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  1. Meh. They can eat a bag of <deleted>. BRB.... someone is pounding on my door.
  2. Great, now they can hit endless tour groups with visa fees going both ways. Probably shouldn't take more than a few hours to clear a single bus load of Chinese.
  3. Yeh, more loud bikes screaming down the streets at 3am.
  4. The mighty PM will Article 44 them into existence.
  5. Because elections are not in the cards. It's the old carrot and donkey bit.
  6. Because it's easy to hang things on the concrete walls inside a hospital waiting room.
  7. He should just miracle some jobs into existence, as deities do.
  8. On second thought, if the Thai gov and local poo yais could find a way to game the business and profit from it, screwing the women over in the process, then it would be legal.
  9. I don't see a problem with any of this. If someone has to pay another to carry a baby, that should be between them. There a million worse things happening here than willing women carrying children for money.
  10. “If you take motorcycles out of the equation, Thailand’s roads will be as safe as (those in) Switzerland, the United States and Britain,” Dr Liviu Vedrasco B.S. They are maniacs in cars and trucks too, they just don't die as easily. I could sometimes go months without seeing a car accident in the US. I see one or two (cars) per week here, usually late night.
  11. I gets under my skin when western media refers to him as the PM. They of all people know better.
  12. Just refer to them as old men with bad hair dye and swollen faces, or O.M.W.B.H.D.A.S.F. for short.
  13. This whole thing smells of a false flag.