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  1. I wonder what would happen if she just screamed and yelled, "RAPE"?
  2. Caution: Pattaya Police have determined that E-cigs are hazardous to your health!
  3. Get real Shack.... Does introspect mean anything to you?
  4. Good one Smotherb!!! 5555. Of course I was not asked either. I'm here for the ladies. Beer close second . >>How does: 77.5% The economic development of Thailand, even make the list?<< "Yes I'm here because Thailand is developing so well. 555 Stop this poll nonsense.
  5. Sometimes I see small kids running around being bad. (in any country) And I wonder if the parents realize that if they can't control their children when they're small, How on Gods green earth will they control them when they're 13 or 14? Or in this case 26!
  6. Drivers Training, Lesson #1: Get off the mentality that it is fate or as the title implies that your number is up!!!! This was human failure. As previous posters pointed out, tires don't just come off. Brakes don't just stop working overnight etc, etc!! These are ALL very preventable accidents that should never had happened. Conductors fault whether you like it or not!
  7. Mr Banks.... Doing same same you're doing only "in" Pattaya! Came on this article just to have a laugh! 555. Wait until the Russians find out the water they swim in is an open sewer. Ha Ha. Only ones left in Pattaya are going to be the cheap charlies! Up 10%, 5555555555! ROFL
  8. Unfortunately, It is only until a smoker quits smoking that he/she realizes what a nasty habit it is!!!! Seen this many times!
  9. Costa Rica is beginning to sound better and better. The GF and I just got stopped today for making an illegal U-turn on Pattaya Tai. Right turns were blocked off so we went left a ways and when clear we made a U-turn as many others were doing. Sure enough, Pattaya's finest were conveniently there waiting. Had to go to Pattaya Police station, wait 2 hours to pay the 400 baht fine. Sorry to vent but these guys are raking in millions daily from farangs and locals from their little road traps! Thailand roads are not one bit safer from this!!!
  10. I had to look it up........ Sorry Mr John Ndiso (Author) According to Wikepedia: There are 195 countries in the world today. This total comprises 193 countries that are member states of the United Nations and 2 countries that are non-member observer states: the Holy See and the State of Palestine. News that aren't true????
  11. Thai govt pledges great effort on road safety

    On the previous edition earlier this morning it was, "Mr Arkhom said safety measures will be strictly enforced, aiming to reduce the numbers of death and injuries to zero". Yeah right! Now, Maybe making a tiny bit more sense with, "Thai govt pledges great effort on road safety". Chok dee Kopp!
  12. That was the detectives name.... Private Dick!
  13. A man called "Bird" escaped in the confusion...... Who was confused? 555! Any priors? ..... Sanook said he had six previous drug arrests to his name. This is too funny,, hilarious!!!! Complete joke 5555
  14. "They said if they are not allowed the freedom to smoke they won't come back to Pattaya." Oh Noooo! No more quality tourists blocking the beach walk and spitting on the ground. No more pom pui idiots lying on the dirty sand and swimming in sewer beach. What is Pattaya going to do without these cheap charleys? boo hoo boo hoo