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  1. Cheapest possible electrical sockets are used in most builds, try upgrading to Panasonic or some other brand with a bit more quality.
  2. You are absolutely incorrect regarding radiant barrier sheathing/insulation. It works and works incredibly well when installed properly in a ventilated attic. Buy the good stuff (about 30 baht per sqm). I have a white Bluescope metal roof with good quality 1/4 aluminum insulation/foil barrier. On a hot day around noon you can put your hand up to the underside of my roof and you will not feel heat coming through it. Radiant barrier sheathing keeps the heat out of your attic area, traditional insulation (as used in cold climates) slow down the heat transfer, but it does not stop it. This is my second home in a warm climate that I have installed radiant barrier in my roof (the first was in Hawaii), and I will state from experience that radiant barrier sheathing combined with good attic air flow is the best way to go in the tropics. A white colored roof also does not hurt.
  3. I decided to move to Thailand to take care of my aging mother in law, and because I was tired of working a stressful job, and my military pension is more than adequate to live very comfortably in rural Thailand (Buriram). I am 54 years old and have been here a year. Loving life, wish I had done it sooner.
  4. So we have armed guards to protect our money in banks, we have armed guards to protect our politicians, we have armed guards to protect us at airports, but somehow having armed trained teachers in schools to protect against these loonies is mutually assured destruction, or crazy. Maybe all of the "civilized countries" that you speak of should disarm the security details of all your leading politicians? No wait we can't do that because it would be crazy.
  5. New roof advice

    Good to hear that your project turned out well. A properly planned roof and shade will work wonders.
  6. e coli is your friend (not really)

    I have been here a year, I eat local food in rural Thailand, and in this year I have yet to be hospitalized for food poisoning and actually think my gut is less prone to bouts of diarrhea than when I arrived here. Maybe it isn't the food, it could be the water. Wash the meats and vegetables with water laced with E.coli and the washing is less effective. I don't eat any prepackaged food. This isn't a flame, but your post was very long.
  7. Not really (I hope it was tongue in check). Sweat is produced when your body is too hot. The sweat evaporates and this has a cooling effect (look up evaporative cooling). If your body cannot cool itself eventually you can suffer from heat stroke. Hydrate yourself, and don't do strenuous activities during the heat of the day.
  8. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    Pay attention to what she does and not what she says. Do this and you already know the answer.
  9. Where then?

    Who said I had never visited Pattaya. I have been there three times, I don't loathe Pattaya, I just don't like it. If you like it, great but it is not my cup of tea. Read the original post in this thread and you might get a clue as to why I am talking about Pattaya in my post. The original post was asking about .....wait for it....Pattaya and other possible destinations in Thailand. Lil 'ol Pattaya does not warrant my time, did I mention I don't like it.
  10. Where then?

    Loathing someplace that I do not prefer to be is not "self loathing", there was a healthy dose of deserved negativity in that post though. If you like Pattaya more power to you, but it is not someplace I would choose to go in Thailand. I definitely would not fly halfway around the world to vacation in that place, but if that is your choice go for it.
  11. Where then?

    Perhaps it is because the OP referenced that city in his original post and I was replying to his post. Concur with you comment on Phuket. I have found some amazing remote beaches in Thailand and have zero interest in Phuket.
  12. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    Of course 15 million THB for emergencies would be good, 30 million THB would be even better. However, what kind of emergency would cost 15 million THB? The cost of a heart bypass operation at Bangkok hospital (a good hospital in Bangkok) costs a maximum of $42k USD (works out to about 1.4 million THB). So while I agree that 15 million THB would be a good cushion for any possible emergency, I completely disagree that it is a minimum or that more is a requirement for living here. Routine procedures are even more affordable, I spent 3 nights and 5 days in a private hospital in Nang Rong a few years ago for an upper urinary tract infection.Total cost for the stay, including food was less than $600 USD (~20,000 THB). I thought the level of care was good, and I had a private room. If you have 15-30 million THB ($450,000-$990,000 USD) in cash more power to you, but it is not a very reasonable statement to say that it is anywhere near a minimum. Not many people (except maybe Trump) retiring in Europe or the USA have anywhere near that sort of nest egg stashed away for retirement, let alone a cushion in case of emergencies during that retirement.
  13. Is the magic pill blue in color?
  14. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    You can easily live on 1600 AUS dollars a month, do not listen to the people saying you need 3-4K, hell I could live in Hawaii on that amount. We budget $1500 USD per month in rural Thailand, we own our own truck and house. I have health insurance here in Thailand. We easily live off this amount each month without worry. Before all the naysayers chime in I said we budget $1500 USD per month for living expenses, we have reserves and don't spend all we could (novel concept). We also travel around Thailand once every month or so exploring the country. Jump in the water is fine.