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  1. UK pensions

    Messrs Bottomly, Gale, Blackford & the remainder of the APPG won't let them get away with that, nor will the Consortium.
  2. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Why not come back after you've watched it & let the board know if I wasted my time or if it only favoured the b-b-brexiters cause? There's an element in both camps that will not tolerate anything on these boards except subservience or complete capitulation by the opposite side and I for one am having none of it
  3. I've just had lunch with a bloke who makes them :)
  4. Note the Branston... & then look at the difference between Traditions and habits
  5. UK pensions

    This is our best chance in years at putting this nonsence to rest but it needs people to step up instead of leaving it to everyone else. Just my 2p as I don't like getting wet :)
  6. Yet when a Ferang falls victim to the same scam he gets the old "Come with me sir, this won't take long..."
  7. UK pensions

    1bn quid for DUP yet 'we're skint' re global parity & how about this gem from the PM yesterday....? “Finally, the UK will continue to export and uprate the UK State Pension and provide associated healthcare cover within the EU. We will continue to protect the export of other benefits and associated healthcare cover, where the individual is in receipt of those benefits on the specified cut-off date. And subject to negotiations we want to continue participating in the European Health Insurance Card scheme, so that UK card holders could continue to benefit from free or reduced cost healthcare while on a temporary stay in the EU and vice versa for EU card holders visiting the UK”.https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-commons-statement-on-european-council-26-june-2017https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-government-publishes-proposals-on-rights-of-eu-citizens I guess the best we can do is hope the DUP are sympathetic and use their pressure accordingly.
  8. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Yes, and have flagged it to the consortium 😉
  9. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    PM Commons statement on European Council: 26 June 2017
  10. I'm extremely uneasy at this move.
  11. TBH if we can't come away amicably i'd be quite happy to see a forced exit followed by divorce based on desertion with UK getting the 'female' share. In the meantime... Government pledges to help improve access to UK markets for world’s poorest countries post-Brexit
  12. Koh Tao is umbillically connected to Koh Phangan. Stopping the full moon party & preventing ferry movement during moon week would sever their life blood in as little as 3 months and would see him/them served up to the authorities on a platter.
  13. Morning marathon 25/06- CONGRATS

    Weather wise the conditions must have been ideal! 😉 Well done to all who took part.