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  1. You mean it is not enough to report problems to PEA, they should all be reported here as well?
  2. Why did it take you so long to start this thread?
  3. Ask at Moraya Pharmacy main office/shop , half ways between Bangkok Hospital and the traffic lights (opposite the gas station).
  4. Very true but theres still a lot to complain about, 90 day reporting being the anomaly!! Don't forget the electricity cuts
  5. "Nelham is accused of hiring Briton Miles Dicken Turner, 24, and South African Abel Bonito Caldeira, 28, to kill Kenway after a falling out over their joint boiler room operation that swindled people in the U.K. and Australia out of their life savings through bogus investments." The same kind of investments that promises us safe 6%, 10%, or 12% returns in the sidebar ads here.?
  6. 100m south of Makro (ie towards Chaweng) on the same side of the road as Makro.
  7. You could until a month ago. No more Samui-Penang with Firefly
  8. Don't sweat it, there is enough people living on the island and we can do without those who are using others opinion to decide on whether they should move here or not. Those who aren't able to come here and form their own opinion should prolly stay where they are.
  9. Only problem is the clouds which are in the way.
  10. Google knows everything.. DTAC is the only operator who has upgraded to 3G on Koh Phangan. http://www.sensorly.com/map/2G-3G/TH/Thailand/dtac/gsm_52018#q=Ko+Pha+Ngan%2C+Ko+Pha-ngan+District%2C+Surat+Thani+84280%2C+Thailand|coverage
  11. Pee Soon has not been open for over a year , the family currently lives in Bangkok.
  12. US is soon having an election where the 325 million inhabitants can choose between 2 parties, Thailand with its 67 million inhabitants had 68 parties to choose between in the last election. It is about time to reduce the number of small parties whos only reason for existing is to be bought up by a major party after the election. The MP registration fee should instead be raised rather than reduced.
  13. Expats on a retirement visa must have a Thai bank account and expats who officially works here does also have the need for one but which tourist needs a Thai bank account? The "tourists" living here on back-to-back tourist visas? I think you understand what they are after..