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  1. I have read what the opinions of the other posters about your situation.Now read mine. The very thought that your wife wanders off i s horrifying. What if she does it when alone with the child. This, as said,could be a ploy to return to Thailand with the child and never return. For you to allow your child to go some 8000 miles away with this doughnut is a recipe for a possible disaster,for which you would be to blame, and would never forgive your self for. There is only one way around this, and that is to refuse to let the child out of the UK. You have to go with her, end of. If you love your child, you would not put her at this terrible risk. For you to even consider it, makes me think that you are not completely all there. If your wife makes it hell on earth for you and your decision, so be it. Your wife may not return, but you will still have your daughter. I was a single parent of my daughter because my wife was proved unfit. I thank the lord for British Justice in my case. But once parted by miles of ocean, you will have none.
  2. Ahhh, that would make it a 'balcohol death' then
  3. Khon Kaen Dave

    If I should die

    Silly Nancy, my solicitor is my is a family lawyer and and also a family member.He is my Fathers brother's son, my nephew. In every family, there is always someone who inherits the brains. He did from my aunt. Think again.
  4. Khon Kaen Dave

    If I should die

    Rest assured, i do not take offence at your remarks, simply because i do not care, what you say. I have made my arrangements with my solicitor, who is my family lawyer. I am safe in the knowledge that my finances are safe and sound and i can rest easy, when the day comes, that the grim reaper, who i also think of a friend will tell me to get my hat and coat, and tell me its time to go. Your post is irrelevant to me. However, i do not have to agree with what you say, but i will, defend to the death, your right to say it. Mee wan dee
  5. Khon Kaen Dave

    If I should die

    Thank you.And that is exactly what i have done through my solicitor in the UK.
  6. Khon Kaen Dave

    If I should die

    So all the money that the guy has worked for all his life to allow him a good retirement, ends up down the kharsie. Good bye 35 years of toil and sweat.
  7. That was Mandy Rice Davis, and Christine Keeler, if i remember.
  8. True. We had one of our girls in the bar,get bar fined by a guy who had a very minor role in one of the half hour shows on UK TV. He was never a regular but a 2 minute spot in every 3 or 4 episodes. After the speil that he gave her, She was convinced he was a superstar. Funny though, he never had any money and was a total pest when inebriated.
  9. Khon Kaen Dave

    Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Answer to your first line. They think it will get them drunk and a better lay. It doesn't work like that. The last thing you want is a drunken bar girl on your hands. Most of them dont have a very god tolerance to alcohol and they tend to just want to go to sleep. I agree with the last line though. Juice, coke, whatever, it was still only 30 baht on the price of a drink.
  10. I dont see that. If you went on the computer and noted down all the winning numbers, why couldn't you simply write out the same numbers on their respective dates.
  11. Investments, stocks, buy low, sell high and all that shit. It would be a lot easier just to keep a list of all the Lottery and super lottery numbers, and play them for a year.Whta could be easier. You could be having a great time while just waiting for the Lottery days. Bugger all that working crap.You wouldnt even have to be in the UK. You could be in ant other tropical country and still be a winner. Of course the bank trans fers would have to be worked out, and you would have to go and collect the cheques your self, but what a terrible thing.
  12. Khon Kaen Dave

    Yingluck’s assets frozen

    I just wonder,that with all that money and assets, that could possibly be liquidized ,where some of that money will actually end up?
  13. Khon Kaen Dave

    If I should die

    Ok, consider this. How can make sure that your wishes are carried out. My friend, has a good deal of money that he has made sure that is wife will inherit if /when he dies. The problem is that he will never be sure where the money will end up. His wife has a fat, lazy daughter, with an equally idle,drug taking boy friend. The wife as weak when it comes to her daughter( most Thai mums are) he is terrified that the wife will give money to the daughter and her boyfriend who will proceed to squander it on stupid things and drugs. How, then, can he be sure that this will not happen.Once the inheritance is released into the family, anything can happen.
  14. Ha ha, Bristol city's cockney for monetary units A sov...1 pound A duese coin...2 pounds A jacks / or a handfull....five pounds A cock and hen ....Ten pounds A score... twenty pounds A bulls eye....fifty pounds A wunna(sic) / A century.... one hundred pounds A longun one thousand pounds.
  15. Khon Kaen Dave

    Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Not in my bar, my friend. I dont know what sort of bars you went to, but the ones in mine, were not that stupid.