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  1. He was quoting what the bargirl said or wrote - Unfortunately he omitted the quotation marks. He knew what he was doing .............
  2. I shall always want my hair cut by a beautiful Thai lady.........
  3. The local gentry know not which sea washes over the beaches at Hua Hin.
  4. My memory is that a 5 Baht note was a purple colour. I am not old enough to have handle 1 Baht notes ! 10 Baht notes were a shade of brown, 20 Baht Notes were green and had the same value as 1 dollar which was also greenish (I think).
  5. Five Baht notes are not bent, they are honest, but no longer legal currency. I used to have lots of them back in the early 70s. You could almost get 20 cigarettes with one (actually 6 Baht).
  6. Easy. You put the computer, clothes and valuables in the car and drive off. Don't bother with the furniture or curtains 'cos you will rent a furnished apartment in future. Best to do this while she is out shopping.
  7. Although steep slopes are usually stable when they are covered in trees and other vegetation, once the trees and vegetation are removed, the slopes will possibly be unstable. It all depends on the soils and geology underneath. Was there a detailed ground assessment made all over the site ?
  8. He means democracy and human rights for the ethnic Burmese people. The ethnic minorities (Katchin, Shan, Rohingyas etc) are not regarded as the same species, except when the army goes out to rape their women.
  9. Dr Somkid seems to be geographically challenged as he seems to be unaware that the Andaman Sea is the other side of the peninsula
  10. Reminds me of the Monty Python parrot sketch :) But the lack of action by the NACC is no laughing matter.
  11. NeoDinosaw

    Thailand can ignore the Rohingya crisis no longer

    Too true ! The granting of independence to Burma was a betrayal of most of the ethnic minorities. During WW2 the ethnic minorities helped the Brits against the Japs and suffered many atrocities for this. The Burmese, by contrast helped the Japs. It was widely accepted (and some say promised) that when independence came, the ethnic states would re-gain their sovereignty. But Mountbatten was in a hurry and didn't want to have to organise the independence of 8 or 9 separate countries out of British Burma, and pushed for British Burma to be handed over to the Aung San despite his history of leading his army in war crimes against the Allies, and personally murdering an un-armed Muslim village leader by bayonet. Since Independence the ethnic minorities and their lands have been constantly raped by the Burmese who deny them their rights. The larger states (eg Shan and Katchin) continue the struggle for justice but the world looks on with indifference and supports the Burmese government with massive investments (eg oil industry). One is ashamed to be British.
  12. "As Thailand undertakes reform, it would be timely for the world’s largest think-tank to put its resources to work to advance its reform agenda internationally, said Sihasak. “Of course, democracy and human rights matter for them, but we make clear that we prioritise stability and our reform agenda indeed leads to democracy,” he said. “Democracy is the way to go but we need time and space for evolving to reach the goal.” What he seems to be saying is that there will be no reform ! No surprise there.
  13. In an earlier post "The pickup driver said he could not apply his brakes in time after the elephant suddenly popped out of the forest" Several lines of thought suggest that this is nonsense. What velocity (speed x mass) is required for a pickup to break BOTH back legs of an elephant. I suggest that this is extremely high. Elephants do not "pop out of the forest" . They lumber out slowly. They also walk forwards (rather than sideways or backwards). For its hind legs to be on the road it must have been visible for a relatively long period of time on this straight raod. I would conclude that the pick-up driver was driving as fast as he could (totally ignoring any speed limit), and did not slow down when he saw the elephant, but continued in the hope that the elephant would jump out of his way !
  14. I thought Russell Brand wrote that book .........
  15. "I want to ensure that UK companies have the maximum freedom to trade and operate within German markets, and for German businesses to do the same in the UK," She has repeated this sound bite so many times now. Perhaps it is time to tell the British people HOW she plans to achieve this !