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  1. Half those lines are for telegraph!
  2. Excuse me,,,but ahhh,,,, How is this going to "boost tourism"? Really? Who thought this s*** up?
  3. Boom Boom..... It's what made Pattaya!!! 555
  4. This was suppose to happen last October. Like previous members said, seeing is believing!
  5. I just wasted 3 minutes of my life reading this pathetic garbage.
  6. Oldlakey.......You might be trying to do too much!
  7. A clear attempt at American / British bashing. I read and reread the story, says nothing of where this couple is from. I am not biting into this. Disturbing mentality of these 2 regardless where they're from.
  8. So what you're telling me is that the British press is bashing on a British citizen?
  9. Floods cause traffic gridlock on Bangkok streets

    Need to purchase more submarines!!
  10. Anyone who uses the "P" word, especially thai reporters, are complete idiots. Once again I make my point as to how the Thai media salivates on British (and American) bashings. RIP Joy, You didn't deserve this.