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  1. I agree with you ezzra, also if they (management) would stop trying to be an airline that they are NOT, and lower their prices to a competitive level, maybe (just maybe) the flying public, tourists and locals alike will consider flying this airline. In the meantime, enjoy flying near empty aircraft.
  2. Interview him on Thai TV when he gets out of prison. Let's see what he has to say about rape!
  3. Good for you WG, likewise I confronted a young man in Soi Buakaow one time wearing a levi jacket of which i'm sure he was proud of, but had no clue about the swastika on the back. I can't give a history lesson in 1 minute, but calmly told him that that was mai dee...mai dee mak!
  4. 5555555555 It was the best of times........
  5. Thank you JB... I'll buy that!!!
  6. Speaking of fake (faux or fox).... Can someone tell me what's up with the police uniform "wings"? Are these guys pilots (yeah right)? They ALL wear them!
  7. Seems to me that Subs might be a "high-priority" item now!
  8. Shame on Thai police. A rape occurred! "Prove" it didn't happen!! Rapes don't occur in Koh Tao, only sex pool parties in Pattaya. All about saving face. Did I mention shame on Thai Police?
  9. Great line dgw! It's all about the p***y
  10. pattayadon

    Indian tourist injured in fall from Pattaya condo

    Prostitutes? Really? Thai Visa.... new low!
  11. A boat disaster near Thailand's Phuket Island that killed 47 Chinese last month is significantly cutting arrival numbers from China It's a start. Thai Immigration should still charge the Chinese 1000 baht per head as they enter the Kingdom. lol... Makes too much sense.
  12. "They looked like they were having sex in the pool." Ummmm? A different pool please! 555
  13. File photo?? When was this taken? How about some "up to date" photos!
  14. Come on now... I walked the Pattaya sidewalk on Saturday and Sunday as I do several times a week. The only thing different was the volleyball game and they were NOT tourists. It was a Thai-company picnic of sorts, Certainly not tourists. Dear head honchos: The word is out that Pattaya Beach has open sewers running into the bay. Why Russians and a few Chinese continue to swim here is mysterious to all of us. Although the sand project is looking good, the water is still highly polluted. eeeewww! Good luck with the new sand!!