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  1. 308 out of 27,770 seems pretty high rank to me. Where are you from ? what is the ranking of your local university ?
  2. Jaws come in upper and lower versions, not left and right now you make me confused ....
  3. The Natural History Museum (NHM) address is Cromwell Road. It occupies a large area at the corner of Cromwell Road and Exhibition Road. On the other side of Exhibition Road is the side of the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A). The photos are taken from the NHM side of Exhibition Road showing the accident to be beside the V&A.
  4. James Bond will be assigned to protect her. Mrs May will welcome her with open arms in private. We love the way she spends so much money...... Maybe the pound will recover now
  5. They have very good maps. But I have yet to meet a Thai official who can read a map !
  6. maybe the authorities just sit in their air-conditioned offices all day and never visit the forest ....
  7. Maybe they did carry out due diligence. Maybe they got a Thai lawyer to check the paperwork as confirm that all was well .........
  8. That is more likely to be a monthly or weekly figure
  9. 'Disaster looms,' says head of UK's anti-Brexit party

    yes. It will show that the British voters should never believe what the buffoon Boris tells us.
  10. Should a 25 year old elephant not have ivory tusks ?
  11. Siam declares war!

    French cuisine
  12. Sounds like our hero is a bit of a plonker. He should have got Del Boy to sort it.
  13. Maybe London cabbies do not declare all their earnings to the authorities (i.e. tax man). I knew one London cabbie who paid his daughters private school fees in cash !
  14. Chang Chui - Bangkok's newest creative space

    Named “Naoh,” a spoonerism of Noah’s Ark, Pity the writer does not know what a spoonerism is
  15. only 8% ? I thought the going rate was 10%, same same Nigeria