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  1. If those Grab Car taxis were any good the drivers would be out there finding lost piles of money and returning them to the rightful owners.
  2. If you take the sleeper, make sure you get the lower berth. Upper berth is pretty small.
  3. Apparently, Jared's been preparing his defense by watching reruns of the Iran/Contra trial.
  4. The thread's not about POTUS.
  5. Gecko farming is a burgeoning industry.
  6. Stress of the job is wearing on him. How's he gonna last 4 years.
  7. Same as the New Deal programs or something different, doesn't much matter. The idea being if you require the recipients to work, it would reduce the numbers of people trying to defraud the program. It could work well with trump's infra-structure plan, and the wall to for that matter.
  8. Or better yet, build in a deterrence to fraud. Make the recipients work for the food stamps and welfare ala FDR's New Deal. As long as the govt is handing out free money, there will people telling lies to get it.
  9. Can't win; don't try 555 Keep on trollin then.
  10. So you understand leftism after all. Fraud is a reason to enforce the rules not a reason to cut out the programs.
  11. Think about leftism next month when you get your social security. Should make more sense to you that way.
  12. Is this somebody's vocabulary assignment? Why are random words in bold?
  13. Saying 'yeah but Obama' isn't an argument for trump, it's just evidence that they're both inept. If you're trying to convince people that trump is a good choice as pres, try showing how the country's better off since he took office, or at least how good his policies are.The 'yeah but argument' is just trolling.