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  1. If WW III were to break out I certainly wouldn't give a to$$ about the economic impact on Thailand, tbh.
  2. For the last 10 months or so I have been doing exactly what you plan to do and (so far) never had any issues when returning from a short hop across the border. So even with 2 back-to-back METVs nobody at Immigration has ever started to ask questions etc. This is of course no guarantee that this won´t happen next time I come back to TH (at the end of this month).
  3. I don't agree with a lot of things Merkel says but this time she's 100% spot on with her comment.
  4. A four letter word starting with "c" comes to mind......
  5. You don't need an "ED visa" for studying at any of the language schools.
  6. Yes, I do ... http://thaiembassyuk.org.uk/en/node673
  7. Is this "onward ticket" a new requirement? I´ve had 2 METVs so far and was never asked for an onward ticket. A ticket TO Thailand, yes, but none OUT OF Thailand.
  8. Thanks! So it is that CW in most cases then decides to grant only 60 days whilst the rule allows them to grant up to 90. Interesting!
  9. I am surprised you say it is 90 days for language schools. Here at CW the "rule" at the moment seems to be 60 days extensions only. And this makes it really awkward if you don´t leave the country and have to do you 90 days reports as well. I mean, you arrive on your 90 days Non-Im ED, then you do the first extension plus the 90 days report at the same time (though at different desks at CW), 60 days later you do your 2nd extension, 30 days later you are again at CW for your 90 days report and so forth. Horrible! That´s the reason why I didn´t go for the ED visa although I am studying at a language school and would be in a position to get the ED visa. Too much hassle, I think.
  10. Ah, that fits quite nicely with what I was told by 2 guys over the weekend. When I mentioned the 90 day reporting to them they just shrugged their shoulders and said: "We´ve never done a single one since we moved here over 10 years ago. Nobody ever wanted to see one at CW when we applied for our extensions of stay based on retirement." And the summarised in their recommendation to me: "Key is to never file your first one since once you´re in the system, you´re bound to be questioned sooner or later if you don´t do the reports." So, is that really true? Stay out of the system and CW is unlikely to bother you (at least until there is a big change in how they deal with TM30s at CW)? What would be the maximal penalty if they see that you´ve never done one in let´s say 15 years?
  11. PS: Yes, I am currently using my second METV.
  12. So am I getting this right, that the 90 days report has nothing to do with the visa and the extension? Correct! they will give me a visa that is valid for 90 days, then I have to get an extension maybe for 60 days and I still have to go for the 90 days report? Would I have to do that at the Wattana office? Correct! The reason I'm also asking is, that a student I met during my trial lesson, told me, he got a multiple entry student visa (ED) in his home country (Germany) and that he has to do a border run every 90 days but this way doesn't have to deal with the offices in BKK. Since he hasn't been here long enough and hasn't done the first border run yet I'm not sure how accurate this information is. That´s correct! If you can still get a Mutliple Entry ED then this imho would be much better than applying for a single entry one in one of the neighboring countries over here. But, as you correctly said, you´d need to leave and return every 90 days. As for as DLS is concerned: As long you are serious about learning (the basics of) the Thai language then DLS is very good. But to do it "the right way" you should expect to invest 1-2 hours per day in "homework" on top of the 3 hrs at school. It is a lot of stuff that they put into their 4 weeks courses and in the 7 months at the school so far I haven´t come across a single student who made good progress without a noticeable effort "out of school".
  13. You will apply for an extension of stay after the initial 3 months. On that first occasion you can also do your 90 days report (if I am not mistaken and provided that you didn't leave the country for a weekend trip etc). The extension will (regularly) be granted for 60 days so after 60 days you'll apply for another extension. 30 days later you'd go to CW again for your 90 days report and so forth. I study at DLS and was thinking about an ED visa but FOR ME it is too much hassle.
  14. I obviously misinterpreted your "I would recommend Union Language School first. After that, I would recommend Unity Thai Language School (who "appropriated" Union Language School's system a number of years ago and started their own school)". Thought you´d recommended using these different teaching approaches in consecutive order rather than your first choice of school being Union LS and your second choice being Unity.