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  1. Do they serve alcohol 24h?
  2. But is it any good lol? It's right near where I live.
  3. Thanks sir, I may well PM you once I decide to go ahead with it.
  4. It's the hospital named on my Thai social security. As far as I'm aware it's both government and private.
  5. No, I wouldn't discount it all. I might investigate getting it done there instead. My government hospital is Kluay Nam Thai. Not sure how good that one is. Ninja Edit: What sedation did you get?
  6. Was that a government hospital price? I was recommended to have one, but the Sukhumvit Hospital estimate was 25-30k.
  7. Plenty of people get long terms over here for lese majeste for tweets and posts.
  8. So it's illegal, but still operates, and there are still recruiting booths at my local Tesco Lotus. 555
  9. Oh, those things are dreadful. Just as bad for you as any soft drink.
  10. You have to be very careful over here. Often more so than surroundings seem to imply. Sadly, pursuing this attack any further probably isn't worth it, but I'm sad, yet again, to see the lack of sympathy that abounds. Being drunk at 4am in Pattaya (or anywhere, in fact) is hardly uncommon, nor worthy of such scorn. It does, however, leave one somewhat vulnerable, alas.
  11. Unsweetened green tea is delicious and healthy. Big fan here.
  12. I only drink once a week these days, but those nights tend not to end till 7am. The effects linger for two days after. Need to learn when to call it a night.
  13. That Wazza guy is hilarious, my first watch. I keep up with "20 seconds in Thailand" "Kev in Thailand" and "Jason Fonger" mostly. All decent chaps in their own way.
  14. Go see the doctor relatively soon.
  15. So far in Thailand I have thwarted one attempted pickpocketing, and it was by a ladyboy who tried to nab my phone. On the other hand, I have a very good friend here who is a ladyboy. Can't tar everyone with the same brush.