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  1. I understand that if she seeks treatment from a doctor she needs to pay for it (or I do), she is doctor prone and therefore I am looking for suggestions for travel insurance which includes health care from a company based in Thailand that covers Thai people abroad ???
  2. I really hate Pattaya, yet Hua Hin I really like, I would come down and take private tours and I have really enjoyed my stays! One thing I notice about Hua Hin is that there is very little tourism of ferangs there, once in one weekend I only saw about 20 ferangs in Hua Hin itself... I would love to be there right now, however I have very little desire to ever be in Pattaya again.
  3. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    You are not wrong! I agree with you on all accounts!
  4. stop feeding street dogs

    The street dogs IMO will always be a problem in Thailand and it is not a problem which can be fixed easily! A taxi driver said he fed about 200 street dogs a day, and also had 40 injured dogs at his home, he was an old Thai man who thought this was the best way of caring for them! Typically he said the dogs at his home had been involved in dog fights or accidents with cars! For a 45 baht fare I paid him 1000 baht because of what he was doing, and while I thought he might of scammed me into believing in a fairy tale I witnessed him feeding a group of about 8 dogs near a bus stop a week later! I don't know what is best for this problem in Thailand I must admit
  5. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    The wealthy men in my area married to Thai ladies seem to do slightly better with lengthier marriages than the poor! Many of the Thai ladies in my area get knocked up with their first Ferang Brit and struggle to find men that are any better, but in many cases they can't resist sampling Brit males and end up divorced. Primary criteria for a decent new relationship for them in most cases is wealth and anything they get on top is a bonus! I am engaged to a very attractive Thai lady and if I don't get her knocked up many handsome wealthy men will be keen to provide for her when she lives here, which in reality means I will be left broken! I'm fully aware that the chances are I will get dumped eventually and probably cheated on, which while it does put me off the whole adventure, I find it very hard to meet ladies in the UK which I find suitable or indeed in which I like! If a wiser me could comment in order to avoid this sort of cheating which commonly goes on, all I would say is try and pick a Thai girl that is slightly more so in your own league worldwide no matter where you end up and also try and avoid wife finding in Bars in those very strange adult Disney land like places which offer night and life services for the vulnerable!
  6. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    I don't find it surprising, but it should be a reminder that in my area alone half the ladies from Thailand here were not worth marrying to everyone who's considering marrying someone from Thailand! I know for a fact that in many cases local to me the ladies were formally paid professionally as girlfriends in Thailand and most commonly from Pattaya! I'm planning on bringing a Thai lady over here to live, and while the relationship is far better than anything I've previously had, I'm very aware that I will most likely get stung again! I personally don't believe there is a girl in this world which will spend the rest of my life with me, I'm 34 and hope to not max out at more than 3 marriages in my life time!
  7. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    Thai women in the UK often cheat on their husbands for fellow Brits. I don't know what the official figure is for Thai ladies cheating in the UK but I would suggest it is probably very high. In my area about 50% of Thai ladies cheat and leave within the first 10 years of life in the UK. My ex-wife cheated, and out of about 30 relationships I knew through her Thai circles that she hung around in more than half of the relationships saw Ferang Brits being cheated on! While I'm sure you all know what your doing, choose wisely if your planning on marrying a Thai lady, because divorce is more common than you would think in these types of relationships. Personally I don't consider a lady who sells herself as good company, but many ferang seem to feel they make excellent partner material, and while in some cases they might make good life partners, in most cases they will never stop using you! When Ferang become Ex pats in Thailand, you may well find that your partner/wife will cheat on you with Thai men, it does happen a lot! likewise if you are in a relationship with a Thai lady and you live abroad and are doing the long distance thing, you may well be being cheated on. But that said plenty of Thai ladies don't cheat and hopefully you are with one of them! One point I will add is that in the UK I have also seen many Thai ladies and male Brits together and living very happily together, I've also seen this in Thailand as well and so it is possible that you'll have a worthwhile and successful relationship overall! chok dee!
  8. the answer turns out to be yes, many thanks everyone for your help... i checked it over with a visa agent
  9. How did you find long term love in Thailand?

    I am engaged since January 2017 from a Thai dating site and have to say so far after 2 years together I am very happy! I have spent 6 months in Thailand in the last 2 years over 4 visits! I'm not into meeting a hooker and personally my feelings are neither should anyone, I have never used that route in life! The guide posted two or three posts before I can recommend, i thought the post was very good!
  10. thank you for your help, my thoughts were it shouldn't do, but it looks to me like it might as well... i have forwarded the question onto a visa agent, thank you!
  11. I agree Trump should be many persons foremost go to guy for untruthful statements, so I'm not surprised he is your go to guy for that, and while I am sure Trump has broken thousands of laws, I'm highly doubtful he colluded with Russia to rig his own election.... Beyond that the evidence presented about the Russian government being involved is very weak in this election rigging thingy ma jig!
  12. do Americans in general mostly believe Trump colluded with Putin? I personally don't believe Hilary's campaign was even hacked by Russia', if the campaign was hacked then perhaps the evidence could be shown to the general public about this because all these people that say it was hacked by Russia are known for misleading people with untruthful statements!
  13. I know as PAYE your salary needs to be over £18,600 which it is in my case, what if you work for your mother who is director of the private limited company you work for though? Do I still meet the financial requirement?
  14. Starbuck's Bangkok

    I have drank freshly ground coffee since I was a child and still do to this day, Starbucks have a very high rate of caffeine in their drinks and therefore are great for coffee addicts! I have been to about 30 Starbucks in Bangkok and I can't think of anywhere with a garden, but in the city centre they have Starbucks with seats outside (near the Platitunam shopping mall for example).
  15. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Next Up For Thailand

    like people become addicted to alcohol, people become addicted and dependant on marijuana!