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  1. Asking for advice / info prior to traveling isn´t part of the OP´s planning process?
  2. Sorry, "concern" might have be a misleading and too strong a term. I was just referring to the fact that staying for an extended period of time on TR visas *MIGHT* become an issue over time with an increased number of reports that people get questioned when re-entering etc etc. But I don´t expect you to run into any real issues for the foreseeable future. If you visit Germany before you plan your extended time here on the ground, trying to obtain the METV would probably be the best way forward. If you get to speak to a tax advisor in Germany, it would be great if you updated this thread with the advice you got from him/her. Ta!
  3. I assume that as with all other similar threads concerning tax liabilities you will receive lots of contradicting opinions and advice. The best advice you will get is: speak to a tax consultant in Germany. He/She is most likely to provide you with the correct answers. And I agree! As a personal opinion, I´d say that if you have a registered business in Germany and invoice your client through this company then ("surely") tax need to be paid in Germany. I wouldn´t worry about the Thai taxman since if you are here on TR visas and work from your condo/hotel etc. then they have no idea that you are generating income somewhere else in the world. If I were you I´d be more concerned about my visa status than my potential tax liability in TH. Just my 2 € cents....
  4. Well, even if you were liable to pay tax in Thailand, I fail to see how you could pay it without telling the Thai authorities that you’re working illegally in this country (by filing a tax return showing your income)? I mean, working illegally “under the radar” whilst being here on TR Visas, isn’t that mutually exclusive?
  5. I am sure it is only me but I am always confused when you use the term "residency" in your posts and questions. As for the above, when you say "can I call HMRC and keep my residency address in the UK", you actually just mean your postal address, right? If you´re not living in the UK and as you don´t hold a British passport, what is it that you want to achieve with letting HMRC know your (fake?) postal address in the UK. Is it that you would want to keep the door open that once the UK leaves the EU you as an EU citizen can go back and claim permanent residency or whatever it will be called at the time? Very much doubt that only letting HMRC know a postal address for future correspondence will do the trick.
  6. I had never considered that the location of one´s bank account might determine where you have to pay your personal income tax. If true, a few people I know might have a rude awakening in the future. Oh oh....
  7. Thank you for your reply. I am aware of many freelancers here on the ground in Thailand invoicing for their services using their private Thai addresses. So no officially registered company involved. Then what? As you rightly point out, as they’re working in Thailand illegally they’re in no position to declare their income in TH.
  8. Following up on this point with another question then: Assumimg the OP is French, now moves to Thailand and works “under the radar” as a freelancer for 10 companies in 10 different (European) countries. Legally, where would he have to declare this income and pay his (income) tax?
  9. Do I have enough money?

    As you rightly point out, everything´s quite subjective in terms of how much someone "needs" to live / to live comfortably / to survive. But the 800k AUD was originally mentioned for a single person of 60+ years as the bare minimum to retire in LOS. That´s over 20mn Baht. Whilst you say that you burn that amount of money in less than 20 years, personally, I wouldn´t consider 1mn per year the bare minimum to live in TH. But yes, piece of string etc bla bla bla.... :-)
  10. Do I have enough money?

    You mean, like 100+?
  11. Do I have enough money?

    Sounds like a good idea, Enjoy coming here! There´s nothing worth having that is risk free and there´s always a chance you might find what you are looking for over here. Give it a go! Good luck!
  12. Do I have enough money?

    As the OP plans / has to consider paying for an extended family, yes, I agree. If he was living on his own or had additional money coming in (active or passive income to support wife and family) I´d disagree.
  13. Do I have enough money?

    I don´t disagree in principle with what you are saying above but was surprised when you said that GBP 400k should be considered the bare minimum for a 60 year old. I don´t know about the current life expectancy of Australian men but even at 50k Baht per month your 400k GBP minimum would last for almost 30 years. Yes, I know, I´ve ignored inflation in this calculation and health costs are always an unknown and potentially financially disastrous factor in anyone´s budget plan but still, I find 400,000 Pounds or over 17 million baht too much to be considered the bare minimum. Anyway, that was just a thought when reading your post. As for the OP, I agree with the what´s been said on this thread so far: 100,000 Pounds after building the house etc will not be enough if you cannot supplement it with additional income whilst living over here.
  14. Peter, afaik you cannot use Transferwise to transfer money OUT of Thailand which is what the OP asks for ....