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  1. In an earlier post "The pickup driver said he could not apply his brakes in time after the elephant suddenly popped out of the forest" Several lines of thought suggest that this is nonsense. What velocity (speed x mass) is required for a pickup to break BOTH back legs of an elephant. I suggest that this is extremely high. Elephants do not "pop out of the forest" . They lumber out slowly. They also walk forwards (rather than sideways or backwards). For its hind legs to be on the road it must have been visible for a relatively long period of time on this straight raod. I would conclude that the pick-up driver was driving as fast as he could (totally ignoring any speed limit), and did not slow down when he saw the elephant, but continued in the hope that the elephant would jump out of his way !
  2. I thought Russell Brand wrote that book .........
  3. "I want to ensure that UK companies have the maximum freedom to trade and operate within German markets, and for German businesses to do the same in the UK," She has repeated this sound bite so many times now. Perhaps it is time to tell the British people HOW she plans to achieve this !
  4. enough to start hunting and killing them ?
  5. Sounds more like they are taking a lead from elected Members of Parliament in England. At least we can be sure that British MPs would never get up to any nefarious activity on the side making illicit gains. right ?
  6. Did it please him to visit Pattaya for a short eye-popping experience or a bit of child molesting - or did he not have time ?
  7. I think Mr Jareonsettasin will be Jettisonned soon
  8. Maybe the Chinese would like to eat brains of rich business men ! Thai people could hunt these while the authorities look the other way :)
  9. No need for a working group to waste time and resources. Just enforce the current rules without special treatment for the rich and powerful !!
  10. Why don't they just agree to spit the winnings 50-50 ? That would be a win-win situation with neither side loosing face !
  11. Premchai probed for alleged encroachment

    It always amazes me (maybe because we are in Amazing Thailand) that no Thai official appears able to read a map, and that no local authority makes an on-site inspection of the location of houses being built.
  12. You meant "certainly done mainly by Thai fishermen" - right ?
  13. I thought that there is a fully functioning plant converting Burmese gas into electricity in Ratchaburi Province. And, as far as I know, BP has NO interest in the gas fields of Burma.
  14. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    Yes - you cannot participate in any way. The good news is that Bridge is not listed !!!!