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  1. Boring empty propaganda.
  2. capsule endoscopy/ colon capsule

    Shopping around for a colonoscopy in Bangkok today. Your post gave me the idea to search for the cost in Belgium (where I'm going at the end of the year). The costs seem pretty much fixed by the government. The total cost comes to about 550 Euro without, 600 Euro with biopsy. Starting to think I'll just get one there. I bet if polyps need to be removed it'll turn out cheaper there.
  3. I had a very bad viral conjunctivitis 15 years ago. Went to the Moorfield eye hospital in London where the doctor put me on steroid drops. She did this with some hesitation as once you get on these drops it's hard to get off without your vision going down. You may be having this now. I have very small scars on both eye lenses from the conjunctivitis. I can smoothen them out by taking FML eye drops (light steroid) about 3 times a week. If I stop completely after 2-3 weeks my eyesight gets markedly blurry. It's a pain having to take these drops and getting my eye pressure measured every 4 months to control the risk, but it is what it is. Your case doesn't sound as extreme so it may be temporary. Anyway, go see an eye doctor.
  4. Maid Arrested For Trolling Policewomen On Facebook

    Not trolling but identity theft. Pretty nasty.
  5. Hotel bar with a view

    Bit off topic but lower Sukhumvit is OK if you go by Airport rail link. Take it to Phaya Thai (last stop) and change to the BTS from there. Takes 45-60 minutes to my condo without nasty surprises (like 2 hours in a taxi with too low roof).
  6. What are those cutting edge industries? Coal mining? Climate science denial? Troll farming? Policy corruption? Golf vacationing? Race baiting?
  7. Agreed. It's just flag-waving, chest-beating nationalism for the dumb.
  8. And this fact check shows he's a lying POS who doesn't know the concept of shame. This article completely debunks his explanation that 2/3 of the bill was pork. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2017/08/29/ted-cruzs-claim-that-two-thirds-of-the-hurricane-sandy-bill-had-nothing-to-do-with-sandy/?utm_term=.cdf74adb75b0
  9. They have it in Central and even my local 7/11. They give it very little shelf space (1 bottle wide at the bottom of the fridge), but have a look. Much better than San Miguel IMO. It's imported from Laos and costs 53 Baht for the regular and 65 or something for the dark one.
  10. Fair enough. My use of "decent" wasn't the best choice. :) It's just that I refuse to pay over 500 and be held to ransom for even more, so choices are limited. I'm looking for jobs abroad already, getting fed up with this place, and this is one out of many things.
  11. Have you tried beer Lao? It's pretty good, both the regular and dark one.
  12. Doubtless with a straight face too, because the "enologists" on staff wouldn't know wine from bloody stool.
  13. Ha! I thought that sounded familiar. Went to check my cupboard and that's the one I've been drinking the past 2 months. They have in Central for 499. It's slightly on the too light and sweet side, but in Thailand you can't be picky at that price. Big C also has decent wines just under 500, like Gossips.
  14. It's not 50/50 at all among the foreigners I mingle with (mostly mid-career professionals). Nearly all support the democratic process, which is a very different thing from supporting Yingluck. I don't know a single foreigner here who believes the current junta represents anything other than a power grab. You just get a very vocal minority here (and Thailand attracts probably more very weird men than any country) so that's useless for determining the relative size of the camps.
  15. While I have your sympathetic ear, almost as annoying are the dimwits stores employ to stand 50cm next to you and bore a hole in you with their eyes while you make your selection. Then when you make a choice they point at a random wine just a bit more expensive. Who are they fooling, they wouldn't know if Merlot is a region or a grape, and sure like hell they've never tasted the wines they're recommending.