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  1. Battery charger

    I bought a cheap trickle charger on Lazada and it worked for one charge then broke (720 baht). I then bought two Schumacher trickle chargers from the USA and they work great, but I have to use a step down transformer to get the proper voltage (120VAC). An associate provided some points of contacts in Thailand for battery maintainers/trickle chargers. Here are 3 respected battery charger/tender companies and all have a presence here in Thailand: - CTEK (http://www.ctek.com) --http://www.jumpandcharge.com/en -- https://www.facebook.com/aprtechofficial/ - Tecmate Optimate (https://tecmate.com) -- http://www.tjstool.com/branddetail.aspx?id=OPTIMATE - Battery Tender (http://www.batterytender.com) -- https://www.facebook.com/batterytenderthailand/ Good luck, post if you have success. Thanks.
  2. OK then I feel better, because someone on Thai Visa says it is so.
  3. Obama was insane to make this crappy of a deal, no inspections of key facilities, no US inspectors period, nothing to actually stop the program. Trump is the sane one for getting out of this piece of trash agreement. Also (just like the Paris Accord) Obama decided that this deal didn't rise to the level of a treaty and agreed to it without ratification of the US Senate, which means that Mr. Trump can back out with the stroke of a pen. Which is another reason that important matters (such as treaties with foreign powers) should be ratified by the US senate to have the force of law. Otherwise it is just an executive order, and can be undone by any following administration with a simple signature by the new President.
  4. Best hotel near the airport BKK

    Orchid Resort is good, so is the Great Residence. Both have transfers to the airport, not sure if they are included in the price. 500 baht near the airport is a bit low, I would think (with airport transfer).
  5. I cannot help with you quest for Thai language instruction in Chiang Mai, but it is an excellent idea to learn a bit of the language in the country where you reside. I live in Buriram and have been taking language classes for the last couple of months. I now know the alphabet and all the vowels and am starting to be able to read Thai script. I have been living here 7 months an my vocabulary is getting better and I can form simple sentences. Still a long way to go but as someone one said "the longest journey begins with a single step". I also like "How do you eat an entire elephant? The answer is one bite at a time.
  6. Actually just no point in arguing with someone who thinks asking for a valid ID card prior to voting constitutes "voter suppression". Some also equate this to racism, but since everything is racist these days in the USA I guess it does not matter anymore.
  7. Can't argue with that logic you have changed my mind and I now agree with your brilliance.
  8. So how many illegal votes are OK with you? I made zero reference to Trumps outlandish and false claims. My point is in states that don't require voter ID, how many prosecutions do you expect to occur? If you don't need an ID to validate who you are, and where you live, how in the heck are you ever going to find someone to prosecute?
  9. To vote for someone that supports benefits for illegal immigrants? That might be one reason, and the risk of being caught is very low. Especially if you do not need a valid ID to cast a vote.
  10. Republicans and Democrats gerrymander when they can. Referring to requiring someone to have a valid ID to vote is not voter suppression unless your political leaning are to the left of Lenin. But I guess if you have to be alive, have a valid form of identification, and be a citizen of the United States in order to cast a ballot it could be a form of voter suppression, suppression of people voting illegally. If that is what you mean then you might have a valid point. If you meant that requiring a valid ID is a form of actual voter suppression then you are spouting the illogical talking points of the leftist Democratic party of the United States.
  11. If you don't need an ID card to vote in a state, anyone can vote. There is little to no oversight or checking so if you are in the USA illegally it is very easy to vote. You are correct that voting by illegal aliens is against the law, but they do not obey immigration laws so why should they give a crap about our election laws?
  12. In many states in the USA an ID card is not required to register or cast a vote. It is considered "racist" by some on the left to ask people to provide a valid ID card to cast a vote.
  13. So you think President Trump (#45) should be able to change laws unilaterally just like the 44th President did with this executive order that bypassed congress (congress makes the laws, the President cannot change them). It is disconcerting to hear that you support President Trump becoming a dictator able to change laws on a whim, but I don't think that is really what you want. Remember, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. What the last President did with DACA, was wrong for a Democrat and it would also be wrong for a Republican to attempt to change an immigration law (or any other law) without congress. Your post seems to be factually incorrect in stating that President Trump (I like typing that as much as possible in this post) is totally against the rule of law, when in fact he is following the highest law of the United States (which is the US constitution). Congress needs to amend the immigration law to include the DACA program, and the President can then sign, or veto the legislation. If he vetoes the legislation the congress can override his veto with enough votes. The President (any President) does not have the constitutional authority to change a law he does not like, or wishes was different. Perhaps someone needs to do some research on how a bill becomes a law under the US system of government, maybe it would help to pick up a used United States Civics 101 textbook on Ebay, or Amazon?
  14. Noam Chomsky is a brilliant idiot. Reading this article has confirmed everything that I have known about the man. He is an unapologetic leftist and a supporter of the failed experiment that was communism in Russia (and other countries). Failure to learn from history does not make one "brilliant" it means that you are either ignorant or stupid (maybe both).
  15. Beung Kan - What's of interest?

    A friend took us there in April 2017. He used to really like the night market along the river, but when we were there it was all torn up. Kind of disappointing, and dusty.