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  1. Ah, ok, that´s absolutely fine! I was just being curious, that´s all.....
  2. Which other schools did you attend to come to this conclusion? Other than that question: excellent and very informativ review! Thank you!
  3. Sheryl, thank you sooooooooo much for your detailed feedback! That´s greatly appreciated and really puts my mind at ease. With new drugs becoming more and more expensive (like that latest drug from Novartis at USD 475k or something like this; yes, cancer related so what theoretically be covered by the policy) I was becoming more and more concerned about this drug related expenses. But good to hear from you that meds still seem to be available at reasonable prices. Thank you again!
  4. Just a quick thought, comment and question regarding Outpatient Coverage: I am about to sign up with Cigna but plan to not opt for OPD since it seems too expensive (as Sheryl mentioned). I am nonetheless concerned that if I develop a chronic disease that is being treated on an outpatient basis then I would have to cough up the money for what I think might be extremely expensive drugs. I think insulin might be actually on the cheaper side but not sure for example about treatments such as HIV etc which will probably cost in access of 20,000 USD per year. Given that, in case of Cigna, even with their Silver and Gold plans their annual outpatient coverage limit would be fairly low (10k and 25k respectively). The Platinum plan would provide an unlimited annual benefit but the premium is too high for me. So in the end I will end up without OPD because a/ the standard outpatient costs in TH such as a consultation incl. a blood test etc are pretty low and b/ the annual limits set by the insurance companies wouldn´t, I believe, cover me for the worst case OPD cases (chronic diseases that require regular consultations with a specialist and expensive drugs). But regarding the latter, here is a question for the forum: Does anyone have information on what treatment of the most common chronic diseases costs in Thailand (consultations plus drugs)? I am thinking of annual costs for ailments such as: - Asthma - Hypertension - Major depression - Epilepsy - HIV - Hyperthyroidism - Rheumatoid arthritis etc. If I were to develop one or, god beware- more of these chronic conditions, will this bankrupt me and I end up as one of those farangs jumping off a building? I tried to google a few of those chronic diseases trying to find out the associated costs for treating those in TH but have been unsuccessful so far. DUS
  5. I have only been living in TH for a little bit over a year or so as a tenant myself and as a newbie to Bangkok I have very close to 0 knowledge of the housing/condo market in BKK. And despite having told the same thing to a friend of mine back in the UK she keeps asking me questions about her planned move to BKK at the end of the year and about where to buy a condo in town once she comes over. I keep telling her that a/ I don´t know and b/ that she should just rent for a few months (at least!), have a look around herself and THEN to make a decision on if and where to buy a condo. Mind you, she´s so excited about her planned move in December that she´d like to evaluate potential buying opportunities prior to coming here. Well, I told her that I can´t help her but, and this is now the reason why I am actually asking the forum here, some of the questions and expectations she raised actually made me wonder if what she´s looking for (in an ideal world) actually still exists in BKK. She knows the flat I am currently renting between Nana and Asoke, roughly 70 sqm, high floor, pool etc etc. And yes, she really likes the location and the flat since it is in a very quiet Soi, well-kept building, and the flat is very modern and rather stylish. BUT: She wants to buy a flat for a maximum of 3.5mn Baht that matches the following criteria: - close to BTS/MRT - min 50 sqm - fully furnished - freehold - building no older than 10 years I told her that I´m not aware of any condos that match her criteria but, as I said, I wonder that if I wanted to offer her some sort of advice / make a suggestion as to where in BKK she should start looking for such a property, where would YOU advice her to look for it? Any suggestions? Or is it sheer impossible nowadays to find such a condo at the price point she envisages? When I look at the condo I am renting myself we´d be talking about 6mn + for purchasing it so this is well above her budget. When she first approached me with that particular question I went online and visited the various property websites. However, I think we can agree that we generally cannot trust the property websites and the photos they upload (if any). So, to ask even more directly: do you have a specific recommendation as to where she might look for a condo that matches all or most of her preferences as listed above? I´d be more than happy to pass that recommendation on to her. Thank you! I genuinely hope that his pretty much straight-forward question does not result in an OT discussion about the general pro´s & con´s about buying vs renting etc. Fingers crossed! :-) THANK YOU!
