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  1. Irrespective of which driver was at fault, are those vehicles insured or not? As for the taxi ,what about the driver's insurance covering passengers?
  2. Mickmouse1

    Swiss man, 71, falls to his death from eighth floor

    You are right , the Camry was damaged.I wonder why so many Farangs go to LOS to jump from balconies or were they pushed/ to jump if not physically jumped.RIP
  3. Fake visas Or misuse of Student visa?
  4. Exactly! !! Could be Australianseen, North or Latin Americans maybe Israelis or or
  5. Mickmouse1

    Phuket student-visa crackdown begins

    [email protected] wonder how many so called Tourists came into the country in the past 36 months and how many of them did not exit according to Immigration records? Only then we can have fun chat and discussion or debate
  6. Behind every great man is a woman; but ..bla... bla every dead burrrr
  7. Those causing the depression are z Killers
  8. Fighting outside police station yet need to call the Cops
  9. SUICIDE is the only word they know for murder if farang is the victim
  10. All three have failed in their duty to care for the children.
  11. Lol.....he wouldn't have been if in a near by state.comparison
  12. I think the authority should grant exceptional visas for such cases.The accused has no means to go and extend their visas.
  13. Mickmouse1

    3 Burmese Arrested For Alleged Rape of US Tourist

    Do they have DARK SKIN