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  1. Wake Up

    Congratulations to Buriram FC

    I don’t like Buriram FC but I must give them credit for consistent good teams, very nice stadium, and good club management. Must be fun to be a Buriram fan. In reality I like Bangkok United and don’t understand why with their resources they are not on top every year.
  2. Wake Up

    Help! Ripped Off

    Hard to understand critical comments of the OP on this forum. He was a victim of fraud which is stressful and hurtful and is asking for help. That is one of the great things about this TFV is asking for help. Hindsight is always 20/20 - no need for criticism and sarcasm pointed toward the OP please.
  3. Wake Up

    Help! Ripped Off

    I would first contact the consumer protection board I believe they are located at CW. I have heard good things about their ability to help expats in rip off situations. Worth a visit to them IMO. Good luck and hope you get your money back. Also if that does not work I would report it to the police and perhaps you can contact your embassy for some Thai contact individuals to help you.
  4. Wake Up

    Man found hanged beside Phuket’s busiest road

    RIP. Life can be tough and mental issues are hard to get adequate treatment and support. Bless his soul and those that know him and found him.
  5. Wake Up

    45 ladyboys arrested on Pattaya beach

    Sure visit the place where the priests prefer sex with underage innocent boys? At least in Pattaya sex is with paid consenting adults. ?
  6. You can get AIS or True WiFi and/or tv cable bills in your name.
  7. Rented two different condos in Bangkok. Utilitiy bills always remained in the name of the Thai owner.
  8. Who really cares?? I prefer to live in a place that allows bikes on the sidewalks if the traffic is log jammed —-especially if I am on the back of the motorbike trying to get somewhere. Part of the common sense approach and joy of life in Thailand IMO.
  9. Reading the Dallas Morning News and 500 people committed suicide in Dallas, Texas USA in 2017. Suicide is a problem all over the world. TVF sleuths love to play CSI Thailand assuming suicide in Thailand is so different and mysterious from the rest of the world. RIP to the deceased and peace to his family and friends and the maid and taxi driver that found him. ?
  10. We are all different and I have no criticism of you or your choices. But I really feel lucky to have met some Thai people that have taken me to their homes in Issan and taught me a lot about Thailand and Thai people. Some were poor some were bar girls and some were educated and some were Thai policeman and village elders. I don’t agree with everything thai but at least I get to see and hear the reasons for thai culture from thai people. Thailand IMO is much different than proclaimed on TFV. We have all traveled long distances to get here so coming here to change their culture or be critical of their culture seems strange to me. And those that think Thailand would crash without expats living here with their pension funds simply do not know the current Thailand IMO.
  11. Wake Up

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    This is the funniest post I have read in along time. Some people watch professional sports. I prefer professional sex and I do not intend to have any more kids. Some women are better than others and some pros will rock your world. I am not dead yet as I get close to 60 and look forward to sex more than food or sports. Also Impossible to get pregnant when you are playing the violin and she is playing the trumbone. 55555?
  12. Very few men in history have been great at making money on currency markets. I am not one of them. But Brexit was a gift that keeps giving. Even a guy like me can make money over the demise of the pound based on the angry arrogant vote to Brexit. As long as the British are determined to commit arrogant suicide bet against the pound. It will become a currency no one cares about and no one will accumulate. The British are playing a dangerous game and have no leverage and no friends on their side of this suicide mission.
  13. My first year living in Bangkok I watched zero TV. I listened to music. Now I watch a tiny bit of TV like the Thai show the Mask. I watch some football in bars as it is always on and no choice. I have had Thai girlfriends that watch the Thai soap operas after they take care of me first. Have no desire to see or discuss politics. I do admit I am interested in Brexit simply to make money off the currency and sometimes watch CNBC to see what the salesmen are pushing to the public so I can avoid those bad investment decisions. I am in the USA now and bored to tears. IMO politics is simply an entertainment show no different from wrestling or football or basketball where people choose a team and live or die on the outcome of the games. They also use this entertainment to think they are smart etc. but few read history and realize all of this drama has been repeated for the last 3000 years. I do believe Brexit is terribly wrong and continue to bet against the pound and the UK. Some decisions defy logic, history and common sense.
  14. But is there a Hawaiian Visa Forum where you can complain daily about Hawaiian laws, driving on the roads, flooding, language, customs, girls and worthless Hawaiian men and family life in the Hawaiian Village? If not then most on this TVF would be unhappy there. ?
  15. Read the history of how Bangkok became the capital and you will see it was swamp land and that made it easier to defend against the Burmese army. Read also who owns Bangkok and the royal family has billions of dollars of land in Bangkok. IMO Thailand will do what is necessary to protect the wealthy landowners of Bangkok. IMO the Dutch engineers could resolve the flooding issues but Thailand will not hire them. Personally I think the risk of flooding is low compared to the risk that prices are way to expensive to buy based on supply and demand. Rents are too cheap IMO to buy any Bangkok condo at this point in time. I have been wrong before so good for you to ask other opinions and then make the best decision for you. Good luck.