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  1. Burglar dies following accidental glass cut

    Teach him a lesson. He won't do that in a hurry next time.
  2. No one knows more about anything than Donald Trump. Except diplomacy perhaps. To give ear to this North Korean clown is to put yourself in the same category as him. Trump continues to make belligerent bellicose responses and it's just not achieving anything. He should know that you must choose your battles. He's wanting to send the military in anywhere he chooses including Venezuela even after he has unfinished business in Syria and Afghanistan. Crazy!
  3. Two killed as oil tanker overturns and explodes

    Reminds me of 24th Sept 1990 a day that still haunts me when 500m from where I was standing an LPG tanker exploded in which 90 souls perished. One woman known to me lives to this day, shielded by her father who protected her using his body as a shield from the radiant heat. Sadly he did not make it. RiP. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1990_Bangkok_gas_explosion
  4. In developed countries street lighting poles have to comply with regulations concerning their ability to bend or break in a vehicle accident to protect humans in the vehicles. This design approach has no doubt saved thousands of lives. No such luck in Asia and in particular Thailand where human life appears to have little value to designers and policy makers.
  5. Jeez you are truly a brilliant military strategist. How did the US miss out on your clever reasoning. Not!
  6. Plenty of jobs for submariners though. Mai pen rai!
  7. It will also provide a lot of jobs for gravediggers too. None of you clowns would be saying any of this if you had relatives living in Seoul where 500,000 pieces of serious artillery will rain down on with massive casualties. Take your frustrations elsewhere and don't believe everything you read in the media.
  8. I presume you are referring to the North Korean regime, huh? Do do you realise what you are suggesting? Be careful what you wish for and use your brain a little more than the US president is.
  9. Tillerson in Thailand as U.S. ties improve

    Two hypocritical nations facing each other off. Edward Snowden is a good example. An American hero who did what he did not for the fame but for change. Yet there are some in the administration that want him executed. Thailand full of gracious platitudes but at the end of the Thailand has it's price and they will piss in each other's pockets. America needs pals again and if they want to stand up against the Chinese over the South China Sea Nine Dash issue, they will need Thailand and the other SE Asian nations onside. The NK issue is just a smoke screen cover for deeper matters relating to China.
  10. Lucky gal. This was not her time to go. Must have God on her side!
  11. Thailand set for balancing act during Tillerson trip

    America First! He will only be seeking to keep the US landing rights open and exclusive at Utapo
  12. Thailand set for balancing act during Tillerson trip

    Yeah right so he ignores and identifies as BS almost everything his President says!
  13. ‘London’ pub near Kasetsart University raided

    Theyre just killjoys hating to see people enjoying themselves!
  14. Legalizing Thailand's Sex Industry Unfathomable

    The whole society is in denial on this topic. Underneath the facade of conservatism is a deep distancing from the realities. The core problem is inequality and that's not going to change anytime soon.
  15. "Regular jobs" caught my eye. The mind boggles :-)