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  1. The only surprise (if any) is that only 12 have been arrested (so far). I am going to league games every week and given the amount of incompetent refereeing and some dodgy performances of some of the players it was obvious that many, many officials were and still are playing foul of the rules ... ;-)
  2. I am sure you have either misinterpreted or misread my original comment. But never mind ... :-)
  3. Yawn! Anyway, there are already lots of other Brexit threads where you can spread your xenophobic and economically illiterate thoughts. Enjoy na! ;-) /overandout
  4. Yeah, the UK would be so much better off with no imports and no bloody foreigners! /ironyoff
  5. Over 50 to 43 certainly hurts...
  6. Yeah, if memory serves me right they stopped accepting credit cards on 1 April.
  7. Transferwise

    Thank you! Thought so ... Well, you can´t have your cake and eat it.... ;-)
  8. Transferwise

    One more question: With Thai banks "recognising" inflows via Transferwise as "payments received from within Thailand (--> no fees by the receiving bank), that surely must mean that if needed by the account holder, the Thai bank would not be able to issue a FET, or would they?
  9. Transferwise

    Don’t know about Siam CB but I was never charged by KTB. Would be surprised if SCB handled it differently.
  10. Is Bangkok going to be dry on Friday

    True! I still had hoped for a beer with a m8, tomorrow. “Knew” about 26/27th to be dry but thought Wednesday might be a day where they’d still serve alc. Oh well...
  11. Is Bangkok going to be dry on Friday

    I asked a few bars on Suk Soi 8 earlier this afternoon and they said they won’t serve alcohol Wed, Thurs and Fri. I was quite surprised by that...
  12. bufferring

  13. bufferring

    Thanks for your feedback!