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  1. Engagement and sin sod

    She will run (and rightfully so) because if someone did as you suggest they are being an ass. Concur that many requests for sin sod are a scam and just for the money. Especially if she has been previously married one or more times, has one or several children from previous marriages, or likes to get drunk or gamble. If you don't want to do it, don't do it, but don't insult the girl you are thinking is a candidate for marriage by asking her to pay you sin sod.
  2. Engagement and sin sod

    Sin sod is a Thai custom and would be expected in many parts of Rural Thailand. Being able to take care of the wife's parents is very important to many Thai women. Showing that you have the capacity to do this might be helpful (as others have stated). I have been married 25 years and my wife was in the USA for most of that time (we are living in Thailand now), and we would send 100-200 USD per month back to the parents each month to make sure they were OK. That works out to 30K-60K USD over that time (or 1-2 million Thai baht). In the end it is up to you, but the wedding party, and a gold necklace is normally paid for by the groom. Some sin sot for display that is partially or fully given back is not out of the ordinary for a first marriage, even among Thais in the part of Thailand where we live (Buriram). If it is all about money, I would think hard about the path you are embarking on.
  3. White person claims to be 'transracial,' identifies as Filipino

    It could, if you want it to. These people have mental illness, but as long as they aren't hurting anyone I say live and let live, just don't try to convince me that they aren't a few bricks shy of a full load. https://www.mediaite.com/online/meet-the-20-year-old-norwegian-woman-who-identifies-as-a-cat/
  4. I bought a smart TV, and I have an internet connection. I can watch movies on my USA Netflix account, order movies on Amazon prime (just ordered Game of Thrones Season 7), or watch HD news channels (Al Jazeera, BBC, FOX, CNN) on you tube. We are in the sticks of Buriram, but the service (3BB) is reliable and streams with zero issues.
  5. Every country that operates submarines is the answer to your question "what kind of military". A submarine is a risky proposition, every single time a submarine goes to sea and submerges the ocean serves as your protector (gives you stealth), but the ocean could also just as easily kill you. A valve lineup gone wrong, or faulty piping could cause flooding, or a battery fire that could not be extinguished. Every single time a submarine dives below the surface, the submarine and everyone onboard is at risk from the very ocean that it sails under. Risks can be minimized through training, procedures, maintenance, and qualification to stand various watch stations, but the risk that the ocean itself presents is always there. One mistake, one over sight, one chain of errors and the relentless pressure of the depths will be there waiting to take the boat and crew. It is the definition of service to put your life in harms way for your country, no one is ever guaranteed safety or rescue. I hope the Argentinian submarine is found safe, I hope their families are taken care of if they are not. I spent 24 years serving on U.S. Navy nuclear submarines, much of that time at sea and whenever I hear of a submarine sinking or missing (no matter of the nationality) my heart goes out to the crew and families of that crew.
  6. 33 in Buriram yesterday.
  7. Except for guns, guns, guns and the current President, concur.
  8. I also was doing just fine in the USA, living in Hawaii since 1983. We moved to Thailand for three reasons, (1) to care for my aging mother-in-law (Thai wife of nearly 25 years) who is in her mid-80's and widowed, (2) We are financially able to retire in Thailand but in Hawaii my very adequate military pension is almost large enough to only pay the monthly mortgage (here in Thailand it pays for everything and we have money left over for savings each and every month), and (3) living in Thailand allowed me to retire at age 54 (not possible if we continued to live in Hawaii or most other locations in the USA). So here we are. Would I consider moving back? Yes I would, there are many positives to living in the USA and some things I miss. The negatives are the costs associated with daily living, and the level of regulations and red tape associated with living in the land of the free.
  9. Simple traffic enforcement of existing laws might be a place to start. Until that happens nothing will change.
  10. Actually I do not see what you mean. Hillary was much more knowledgeable about how government works and how corruption in government works than Trump ever will be. It was a choice between two horrible candidates, Trump was an outside and so was Bernie Sanders. If the DNC hadn't fixed the primaries to favor Hillary we might have had the choice of two outsiders (Trump and Bernie). If that had been the case I would likely be whining about having a socialist as President but it didn't so I am not.
  11. Don't disagree with your post but when presented with a choice of two bags of poop for President, I think that Trump was the less smelly of the two (and less corrupt by a great deal). It really doesn't matter who is the President based on the checks and balances inherent to the three branches of government in the USA. We survived two terms of Obama, we can surely survive a few more years of Trump.
  12. Yes it does mean that Trump has something to do with me, he kept her corrupt butt out of the White House. His greatest achievement to date and if he does nothing else in the next three years it makes him great! You may not realize this but I was replying to a previous post, thanks for trying to keep the thread on topic though, good job!
  13. You are incorrect in stating that Trump has nothing to do with Clinton. Trump in fact does has one thing to do with Clinton, and that one thing is that he became President and she did not.
  14. Queens of the Stone Age, Fair weathered friends.