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  1. The guy is an accomplished musician himself with a couple of number one hits on his hands, both still at 1 and 2 on the charts after 3 years
  2. Asia proof fence? A bit late, just walk around Melbourne and it's spot the Anglo. I'm Chinese decent, my grandfather married an Irish Australian and chinese are everywhere.
  3. Prayuth has already decided his verdict and informed the judges
  4. His opinions are nothing but love and admiration for prayuth and his controlling 18th century ways, he'll be fine
  5. Was on Australian news where they interviewed a political analyst who said a decision against Yingluk has the potential to set Thailand back 20 years politically. Return to civilian leadership through elections could be set back indefinately which isn't in the interests of Thailand internationally but would certainly be as described a victory for the military rulers who have had a personal vendetta against the Shinawatra family.
  6. Another idiot throwing his life away for drugs
  7. It's all part of his master reconciliation plan. Remember he said last week if harmony and reconciliation isn't achieved it is the fault of the people and not prayuth or his crew.
  8. He gave himself an amnesty from all wrong doings, bad decisions and government spending when he took the country. He is totally untouchable and answers to nobody not even god. He planned ahead.
  9. Surely this amounts to theft. No verdict as yet but punishment already applied. Has Prayuth already instructed the courts of what decision they must come to? I agree the rice scheme was a failure and a bad political decision but the actions by Prayuth seems to be a personal vendetta from the start. Yingluk should have purchased the subs when in power when Prayuth demanded them. I recall a P.M in Aust who had a failed scheme that cost billions and directly resulted in deaths but that was written off as a bad decision. Political leaders are appointed by the people to make decisions on their behalf and some are bad ones. If they aren't appointed by the people and make decisions on their behalf they should be accountable but unfortunately that won't happen to the current bosses in Thailand as they have already given themselves a blanket amnesty.
  10. This is the guy who could have very well been the current pope
  11. Thai women but wives of Foreigners. Geez that was a close one, still get to blame those damn foreigners.
  12. I think it means you can gather but if you drive a car there with more than 3 passengers then the vehicle would be loaded and that won't be tolerated, unacceptable even if your car is legally registered to carry 5 persons. I think the same goes for a bus, leave one empty seat and that should be acceptable. As for the contempt of court, I don't believe the court has ordered the citizens not to come for the verdict and Prayuth is just trying to threaten and intimidate his subservients.
  13. Maybe our British members on here can translate, as an Aussie and member of the British Commonwealth I'm not sure what the headline means. Brown Bread is generally considered better and healthier for you so is he complaining about thais? Then I look at the photo and interpret something to the contrary. What on earth does the headline actually mean?
  14. The owner is probably busy filing a defamation case against the child. Priorities.