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  1. The rules differ significantly for Commonwealth rather than British passport holders although I note the residency restriction for CW applicants was relaxed a few weeks ago because MoD are so desperately short of new recruits. British Passport holders (proper ones for the purpose of this thread rather than BNO's) have no such restriction & I suspect MoD would baulk at the thought of legal action if they refused an application on such flimsy (National Service) grounds. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/armed-forces-to-step-up-commonwealth-recruitment https://www.gov.uk/government/news/defence-launches-new-strategy-to-boost-diversity-and-inclusion
  2. Scroll down for the recruiting pages & ask here: https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/forums/ Advisable to try their search function too as it came up there a year or so ago. HTH
  3. I'm stepping away from Brexit threads as they're going nowhere. Has the annual serial posters love in started yet? If yes I'll avoid that too Merry Christmas all. +
  4. Too time consuming and open to sculduggery ☺
  5. evadgib

    Fungal nail infections

    Apple cider vinegar footbath or on a cotton bud worked for me. HTH
  6. evadgib

    BP Cuff failure

    ...the cuff is a sealed unit therefore I ordered a new one from lasada. EBay would have been cheaper but longer in transit. Mine (42cm) was 725 bhat & is identical to the original.
  7. You've answered your own question
  8. She eats him for breakfast every Wednesday ☺
  9. Campbell comes across as an RT bot.
  10. My opinion was formed from info found in the public domain. My thoughts on TR/SY-L aren't relevant but I know what a govt stitch up looks like & his stance has certainly drawn their attention.
  11. You could well be right but everything I have seen points to MSM/Spooksville blatantly disinforming the general public & I can't help wondering why. I seriously considered accepting their call to sign up yesterday, but only cos I'm not entirely sure that I fully support their current direction and want to see ferages next move first.
  12. I'm no fan of TR/SY-L but what's 'extremely right wing' about him? During yesterdays march all I saw in his audience were several suited-and-booted veterans in cenotaph rig, and several respectable women in their 60s from professional backgrounds inc several who were in wheelchairs.
  13. evadgib

    UK: Who was the 'Thai bride' dumped in the hills?

    You're jumping the gun a bit there but generally I agree.
  14. ...is why it's unlikely to gain any traction.
  15. evadgib

    BP Cuff failure

    Hi All, My Microlife BP cuff has seemingly failed. I cannot hear or feel where air might be escaping from but my guess is that it's inside the cuff bladder & that the hose & machine aren't to blame. Has anyone had this before and if so is there a quick fix? Is it worth fault finding as per a kids bike puncture despite 'not washable' being printed on the cuff?