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  1. Oh for crying out load, this has a heavy stench of corruption all over it. If someone asks me where I got my watch I could tell them in a flash. I dont need months to think about it
  2. Or maybe they know how toxic the waters are and wouldnt dare go in.
  3. They're Kidding right? World class resort it definately isn't. The beaches are disgusting sewage ponds and swallowing any of the water will kill you. Pattaya doesnt tick a single box when it comes to resorts
  4. I have to set up one of these go fund me things, they seem like great little earners.
  5. More free stuff in Australia
  6. As reported in the Australian media. The 42-year-old had only been in the party town for 12 hours when he became embroiled the melee. This is a good Aussie guy who has been killed,” the friend said. https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/02/14/14/44/new-picture-emerges-of-aftermath-of-thailand-brawl?ocid=social-9News
  7. They were given 75 million dollars and are free to leave but they refuse to go. The looney leftards and other assorted weird nutters are telling them to stay put.
  8. The victim had been in the country for less than 12 hours.
  9. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    And who says prayuth and his loonies haven't achieved anything in 4 years. Do you need a pool table licence?
  10. Dam foreigners again ruining Thailand. Nothing to do with thais making money by encouraging foreigners and selling trips or the polution caused by thai boats. Nope its foreigners
  11. Permanent Resident and it took eight weeks to get as our son is in school in Aust
  12. It's dead, already destroyed by thai greed
  13. My wife loves the concept in Australia where she doesn't have to report every 90 days and loves the freedom to work. She was always moody in Thailand when it come to reporting time.