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  1. *These weapons* account for less than 2.5% of gun murders. Why aren't you calling for the ban of handguns, which account for TWENTY TIMES MORE murders?
  2. Just curious.... why not start with addressing obvious failures of government before taking away rights of law-abiding citizens? Also, given rifles are 2.5% of gun murders (thus *assault weapons* clearly some number less than that), why is this ban an effective solution?
  3. Very interesting. I wonder what his problem is. Is he afraid he can't control his emotions, that the evil AR-15 might make him murder someone? Very silly idea. It's all about education, attitude and training. Fools do stupid things with guns. Trained, educated people don't.
  4. As expected, the anti-Christian haters are out in force. I don't have anything good or bad to say about Billy Graham. He was a human being like the rest of us. I'm sure he had his good and bad points. If he advised so many presidents, I'm guessing he was doing something right.
  5. What's wrong with preachers becoming filthy rich? Have any of them in your list taken vows of poverty I haven't heard about. I detect a little jealousy and anti-Christian bigotry. I guess I'm different from you. I don't begrudge others for working hard and becoming successful. Take Rick Warren, for example. He's a very successful author. Good for him. What is he supposed to do to escape your obvious hatred?
  6. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    I'm pretty sure the chances of him getting pregnant are nil.
  7. Yet more smoke that has nothing to do with Mueller's stated mission. What does this tell us? Mueller doesn't have SQUAT on Trump-Russia collusion.
  8. Thank god for the NRA and American citizens who can walk upright. In a free country, there are various tuypes of savages. Some kill with cars. Some kill with knives. Some kill with blunt objects. Some kill with guns. The problem is the savages, not the inanimate object. What a shame there are so many empty skulls who don't understand such basic concepts. In this Florida shooting case, once again there were numerous warning signs government hacks ignored. Because of the deranged evil perpetrator and the incompetence of the government hacks who could have and should have done something, people died. Does anyone really believe raising the rifle purchase age limit to 21 would have prevented this evil lunatic from doing what he did? If you believe that, I think it's time I tell you about some wonderful business opportunities you'll definitely want to invest in.
  9. Democrats, Republicans.... whatever. Let's not split hairs.
  10. Yes, I hope the Democrats decide once again to side with illegal aliens over US citizens, shut down the government and hold military paychecks for ransom until they get giveaways to illegal aliens. PLEASE let that happen. Let's all shout about it from the highest mountain. There's good reason Chuck and Company decided to fold. My guess is it took polling information for them to find out siding with illegal aliens over US citizens isn't very popular. What a shame it took them that long to figure it out.
  11. Because Americans come first. Frankly, I don't think Trump goes far enough. I would suspend all immigration to the US until good mechanisms were put in place to determine our needs as well as a system of vetting that insures we only import people that benefit our country. A college degree, assuming it is in a field we need here, is obviously a good thing.
  12. I didn't know he was a Jesuit. That really is an interesting piece of information to throw into the mix. Honestly, I'm not sure how to square Jesuit and the South American brand of leftist/communist (the latter which I believe the Pope is) with all of this. I'm not trying to be a smart ass at all. I'm truly intrigued and I'm sure there's much I simply do not understand. I think the bottom line for me is I heard a very similar apology from the last Pope- was it Benedict something and maybe John Paul II before him. At any rate, I've felt these apologies have been a bit hollow. I concede I don't pay much attention to political declarations. I guess I'm asking too much when I think that along with an apology, the Popes who've apologized should have also announced that they had turned over information on pedophile priests, and the cogs in the machine that protected them, to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for prosecution. Now THAT would impress the hell out of me (pun possibly intended).
  13. Actually, I blame the governments in charge of the countries, not the citizens. Let's take Haiti, for example. Of course it's a sh1t hole. Even you acknowledge some fancy-sounding US Agency realizes they screwed up. That admission means much more than it reads. But I digress. It's not the Haitian people's fault their country sucks. It's not the Sierra Leone's people's fault their country sucks. It's their leaders who have sold them out, cut deals with various devils and found that the poverty business is very profitable.
  14. U.S. government shuts down as Trump feuds with Democrats

    With all due respect to her service and loss of limbs, that's an unhinged rant by a very emotional person. It looks like we have our next John Kerry who will use her military service again and again and again until it becomes downright silly. But not to worry- America loves its veterans and will listen to her rant and rave for a very long time.
  15. Indeed it is. I was raised Catholic and remember feeling like an outsider daring to question papal infallibility. I don't know if there is a god. But I'm pretty sure that if there is, he doesn't bestow infallibility upon any human being. Alas, that is the problem with religions. They are all run by humans. That by definition makes religions fallible, no more or less so than their leaders.