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  1. They would have been had you won in 2016.
  2. I fear the sanctuary and freedoms enjoyed by that pair in the west won't be quite as forthcoming for foreigners here if they ever get back in .
  3. I wouldn't want to stray too far off topic but you could perhaps spare a thought for the generation(s) who gave you the right to troll.
  4. Hi All, My weight is heading in the right direction and i'm generally fit, but can anyone please explain why in the last 2 weeks I have experienced dizzyness and (particularly while trying to sleep) and alarming jolt which feels like a cattle fence/possible heart attack yet goes away after a few seconds? My suspicions are that Gastro/wind as a result of a change of diet may be to blame rather than something more sinister. My BP was well within limits when tested a few mins ago & I neither drink or smoke & otherwise feel absolutely fine. Has anyone had anything similar to this?
  5. ....whereas your reminds us of..
  6. To be fair there is much about modern Germany that i like but i take your point.
  7. ...but with a 40+ year cooling off period during which time 80% of the electorate had either died at one end or achieved adulthood at the other!
  8. ...rendering these old PIFs useless but nonetheless still worth watching.
  9. JRM on form this week grilling a bloke wearing a back to front syrup
  10. evadgib

    Got into a accident, what should I do?

    The cost of mounting a camera on your bike or helmet is considerably cheaper than the sum sought by this greedy opportunist. Was the incident caught on CCTV?