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  1. Excuse me, where do you come into this? Stay out of something you have nothing to do with.
  2. I agree, even way out where i am , there are 3 short time hotels in easy reach.
  3. Thanks for that. Its all true. Its even on Google. But for obvious reasons i cant give names. But the husband got 4 for the killing and 4 for perverting the course of justice. Afterwards the jury called the judge back and asked him to reduce the sentence, because after the evidence was heard, they recommended leniency. I was a main witness in the number 1 court at the Bailey. He ended up with 3+3. I like to think i was responsible for that. He went to the max security nick in woolwich. He was there a week and someone striped his face with a blade.
  4. "Cos it fun,and he's allowed to voice his opinion. And this is what TV is all about
  5. You must have still loved her. I know i did. I was married to a woman who gave me a daughter. The best thing in my life. Sadly, my wife became unfit, due to alcohol abuse. I divorced her after 10 years, having to do so for the safety of my girl.My wife was a violent, uncontrollable woman. I gave her everything she could want for. We had a beautiful house in the Kent countryside, she had her own car, but she was unstable. When my girl was 6 years old, my wife, assaulted a guy in a pub with a pint glass. I sent her to France, a place in the South, called Aude. The town was Saint Julien de briola.While she was away, i went to a solicitor and took out prohibitive steps orders, injunctions, and all sorts. My solicitor was a woman from a Sidcup office.Anyway she came back from her sisters in France but had to go and live with her parents. The judge was a ' Judge Carrington QC" who later became an order of the Garter, but i digress. I was given sole custody, care and control, with no visitation by my ex. To cut a long story, a few years later, plod turned up on my door step. The outcome was, that she had married again and her husband had killed her. I was called by his solicitor and went as witness for the defence as i knew what she was like.It went national in the Newspapers at the time. The thing is that i had my daughter for 13years as a single parent. She was my life. But i never stopped loving her mum. Every time i looked at my girl, i saw her. My daughter has proved to be a treasure, she is a Fire fighter, black belt karate, and is at level 2 sign language, and she has never shown any of her mothers traits.You talking about the light house reminded me of a week we stayed in Dover, and we could see the Dungeness light. When it was foggy the fog alarm would sound. I never forget that haunting sound. I still love my ex, I always will. So i know your pain. You say that your wife died of cancer,7 years later. I know the feeling of frustration, of never being to ask my wife, Why? I hope that this story has shown you a kindred spirit.
  6. This is a terrible crime, and i feel for the parents. RIP the child. But what annoys me, is the fact that Thais have the attitude that all felangs are Pedophiles, and the accusation slips easily off their tongues. But with the recent kidnaps and assaults on children, they should look closer to home.But then Thais can do no wrong.
  7. I read your post, and i have the upmost sympathy. It must have taken some getting over. For some weaker men, there would have been another alternative. You must have had to be very strong and i feel your pain. As for living by the sea, the7/8 years i lived in Patts, i think i went to the beach a handful of times. After a while it was like, i never went there, but it was good just knowing it was there.
  8. This is called, total apathy, incompetence, inability, and taking the easy way out.
  9. I dont advise any body how to live their lives. I dont care how other people live their lives. I am quite happy living my life the way i like. I really dont see that its any of your business how i live. If you dont like my way of life, dont read or answer my posts. Your insecurities are your own problem.
  10. What village do you live in? if at all. You are painting fantasy assumptions in your own mind, if the above load of rubbish is anything to go by.Unless you are a villager, you have no idea of how much respect you can get by a simple action. I dont buy them gifts, or lend them money. My MIL is 77, i treat her well. I give her 2000b a month, that allows her to do what she wants. She is active and goes out and buys her own food and even takes the bloody dog for a walk. She helps her friends who have nothing. She thinks her SIL is Felag dee jai dee mach mach. Is that a problem for you. I like to make her life a bit better, is that wrong. As for the gift of a drill to my BIL, why is that a problem. Is it a problem for you that i take 10 or so kids down to the lake and feed them once a month. Again, a problem for you? Having building experience i also help with laying drains and tiling shower rooms, Free, A problem for you? I built some wardrobes in our house and the wifes sisters house, Problem? So what are the moral grounds that i am conflicting with. It is up to me how i treat my family and those around us. I suggest that you mind your own business until you can come up with something worth reading
  11. And this is going native is it? Come to my village and see real Thais and how they live. Some of these people have nothing, but they scrimp and they feed their kids. Thats Native. Any way i am done with this. You live in a plastic world, god forbid if you ever have to make a real decision. And as the other poster said. A cure for cancer would be great if you have the time.
  12. Great quote, It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.
  13. I have read your post with interest, i can only say that i can see you singing 'Kumbaya' with your extended Thai 'family". You represent your self as a thai wanna be. There are many of you about. You are obviously so far up your own @rse that you cannot see that you are simply a felang woman with 'hangabouts' As for your guilt about my thai,i get by, but i dont speak Thai, i speak Isaan, which if you didnt know is a different dialect.You seem to think that you have the 'call' on thai culture. But i think you are going to be very disappointed later on in life. I also think that you are here because of some hidden problem that you had in your own country. But anyway, thats not here nor there YET. Enjoy your plastic life with your plastic friends. You wouldn't know real Thailand, if it came up and bit you on the arse.
  14. Its true, i never wanted the house, but it fell to me. I have never made a penny from it. As i said, i do not rent it.but i pay the insurance on it and the repairs if i have to.What is your problem that you feel you have to prove that i am a store bought prince?
  15. It was from my grandad. If you have something to say,please do it, i have no secrets.I have never made a penny out of that house. I do not rent it, nor do i let anybody stay there.That house will never pay me anything because it is already in the ownership of my daughter. My family solicitor has control over this. Of course if i die then my wife will receive a percentage of it, which is in writing.If she decides to sell it.which is my wish. I am sure that my daughter would rather have the money than a dusty old house in a part of London that she does not wish to reside. So my threatening friend, bring it on.