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  1. Agreed. It's just flag-waving, chest-beating nationalism for the dumb.
  2. And this fact check shows he's a lying POS who doesn't know the concept of shame. This article completely debunks his explanation that 2/3 of the bill was pork. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2017/08/29/ted-cruzs-claim-that-two-thirds-of-the-hurricane-sandy-bill-had-nothing-to-do-with-sandy/?utm_term=.cdf74adb75b0
  3. They have it in Central and even my local 7/11. They give it very little shelf space (1 bottle wide at the bottom of the fridge), but have a look. Much better than San Miguel IMO. It's imported from Laos and costs 53 Baht for the regular and 65 or something for the dark one.
  4. Fair enough. My use of "decent" wasn't the best choice. :) It's just that I refuse to pay over 500 and be held to ransom for even more, so choices are limited. I'm looking for jobs abroad already, getting fed up with this place, and this is one out of many things.
  5. Have you tried beer Lao? It's pretty good, both the regular and dark one.
  6. Doubtless with a straight face too, because the "enologists" on staff wouldn't know wine from bloody stool.
  7. Ha! I thought that sounded familiar. Went to check my cupboard and that's the one I've been drinking the past 2 months. They have in Central for 499. It's slightly on the too light and sweet side, but in Thailand you can't be picky at that price. Big C also has decent wines just under 500, like Gossips.
  8. It's not 50/50 at all among the foreigners I mingle with (mostly mid-career professionals). Nearly all support the democratic process, which is a very different thing from supporting Yingluck. I don't know a single foreigner here who believes the current junta represents anything other than a power grab. You just get a very vocal minority here (and Thailand attracts probably more very weird men than any country) so that's useless for determining the relative size of the camps.
  9. While I have your sympathetic ear, almost as annoying are the dimwits stores employ to stand 50cm next to you and bore a hole in you with their eyes while you make your selection. Then when you make a choice they point at a random wine just a bit more expensive. Who are they fooling, they wouldn't know if Merlot is a region or a grape, and sure like hell they've never tasted the wines they're recommending.
  10. First of all, look at the label over the cap. Blue means imported as is, brown-orange means it was imported as fruit juice (wine with alcohol extracted) with the alcohol added back in and bottled in Thailand as a tax dodge. At least that bit is easy to see. Anything under 400 Baht a bottle as well as cardboard boxes are nearly always with the orange label -- an abomination I refuse to drink. Another red flag is where they call it "red" instead of "red wine". If they studiously avoid to use the word "wine", you know why. Finally, read the fine print on the back and look for "fruit wine", "fruit blend" or the like. Annoying nanny-state shit like this is what's making me tired of this country.
  11. Merkel attacks Turkey's 'misuse' of Interpol warrants

    About time that Europe starts giving some heat back to Erdogan, then Erdogan will come begging like a dog, like he already did with Putin.
  12. Any new Korean war could quickly escalate to catastrophe

    Exactly. Well, it was worth a try.
  13. Any new Korean war could quickly escalate to catastrophe

    Diplomacy is needed. Trump and Pence should fly out to Pyongyang ASAP to cut us a deal.
  14. PM Prayut issues orders to address Don Mueang chaos

    Not making excuses for this at all. Just wanted to share I had a 3-hour wait in LAX last year. I had an electronic visa but was unable to use it because I had renewed my passport recently and that gate requires a previous entry under the same passport, 3 hours! And equally surly immigration officers. And Schiphol is very bad as well. The past 4 times I waited about an hour (last time longer) 3 times. Right at the end a group of 4 immigration officers came back smiling and looking relaxed, suddenly doubling the number of windows. Scandalous! Really galling to encounter such African standards in Europe. As for Thailand, I'm not discrediting others' experience, but I have passed immigration at least 50 times at various times of day, and very rarely have to wait more than 10 minutes. Usually it's around 5 minutes. I find it surprising that so many have problems here, not just this week, but it seems to be a general complaint. The worse lines are when leaving Thailand, but also that was only once when it took maybe an hour.