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  1. If true that's a fair point for those who consider a 5 years driving license to be of high importance to them. Personally, I couldn't care less since I don't even bother applying for a 2 years license.
  2. Well said! I might do the same when my TE visa expires in 5 years time and if I want to continue to stay in TH then....
  3. Whatever ... deleted a rather long response because you wouldn't understand it anyway ...
  4. What makes you jump to the conclusion that those spending a few hundred thousand Baht are not prepared for the financial catastrophe/ ice nine situation that will ensue in the not too distant future? Besides: 500k more or less won't make ANY difference if your portfolio isn't properly structured for the scenario you and I seem to expect. Hey, whilst I laugh at you about your ridiculous sounding critique of TE I actually DO applaud you for having noticed the huge Ponzi scheme that's about to fail very soon!
  5. Thank you for revisiting this thread and for providing more publicity for the TE program! Well, I am sure Robert24 will answer your question if he considers you not to be just another troll. Personally, I don´t know yet if once my membership ends in 5 years from now I will re-new or see what the score is then w.r.t. the other visa options. But I can fully understand why many opt to re-new even when they have other VISA alternatives because they think that the money spent for the membership is worth it in terms of avoiding preparing annual application forms, making sure to have X amount of money in your bank account for X months etc etc. After all, for some 500k or 1mn for 20 years isn´t a lot of money. Not everyone´s a cheap charlie and some people couldn´t care less about paying that amount of money in return for having the easiest possible stay in TH. But as I said on previous occasions, it is great that Thailand offers options for many different people. Everyone´s a winner..... ;-))
  6. 555 ... U again ... welcome back to your favourite thread on TV ... ;-)
  7. Thanks for the follow-up! I hope you won't encounter any issues when you do your bi-monthly runs using this latest METV. Can imagine it will continue to be squeaky bum time whenever you get back into the country given the latest reports of denied entries. Would be great to hear your experience if and when you use your 4th back to back METV next year! In any case, good luck and enjoy your stay!
  8. Can I please piggyback on this thread with the following question: My first ever 90 days report is (likely) to be this September. Does the first report have to be in person (doing mine at CW) or can even the first one be done by post?
  9. You are a jolly fella. I like that ...
  10. Thanks for your feedback even though you are mistaken to believe that I have been only self-teaching and/or that I don't speak other languages fluently. Will certainly try working with bannork's tip and see if that helps.
  11. Hi, I struggle badly with pronouncing the high tone correctly. Depending on the word I seem to regularly pronounce it as a rising tone. Even if I focus 100x on getting one word/syllable right the Thai speaker always says I am pronouncing it wrong (as a rising tone). Very frustrating! Example: ค้า. Despite my best effort I am told I pronounce it as ขา. Now, I know that "in theory" the high tone starts at a higher than your normal pitch and then goes even a little bit higher from there. In a sense, as I see it, it actually rises in its pitch level. But, as I said, even when trying to get it right 100 times with a native Thai speaker next to me, I always get it wrong. So, after a long time trying to learn the language I am about to give up. But in a last ditch attempt to save the 1 year already invested in learning Thai (obviously with minimal success) I thought I ask here. Maybe those of you who've mastered the language can give me some tips on what I could try to get over my issue with the high tone. Cheers DUS
  12. I am just on my way back home after visiting CW to have my TE visa affixed. It went very smoothly! Had an appointment for 10:30. Got a call from TE at 10:00 checking that everything was OK and asking me to give them a call on my arrival. Arrived at 10:15, called them, was welcomed by a member of their staff 2 minutes later. We went inside and 20 minutes later I got my passport back with my 5 year visa. Nice ... Smooth as silk.
  13. I like your optimism that you, in terms of your own investment decisions, have ruled out a "worst case scenario". It of course depends on how you define such a scenario (be it WW III or "just" a major financial crisis and disappearing trust in fiat money) but ok, as I said, I like your optimistic attitude and view on the state of world and financial affairs. ;-)))
  14. It is my understanding that if you apply for a second extension it will be declined but you´ll be given another 7 days before you have to leave the country.