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  1. Still bloody expensive in Aust. Almost double of Thailand
  2. No time to focus on politics? You can say that again with subs, tanks and drawing up a military list to purchase from the U.S. Writing poetry, songs and screen plays then it is covering up singers, closing bars. Doesn't leave anytime for politics and being P.M
  3. Where's her para wings
  4. Oh come on it sounds like a well thought out and fool proof plan.
  5. Nuntinee said she was relieved to learn it was a misunderstanding and that it actually was police at her door rather than criminals. Potato v Potatoe
  6. Pays to be on Suthep and prayuths team. Meanwhile students arrested for citizing the junta
  7. Turnbull is already under fire from all angles
  8. Turnbull is now comming under huge fire on social media and radio talk shows for interfering in the decision, giving character reference and backing houli. This has now become a political hot potatoe for him and he should have stayed out of it. His aim I think was the muslim electorate as he is constantly rubbing shoulders at islamic functions and throwing support. This is going to hurt him.
  9. Same in Australia but there is an offence of failing to have proper control of a motor vehicle. This offence covers eating, reading the paper, combing your hair or applying makeup etc etc etc
  10. "Maybe next time I have to make the government spokesperson sing likay [Thai local folk theatre style], or else people won’t get to eventually understand us". Maybe next month if you do "actually" get an invitation to meet President Trump you can sing your meeting in likay or put it in poetry because I don't think the world understands you. I am sure that will give them an understanding of your status as a World Leader.
  11. Wow now he is an acclaimed poet. The guy should really stop pinning accolades on himself, it's just getting Rediculous now. Maybe next week he will be a golf champion.
  12. Don't think so but they did use 30,000 police and troops to try and apprehend one monk and failed so this by just 191 is outstanding work.
  13. The seem to be getting on well, smiles all round.