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  1. Met a girl in Nana last week. She was quite attractive. After talking a little she told me that she was broke and all she had in life was a fine pussy cat and two boobz to rent. I am more than twice her age but enjoy renting and have the dollars to pay. This woman was great and if we are all honest, sex is a negotiation of cash, emotion, and risk whether you know each other 5 minutes or 50 years. Cheers. 😘
  2. For the guys that have lived in Thailand several years or more, is this a new thing for the army/cops to publicly go after bars, soapies, clubs? Or has this happened over the years due to owners nonpayment or some other issue? Seems weird to me all these "raids."
  3. I have new respect for you. You took the time to understand your environment and spent the money to protect your family and the reptiles. Congrats
  4. Such an unfair comment. Women want security and some younger Thai woman know the best way for security is to find a older farang that is nice to her and can afford her and family. No different from millions of women worldwide. Books have been written on love for centuries, plays written, movies made, poetry galore, yet all of these thought provoking words are wasted. All we needed to do to understand love was ask you because in your world you think you know it all about all people and all races. I feel a lot of empathy for your companion whoever that is or whatever you paid for her/him.
  5. I understand no money no honey. I hope they understand no honey no Expat. No Expat then honey no money.
  6. I don't want to hijack your topic but I am very interested in taking Thai trains everywhere and I have plenty of time so not in a rush. Any information on train travel in Thailand would be appreciated. I drink beer and wine and want both cold in train if possible.
  7. I don't know the salary for IT jobs but the expat jobs I know pay 90 percent of your housing ( in a range ) plus kids private education fees and car type expenses ( car and gas or driver or cash if you take mass transit) The corporation figures 90 percent of housing is fair as you would incur some housing costs in your country but you also loose the potential for a home in USA appreciating in value and your kids have to change schools in foreign countries. These benefits are in addition to salary. I don't want to give you my friends names that have expat jobs but if you could find a few expats in the IT area would be great for you. Also go to IT conferences and talk over beer at the bar and you will learn all you need to know. Good luck to you.
  8. Just vacationed in Austria. One of their best selling tshirts is a shirt that has a photo of a kangaroo and then states "no kangaroos in Austria". Guess a lot of tourists get it wrong and ask about the Kangaroos. Cheers
  9. A lot of opinions on TV. I am over age 50. Some of the Nana girls will teach you all you need to know about sex. Some are great sex therapists and some are robbers and some are rookies. Wish I had the Nana girls when I was 25 then my sex life would have been much better. Don't necessarily turn away the beauty 35-40 year old that has worked the bars for ten years. Some are hard core but some will teach you everything you need to know about sex in a fun nonjudgmental way. I hear guys all the time slam bar girls but I have known some that have really made my life better and fun and I have also been bitten by a couple for cash. But I would not trade the bar girls for all the virgins in the world and have no shame admitting it. Anytime my friends want me to meet a "clean" office working "good" girl with little sex experience to have a real relationship, I tell them no thank you. I have been there had that and at my age I still have time for some fun before the breath leaves the body. Peace.
  10. Usually agree with you and your opinions but we strongly disagree on this one. Fly 150,000 miles a year all over the world since 2008 and Swampy is beautifully decorated, well runned, nice airline clubs, nice atmosphere and gardens and art work and one on the best airports in the world. Much better than Hong Kong or Tokyo or South Korea or Beijing or Shanghai. Peace 😘
  11. Went to Khon Kaen for Songham. Issan woman do want foreign men and anyone that says the opposite has not been to issan. They are many girls afraid to go to Bkk or Pattaya but are looking for foreign man. Especially since Thai men generally are not interested in Thai women over age 20 in Issan.
  12. My first trip to Pattaya I went alone and my first impression was not great. Went back within the last few months and met an expat and his girlfriend who have bought a house in Pattaya and they love it. They showed me great restaurants that were cheap for the food quality and a few good drinking places. Think the guys living in Pattaya have it pretty good personally.
  13. Have to disagree but everyone has an opinion. Flown into half or more of the airports on the list not all. Agree Singapore is best airport agree Singapore Airlines Etithad and Qatar are great airlines. But Swampy IMO is one of the best airports in the world no doubt about it. As far as Hong Kong being great well the Cathay Pacific lounges and first class lounges are great but the airport is just ok and I hate it when they have to bus us to the terminal after a long flight to HK. Also China Eastern Airlines crew was pretty good the last time I flew them. The passengers on China Eastern were difficult customers IMO.
  14. Man people here worry too much. In 20 years we are all dead none of this matters. Live today peace😍