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  1. Maybe one reason they are happier. This TVF has a group of some great guys that help us all with honest information. Unfortunately it also has a larger group of miserable people who never accomplished anything in life —yet they are the experts of everything. And they usually claim to live here but hate everything about Thai people and Thailand. Weird weird weird.
  2. I was not there but something seems not right about this story. One woman soliciting sex hits him in the face as he is surrounded by 5 guys and then he runs away????😲
  3. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    This would be funny except you truly believe it. No one said love does not exist but if you think you are getting it for free and money is irrelevant in your relationship you are just wrong. Nothing sinister or wrong with money being a factor in “relationships” and nothing wrong or sinister about sex being a factor also. Spend one day in divorce court and hear the testimony or read history. You are not unique — you are human and so is your partner however you describe her/him. I know this may make you upset or angry or whatever so “hit me one more time with how great thou art” and I will not respond.
  4. Can you please list the countries where the poor are not penalized in the legal system and the rich do not have an unfair advantage?
  5. Miserable Studying Thai in Bangkok

    I thought he meant find a Thai girl to sleep with as that is the best way to learn Thai. 😲
  6. I hope you are correct. I like to live in a land where adults can be adults even if a few cannot handle it. Better than banning everything under the slogan of righteousness.
  7. You have the choice to see life and feel whatever emotion makes you comfortable and I agree to each his own. There was day I was thought the same as you. Then I happened upon a true professional in Nana plaza. A sex teacher with a smoking hot body and sharp mind and wild soul. It was mind blowing fun and worth every cent. In a month she changed me from a guy who jumped on top to a real lover who takes his time with his mouth and body and all of hers. Too bad a rich Frenchman took her away to Paris but I am happy for him. But she opened a door that showed me sex is a pleasure food and I like a variety of pleasure food and some women I like to call professionals know how to make you not think about anything but ecstasy. Never had that type of pleasure in the sex you describe but not saying it isn’t good for you. For me no desire to ever go back to the sex you describe and no one woman could ever satisfy me again nor do I expect that I should be able to satisfy one women for her life. Really I feel more open and honest with my sexual partners now than I ever did before and take it a day at a time.
  8. Never said all great sex I had was paid for. My comments must have hit a cord with you personally that caused a knee jerk attack. Better to let people live the way they choose. Publicly self describing me as “poor poor man” reveals some things about your life that are best kept secret by you. Maybe keep that to yourself rather than let the whole world peek inside your soul. I don’t feel sorry for you as you do what you want to do just lay off the prude partrol and sex therapist pronouncements - they make you look foolish. Not how does it feel to be attacked back.
  9. Whatever works for you is good for you. But OP asked for opinions and advice and I gave him mine and you can give him yours. I don’t believe one life for all exists as we are all not clones wanting the same things.
  10. Girls are not stupid. Pay them properly and be kind and you don’t need to worry. I agree part of the payment arrangement for me is for clean sex so no outside partners unless otherwised agreed. I know another guy that enjoys a free for all and his girl can do whatever she wants in her off time. Girls don’t want to lose a quality employer. If you are cheap and arrogant and controlling then worry. If you are not and your girl steps out on you —one of her competitors will be in your ear trying to take her “job”. I hear guys brag they pay their girl nothing or 10,000 baht a month and they are the “boss”. They are the “boss”but only in their mind. Trying to control a woman for low pay and a controlling attitude to me is a disaster and you get what you deserve. Economics and attitude plays an important role in every relationship in the planet. But payment or no payment is up to the OP to decide.
  11. Study finds high pesticide levels in local food

    Explains a lot of TV posters IQ to me. They don’t wash their food.
  12. Study finds high pesticide levels in local food

    I understand your thoughts which are not my own. What I wish you could explain to me is why would you live anywhere on this earth (Thailand, Hawaii ....)that you feel is not a great plaxe for you to live. Soon your life is over. Why don’t you choose to live in the best place for you that you possibly can for the short time you have on this planet? Not trying to single you out but for the life of me I cannot understand the daily complaints of people when they have the freedom to choose where they live and they choose a place they hate and criticize daily and predict its doom due to government incompetence or xenophobia. Would you pick a spouse that you hated and was xenophobic and daily criticized. No you would not so why choose a place to live every day that you hate?
  13. Study finds high pesticide levels in local food

    Agree with you except your specific finger pointing to Thailand. This is true in every country in the world when it comes to food except France and a couple others. France demands protection of its people when it comes to food and their food is great but expensive. People demand cheap food and government want people fed to stop revolution. If you went to Tesco and tomatoes costs 10.00 USA dollars you would be screaming for the government to do something. We all scream for the government to rescue us and this is the end result. So no disrespect to you but the public and big food corporations are the problem not Thailand. If you think Thailand is alone in this thought you are mistaken. China is worse as one example and the USA is just as bad. You can grow your own food but of course that would cost you time and money so as consumers we are part of this “costs” problem and the government will always side on cheaper food and mass production of food at the “lowest” cost even if the lowest “cost” is not healthy. God bless France (I am American not French) and a few other european countries for food safety but the rest of the world has no food safety standards because of costs.
  14. How do you maintain a healthy life ?

    No medications at age 70. Congratulations that is great. Assuming you have a checkup with blood work yearly I think you are in the top 5 percent of adult men in terms of health. Keeping active and not gaining lots of excess weight and not taking pills is my goal in my fitness life. Sounds like you are doing great.