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  1. Steven100 may not allow that, doubt he will allow three in bed.
  2. I still think he is a tool and don't like him. Come and arrest me for not loving and worshiping you.
  3. Again? The hundreds of other alleged crackdowns have achieved nothing
  4. There is always "Go Fund Me" pages, very lucrative I hear.
  5. Yep great plan. The matter is before international arbitration and these numnuts want to accelerate a local prosecution against the company. Let's pass the gun around and shoot ourselves in the foot.
  6. Guides arrested over military weapons

    I guess for your average American that cache would be for a 5 year old and perfectly acceptable under their Rediculous gun laws
  7. Guides arrested over military weapons

    Those pesky tourists can get a little rowdy and out of control. A guide has to protect himself
  8. Maybe. It would be nice tho if these thai university scientists documented things at the scene not just grabbing a bucket of water and wandering back. Take same samples, seal the containers, log them, do prelims at the scene on their data base. Where is the continuity of the sample. A bucket of water in the back of a pickup. This is going to international arbritration and the thai defence will be we got a bucket of water? The company legal team will take them to the cleaners before smoko
  9. Co-founder of AC/DC Malcolm Young dies aged 64

    His brother George passed away 3 weeks ago another great songwriter and performer also intrumental in putting Acca Dacca together. Two greats from one family in just a month. They will be belting out some great new stuff upstairs and I'm sure Bon will be around for jam.
  10. Joel Selwood really is one of the protected species. He really should be going before the match review panel for his hit in the international rules game last night and looking at a couple of weeks on the sideline next year. Joel Selwood sent off for high hit in International Rules test, sparks brawl between Australia and Ireland. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/joel-selwood-sent-off-for-high-hit-in-international-rules-test-sparks-brawl-between-australia-and-ireland/news-story/3d55857b3af0f53c25a5cff843df30f0
  11. Canals and stream right across Thailand run black. The canal beside our home has the flow from the rice fields over back and it is currently black. These researchers from the university are using buckets and old milk containers to collect their samples. Why not use proper scientific sterile sample containers that most scientists use? They are a one use container, what have these buckets and old drink containers been used for previously. Not very scientific if the containers are already contaminated.
  12. Goodbye hanging wires - hello modern Bangkok!

    "Everyone got their pictures taken" Well I'm glad to hear nobody missed the customary photo opertunity.