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  1. Merkel attacks Turkey's 'misuse' of Interpol warrants

    About time that Europe starts giving some heat back to Erdogan, then Erdogan will come begging like a dog, like he already did with Putin.
  2. Any new Korean war could quickly escalate to catastrophe

    Exactly. Well, it was worth a try.
  3. Any new Korean war could quickly escalate to catastrophe

    Diplomacy is needed. Trump and Pence should fly out to Pyongyang ASAP to cut us a deal.
  4. PM Prayut issues orders to address Don Mueang chaos

    Not making excuses for this at all. Just wanted to share I had a 3-hour wait in LAX last year. I had an electronic visa but was unable to use it because I had renewed my passport recently and that gate requires a previous entry under the same passport, 3 hours! And equally surly immigration officers. And Schiphol is very bad as well. The past 4 times I waited about an hour (last time longer) 3 times. Right at the end a group of 4 immigration officers came back smiling and looking relaxed, suddenly doubling the number of windows. Scandalous! Really galling to encounter such African standards in Europe. As for Thailand, I'm not discrediting others' experience, but I have passed immigration at least 50 times at various times of day, and very rarely have to wait more than 10 minutes. Usually it's around 5 minutes. I find it surprising that so many have problems here, not just this week, but it seems to be a general complaint. The worse lines are when leaving Thailand, but also that was only once when it took maybe an hour.
  5. Same for corrupt, unelected regimes.
  6. Shopping online in the US and shipping to Thailand

    Second Shipito package arrived after 12 days. Glad I found out about this service.
  7. Shopping online in the US and shipping to Thailand

    Re Amazon, it's almost always better to order via Amazon.co.uk. Shipping prices are lower (I forgot but maybe 3 Pounds per DVD), and they deduct the VAT. I often buy entire seasons of TV shows for 10-12 GBP shipped there. It's not worth the hassle of downloading and I don't mind supporting content creators. I have received tens of packages from them, never with a problem or duties charged. I live in Bangkok, maybe it depends on the location. For books, bookdepository.co.uk works out more cheaply than Amazon usually, once you factor in the shipping cost.
  8. bye bye STICKMAN

    Exactly. Haters gonna hate.
  9. bye bye STICKMAN

    I enjoyed most of his opening columns, the digest of readers' mail, and some of the readers submissions. That said, he was plugging that service (matching platform for hookers and Johnns) to an extent I started to strongly suspect he had an involvement in that business himself. I'd have no issue with it if he did, but then just say so instead of talking about it like it's the greatest thing every week. All that said, I'll miss the column and hope it'll be back.
  10. Shopping online in the US and shipping to Thailand

    Yikes, that must hurt. I used Shipito based on the advice in this thread for some electronic parts from the US (declared value 25 USD) and it came through without demand for customs fees in exactly 2 weeks. I used the cheapest option (airmail economy) without shipping. I'm expecting a second package, also with Shipito, any time now.
  11. Typical thai incomes

    I don't care either way. He's young and thinks he's got it all figured out, so his posts don't get under my skin. I wouldn't want to repeat everything I said when I was 25 either. I do find his posts very ageist, judgemental and lacking in empathy though, mostly one-line putdowns calling people old losers, braggards, arrogant, deriding their imagined sexlife, and so on. That's the difference between him and some of the other guys here like you and Craig khrub. I actually liked Craig's long post because he had an original viewpoint and put some time in articulating it. I don't agree entirely because I think he romanticizes the genius misfit lifestyle too much, but at least it was good food for thought.
  12. Typical thai incomes

    I related the things that happened in my life and that are relevant to this thread. It's out of my control how you perceive that. My point is "been there (at your age), done that".
  13. Typical thai incomes

    Not bragging, and you come across as smug yourself.
  14. Typical thai incomes

    There's research done on the relationship between income and life satisfaction and IIRC, it starts to level off around 80,000 USD per year in the US. Being poor is clearly linked with lower life staisfaction, for obvious reasons. Not just less fun stuff in life, but also more stress and having no choice but to put up with crap. I grew up in a household with constant money problems and for me and my sister that was a huge driver to NOT become like that in adulthood. I was just getting by on a scholarship till I was 32 (full scholarship with no other source of money first for an MBA and later a PhD), and sure I was happy then. My late twenties (1990s) I was surviving on 15,000 dollars a year in Manhattan. It was a penniless student lifestyle and it was OK then, because I knew it was temporary and being at a university campus with pretty undergrads everywhere. Damn glad it's over though, and having more money does make life more enjoyable, up to a point. For instance I'm getting tired of my job here and living in Bangkok, and now there's no stress, I can pack up when I reach that point where the bad outweighs the good. Having some cushion helps a lot. Don't get too literal also in reading people's posts. No one's telling you what to do, or cares how you decide to live your life.