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  1. I asked for a single article agreeing with you point that plant based protein is superior to the amount of protein contained in meat. We were told there are "thousands of them", but even one article seems too difficult to produce. Animal/fish protein (aka meat) has more protein and meets the needs of muscle development better than any plant based protein (or combination of plant based protein). Ounce per ounce, kilogram per kilogram animal protein is better.
  2. What about cats? Cats will readily drink cows milk.
  3. How about finding a single article stating that plant proteins are better for building muscle than proteins from meat. We don't need thousands I would like to see just one.
  4. I have also brought my wife through the US line with me on several occasions before she became a US citizen with no issues. I also go through the Thai line with her when flying into BKK and have never had an issue.
  5. I am not an expert on using that type of product anywhere on my body besides under my arms. I have never heard of anyone trying to use it in a sensitive "groin" area and that would probably not be recommended. Are you from Europe?
  6. Every time I have come in to Thailand I have never been asked how much money I have with me (over one dozen entries since 1992, currently in country with a non-imm O visa, all others were 30 day visa on arrival).
  7. I used my yellow house book when I got my driver's license and bought/registered a new truck, I think it can be an equivalent to a certificate of residence. Basically it is a certificate of where I am living. Any information on when the C of R would be required instead of a yellow house book would be welcomed.
  8. I believe it is generally accepted that eating protein and lifting weights is one way of increasing muscle mass. Chicken or pork or fish are also perfectly acceptable choices.
  9. Heck I thought only Americans were racist?
  10. It may not be a totally bad thing to vehemently oppose the senseless deaths of thousands a year on Thailand's roads, but I also agree with you that we have zero control over getting the situation improved. It is like an alcoholic there is really nothing anyone can do until they hit rock bottom and they decide that changes need to be made, until then nothing you say will effect how they drink. I am waiting patiently for that Facebook page to pop up and cannot wait for the letter writing campaign (sarcasm).
  11. Three weeks in Thailand is not too long, three weeks in Bangkok however is too long by about two weeks and four days. In my opinion.
  12. As my lawyer associates would say to most every question "it depends ".
  13. I had a Canon printer, and scanner in the USA. Got it on sale at Office Max for $60 USD, a similar unit in Big C in Buriram was selling for 5800 baht (ouch). We scanned a large box of photos before we moved and it took a while but worked really well. The canon software would also save each picture as a separate file as long as there was space between the pictures on the glass (2-4 pictures at a time).
  14. Try 85,000 in Hawaii, and that does not include water or electricity.