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  1. Seems like a fairly good article. I don't live in a tourist area, but guess what most "tourists" go to tourist areas, and there are issue in these areas. I don't understand the negativity in the comments, except that it is on Thai Visa, and this seems to be the norm on this site.
  2. Ouch! The term "don't try to catch a falling knife" comes to mind.
  3. Maybe I misunderstood the statement, or perhaps the statement is poorly worded. In any case it is ignorant to compare anyone to Hitler that isn't doing the evil that Hitler did. Hitler probably ate eggs and toast for breakfast, but if Trump (or anyone else) eats eggs and toast for breakfast it does not make them like Hitler, it just means that they prefer the same things for breakfast. Comparisons to Hitler are unwise in almost all cases, but to compare an American President whose only crime is being a braggart and tweeting too much to Hitler is moronic.
  4. So any politician that caters to a particular demographic of unhappy voters is now similar to a Nazi? All politicians cater to unhappy voters, and all politicians are not Nazi's, at least I don't think this is the case.
  5. Unless Trump writes a sequel to Mein Kampf, and starts having political rivals and other "undesirables" shot in the back of the head by the tens of thousands a comparison to Hitler is nonsensical. You might not like Trump, or his policies, or his rhetoric, but a comparison to a man that plunged the entire globe into armed conflict and methodically murdered millions shows that you do not have a very good grip on reality. More importantly it shows that your argument is very likely without merit.
  6. Ahab

    28 day on arrival

    Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Ahab

    28 day on arrival

    Buriram immigration stated that only two visa exempt entries were permitted per year. My son flew in from the USA and we visited Cambodia and he got another 30 day visa exempt entry. Before we made the trip I asked about this subject when I went to purchase my re-entry permit and they clearly stated only two visa exempt entries per year (air or land), and they said if he comes back he would need to get a tourist (or other) type of visa if he came back within a year.
  8. I use a mail forwarding service and it works fine for some things (Navy Federal Credit Union, USAA), but does not work well for other things (TDAmeritrade). Depending on the fees the credit card thing might be the way to go. I need to do some more research.
  9. Not just Thailand. While fueling a boat to go fishing in Hawaii at 3 AM I saw a crazy woman douse a car and her boyfriend/husband with gasoline at a 7-11. Luckily in this case she was subdued while trying to light it on fire. The fuel pumps were only about 10 meters away. Crazy people are everywhere.
  10. Nightmare, really? You need to get out more if this is what qualifies as a nightmare in your world. Unbelievable what some consider to be a nightmare.
  11. Unlikely given the Palestinian state of mind, but possible. However, I wouldn't bet large sums of money on Palestinians supporting any peace deal that allowed Jewish citizens to remain in Palestine, or allowed any land to remain in Israeli hands. Actions speak louder than words, and every action of the Palestinians point to the fact that they are willing to only accept the whole enchilada, or nothing at all. Nothing at all it will be.
  12. A half a glass of milk (or 73% - 91% of a glass of milk), is better than no glass of milk. How many settlements have been established in the West Bank since the Camp David Accords? The Palestinians seem to be very willing to cut off their nose to spite their face.
  13. Keep in mind that the Palestinians/Arabs have walked away from every offer of peace ever presented to them including proposals that would have given them 80% of the lands that Israel currently resides on (Balfour), they have also rejected a return to the 1967 borders (Camp David). One side (Israel) has been willing to give up land for "peace" including kicking Jewish settlers out of Gaza, the other side (Palestinian/Arabs) have not shown a willingness to accept anything but the complete destruction of the country of Israel and kicking out 100% (or something very close) of every Jewish person that resides there. Cooperation should be reciprocal, but in this example, one side (Palestinians) are documented as being slightly less than reasonable for the last 100 or so years. I think that is long enough to make it a trend.
  14. Not sure that anyone expects Palestinian cooperation on upcoming peace proposals, after all they haven't ever really cooperated before. Fiscal pressure has not been tried before and it might work better than everything that has been tried in the past (nothing which has worked). I don't think that anything Trump does now could possibly fail worse than what we have been doing for the past 4 or 5 decades, and this way we get the same failure as we always have gotten regarding Palestinian peace cooperation without having to throw millions of dollars down a bottomless pit.