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  1. This county is filled with fragile little men. The more hair dye they use, the more fragile they are.
  2. Shut up, farang. This Thailaaaaaaan.
  3. I hope your home country revokes yours.
  4. The army can't even handle the taxi mafia or even stand by their word for improved van safety. However, they are great at intimidating people who oppose them.
  5. No. And apparently neither can a Thai woman do it in reverse.
  6. Last seen in Taiwan. Taiwan is not part of Interpol, courtesy of China.
  7. Letter to the Governor

    Everyone is too busy counting money to deal with sidewalk hazards.
  8. Panthip Plaza-CM Refurbishment 2017

    Well, let's see. We have Maya, Central Festival, and Central Airport, all modern malls, especially Maya and Festival, both rival any western mall, and all in Thailand. And let's not even start with the mega Bangkok malls. If you're going to shut a dumpy old mall down and remodel it, at least bring it up to date. At best it's 10% better, and that's reaching. They should have spent a little more money and had someone design a better mall. Just a little effort would have made a huge difference.
  9. Will flip flops work? I've seen them for sale online.
  10. Please, keep Thainess out of space. I'll be protesting this event.
  11. Confiscated cars released to importers

    Of course they were returned. Surprised it took so long.
  12. Airbus auction didn’t take off

    Sounds like a deal.
  13. Absolutely nothing will happen.