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  1. Sexually transmitted diseases have always been out there. We all know it! All of a sudden the government, via the press, is attempting to scare the goose that lays the golden egg out of the country. All part of the so called "cleaning up Thailand" campaign. It won't work. Nobody is going anywhere and quality tourists C & R's suck!
  2. I thought they were lost at sea. No biggee here!
  3. Reminds me of "The Simpson's" monorail episode! 555
  4. pattayadon

    Should I take my passport to Bangkok with me

    5555..... Take care!
  5. pattayadon

    Should I take my passport to Bangkok with me

    If you have to ask, take it with you! If you change your mind and want to spend the night, most hotels will ask you for the passport. Personally, I carry a 1-page copy of my pp everywhere I go. Good luck and Enjoy!!
  6. Cops running around all over the place and a "Police Lieutenant" shows up to save the day? Really now? uh-huh!
  7. Six deaths and counting.......Under control? Soi dogs everywhere, ???? No way it's under control. ......Pants on fire!
  8. I saw Sheriff Joe A. recently in an irellevant interview. He seems to have lost his mind. (seriously) Talked a lot of jibberish and obnoxiously offending. Interview was cut short. Yes! They'd make a good team! 555 Big Joke sounds more like, "Big Propaganda".
  9. $18 BILLION? OMG, This business man got elected president promising to keep Mexicans (and Muslims) out of the country. Amazing! Making America white oops, I mean great again. Don't dig the foundations of that fence too deep... It may cave-in all those tunnels currently in use! 55555 $18B, Wow! Un-<deleted>-believable. Complete waste, except of course to those benefiting ($$) from it.
  10. re-enacting the crime: Sewer-Pipe Sex on Chernobyl Beach!! 555
  11. Very interesting, and educating comments! ... However, had the person been American or Brit on the picture, forget about it, get a rope, ban for life, bad farang! etc etc. Chinese? Oh, mai pen lai, quality tourist!! Welcome to the New Thailand.