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  1. Priorities, that why the have all these special tourist courts to process cases involving foreigners.
  2. Harsher penalties than in Australia. I hope the motorcycle rental people do the decent thing and tell their tourist customers if they don't have a motorcycle licence they face imprisonment and huge fines.
  3. It's not men, it's one man alone who created article 44 and only he has the power to use it. It's his personal magic wand.
  4. So its offensive to wear swim suites at a pool party.
  5. Personally I think Thailand has the most disgusting beaches on the planet, we definately won't go into the water
  6. Bit late they siezed the government and country 4 years ago. So does this mean the current crop will be ineligible to run? What about Mr rolex, his investigation isn't completed, will he still be eligible to run whilst under a corruption investion?
  7. What exactly has he done, absolutely nothing. All his time is taken up with photo ops around the country and abroad. He doesn't even have time to go to the bathroom in between makeup, hair, wardrobe change and next photograph. He's a joke and probably never personally conducted an investigation or made an arrest in his life. What other police officer anywhere in the world does national tours with a large entourage, makeup department and publicity department.
  8. They have been setting up these committees every year for decades and nothing has ever changed apart from the food and drinks which are exquisite and money well spent.
  9. Thechook

    Minor parties to establish online identity

    Friday shared the similar political stance of not aiming to enter to power by expecting to win many seats in parliament. Well when it is illegal to have more than 4 members in your party I can't see them winning to many seats either and the current ruling government has the final say on who wins what seat anyway.
  10. This next generation had better tread very softly and not speak until spoken to.
  11. Just had a royal commission in Australia and the banks and insurance companies were found to be involved in all sorts of criminal activity and defrauded it's customers out of hundreds of billions of dollars. They were fined 2 million
  12. Thechook

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    Take it up with google
  13. Thechook

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    Totally agree with the lawn thing. My wife is always on my back, why you cut the grass all the time, why you feed and water. Farangs are crazy people but she loves to sit on it.
  14. Thechook

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    Hilarious But the spot has been filled with garbage and concrete rubble after troops from the Second Battalion of the 21st Infantry Regiment helped the Pattaya authorities to negotiate with five traders who were building shops. After talks, the shops were flattened but the rubble and garbage were left. Negotiations went well then Centurion.