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  1. But they need the subs to take tourists on rides
  2. This is funny but true. We’ll preface this article by saying that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are thirsty for publicity at the minute. Back in March they urged Aussie rock icons Hunters & Collectors to change their name to “discourage people from hunting animals”. Now they have injected themselves into the footy news cycle by penning a letter to Sydney coach John Longmire. Read letter here.
  3. Yes very common in Chiangmai, convoys of up to 15 double decker buses under police escorts with lights flashing. The Chinese really are treated like VIP's in Thailand.
  4. So probably need another 15,000 hotels
  5. Might have to stick around for an extra day to make merit and be forgiven or does he have credits
  6. They are extremely protective of thier sons who can do no wrong. If I chastise our son for doing wrong my wife becomes like a wild bear protecting it's cub. I am definately not permitted to discipline our son.
  7. Guess they dont carry farang passengers
  8. Thais are cowards, still couldnt go one on one against a handicapped person, still needed 10 fit able bodied mates to help.
  9. Agree but what do 18 yr old come to Thailand to spend thier tourist dollars on? 30+ million tourists per year and probably a million or so teenagers with wallets ready to party. Who will be the biggest loser, some kid that can't spend $500 on booze over 2 weeks or the Thai economy that misses out on $500 million.
  10. Kimmie so wants to slap the U.S,
  11. Thais love their people to work overseas but absolutely despise a foreigner working in Thailand.
  12. Is it ilegal to attend a course in Thailand? I had better cancel my cooking class don't want to get arrested.
  13. Might upset a lot of tourists. 18 yr old can drink and party at clubs in Australia and many travel to Thailand and not being allowed into clubs is going to hurt.
  14. The umpire said sorry to joey but a bit late, 50 metres and a goal we can't get back. If the ump wasn't sure what was said he shouldn't have rewarded the 50 metres. Soft Bump. Soft, C×$t. Not in joey's nature to call someone a C% $t especially and umpire..