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  1. I think the original should have said the pass MARK is 90%. A pass rate of 90% means that 9 out of every 10 candidates pass. Very generous !!
  2. Does the good Dr Liviu never leave the sanctuary of the UN in BKK ? Does he/she never travel on Thai roads ? Is he/she always chauffeured in a very sedate luxury vehicle with blacked-out windows ? Or, maybe he/she has only just arrived in the kingdom and has not had an opportunity to learn anything about the country .......
  3. There is no 7/11 at either end of Soi 5 So where was the mystery store ?
  4. The Korean People's Army was established on Feb. 08, 1948. Somebody can't do the maths .........
  5. Is Thailand becoming a communist country ?
  6. I thought PTT was the national oil company ........
  7. I have been on the Tak -Mae Sot road many many times, mainly in the old days soon after it was opened. A couple of years ago I was on a trip with a group of students. We came to a major down hill section; the driver might have changed down a gear (I was not paying too much attention) but he was constantly slowing the bus down by pumping brakes, then letting it go again time after time. Eventually we came off the road into the sand pit which it there for that precise purpose. Thai drivers will not change down through 2 or 3 gears to be safe. Why not ? Is it because they know that this will consume more fuel ?
  8. I would need 100% match in the DNA to claim they were from the same person
  9. I'm about to become a grandfather in March - will that make it easier for me ?
  10. I thought that the Eastern Economic Corridor ran from Mae Sot tp Mukkdahan .......
  11. I wouldn't take a taxi - I would take the Song Taerw for 10 Baht one way. But have to walk to the main road to catch it
  12. I thought that this had reduced to less than 300 Baht when I used it last year
  13. Who is copying who ? In the UK, the National Health Service is collapsing because the government cannot afford to fund it properly. But we can afford to spend billions of pounds on a submarine-borne nuclear deterrent; more billions on the Hinkly Point nuclear power station which the populace will have to pay for for hundreds of years to come; and a high speed train (more billions !) so that people can get from London to Birmingham 20 minutes quicker. Total insanity .........
  14. Please read what Bercow said ........ " I feel very strongly that our opposition to racism and to sexism and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary are hugely important considerations," Contrary to the introduction to this story, he did NOT cite "Trump's temporary immigration ban as a factor. "