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  1. While I agree with a lot of posters discussing this issue ——my point is simple. When a foreigner is willing to pay 500,000 baht for a five year visa to live in a country where the average Thai worker makes 9,000 baht a month, the country should do all it can do to attract and keep the 500,000 baht Visa purchaser happy and in Thailand. Not ban him for a year or criticize him for failing to read every detail. Peace and feel bad for the OP.
  2. I for one will have no problem turning in a condo owner that illegally rents on airbnb. I am not alone IMO. And once I demand my deposit back from my condo owner landlord for living in a condo with illegal renters, my landlord condo owner will join in. More and more long term 12 month tenants are adding the clause to their lease of being able to move and get damages if they are disturbed by Airbnb renters. If the prospective landlord of the condos will not agree to change the lease (with the Airbnb damages language) then I walk away and they and they lose a long term tenant paying tenant. People should be able to rent a condo without fear of Airbnb short term problem guests.
  3. Bangkok Bank atm limit is 30,000 baht not 20,000 or 25,000 like some other Thai banks. Use it all the time.
  4. Bangkok Bank has a pretty good actual conversion rate which is better than their atm rate. It is online and updated regularly. Not as good as SuperRichTH but pretty darn good.
  5. Because a lot of Bangkok Airbnb party guys ruin the condo living experience. In a hotel you have management 24/7 and understand the risks of bad neighbors and you are only at the hotel temporarily. When you rent long term for a home you have no real options other than to call the police. Now some Chinese are starting to Airbnb per a reliable source that lives in a BKK condo. IMO you have to choose to have a condo that allows short term stays and acts like a hotel or bars them. No in between. I will only rent long term or buy at a condo that bars it. I have seen agents try to bribe security guards to allow Airbnb guests but so far I have been lucky to rent two condos in two different buildings in BKk that bar it. I also have written into my condo lease that I can move and get 100 percent of my deposit back if short term Airbnb rentals are allowed. I have not had to try and enforce this provision but I would move out of any long term rental if I had Airbnb guests making life miserable for me. The rest of the world has police that will do something about party people and laws to rectify damages against a condo owner that rents to bad Airbnb guests. Thailand needs to just bar AirBNb and enforce the hotel laws IMO. If you bought a bunch of condos relying on rental income from Airbnb then you made a business judgment and will have a large loss or become long term landlords. Not our problem.
  6. I am lost for words for you man. Justice and fairness does not exist in every matter and I wish the best for you. Thank you for sharing your story. I don’t have an elite visa but i have thought about buying a truck in Thailand and getting a permanent place in Thailand. I don’t hate Thailand or Thai people but your story motivates me to continue to rent and not invest a lot of permanent money here in any asset. Your result could have occurred anywhere in the world but most countries would and should go out of their way to make guys like you who spend 500,000 baht for a visa feel welcome.
  7. My only complaint with your daily comments is your consistent vitriol focus on Thais and Thailand. Why do you and others do that? If your comments were true no one in their right mind would live here and Thailand would be occupied by only Thais. Men of every nationality including yours kill their girlfriend and wives in a fit of passion and anger and have for over 5,000 years. Women also. Happens every day somewhere in the world. Love and anger are powerful drugs. Your anger toward Thais is sad man sad. Give it a break.
  8. Took me about two weeks to figure this out with my bank. My bank had to send two ACH deposits to Bangkok Bank ( less than 50 baht each deposit) and then I had to verify the deposit amounts with my bank. Once I did that all ACH transfers now are smooth to Bangkok Bank and cheaper than SWIFT. The reason for the deposit verification steps is to prevent fraud or a mistake in transfers from your bank to Bangkok Bank. But the problem is your bank not Bangkok Bank IMO. Communicate with your bank to see if this is your issue. Good luck.
  9. Difference is Trump got elected and his family claims to be rich and he has to run for re-election to stay in power. Prayut took control by force and claims to be a simple soldier turned politician to serve the people. Called Hypocrisy and I agree with you that most politicians are hypocrites but pointing out their hypocrisy is easier with Prayut due to his claim of righteousness.
  10. RIP and may you find peace in the afterlife. The world does not treat all of us the same and someday somehow a breakthrough in understanding and treating depression will occur. Suicide knows no boundaries of sex, wealth, religion or age. Peace to all
  11. I did O-A a few years back. Look at the FBI website. The FBI has a list of approved companies that can give you the FBI background check within 3 weeks and signed and not too expensive. If you don’t use these approved companies and try to save like 15 dollars and deal directly with the FBI then the FBI website said it would take 6 months or so to get your background check document. I first tried using local law enforcement background check and wasted my money. Washington DC thai embassy rejected it and told me to get an FBI background check and resubmit my O-A application.
  12. I know you have to read the rules etc but when I hear the words “Thai Elite Visa and 500,000 baht and five years” I think the OP should be treated in the best way immigration can possibly treat a guy. Hope they make it right for you OP.
  13. Wake Up


    I encourage all expats that are musical to join the band if the band allows it. Something about it makes the place more fun for me and others. Thanks to all the expat musicians that I have seen play in BKK.
  14. If I did something careless or stupid that caused a death I would be in shock also. That is normal and shows a conscience. Compassion and empathy show a conscience also. Quick to anger and condemn are emotions I thank the creator I no longer enjoy. No one is perfect.
  15. The way I rationalized it was I spent my kids inheritance on their education. I am with you on the enormous prices charged by private schools and the pressure on students these days to be perfect. One thing about Bangkok is a lot of international companies pay for the tuition for their executives so supply and demand is involved with the prices. Good luck with your decision.