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  1. Got a fixed now. Seems it was excess glue that had run. (likely? comments? ) The handyman guy pointed it out to me but I didn't pay too much attention. It was in one of the joints outside so maybe not cement?
  2. I mean flow. The water is not flowing from that tap at all. Another tap nearby is flowing well. Although pressure is not that high. Anyway even with the tap removed there is a mere trickle coming out the fitting. I'm guessing there must be a blockage somewhere in the new pipe. Though how that happened, who knows. I'll need to get the guys back out to check it. Sent from my SM-P555 using Tapatalk
  3. Just tried that (removing the plastic insert)
  4. The tap used to be outside at the top of the vertical pipe. It was moved inside as shown in the photos. Sent from my SM-P555 using Tapatalk
  5. We've had some work done, part of which involved moving a tap that a washing machine was fed from. we needed to add about 12 inches of pipe (all horizontal) and a couple of 90 degree joints and a new tap (the old one broke). The water pressure has gone from "normal" to almost zero. One of the 90 joints was at the top of the vertical pipe where the tap used to be. Is this the likely problem or is it as simple as the new tap is dodgy? Any ideas? Sent from my SM-P555 using Tapatalk
  6. If the folder is missing from the Android box just create it making sure the F in Fonts is capitalised. Sent from my SM-P555 using Tapatalk
  7. Well, let the other ISPs have full access as well, ToT, 3BB and True all offer their own IPTV products. Let them all compete for rights to various channels / content, and then compete for customers. Let's have full market forces and competition - but that's probably too much like the 21st century for here.
  8. On my box this setting changes the behaviour of the power off / standby button. This the off the shelf box from Tesco Lotus. Don't know how similar these are to the contract True boxes.
  9. So normally if you switch it back on, you get a picture right away?
  10. Is it set to actually power off or just go into a king of standby with the screen off? When you power it back on do you get a picture right away or do you need to wait a bit for it to boot up?
  11. Fair enough, I obviously misread something somewhere down the thread. -Ooops
  12. That depends on how you set the group up. You can set it so anyone can just join; or existing members can add people; or you can restrict to mods or admins only. When you set the group up you will be the only admin. It's up to you to add more or not.
  13. Without knowing exactly what you're trying to do - try a long press of the OK key. (press and hold) Sent from my SM-P555 using Tapatalk
  14. One "explanation" is that, say, if I make a post on my timeline, all my friends will be able to see it but only my friends - I rarely make public posts - then a friend makes a comment. A third person then replies to the comment. This third friend is a mutual friend of both me and friend number 2. The possible situation is that a 4th friend of mine will see my post and the reply to the comment but not the comment because they are not friends with friend number 2. Someone else then replies to one of the comments but I can't see the comment on my OWN post because I'm not their friend. This could quickly deteriorate into a situation where the thread is unreadable to anyone. This is not a desirable situation and reaffirms the need to be very careful what you post on the 'Net. Sent from my SM-P555 using Tapatalk