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  1. evadgib

    UK pensions

    Understood, but hopefully this is delivered via 21st C technology rather than a method developed in the 19th...
  2. There's a modest tax applied when winning, even if claiming in person in bkk. Claimants elsewhere can redeem tickets locally as per this example. HTH
  3. evadgib

    Thai army records

    Another suggestion would be to run it past the Thai Embassy in your home capital; assuming from your OP that you hold dual nationality. HTH
  4. Separating flesh from bone as in taking a pair off.
  5. The reporter should also note the difference between the Crusoe-esque 'stranded' and being mearly inconvienienced by a self inflicted own goal.
  6. evadgib

    Thai army records

    Have you tried their MoD or legion?
  7. '4-wheels-and-a-roof' should be the bare minimum standard when hiring anything here, along with seat belts, licence and adequate insurance to drive.