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  1. Thank You Sir, Keep telling the story!!!!!
  2. C'mon now..... Pick any 60 cities and you can make Bangkok the safest or the most dangerous! Silly survey. Pick cities like Aleppo, Mogudishu, Chicago or smaller suberbs of any large city and it makes BKK look like paradise. Pick any 59 safe, upper scale cities and you got a war-zone dump of a city. .... Did I say silly survey?
  3. Are you sure about that or is that also your opinion?
  4. Perpetual flooding in Pattaya

    You have proof of this? Sounds a bit shady like dropping salt on clouds to make it rain etc! Maybe you want to talk about "earthquake weather"?
  5. Definition of Sisyphus. : a legendary king of Corinth condemned eternally to repeatedly roll a heavy rock up a hill in Hades only to have it roll down again as it nears the top. 55555... Good one Air bag, I watched that movie last night also! lol
  6. Boon Mee, with DT's pic on your post, Ain't no one listening to your stupidity!!!
  7. California burns: Where’s the president?

    In this day and age..... technology etc .... Why not count every vote? Majority wins. What a concept!!!! 5555555555 Answer: It's an ace in the hole.... Remember that BS recount in 1999? Aha!
  8. California burns: Where’s the president?

    Yes.... Like Alabama and Mississippi! Got a hood?
  9. California burns: Where’s the president?

    America has always been great! And then came the sweet-talking business man to tear it down....One day at a time!! Keep dreaming.
  10. California burns: Where’s the president?

    Pile of horse S***. You believe that garbage?
  11. Chinese spending? Ha, they bring their own tobacco. Quality tourists...lol
  12. And I'll bet the guy taking the video was watching intently!!!!! 555 weirdo!
  13. California burns: Where’s the president?

    It's "Puerto" Rico and Trump will never ever be a proper president nor a politician.... He just makes you all believe he is doing the right thing!!!! hahaha....Suckers!