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  1. Why there are 6 officers to deliver a simple statement ? How many of the foreign press and media reps were there? What type of questions were asked? If any , where are the answers?
  2. Highly intelligent idea.That will make more Chinese visit LOS. I thought there were more serious problems the Chinese faced not 300 bhat fee. Any sweetener to go with the exemption, such as couple of nights free accommodation or B2B.M?
  3. Although the act might seems innocuous to some but is disrespectful to the locals.As you are in their land you must respect their way of thinking and culture whether you agree with them or not
  4. Mickmouse1

    Pakistani Christians held in visa crackdown

    How can THEY arrest what the Authority recognised as ASSYLUM SEEKERS? CHILDREN should be given special care not arrested? Heartless operation if not gutless. Do you now "identify" people by their religious affiliation?
  5. He came to los 5 months ago for a holiday !!! Him, his daughter & friends have no work to do back home? I think something fishy here...
  6. Goodness, operating a 747-400 just to fly 97 passenger on a short flight?
  7. Does that mean Tourists without any reason give tips to immigration officers? On what ground? I had never seen it happening unless they are talking about something that was not explained. Tips for What?
  8. What do you want them to do? The only option is to levy a few hundred quids charge for such a service.
  9. Funds must be on regular basis if not the lump sum.Of course they will check your annual statements when you go for renewal. Best solution move to Laos or Cambodia. If you love LOS so much you can still live across the border.
  10. Disgraceful, the entire sum should have been refunded. The police should not negotiate with illegally operating business but compel them to settle a full refund and compensation for cheating and causing great inconvenience not to.mention the damage caused to the image of Chiang Mai
  11. Many banks in Scotland E Asia refuse to refund customers including Standard Chartered Bank,which refused to refund me for a fraudulent transaction because I failed to report it within the first week.I only found out about it when received my statement 3 weeks after that transaction.
  12. That is not the solution to encourage tourists to visit Thailand if they hear and see other tourists being attacked,robbed and in some instances killed.The solution is to treat visitors with utmost respect and to stop violence towards tourists by tuk tuk and motorbike drivers as well as by other operators .Also ensure the safety of places frequented and used by tourists .
  13. For the past 26 years I have been going in and out of many Airports in Thailand .Not a single time was I asked to show any onwards tickets or hotel reservation. All my trips to BKK were on one way tickets. Maybe because I far too handsome
  14. Red Honda CRF found near by..2am he was riding motorbike irritating some residents with his noise...then found at 9.30am hanged but no one saw him preparing and getting ready for doing that hard job!!!??? I wonder what happened between 02.00 and 0.900
  15. Mickmouse1

    Pattaya gambling raid nets unexpected evidence - sex drugs

    Send in the Scotts