, the Brits can keep them.
  6. Rob13


    IFE. Initials for everything.
  7. News reporting these days has slipped into biased op/ed pieces. CNN,WAPO,NYT are as guilty of it as Fox and Breitbart.
  8. Rob13

    Beware of Family Mart

    Might be a common occurrrance kingdom wide; not just that one family mart.
  9. There must be a camera watching her. I doubt a US bank would leave themselves vulnerble to human error like that.
  10. Would you pay $10K for a NK poster?
  11. You might be overthinking it. The tour company was not reputable and had a reputation for drunk parties on their trips and an unprofesional work culture. The flight was most likely an emergency medical evac plane contracted by the state dept and was equipped for any kind of health problem as no one knew for sure what his condition was. The cost of the trip wasn't alot and the parents could have picked up the tab. Whether or not he actually stole the poster is up for debate. I think what happened after is pretty clear. Arrested, jailed and abused or tortured. It's a sad story.but i'm not seeing much.mystery surrounding ot other than the particulars of his mistreatment by the N koreans.
  12. The Warmbiers are jewish and refused the autopsy for religious reasons. No mystery there.
  13. I agree with Obama, he didn't do enough to stop the russians. Obama's legacy is now being remembered as the pres who knowingly left the door open while the Russians were attacking the elections. Bit ironic after he started his administration with a Nobel prize.
  14. You keep saying that. Right now the facts are surfacing that Obama knew of the problem and chose to minimize it. Another fact is the US democracy is built on free elections and that was under attack during his administration and he thought it was just too big a problem for a lame-duck POTUS to deal with. Before the problem can be solved it first needs to be identified and looked at thoroughly. Giving Obama a pass doesn't benefit anybody. He screwed up and it's a much bigger mess because of his oversight. Nothing helpful. probably blame everybody else and stir up chaos and try to keep himself out of trouble.