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  1. I was under the impression sticks were for mountain driving going up and down or if you a hauled a bunch or weight like a ranch working truck. I drove a stick for my first car but like to relax now so AT and air conditioner all the way as a nice sound system.
  2. A rapist is a criminal. I know all claims of rape are not. Even if a woman is drunk that does not change the fact that a rapist is a criminal. Blaming her for drinking is not appropriate IMO.
  3. RIP young woman. 70,000 people killed themself in the USA last year. Worldwide problem of mental health and emotions and hope someday we understand the mind better.
  4. What’s wrong with a USA beautiful woman pledging allegiance to the flag? Would like to see the photo of when she is finished.
  5. We all screw up and are not perfect. Sometimes the consequences are severe and so we buy insurance. Then the insurer refuses to pay. Bless this young woman and her family. Going to be a hard life not being able to walk and being so young. None of us will have as bad of a day today as this lady and her family are experiencing.
  6. Sometimes injury lawyers are needed. I hope she finds a good one and sues this travel insurance company in the UK. Diving into a pool is not a reckless act it is a mistake of judgment. She didn’t jump out of a plane. She dove into a pool after seeing others do it and bought travel insurance so make them pay.
  7. Wake Up

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    Sorry man but humans are not what you describe or the world would be at peace and share and respect everyone. Human history repeats itself because we are human a mixture of good and bad and differences. If you are fed up here then best for you to move on. But consider if blaming others or whole societies for your “feelings” or disparaging their way of life is something for you try to stop doing at your next stop. Good luck
  8. True but I slept with a young women for three nights until her friend told me she was married and her husband tried to send me a I want to kill you line message. I had no idea she was married to a Thai man. Sometimes you don’t know all the facts of who you are renting for a few evenings. This story is scarey because I lived at Trendy and to chase a man down and shoot him is inexcusable and unexpected regardless of what the French man did or did not do or knew or did not know.
  9. I don’t approve of his behavior but he seems harmless and is wasted. Best to ignore him. Been there and done some stupid things in my life. We all have but forgive each other and try to do better next time. Peace
  10. As long as you stay in your gated community in Panama you will be fine and have a nice cheap life. But leave those gates and be careful very careful you are a target. Beech property and maids cheap. But I don’t know want to live anywhere where I can’t move around the country without concern for my safety.
  11. Wake Up

    Another one gone!

    Do you know if AIS allows recording of shows to watch later?
  12. Wake Up

    Another one gone!

    Please explain how you do this to a guy that is not up to speed. Do you download tv station apps to your laptop or ???? Thanks for your help
  13. Wake Up

    Is GrabTaxi operating in Pattaya ?

    I always take a grab from hotel to bus terminal. Soi Buakhao to bus about 180 baht before noon. Sometimes they want to let you off on the side of the bus terminal. I assume this is to avoid taxi mafia. Sometimes the grab driver pulls straight up to the ticket window without fear. But I always use the taxi mafia baht buses from the bus station to my hotel.
  14. Wake Up

    Brexit turmoil hits the pound

    Just stop the brexit madness. Anger and Arrogance voted brexit into play and reality needs to step in and stop the brexit madness. I am not British but think this has been one big ignorant exercise that needs to stop and make up with EU and move forward positively.