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  1. “Grammar and structure are important. Do not think that just because your writing communicates you point, it’s already okay because it may be misleading, “said Ingtip. Try the following : “Grammar and structure are important. Do not think that, just because your writing communicates your point, it’s already okay, because it may be misleading.
  2. How many days work each year are generated by planting and harvesting rice ?
  3. I've got a PhD in 'Stating the Bleeding Obvious' from the University of Bums on Seats in England. Maybe the Thai astrologer also paid the relatively small fee to qualify for this prestigious degree from one of the UKs newest universities......
  4. Yes. Some years we had a war with Ruassia, along with our trusted allies - the French. It was called the Crimean War 'cos that area was part of Russia.
  5. you are a pathetic sad person just like the morons in the video , in my pretentious opinion. Caning, jailing and deportation of people like you would bring happiness to the people !!
  6. why not tell us where MC and DMK are ? To some of us this is totally meaningless
  7. what's a Certificate of Residence ? Is the Non-Imm visa not enoough ?
  8. I suspect that they already pay fees to the Airport Authority of Thailand - like in every other country
  9. We had a vote and a very small majority (including myself) chose to leave, on the promise that we would save 350,000,000 GBP each week to give to the NHS. This turns out to have been a bare-faced lie propogated by the bumbling blond clown (Boris) and his friends. Each week (almost daily) we see that the Brexiteers have no idea what they are doing, and have no grip on the facts. The divorce bill is based on pie-in the-sky dreaming. What have those thousands of extra civil servants been doing. The level of incompetence shown by Mrs May defies belief. It is clear that the UK would be much better off staying in the EU now.
  10. 983 foreigners busted for overstays in 3 days

    Wrong ! They are mainly of foreigners :)
  11. Wrong ! Farang can make accidents. The difference is one of probablility.