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  1. For once racial profiling focuses on a particular colour of Farang. Well at least it means less watchful eyes on the traditional colour! And of course it's always the poor Thai being exploited and never a Thai woman taking anything!
  2. Those who block the drains ...Care not for consquence or matter ..5hit for brains No use of grey matter Authorities worse than you can tell ... Make the place a living hel The working man just goes his way ..No excuse for this today
  3. American man falls to his death at Patong condo

    “Wounds on his back” specifically called out in the article says to me he was probably stabbed. Unlikely a fall from this height would inflict “back wounds” sufficient enough to report at least.
  4. Thai xenophobes at it again. Never stops!
  5. End of fossil fuel is near: industry

    With battery technology the focus of big R&D budgets puts battery costs on the same price decline curve as solar PV has seen. The lowest cost of electricity (LCOE) now demonstrably comes from renewables.The LCOE calcs INCLUDE the cost of all required backup and storage needed. The renewables revolution has just started and judging early adopter countries with higher power costs is to ignore the rate of cost declines the RE industry is seeing today. Coal fired power is unfinanceable and who is going to invest in the more costlier solution in any investment scenario? Reliability due to decentralised generation and improved n+1 factors will improve when compared to the larger scale conventional base-load generation philosophy. Things in this space are moving very quickly and the power generation landscape is going to surprise everyone especially the policy makers who find difficulty in the race to keep up.
  6. Must be the only embassy in the world that limits the number of visas issued. More madness from the LoS!
  7. Elections most likely in 2019: PM Prayut

    Here we go again...
  8. Trump tells Thailand to buy more from US

    Two clowns together could do circus exports. The real game is weapons. The sucker who bought subs can be sold a pup easily and the Donald is getting in quick to get the sale.
  9. Wrong choices have led to his demise. He is not the responsibility of anyone other than himself. He shifts the abuse of himself to others and they kick him out of their homes for relief. In the end he wants the whole population to pay for his continuous spiral of decay by way of his citizenship. With citizenship comes responsibility and he has shown none so he is not the responsibility of anyone else, especially the taxpayer. Nothing is said about this man’s family other than his Thai wife who obviously saw the light and gave him the boot. The only hope for him is his family but chances are they worked him out and gave up too. Can you blame them? Now he probably cannot afford a ticket back to Thailand which is probably just as well if he will give other expats a bad name. This is the story of a loser. Let others who may fall into this trap take heed.
  10. Family seeks return of Erawan Shrine bomb suspect

    So much here just doesn’t add up. if she is an illegal immigrant, why is she not sent to her Home country and especially since there are warrants for her arrest? She checked out of the hotel 2 months earlier and somehow the hotel room has significance in the case. Strange circumstances.
  11. The lunatics are indeed in charge of the asylum!
  12. And push under the carpet! Lol
  13. I just wish they wouldn’t do this kind of sh!t!
  14. Lent is supposed to reflect voluntary abstention. If it is to be the way proposed, it is never going to be written in the hearts of the people. Forcing an issue like Lent in this way achieves zilch. They are too stupid to see this.