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  1. Make the move, you can rent a house or apartment in the country for a bunch less than 10,000 baht a month, and live very comfortably on 20,000 to 40,000 baht total per month. We are renting a three bedroom western style house in the sticks for 5,000 baht a month. A/C, hot and cold running water, single family home with an enclosed yard. Some will say they cannot live on one satang less than 100-200K baht per month. That may be true for the lifestyle and area they have closen to settle, but not true in rural Thailand. My opinion.
  2. Rungsathai in Buriram carries several brands of ride on lawn mowers.
  3. You can filter the Agoda results to only show hotels with parking (or swimming pools, etc).
  4. Don't do it. if you have extra cash laying around give it to them, that way you will not expect it back. Otherwise just say no. That is what I do with my relatives back in the USA, and what I would do here in Thailand (mostly just saying no).
  5. Since when did a cutting board surface need to be completely sterile? Was with regular soap and hot water and you will be OK. Germ phobias are more unhealthy than germs.
  6. The Nivea moisturizing shaving foam found in Tops (Robinsons) in Buriram works well and it was just a little over 100 baht for a decent sized can. The Gillette was over 300 baht a can which is significantly more than it is worth in my opinion.
  7. I am surprised. Not by the lack of respect or the rudeness at not honoring the victims, but that a single player showed some respect. The Saudi's consider westerners to be little better than dogs, so why should they show the dead victims any respect.
  8. The same could be said about alcohol, but it is legal. I am not saying it is all good, but if it is legal you get the drug cartels out of it. Very similar to getting the mafia out of the alcohol business after prohibition was repealed in the USA.
  9. Marijuana users do not use needles or support service. If the law is changed then they will be legal, and it would still be the law.
  10. Yes for recreation and medical.
  11. Thanks for correcting and being civil. I believe It was a poor deal if your purpose was combating global warming, maybe to some people the "feel good " aspects of the agreement were worth the cost. Obviously not my opinion.
  12. Kind of a heartless thing to say about someone who was just killed in a traffic accident that she did not cause. How exactly do you learn anything when the event being discussed kills you? Rest In Peace.
  13. Not so much the world is out to get us, I was trying to say that the Paris Agreement was not effective at reducing the effects of man made global warming and the cost of being ineffective was insanely high.
  14. Can I get the yellow book if I'm here on a one year entry on my O-A visa? (I meet all the other requirements, as best I can tell....). You could if you lived in My village (Lahansai). Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app