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  1. Why is this Oik allowed a balaclava and shades? Witnesses/other victims won't emerge if they can't clock his 'boat'!
  2. British Ambassador's speech at The Queen's Birthday Party 2017 in Thailand
  3. Everyone who purchases a pension letter etc and everyone that purchased a new passport prior to the Home Office/HMPO assuming control of overseas passports from 2010-ish. HTH
  4. Shortlisted for post (and poster) of the year ☺
  5. Boris does an Abbot! http://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-40358825/boris-johnson-struggles-in-interview
  6. For anyone who thinks it's all boots & 'aircuts: Flexible working for Armed Forces Angelina Jolie visits British military team in Kenya Grave of brave Nottingham born WW2 airman finally rededicated UK tackles deadly migration crisis in Central Mediterranean
  7. Best of British exports: Downton Abbey world tour showcases TV success Happy for this to be moved if there's a better place for it.
  8. Blimey! I think the phrase rhymes with..
  9. You are nonetheless entitled to my opinion. If you missed it first time around it'll be released in 2047 under the '30 year' rule. Patronising tw... If you're going to have a pop please do so with humour and with the understanding that intellect exists in both camps. The old "There* ficker than us" routine is wearing mighty thin, especially as they were in the majority last year... (*was necessary/deliberate!) More were unseated in her party than at Aintree in April, inc Salmond and Robertson. Yeah, she saw that coming
  10. The election was necessary in order to neuter the SNP and avoid direct rule of NI from Westminster. The fact that it backfired in England took everyone by surprise and should be a wake up call re PR, mandatory participation inc 'no!' voters, and a secure govt gateway enabling global votes from the likes of us when that '15 year' lark is binned.
  11. This sort of brings us back on topic....at a stretch
  12. ...a reminder to never use the spring loaded remote telephone attached to one of ours hoping to give the blokes inside something to fire at. If you do and they let one go you'll do more cartwheels than a premier league footballer and will think everyone is talking via a scaffolding tube for the next 36 hours! That was for the pair that wanted something useful 😉
  13. Nothing would surprise me after our fiasco. Let's hope they at least learn from it.
  14. Their own election has yet to come.