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  1. mardy1960

    Ageing beef in the refrigerator

    i buy KU beef from big C extra same road as foodland it is great they even have a ozzy bucther there
  2. mardy1960

    Ageing beef in the refrigerator

    yes a zip lock bag i have done it for 2 weeks as long as the beef was slaughtered properly and hung when bleed out it will taste great or not hung when blooded out will taste like liver
  3. mardy1960

    pizza stone

    WOW your right very expensive I'm from Canada and they are like $400.00 baht
  4. mardy1960

    Ageing beef in the refrigerator

    I have done it just make sure you keep taking the blood out of the bag every day and pat it dry
  5. mardy1960

    pizza stone

    anyone no were to buy a pizza stone in Pattaya or Rayong
  6. mardy1960


    were is this a multi store complex?
  7. mardy1960


    hi anyone no were i can buy some veal
  8. mardy1960

    knife repair

    thanks if i have to go to bangkok i will
  9. mardy1960

    electric meat grinder

    hi you can order sausage casing from esanthaifood they have a good variety
  10. mardy1960


    hi anyone now were i can buy veal in Pattaya or Rayong?
  11. mardy1960

    knife repair

    hi its a Henckel i brought it from canada i have had it for 30 years still as good as the day as I bought it
  12. mardy1960

    knife repair

    hi posted this under food no reply anyone no were to get a new handle for a expensive knife it fell and one side of handle broke
  13. mardy1960

    muscovado sugar

    hi has anyone seen muscovado sugar here?
  14. mardy1960

    knife repair

    hi anyone no were i can get a new handle put on my expensive knife i dropped it and one side broke off in Pattaya ot Rayong
  15. mardy1960

    potato starch

    when it rains it pours LOL now have seen it every were