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  1. Even for Thai males there are no consequences to just walking away from a marriage, even if children are involved. If you really want to be done with it walk away.
  2. Ahab

    Sour taste in sugar-cane province

    You can get the flesh eating disease even in places like Hawaii where the chemical use is not widespread. I don't see the article referencing any scientific proof of a relationship between weed killers and the flesh eating bacteria. 34.22 milligrams per liter sounds like a lot, but what level is found in other areas of Thailand, and what is a "safe" dose. A single study that "hints" of a link is not very convincing and more research needs to be done before a rash decision by the government to ban a useful chemical (when used properly). DDT was banned under similar circumstances in 1972, it has been estimated that since DDT was banned in 1972, more than 96 million people have died of malaria, a disease that had almost been eradicated in the 1960s. Sometimes the alleged effects of the chemical being banned are offset by the positive effects of the chemical when used properly. Unless you hate humanity and don't care that 96 million people died as a result of your righteous crusade.
  3. Who's to say the Palestinians didn't intentionally shoot her to keep this issue on the nightly news shows around the world. I would not put this beyond Hamas for a single nanosecond. I do have trouble believing that an Israeli soldier would intentionally shoot an unarmed nurse rendering aid. One side in this conflict has credibility and it is not Hamas.
  4. I would like to see someone drinking tap water in Pattaya.
  5. Not hard to believe. The initial effects of a stroke normally get better over time, how much better depends on many factors such as where in the brain the stroke occurred, how large the blockage was, how quickly treatment is started, if rehab therapy occurs, and of course many other age and health related factors.
  6. I made the move in February of 2017. We shipped eight large cardboard boxes and two containers of fishing poles from Hawaii to Buriram. Cost was $1200 USD from Hawaii to Bangkok and another $800 USD from Bangkok to Buriram. I recommend not bringing any electronics or appliances. Everything can be bought here, everything. You will have to look around, and may have to drive a bit but you can buy it here. Step down transformers can be bought to fun small items, but anything that draws a bunch of power will need a very large one and they are not cheap. Bring some good hand tools, bit drivers, and a couple of good sets of drill bits. Leave, sell, or give away everything (except pictures and memorabilia) and buy new when you get here. A couple of suitcases is all I would bring if I had to do it over again. Your wife needs to have lived outside the country for over a year to qualify for the exemption on used household goods. My wife lived in the USA for 23years and I joke that I know more about Thailand than she does (actually that is probably not much of a joke). Not sure if a short visit would affect that or not.
  7. I think the moral to the story is that life doesn't have to end as you age in your home country. While it is still possible to have a vibrant social life with very attractive females if you have Trump-like cash reserves, for most retires this is not possible in the countries where we came from (I came from the United States). Live your life while you still can, because it will be over soon enough and it is best to enjoy each and every day to the fullest.
  8. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Cutting through the fence and then charging at Israeli soldiers with knives, axes, whatever, and you get exactly what you deserve. Hamas leadership doesn't give a crap about how many protesters are killed, the more that are killed or injured, the better the anti-Israeli headlines. If you are anti-Israel on this topic take some time and read up on what is really going on. If you are still pro-Palestinian/Hamas there is no help for you.
  9. Would like to see a source, and what exactly is the American corps?
  10. I was not aware that the US government included Nazi Germany into the lend lease program, thank you so much for the information. On a serious note, after the carnage of WWI the American population wanted nothing to do with involvement in another war on the European continent. It took the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and Germany declaring war on the US to prompt the US into WWII. Perhaps if European countries (past and present) took it's defense seriously the US would not have to be involved in every war and genocide that Europeans have decided to start. I think this has strayed slightly off topic from Brexit.
  11. The US sending Britain supplies to help keep their country free of German occupation is what kept the UK from losing the war, not a worthless peace of paper that proved to Hitler that Britain would not stop his aggression in Europe. I also disagree with your statement that "all sensible people understood that the Iran agreement was a holding pattern to stop warhead development." That is what the deal was sold as, but the inspection procedures and other limitations actually ensures that Iran will develop a warhead capability while complying with the "deal". I also totally reject your idea that Chamberlain signed the peace agreement with Nazi Germany in order to buy time and get organized so something such as Dunkirk could be avoided. Signing agreements out of weakness is not a very good strategy, never has been and probably never will be.
  12. If you are referring to the US exiting the terrible Iran nuclear deal then yes I would trust Trump. The whole of the rational world knows this is I crap deal, and Trump is telling the emperor that he is wearing no clothes. Shocking! President Obama knew that the crap deal would never be approved by congress (as required by the US constitution) so he did not bother even trying and signed it all by his lonesome. A US President is not King and there is a process that needs to be followed to ratify an international treaty. A non ratified treaty can be undone at any time by any other President, and Trump is doing the right thing. In my opinion the Iran deal had the same bad smell as Neville Chamberlain's peace agreement with Nazi Germany and likely an equal amount of effectiveness.
  13. Stay as close to your EU friends as possible because the bureaucrats in Brussels have your best interests in mind. Trust them they work for the government.
  14. "We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror." ~Karl marx Final Issue Neue Rheinische Zeitung May 1849 5 paragraphs from the end. Sounds like a nice guy, what could possibly go wrong following his teachings?
  15. Yes, it is much better to sit still and be a victim. God forbid that people actually have a right (and ability) to protect themselves. Much better option to call the police and hope they get to you in time to save your life.