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  1. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    Catman I have lived the words that come out of your mouth and it was miserable and a waste of time. All knowing you are and I respectfully hope to never ever return to your world or be anything like you. But enjoy your control and telling everyone else what is right and what is wrong and generalizing the world. Comfortable you are in your very small world where you know it all. Peace
  2. Running over the Thai man is not smart. Getting a weapon is not smart. Doing all of this at age 77 surprising.
  3. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    Sorry for you and hope it works out. Personally if I took my Thai GF to USA and she intergrated I would leave her. Last thing I need is a western thinking woman at my age.
  4. The blues, wife seems to be gone

    But do you see my body language when that young Thai body makes me squeal a couple times a day. I think I prefer my life to yours thank you.
  5. American man falls to his death at Patong condo

    Everyday must be a bad day for you mate. But probably worse for the one person that has to put up with you on a daily basis.
  6. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Some of us think that people that go to church regularly deserve to be ripped off. 555 no one deserves to be ripped off.
  7. American man falls to his death at Patong condo

    Your paranoia and biased mind caused you to assume he was stabbed. Relax mate. The world is not that bad in Thailand.
  8. American man falls to his death at Patong condo

    Where oh where does it say he was stabbed in the back. Rather than say your comments are bloody rubbish I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are having a bad day mate. But this TV hysterical all police are stupid comments need to stop.
  9. Discount on New Toyota Hilux ?

    I am in BKK and looking to buy. Can you tell me where you bought your vehicle? Thanks
  10. What I find hard to understand about Thai visa is how men fly here for freedom and then spout words that criticize freedom and choices. And how men live daily in a world where they have all the answers for everyone. And the longer you stay in Thailand the more you expect or demand others accept your truths. Worst advice I ever got was from a expat that lived in BKK for several years but never dated a Thai girl because they all steal, lie etc. yet he knew everything Thai. Then I dated a Thai women and realized he and his advice were sh@t. He knows nothing about Thailand other than what is said on Thai visa and what he learns in his one bedroom isolated condo on Sukhumvit road. Cheers.
  11. Wow calling a man you never met a shmuck. Not cool. And you know all Thais wants and desires. Congratulations.
  12. For you and for me what you say is true. But for others they want something different. Live and let live. Adults get to make their own choices and there are many many choices and options on how to live just like what car to buy. Cheers.
  13. I actually met them when I was staying at the Marriott hotel BKK. I stayed in hotel in between condo rentals. Nice guy who seems to be like a lot of guys. Went broke and got depressed living the USA life. Lost some weight and discovered sex in Thailand. Became a school teacher in Thailand makes about 30,000 baht a month which is plenty for the misses. He has found a new life and wish him the best. As for her she is looking for a man to take care of her and so she is like most women especially Thai women. You have to understand in some Thailand villages 30,000 baht a month is more than enough to have a good financial life. He gets sex, feels youthful after depression and no house payment, credit card debt, and expensive things. Criticize all you want and it may not last but I give the guy credit for stating out loud what makes him happy and actually doing it and enjoying life and it’s pleasures. Nothing lasts forever so why try to find forever when all you have is today. Peace.
  14. Wealthy win and poor lose everywhere except in the movies and fairy tell books. Yet some still think their opinion matters as they are being used by politicians who work for the wealthy. Lucky for me no wars no vote don’t give a damn about Trump or Hillary or May or ( fill in the blank) and they don’t give a damn about me. Cash is king of this world and always has been. Guys on this forum complainjng about Red Bull and paying for sex like these things are new. Guys spouting off that if they were in charge things would be different as they have the easy solutions and are so much smarter than those is charge of Thailand or etc..... LMAO.
  15. gf son is pregnant

    Come on man. Teenagers make mistakes. You can warn them and teach them but they make mistakes. We all do. I am 57 and try to minimize my mistakes but I still make them and always will. No need to pile on the two kids or their parents. Peace