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  1. OK, but let's keep this agreeing on stuff to a minimum. It's not much fun and we both have reputations to protect.
  2. Apparently you don't understand mediaspeak.
  3. I agree. In fact, this is one of the things I liked about Trump for years. One of the other times he threatened to run for president, he brought up South Korea specifically. We provide tens of thousands of troops to help protect them from a paper tiger to their north- at our expense. On top of that, they get favorable trade deals. Time for them to pay up. My first preference is we just scale back most of our overseas deployments. After that, these people we protect need to start paying up one way or the other. It will be fun once again seeing the white doves suddenly become hawks.
  4. What? The media lied? That can't be! Oh and don't you DARE say "fake news"!
  5. "Educated country's".... I presume you claim to be from one. Sorry, we all make typos. The timing and location of yours was entertaining. But yes, in the US, we have greater freedom of speech than in England and other countries. If you don't believe it, try voicing some of the attacks made on Trump on the Queen of England. But don't call me for bail or help with your defense fund.
  6. He didn't mention Sharia Law.
  7. MajarTheLion

    Photographer 'groped' princess at Swedish Academy event

    Huh? An incident from 2006 is in today's "news"???? <deleted>?
  8. Osama bin Laden said he loved the NRA?
  9. That's easy. "Hate speech" is when a person doesn't comply with the leftist, globalist agenda and dares to voice a dissenting opinion.
  10. Translation: UN goon isn't satisfied with the current level of silencing those who don't toe the leftist, globalist line.
  11. MajarTheLion

    Trump lawyer Giuliani defends legality of porn star payment

    No. Why do you ask?
  12. Pretty funny, given 44 implemented his own tariffs on Chinese goods. Let me guess..... "that's different", right? But I will say this: regardless who is president, I am generally against tariffs. I'm against Trump's tariffs and I'm against the last guy's tariffs. I'm sure you're as consistent as I am on the issue (chortle).
  13. MajarTheLion

    Trump lawyer Giuliani defends legality of porn star payment

    Red meat for TDS sufferers.
  14. MajarTheLion

    U.S. Boy Scouts to change name in appeal to girls

    I don't recall anyone saying segregation was necessary. I have yet to hear about groups of thugs forcing people to join the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sororities or fraternities. These are choices some people make for themselves or their children as part of their life. Your attempt to equate these choices with mandates by religious extremists is beyond laughable.
  15. MajarTheLion

    Trump lawyer Giuliani defends legality of porn star payment

    You're the one who said the world is laughing. Are we not free to rebut claims made? But don't worry, your concession is noted. Let's stay *on-topic* (wink wink).