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  1. Will definitely be there at the concert. The best band on the planet in concert. RIP Kurt.
  2. Actually they are. The largest retailer of retail jewelry stores in the world just announced plant expansion in Thailand. The wages are cheap and female Thailand labor is good compared to other places. Land is cheap outside sukhumvit and they are expanding airports for travel. Location in central part of Asia is very good location for world trade. But without special economic zones for taxes, exemption from some national laws, and 50 plus optional renewal of 49 year leases ( i.e 99 year leases) it will never happen. If it happens some people will make fortunes and many people will be displaced and treated like second class citizens. That part she is correct. But getting treated as second class citizens for Thais happens today in Thailand at malls like Siam Paragon and hotels like Ritz Carlton and other places.
  3. I hear complaints all the time that immigrants and foreign citizens are taking our jobs in England and USA and other countries. Protect our borders. Protect our jobs. Then I hear loud complaints that Thailand is over protecting their citizens jobs and borders from foreign citizens. ???????????????
  4. I did not mean to include Egypt air or Iraq Air or Alfghan Air or some Arab country in chaos. People who fly a lot internationally know exactly the Arabian carriers I am referring to. And yes I can guarantee you they would have handled this professionally and are the one reason many international travelers from Dallas Texas are now choosing the Arabian carriers or they are flying to California to continue their flight to Asia on Cathay Pacific. I deeply want AA to be successful but I have heard enough of their gripes and rudeness and confrontational attitude to last a lifetime.
  5. True but a legal document where foreign companies invest hundreds of millions of dollars does mean something. They have the means and the political government entities to get what they pay for. Venezuela is screwed taken over the GM plant. Look what happened to Cuba. If a Russian or American company invested hundreds of millions of dollars in building a plant in Thailand then your thoughts that Thailand can do what it wants are misguided. Governments are used by the 1 percenter to control the planet ----governments and voters do not. Companies want a 50 year lease plus 49 year option ( rather than a 99 year lease) to negotiate special tax reliefs after the first 49 years to stay in Thailand for another 49 years and reinvest in upgrading the buildings etc. 50 plus 49 option worth a lot more economically than a 99 lease. The only concerns Expat living here has is that a 99 year commercial leases will bring more investment to Thailand ( see Shenzhen China etc...) housing around the special economic zone will increase a lot ( thus the relators and property owners want it) wages will increase, costs of goods will increase like girls and food as more well paid expats work here and Thai wages rise, and the baht will get stronger against foreign currency. This is the smartest idea I have seen from Thailand government in my limited time here unless you want to keep low wages, lower housing costs, lower food costs and lower girl costs. If you are a Thai person or have Thai children this is great for them as their standard of living will increase but the Expat living on a fixed budget in 10 years will have to move far away from the special economic zone as he/she will not be able to afford living close to the special economic zone. For those owning condos near the special economic zone don't sell until the plants are built and workers from abroad and Thai workers attempt to relocate to the special economic zone. This happens all all over the world and Thailand is no different. They are courting international factories and that is smart if you are Thai citizen. More better paying jobs, huge influx of foreign currency, wages, trade, real estate inflation, cars sold increase..... At least 10 years away from start to finish but would be great for Thailand.
  6. Guarantee you if this had been an Arabian, Asian or Cathay flight and (a few other carriers I have not flown them all) no tears, no fight, no loud voices -- no problem. The flight attendant would have been professional and solved the issue without making the woman and child and other passengers upset or nervous. As to the poster who feels for the airline crew I understand your point and some passengers are rude. But try flying 125,000 miles a year for numerous years and the most miserable people on the planet you encounter are the American Airlines flight attendants, gate agents, baggage claim personnel etc..... Only reason to fly AA are free upgrades sometimes and direct flights to many cities especially Dallas.
  7. Flown all over the world based in Dallas, Texas. American Airlines is the worst airline in the world and I am executive platinum on AA and want to support them. Best to get Bose headphones and never speak to the American flight attendants. Arabian airlines are the best in the world. Cathay and Singapore pretty good also. British Airways poor like American. Japanese and Chinese airline crews are great but Chinese passengers are not. Airlines are a people business and the union-management fights have ruined all the American based Airlines except Southwest Airlines. If you hate your job and you are in the service industry do us all a favor and quit and let someone have the job that wants to serve the customers.
  8. Sorry for your loss. That must have been hard. I keep a list of reasons to never remarry again and you have provided me with a couple more good reasons. Take care.
  9. Most people kill one on one without witnesses. Both victim and criminal were seen going into his condo and then crimimal left alone with two big black bags. Blood DNA in criminals condo matched the victim. Criminal transferred money after the death from the victims bank account to his account. Criminal lied about his behavior and being with the victim. Appeal all you want this man deserves psychiatric incarceration or life in prison or the death penalty.
  10. I am willing to bet you 100,000 baht you are wrong. We will each give 100,000 baht to ubonjoe to hold for the winner. Agreed?
  11. Many investors will not even consider building multimillion dollar structures without at least 99 year lease. 50 year lease not worth the risk. You lease land for family estate planning purposes, tax purposes and control of the land for heirs. Some really wealthy family limited partnerships will not ever consider selling land but would lease it for 99 years. Good deal for both sides and banks willing to make loans on these types of arrangements. If Thailand does not do 99 year leases then forget outside investors buildings the needed trade infrastructure they desperately want built.
  12. Blatant overcharging ???? Cheap compared to the rest of the world. If the hospital had not performed the tests and OP suffered a serious injury that could have been prevented he would be screaming that they failed to do their job. Man up and pay your bills on a payment plan. You were unconscious. They did what was medicallly necessary to help you. Now pay on a payment plan and get some health insurance. But for you to complain that they helped is ridiculas. In hindsight you were ok. Great news. But tests were needed to possibly save your life and you are ungrateful to those that did the tests because they charged you for the tests. Amazing logic which simply means you can't afford to live here and have any accident so in essence Thailand would be better off asking you to take your bike and leave. Another case for no health insurance no visa.
  13. I find it hard to believe many people expect the police to be everywhere. That is impossible. And probably if police were actually there the shooters would have not fired but waited for their opportunity to shoot at another time. Not defending Thai police But tell me how any police force in the world is suppose to have psychic knowledge of where crime is going to be committed in the future to be there at the exact time of the crime. Or how police are suppose to magically prevent all crimes or be at the crime scene in seconds. Do you bitch just to bitch for fun sake or do you have anything positive to add?
  14. Please tell me where the 18 to 20 year old slim women with long black hair are located. Dating sites maybe??? Not in go gos anymore. No disrespect intended but some of these go gos girls are way to old and overweight. Not sexy at all.
  15. I said that out of anger toward the big fella that punched out the older man. Sometimes you write when you should take a deep breath for a few minutes. Don't really mean applaud the guy kicking the car. But I am a little surprised at how angry and quickly involved the Thai man was that kicked the car and I shared some of his anger. But damaging others property should not be applauded or allowed even in anger.