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  1. I meant to say the Thai tour guide knows all the border people so maybe he could get it cleared up for the OP. He walks in and out regularly with tour groups and knows the people working at the border.
  2. I went to Myramaar a couple months ago with a Thai friend and tour group. We did not get stamped into Myramaar or back into Thailand. We just walked into Myramaar for the day and walked back into Thailand. No stamps and tour guide said he never gets any stamps with his tour group. Maybe somehow you enter through the tour group line but good luck to you. I have the tour guides Bangkok phone number if you want to call him. He goes to Mae Sai - Myramaar on a regular basis.
  3. Been to Koh Samui, Krabi, Phuket, Phang Nga, Koh Chang, Koh Samet and Koh Kood aka Koh Kut. If you want a clean beautiful non trash beach must go to Koh Kood aka Koh Kut . Like a paradise. 😘
  4. If she acts as you describe then she will be gone when the money is gone. You said your son was trying to borrow money. Please talk with those people that might loan him money and let them know your suspicions and ask them to refrain from loaning him any money. Sad but from your description this is not going to be an easy emotional or financial mistake for your son. Sorry.
  5. Life is too short. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Peace
  6. I currently have a 29 year old around my body and the only thing I hope is that when I reach age 74 I have a 29 year old around my body camping with me. 😀
  7. Oscar Wilde said it best “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, that is all.” This is man is living. Congrats to him. Peace
  8. Frenchman killed in motorcycle crash on Samui

    RIP. But if I was on the jury I would have to find the Thai man innocent as the way the Thai man pulled out to turn happens a lot all over Thailand. It appears the French man was distracted and did not see him until too late and it appears the French man was driving fast. The French man IMO had plenty of time to slow down or change lanes to avoid the collision. But we all drive distracted sometimes but with so many motorbikes on the road this is not a place to drive distracted or fast. Tragedy for all involved.
  9. Another charge sought against Premchai

    The real story is they were camping and this vicious black panther attacked them so it was self defense. They had to shoot the black panther 8 Times. Meanwhile some other bystander animals were accidentally shot in the fire storm. 😗
  10. Bangkok 2 year license renewal

    Thanks my extension of stay is good until December 1, 2018. Will head to CW or embassy for residence certificate. License expires May 23, 2018. I am out of the country most of April May June July - not all but most. Glad I have time to do it when I get back to BKK in early August.
  11. Bangkok 2 year license renewal

    Thanks. Does not say if can get certificate of residence at police station. Some say you can some say you can’t but need answer for BKK. Do you know please ? also some offices don’t require a medical certificate for renewal and I am asking if anyone been to BKk lately and if BKK requires it.
  12. Hello I am renewing my two year thai drivers license in Bangkok. Can I get a certificate of residence from the local Phra Khanong police station rather than going to CW or embassy ? Do I need a medical certificate? Can I renew my license after it has expired by a couple months? If not then how long can I renew before it expires as I am out of Thailand for two months when my license expires. I googled and researched thai visa and got different answers. Has anyone renewed their 2 year thai drivers license in Bangkok and can answer these questions for me please. Thank you.
  13. Never thought it would come to this

    Only lived in BKK a couple years. But I have been coming regularly to Thailand for over 10 years and traveled by car to most of it. I love gogo bars and thai people. But IMO the internet dating sites have ruined the go go bars because the lovely girls can work the internet not the go gos, drink less alcohol, not get fined for missing work, and don't have to put up with expat bar owners that treat the girls like cattle. Also similar to uber drivers, the girls can work their own hours and get a pretty regular quality clientele. Regarding the thai people I hear a lot from them about expats that treat them badly like disappearing after a few months or years living with a thai woman with no word or financial help. I also hear about expats that think they are the smartest species on the planet and look down on thais and all asians. I hear about expats making fun of thais that speak English yet their thai like mine will never be very good. Kindness is a two way street. Some of the things written about thais on this TV tick me off and I am not thai. But congrats to you because at least you are moving on rather than staying in Thailand and blaming the thai people for your unhappiness. To the posters that daily post negative stereotypes about Thailand and Thai people please examine why you do it or follow the yellow brick road to somewhere else. To the poster this week that bragged about leaving Thailand but continues to post daily negative things about Thailand to help the "idiots" please seek counseling man as your actions are out of line. Peace
  14. Democracy is not like a piece of chocolate cake that tastes the same in every country. It is not one size fits all. But what democracy does is allow groups of people to speak their minds and call for change. Military dictatorships like Myramaar and China and religion controlled Iran suppress all criticisms constructive or otherwise and rule by status and fear. Not a great life IMO.
  15. Democracy is not perfect and IMO the politicians at the top are no good. But it beats a military dictatorship unless you are some of the chosen few. I admire every person at the rally that defied the dictator’s orders and protested for democracy. Hope blood shed is not in the future as IMO this dictatorship has no desire to lose any of its current powers.