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  1. This is quoted on AIS's information page although a little difficult to find. It appears that there is a fair use policy set according to NBTC policy.
  2. I got a box from Tesco but I think it's probably the same deal. I think it was supposed to automatically set everything up for the Free to Air stuff but it didn't work for me so I had to go into a shop and give them the box serial number and smartcard number to get it working. To get a package you'll probably need to go into an office. There is an app for Android (and Apple?) that allows you to pay for stuff as monthly one-time things but it's slightly more expensive but at least there's no contract. The only problem is that there's no English available so you may need someone to help you. Link here but all in Thai unfortunately........... http://truedigitalhd.truecorp.co.th/how_to_topup.html#top1 EDIT TO ADD: I think you can also pay for certain packages at 7/11 by giving them your smartcard number.
  3. As far as I remember CTH and True used different satellites so you would need to get the dish adjusted to point at the Thaicom 5 satellite for True. Other than that it should work.
  4. I just still like live TV. Here the only 100% legitimate option is True and that is way too expensive and, as pointed out already, too repetitive. iLikeHD used to be very good but I gave up on that about 6 months ago. Not interested in Netflix. The Thai region content is far too US based. The British stuff, if they even have it, is way too difficult to find. When I tried iFlix most of the stuff was really old. I'm not sure who said Kodi is difficult to use. In fact for on-demand with the good add ons you can find everything to the extent that I'd say you'll find everything that's on Netflix anyway. So just now I'm using a UK based service for 450฿ or so a month which suits me fine except for the bl@@dy home shopping guff late morning / early afternoon. Sent from my SM-P555 using Tapatalk
  5. Pib's post just about sums it up. Sometimes people just want to channel hop and find something to watch. On demand is great when you know what you want to watch but sometimes people just can't be bothered trying to think about it. Also when you're channel hopping you can stumble upon things you wouldn't ordinarily have thought about watching. I have a good value UK based streaming service that satisfies all my needs except for Thai subtitles so that I can sit and watch stuff with my better half. Of course in an ideal world I'd have all English language channels with Thai subs and vice versa but that's not (ever) going to happen. Sent from my SM-P555 using Tapatalk
  6. if you can enlighten me as to where I can find the HBO / Fox Movies / Nat Geo channels for free WITH THAI SUBTITLES then please tell me. I'd be extremely grateful.
  7. From what you've described an 'all in one' system might well suit you. These have the main processing unit within a full sized display unit.. These start at around 12k. The only brand I know for sure that does them is Lenovo but I'm sure there will be others For some word processing and Internet use you certainly don't need a higher spec unit. The only issue could be the keyboard that comes with it but you could buy another keyboard separately that you find more comfortable to use.
  8. Thanks for the update. For me, it was the Nat Geo Channels that I was most interested in and you've confirmed are (100%?) Thai Fox Movie Channels are mostly Thai. HBO are mostly English. For me this confirms it is NOT good value for me and I won't be resubscribing unfortunately because it was potentially a very good deal.
  9. This was the one seed of doubt that I had in my mind. Before they moved the WB channel into the premium package, I DID have it in English. @Pib should have had his service for a few days now. Hopefully he's had more luck and can post an update soon.
  10. Sorry for taking the thread back on topic........ but I can now confirm the vocabulary for timing belt is indeed sai-pan timing.
  11. Just got an SMS message telling me that my passport has been picked up by DHL and the expected delivery date is Friday. Really quick turnaround of 9 days if nothing goes wrong.
  12. Big relief. At over 130,000 km that could have been an expensive thing to overlook.
  13. Strangely enough thid thread did me a big favour. I've got a slightly older City which I bought second hand and I realised I had no idea if it had ever been done. I took it into Honda this morning and they confirmed that my City doesn't have a timing belt and that it's not necessary to do anything. Is it 100% correct that there's no need to change a chain?
  14. That one is for timing belt. Don't know about chain but if I can find something for that I'll post again.
  15. You won't easily install 2 different versions of Kodi itself. The best way to go would be to use a Kodi fork such as SPMC (assuming you're on Android) alongside Kodi.