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  1. Love the headline...SOME is Horny if going after zem!! Orgy was a "fancy dress" party all dressed up in the pool
  2. Good man....bad ....very bad....Now people will look down on pattaya. Those Farangs are giving pattaya bad name. I wonder if it is his first post Or he has never been on the streets or read news or even basic socialising in LOS
  3. Now he is a dual national Any more offers chaps..kiwi or froggy
  4. I don't understand, did he die immediately after taken the BP? How can anyone come to the conclusion on the cause of death on the spot? Do u take a pill n leave the rest on the bed to die on the floor? The woman saw him dying? I have 99 more Qs but ran out of ink
  5. Who is exploiting that lovely child? At least they do not have to wander from bar to another or for her mom to resort to a "vile" method using the child to earn a living through demented thinking farangs. I wonder if you will volunteer to pay for her education to save her the exploitation
  6. Although I have a Twitter account but is dormant because I thought it is for tw..s. Can you post vdo on twitter?
  7. They should rename "IT" to SAINTLY Street
  8. Who said there was? Disgraceful accusation if any
  9. Who said it was a rented car? The guy is a regular Samui visitor and he may have borrowed or bought the car for his " usual month long annual visit"
  10. The same Should apply to Thai nationals travelling abroad,love to see their reaction.I wonder if there is a chart or report showing total medical bills the Thai government incurred in free treatments to tourists v Total tourists expenditure in the country and taxes collected etc!!
  11. In conclusion HE WAS BROUGHT DOWN
  12. Some People here have not much up there to intellectually argue events/issues/comments but criticise.Criticising the very people and government that hosting them Kindly. same quality that Swiss chap just got arrested for insurance fraud
  13. Are you telling me that bar girls etc etc and any illegal activities will be taking place or waiting inspection while this parade was assembling and getting readyAmazing!!!!!
  14. Public Schools culture