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  1. The country will never move forward if people can't take criticism and they rule with intimidation, threats and incarcerate people for nothing more than having an opinion.
  2. I blame the parents, what were they think to let their 12 year old child on the roads with a motorcycle. What absolute idiots they should be charged.
  3. Thechook

    Disgraced Cop's Market 'Plaza' Meets Wrecking Ball

    Photo: Inset: Lt. Col. Santhana Prayoonrat being arrested Saturday. Absolutely hilarious, the crook is being arrested but still saluted. I salute you sir for your commitment to corruption.
  4. I'm referring to all vehicles that are used on the roads not just bona fide taxis.
  5. In Australia when you pay your registration you also pay insurance to the Transport Accident Commission. This premium is used for those injured in accidents covering medical bills and compensation for disabilities etc. If a Thai Tourist is injured was travelling in a taxi in Melbourne she is covered. If the vehicle is unregistered then the owner of that vehicle can be liable. How hard would it be for Thailand to also have such a system?
  6. Thechook

    So much to eat at the Pattaya Seafood Festival

    No thanks I'II pass, just the vile smell of the stuff is enough to make me throw up. Nothing worse than the stench of rotting fish.
  7. Actually the saints play the Dockers tonight, Saturday not Sunday. McCartin no loss.
  8. Oh come on this is bloody rubbish, nothing more than a personal publicity tour around the country with his entourage all paid for by the taxpayer. He doesn't have time to investigate his own emissions of wind with all his media commitments. 8 a.m appointment in krabi to solve a major crime, 9.30 flight to Chiangmai for another major bust and lunch. 1.30p.m flight back to Bangkok for two more major busts and bit of back slapping be for knock off. Tomorrow another heavy schedule starting with the arrest of a non smiling teenager
  9. Thechook

    Prayut is taking unfair advantage

    Been around before Thaksin but Prayuth has taken campaigning to a new low. Buying votes whilst shackling, gagging and threatening the opposition with prison if they campaign. Thaksin definately wasn't that low or ruthless
  10. Thechook

    Prayut is taking unfair advantage

    Whilst Prayut is campaigning and spending public money everyone else is shackled, gagged and threatened with arrest if they campaign. Definately a one sided race and not fair or very democratic.
  11. Big Joke needs to apologise for making Thailand look like a basket case. He has done more damage than a missed smile from a young girl.
  12. This guy is an absolute idiot and making Thailand a laughing stock not one missed smile. He now needs to apologise for being so stupid and tarnishing Thailand's reputation
  13. So its not in preparation for the election? Then it must be meeting and sucking up to the people before the election. Why aren't the other political parties allowed to tour the country and speak to the people.
  14. Fantastic idea to many idiots with absolutely no experience on bikes, no licence or insurance. The fines should be much higher tho for the operators who rent to just anyone without a thought.
  15. I'm having trouble picking my nose this year.