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  1. in appendix 1.7 it say the following (which I read one of two ways) 9.7. Director or employee of a specified limited company in the UK – requirements 9.7.1. A limited company is owned by its shareholders. Where such a shareholder is also a director or other employee of the company, they may be paid a salary and receive dividends, which can generally be counted, as appropriate, as employment or nonemployment income under Category A, Category B or Category C. However, if the company is of the type specified in paragraph 9(a) of Appendix FM-SE, the person’s income must instead be considered under Category F or Category G. This is because in a company in sole or limited family ownership there is scope for doubt as to the effective control of the company, as the person is either a director or employee (or both) and a shareholder or the other shareholders are family members of that person. In that case, instead of the employment evidence in Category A or Category B or the dividend evidence in Category C, we need the evidence about the operation of the company required under Category F or Category G.
  2. I read it the same way as you as well sadly, looks like i'm waiting longer than I thought na thank you for your input
  3. Hi, The home office generally know everything when it comes to this and I am doubtful I will get away without mentioning who my boss is.... however the wording above may mean I qualify without needing to show company account etc, but two immigration advisers say 2 different things on this subject sadly and i am unsure if I can go down the employee route or if I need to go down the financial company year end proof as well route.
  4. jamesmacleod

    Is your Thai companion averse to questions?

    don't think too much, is like don't ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies usually, but in a way which is like don't worry about it, everything is okay. Many Thai's keep their cards close to their chests, as a Brit myself I am wired and programmed very differently to Thai ladies and therefore Thai ladies programming can cause me issues... I am guessing that is the same for most people in thailand here visiting from ferang nations
  5. jamesmacleod

    Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    There was a poll done about this by Durex and it ranked the men of Thailand as the most likely to cheat in the world, and the women of Thailand at the number 2 spot. My country (the UK) was ranked about number 9 I think.... My ex Thai wife did the adultery thing, however that doesn't count on the poll because she denied it (However I was still with her when her facebook status changed from married to in a relationship lol), so the actual figure is possibly far higher than that recorded... I have a thing for Thai ladies, but I have to say with the stats as they are my fingers will no doubt get burned again
  6. How good are you at reading legal jargon? I am trying to establish if I have to provide lots of complicated details which would see my partner arriving in 2.5 years’ time rather than next April, the question is if my mothers company is a specified ltd company or not. If my mothers Company is not a specified ltd company then my partner can come in 9 months’ time. My mother is a sole director and 100% shareholder, please read the following carefully to see what you think about it. (a) The specified type of limited company is one in which: (i) the person is either a director or employee of the company, or both, or of another company within the same group; and (ii) shares are held (directly or indirectly) by the person, their partner or the following family members of the person or their partner: parent, grandparent, child, stepchild, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece or first cousin; and (iii) any remaining shares are held (directly or indirectly) by fewer than five other persons. One immigration expert says I am okay and my mothers company is not a specified company, and one says my mothers company is a specified company. Even one experts who has qualifications to know this stuff struggle to understand the rules regarding this it seems (or at least one does and one doesn't lol)….. (ii) shares are held (directly or indirectly) by the person, their partner or the following family members of the person or their partner: Any thoughts? (The next quote I have for legal advice is £300 and I don’t want to pay any more on this so open thoughts on this would be handy please, J x