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  1. Baloney, do you not know what baloney is?ts the fail safe of every American mum. Its like the stuff you can buy in any lotus or any 7/11.Its sandwich heaven. its a cheap get out. You can fry it, eat it as it comes,ts great stuff.Without knowing where you come from. I can only liken it to spam.
  2. So the search is slowly going down the pan then.? The RTB are not, in this matter, flushed with success,? The RTB have decided toi let this investigation pass. The RTB book of the month is 'look back in panger'. Sawadee crap.
  3. Hi Andy. Yessssss, pick and mix, you bring back the salivation of times gone by. Sherbet lemons and wine gums. Toffees that promised to draw out the fillings of any body's teeth.A box of fruit gums, saved until you went to the pictures.Easter eggs to drive a chocolate lover to distraction.'All because the lady loves Milk Tray" remember that? The lime barrel chocolate in a box of milk tray, every body's favourite.Oh woolies, my lion heart. I can say no more, i am having a Woolies moment.
  4. The last time i was in a woolies was just before they went under. I have to disagree with you about the quality of their stuff. I bought loads of stuff there and never had to return anything.The Woolies trade mark was its guarantee . Never had a complaint. Sorry mate but me and you weren't in the same place.
  5. Well, of course they will say they are a success, cant lose face if they are an abject failure. A huge success, just like the finding of the cure for Ebola and all the other ridiculous shit that's been bandied about .
  6. No,mon ami. Woolworth went skint a good few years ago. And the sad part is, that it wasn't for astronomical money. Someone like sir Paul Mc Cartney, could have saved the company with all his billions. When F.W. Woolworth went down the pan people lost a lot. The ladybird label was always good for mums who never had a lot of money. The Easter egg isle, was a kids heaven. Also cheap but reliable electrical goods, like sound systems and stuff. When we lost Woolies, we lost a great company. I will never understand why the millionaires of the UK never banded together to save it.The book section was second to none, also the audio section was great, and the film section.It was reasonably priced and within every ones price range.It was an off shoot of the American 5&10 cent stores. I can remember when it advertised "everything for sixpence". You could buy a pair of running shoes for a shilling. One shoe was sixpence, and so was the other. I even remember the big tubes that used to suck up the money in a can. Fabulous days. The like of which we will never see again. Woolies and Joe Lyons eating houses, where tomato soup and a crusty bread roll was fourpence. RIP Woolworths.
  7. Didnt you know? Amazing Thailand, is renowned for its beautiful beaches, friendly, helpful people .And their quaint customs.
  8. Hi maduser. I am about 28 kliks out of KK proper. I dont know of the place that you are asking about, but i think the best thing to do is to google it. In the mean time i will ask a friend of mine in the village. He is off shore at present, but should be back soon. As for my missus knowing, i would have more chance of getting run over by one of the trucks from the school. Sorry mate.
  9. Old school Thai teacher eh?. Well if that was my daughter, he would find out just how East End London, old school, i could be. (bastard)
  10. Communication, that's the truth. I love intelligent, and inspiring conversation. Mine always ended up like this. Me. "Hi babe, you are beautiful do you wanna f###?" Her. "How disgusting, I most certainly do not!" Me. "Ok, well, would you mind laying down, while i do"
  11. True, but most of the felang women in my life, were capable of having a row in an empty house!
  12. I like your quote. Sea sick Steve, i believe.
  13. I agree with all the poster's complaints about bikes and pavements, but i couldn't be arsed to go around making notes of those who do it. And how much they gonna give ya? 25 %.If you are lucky. It isn't worth the aggro of pissing some Thai guy, with a gun, off. Its the police's job to enforce the law, not ask the public to help them to that extent. The people who do it, must understand its against the law. Heavy fines and loss of the bike, for a while, is the only way to get them to understand. And while we are on the subject, i am still seeing pickups loaded with kids and adults in the carriage space.I dont see the cops pulling them over on my weekly runs to Lotus. Who the f###k cares, they obviously dont, so why should we.?
  14. So the cozy little chat between Donny and our little Kimmy is out of the question,now then.
  15. All i have to say, is that i hope the citizens of Trang, get what they want, and it reaches a satisfactory conclusion. In fact, i wish them a merry Isthmas.