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  1. DUS

    IPTV providers

    Flawless will be able to offer payment through PayPal again in a few days. No need to change the provider if you’re happy with them.
  2. Yes, also saw this in the June newsletter. But why would any member have had issues opening an account with Bangkok Bank before? Or do you mean opening an (additional) account with KK?
  3. Hi, I currently have inpatient cover with Cigna Global but have so far opted not to include their "International Outpatient" add-on due to cost considerations. My question is: Are there insurance companies (local or international) that I might look into purely for outpatient coverage to complement my existing inpatient cover? Adding the "bolt-on" with Cigna would cost around GBP 106 per month, which I find is quite a lot. Are there any sensible and cheaper outpatient policies available to us who live here in Thailand? Or would it be a waste of time to start looking for such OPCs? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Cheers DUS
  4. DUS

    From Khon Kaen to Udon Thani

    Thank you all for your feedback so far! Much appreciated! The good news is that it sounds like there are busses going regularly to UT so that I don’t have to catch the early morning train. Now the only thing I have to do once I get to KK is to check where the busses are leaving from. Again, thx for your replies!
  5. Hi, I will spend the weekend in Khon Kaen and UT. Will travel from KK to UT this Sunday and planned to do so by train. I now saw that the train would leave around 9.30-ish in the morning which might be a bit too early for me. The next train, according to the info I found, will leave too late (after 17.00). As this is going to be my first ever trip to KK and UT, could anyone let me know if there are regular busses (ideally not vans) going from KK to UT and if they all leave from the local bus terminal #3? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Cheers DUS
  6. DUS

    Is "Farang" Derogatory?

    Usually, I love it when they use the term "farang" in a neutral/cute sounding way ...... it really makes me smile reading so many comments where people moan about and get agitated by the Thais using the term......
  7. Wouldn’t it be fair and helpful to say what the lowest fare is that you have researched so far? I assume you did at least a minimum of homework on this, didn’t you?
  8. Yes and no ..... Yes, if you don’t leave the country before the end of the 365 stay you would need to apply for an extension. No, you wouldn’t need 800k or so in the bank account for the extension.
  9. DUS

    Where to sell a Thai/English website

    Before I answer your question: what’s the url and what’s the USP compared to the great sites that already cover these leagues?
  10. DUS

    Wanting to move to Bangkok

    That’s USD 5,000 per month, right?
  11. DUS

    Best Paid IPTV Service

    Sure, tried it on my Android box using flawless´ Kodi build, the Kodi add-on, Perfect Player and some others. Using 3BB with 30Mbit.
  12. DUS

    Best Paid IPTV Service

    The Flawless mods have put me on many different servers over the course of the last 12 months or so but whilst some servers are better than others buffering remains an issue on all of them (especially during live football). It is everything but flawless for me but, as I said before, it is by far the best provider I´ve used over the years.
  13. DUS

    Best Paid IPTV Service

    I agree that Flawless so far is the best of the 5-6 providers I’ve tested but it is far from perfect for me. I am still getting lots of buffering especially during live football games. But have recently renewed my sub for another 12 months.
  14. I opened an account at their branch located between Suk Soi 15 and 17. That was about 5-6 months ago. I needed to show PP and a rental contract covering at least 6 more months from the date of opening the account.
  15. Interesting! Is there a "dedicated" website where such "jobs" are being advertised?