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  1. That would be bad. PM2.5 off the charts! But seriously, I'd get that looked at ASAP. Could be sparks flying from a bad insulation somewhere.
  2. In my building it's the rather wide gaps around the connecting door, and I suspect also the aircon system. Either way, nice to see it confirmed that this stuff really is effective.
  3. Yep, same as I was thinking.
  4. Does your window have a very tight seal? I remember seeing this Smartair graph where the PM2.5 shoots up in a half hour or so after switching the purifier off, but it would depend on the building of course. Another thing is how isolated your bedroom is from your living room. In my condo, even with the doors closed, if I run the air conditioning in one, it cools the air in the other room significantly as well.
  5. That was my reaction when I got a purifier about a year ago. Once you have one, there's no going back. Even when the air is back in the moderate range, why wouldn't you want to breathe super clean air instead? Your reading of inside vs. outside air confirms what I read elsewhere that there's not much difference. That being the case, the standard advice of remaining indoors is quite ineffectual. As an extra check, it would be interesting to compare the inside air without purifier to outside our on your balcony (as opposed to the Chula measurement station). Probably a similar outcome, but that way you factor out calibration issues.
  6. Great reporting. If it's on an authoritative site like Facebook who are we to question it?
  7. A former colleague of mine who has a house near a nature reserve in Singapore found a monkey in his bathroom looking for food one morning. Apparently he bit a bar of soap, threw it down while spitting it out, and saw himself out through the window.
  8. Hypothetical Situation...

    Interesting. Assuming you speak of the 1980s, wasn't pollution worse, at least in Bangkok. Fewer cars then, but much more emissions per vehicle.
  9. Where you here in 2014? What you say refers to a utopia that couldn't be further from the reality in Thailand. The slime was completely in cahoots with the PDRC and doing anything in his power to sabotage the last election. He's completely as despicable as Prayuth, not the good guy in this. Just a case of the revolution eating its own young, factions fighting for power.
  10. He should get that job, for life, with his tongue. Good riddance to bad rubbish, but just firing him lets him off way too easy.
  11. Asking someone who's built like Homer Simpson to bare his torso in public is humiliating, yes. Equally bad, it shows the poverty of thinking among what are supposed to be educators.
  12. Missing the point completely. See post 22 above you.
  13. To get around the defamation laws, you could email your story to Andrew Drummond where he might put it (with name of bar and perpetrator) on his website. He's based in the UK.
  14. Bangkok Air Pollution

    I was in Danang and Hoi An last December and there was a permanent light smoke around, also completely out in the woods, 50km inland. Agricultural burning is popular in this region...
  15. The evolution of mobile phones or why size matters

    Depends I guess if you have a "manbag" or not. :) I never leave the house without one. My iPad weighs 460 grams and I can hold it in one hand, so for reading and basic browsing it's the best compromise for me. Sometimes I'm tempted to get a large iPad Pro, especially for reading international magazines and looking at photos, but if I can only one iPad, the regular size is about right.