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  1. Silly not to pay a bill. Even in the UK you must pay the bill and then proceed other ways to complain or Court action - but we know Court action won't work in Thailand (especially if its cheaper in 7/11) Dont deserve a kicking like that though, she should have called the Police - lucky it was a girl really....
  2. 29 years seperated from thai woman

    Hello Rod, I'm in the UK now and did see a brief (Solicitor) about a similar thing last year. If you've been seperated for more than 2 yrs you can get automatic divorce at our courts, but need both signatures. If you've been seperated for more than 5 yrs then you can go alone to our Courts in UK (for a fee of course) and divorce, which will be ok for you. (you just say on form not seen her for X amount of yrs over 5) But I think for her maybe a different story, I think for her real closure would be both of your signatures at the office you got married in at Thailand. They have strange and weird ways there. But, after 29 yrs are you really bothered about her? My guess is the new man in her life wants her to go to his Country and she would need to be married to him but can't cos the marriage is still legal to you.....as regards you - you would be ok to re-marry if you wanted if you still in the UK. Don't go paying a brief, all the forms at your local Courts - I believe the cost is around £400'ish. Let us know how you get on. Rs
  3. Not surprised many go missing now - have to carry passport around everywhere now to get money changed since last year.......