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  1. Looking at the photo I'd say grazing in a good paddock
  2. 400 baht a pack, that's cheap. In Australia you are looking at around 1500 baht and they go up 5% every 6 months but people still smoke
  3. Like a Freeman who the saints gave up a 2nd Rd pick for. Spent 100's of k on in medical expenses, gave him 2 games at the end of season and then delisted him. Saints have a good record of wasting picks on broken down hacks from others clubs thinking they can rebuild them into stars
  4. And some guy by the name of Dean Kent from the demons for pick 65. Who is this Kent guy, never heard of him. Also who is Harmes?
  5. Hickey was our ruckman as was Ben Mcevoy who we traded to Hawthorn for Shane savage who turned out to be a dud. Mcevoy went on to be a very good player. Hickey can play forward and support Nik Nat and is younger. Obviously the Eagles see something in him as they gave their 2nd Rd pick for him.
  6. I find it difficult to get around, actually find it quite repulsive. These people are using the death of foreigners for a photo opportunity, pat themselves on the back and promote tourism. Trying to buy people off with a miserly amount is also offensive.
  7. Well the Saints are doing well in the trade period, sent their n# 1 ruckman to the Eagles and signed up Billy Slater from Melbourne Storm. Going to be long year again in 2019
  8. Little something for Alex, caught up with your old boy David Neitz today at a work function at Mooney Valley. He's the co owner and founder of Brewmanity, makes a nice drop called Social Beast so organised for him to come along to the Albion Charles in Northcote.
  9. Busy man today, smashes a major international paedophile and porn site with over a million members, then bust an international scamming ring. Still has a bit of time before lunch so goes out and grabs a lazy 22 foreigners.
  10. Apparently not as TAT report they will achieve record numbers again this year. Tourism is going up and up every year
  11. Thechook

    America's image worsens under Trump

    America hasn't really had a good image anyway. I actually like Trump and Australia could do with a good strong leader like him.
  12. Talk is the Dee's want to use max more forward and less ruck work
  13. Great to see the Eagles get up. As a Vic I'm like a great deal of others and absolute hate Collingwood with a passion, absolutely despise that club
  14. Saints have offered Dylan Shiel 8 million over 6 years beating hawthorns offer by 500k per year