  6. Yes, and what I particularly like is that if you leave the country only once during a 12 months period there will be no need to apply for an extension since every time you re-enter the country you get a new 12 months stamp.
  7. Hehe.... yes, if your crystal ball gives you the answers to those questions then please let me know. I might want to buy one of the same brand as well then.... ;-)))
  8. You need to check with the individual insurance company. As for CIGNA chronic diseases/treatments such as kidney dialysis as well as diabetes will be covered without OPC as long as it isn't a pre-existing condition.
  9. It's a fair point you're making here. Having said that unless you opt for OPC you will always have to foot the bill for a consultation and treatment as an outpatient yourself (regardless of any deductibles etc). I have a friend who is paying a high premium for OPC with his insurance company so that he won't delay going for a consultation just to avoid paying for it. Personally, I think the premiums the companies are claiming for OPC are unattractively high, especially given the fairly cheap cost for a consultation and basic treatment here in TH. If we were talking about a 20-30% increase on top of the general medical insurance coverage then I might seriously consider OPC. But with OPC premiums being almost as high as the "main" insurance I cannot see myself opting for it.
  10. The premiums quoted above are in Euros but the coverage I quoted (650k) is in British Pounds. Obviously, premiums will differ depending on age. As far as your question re compulsory health insurance is concerned: to the best of my knowledge this (as of today)'is only in conjunction with the new "10 year visa" introduced just recently.
  11. Ok, thanks for your clarification. I will check again with the insurance company but it seems to me that the lifetime allowance is a specific agreement between the insurance company and your employer.
  12. Hi coopys, Thank you for your comments! It´s great to hear that you haven´t had any issues with regards to any claims you made. As for your "obvious", I´m not so sure you are correct. Cigna specifically speaks of "overall annual benefit" as well as "Annual benefit - maximum per beneficiary per period of cover", with the latter, "the period of cover" always being 12 months. Where did you get the idea/info it was a lifetime allowance? DUS Annual beneft - maximum per beneficiary per period of cover
  13. Ok, good to know. Happy to hear that 27mn should provide sufficient cover. Now, if I only were able to make "financial sense" of all the various options on offer (deductibles etc). But HampiK provided some valuable input already. Thanks for this!
  14. 630,000 Pounds is roughly 27mn TBH. Not enough?
  15. Hi, I will need to sign up to a health insurance company and after lots of research have more or less reduced the list of providers to 1, Cigna. Whilst this almost sounds like "Job done! Mission accomplished!" I still haven´t come to terms with how to decide on the various premium options, i.e. the option of setting the amounts for annual deductibles as well as annual "out of pocket" cost sharing. Now, I can´t get my head around how to approach finding the right level of deductibles and/or cost share. So, whilst everyone is different and has different sets of priorities I would love to hear some thoughts on how I could approach that decision from a rational perspective. What are the questions that I should ask myself when deciding on these 2 variables? Any thoughts and comments will be greatly appreciated. In order to make it a little bit more transparent, here are just a handful of options (there are lots more available with CIGNA) that are currently presented to me: Annual deductibles / Cost share in % up to 1,480 / Annual premium to pay 0 / 0 / 2,123 550 / 0 / 1,626 1,100 / 0 / 1,445 2,200 / 0 / 1,210 550 / 10% / 1,499 1,100 / 10% / 1,336 2,200 / 10% / 1,120 In the end, CIGNA offers deductibles of up to 7,400 per year plus cost share options of 10, 20 and 30% of up to a max of 3,370 out-of-pocket. In the end it is a massive list of possible combinations and that´s where I struggle. How to evaluate all these options from a "financial perspective"? Would you go for high deductibles and high OOP cost share just in order to bring down the annual premium so that you have cover for nothing but the most serious illnesses? Or would you personally opt for a more "balanced approach", meaning accepting higher annual premiums in return for lower annual deductibles etc? Well, at the moment I am so confused that I´m not even sure you guys understand what I try to say. :-))) Lastly, another question re the maximum annual coverage: How much did you go for with your own policies? With CIGNA the options are GBP 650k, 1,3mn and unlimited. My feeling is that 650k should be enough for even the most expensive treatments here in Thailand but is that so? Would be terrific to get your thoughts and comments on these questions. Cheers DUS