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  1. Indeed. And worse, some dentists here are sleazy sales people. Happened twice that a dentist (when I go for whitening or a cleaning locally) try and convince me I have 10+ "abrasian cavities". Then I check with my regular dentist in Belgium and he says the tradeoff is that anytime you fill them you first have to remove good material, so it does more harm than good with tiny cavities. One instance was in 2003. Haven't needed a single filling ever since. I floss every night, brush my teeth twice, and go for a checkup every 8 months. Never have a problem. I completely trust my dentist in Belgium. In fact, he didn't even charge me at all a couple of times because he knows I don't have health insurance in Belgium. Typical old fashioned village dentist with a good ethic.
  2. I used to go to the Emporium Suites gym. Not as big as some, but sufficient. Like a good hotel gym. Pleasant inside and no music in the background, which I much prefer so I can choose my own. Reasonable rates also. 15,000 per year for a limited membership (9am-3pm each day).
  3. Yes, ask all those idiot whistle-blowers from 4 years ago.
  4. LOL. How <deleted> up can you get?
  5. Feudal political system with innovative workforce.... Is anyone that stupid? It makes you wonder if there's anyone in the government who actually believes their own propaganda kitsch.
  6. I'm 50 and keep myself in good shape, and even then the really hot ones are slipping out of reach. For younger guys who are reasonably attractive it's definitely a paradise and you can find a gorgeous girlfriend here, the kind that wouldn't give you the light of day in the west. For them I can see the reason for moving here. For older guys looking for a serious relationship, and hence women not much more than 10 years younger, nah, thanks, not for me. I prefer being single then.
  7. Even for single older men, I don't see the point. Yes, I know, the obvious reason that people always mention is women, but should we take that for granted? If you're talking about prostitutes, you can get that in most European countries too. 50 euros will get you a quickie in my home country, and some of the girls are absolute stunners, model quality. As for relationships, how often do you see a retirement age expat with a beautiful, sexy woman? One you'd move to the other side of the world for? When was the last time you thought "lucky guy!" when you saw a couple (not just for one night) in public? No offense intended to those who love their Thai girlfriend or wife, my point is just that that's hardly a strong reason for why retired men in general should move here. Once your target market becomes Thai women older than 50, might as well be in Spain and find a woman who's culturally more compatible and about as good-looking.
  8. Indeed, I work there too and I think it's sickening.
  9. Indeed, can't even name it for fear of a defamation lawsuit from the MAFIA. Freedom of speech is alive and well in Thailand.
  10. Just for the sake of argument, the examples you cite are instances where society later decided the laws themselves were unjust, so once they're withdrawn it makes sense to not apply them and even free people who were jailed because of them. In the other cases where new laws are introduced, it would undermine the notion of legal certainty. It should be good enough to obey current laws. That's not to say there isn't some scum that you'd want to throw in jail. Maybe a lawyer can chime in here. Are there precedents in first-world countries of laws being introduced and retroactively enforced?
  11. Just one case is hardly evidence that the bad old days of hi-so impunity are over. Not even you believe that yourself, although you'll argue otherwise.
  12. Why would "Thai bashers" (better known as "realists") be angry? Still thousands of similar criminals walking free, so it's not like there's suddenly a shortage of things to bash. The only thing unusual here is that she ran out of cover.
  13. The problem with that is that, in your words, the penalty understood at that time for hi-sos was no penalty. At most you get caught and can then drag things out in the court and never see a day in jail. I don't think this is a case of a new law being retroactively applied, but rather a case of extreme, selectively leniency not being granted this time. Everybody knows there are thousands like those two, so they're very unlucky. Unlucky doesn't mean "unfair" though.
  14. It's a harsh sentence. Don't feel sorry for them though. I'll reserve my pity for the majority of Thai people who lead shitty lives making ends meet and having to grovel before the likes of them.
  15. What kind of nonsense metric is this? The only logical explanation is that the other 20% never takes taxis, either because they have their own car or are too poor.