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  1. Nothing will happen until a high ranked army officer or politician is lying in the ambulance ...
  2. Amazing that you should have had almost 7.000 posts and this is what you come up with ... lol
  3. Not to mention lots of families would loose their financial support and who do you think own and rent thousands of condos ... ? What would happen to these condominiums when half the building is empty ... ?
  4. Another innocent victim caused by perverted politicians that love the disgusting multiculture aka slaughter of Europeans
  5. Retirement extensions are very easy for some obscure reason - I dont understand why you have to be treated as a criminal if you're married to a thai and support a whole thai family ... I know very well that they dont want us here but they seem to forget that part of the reason they even have a job at that office is because of the many expats living here
  6. "Moreover, Manat told officers they need to be patient, even in the face of rude foreigners; cope with difficulty, shun corruption, be fair, smart and alert. " He should try to deal with Counter 6, dealing with extensions based on marriage - they are damaging the reputation of Thailand and reason for many married couples to move (as they in fact told my wife also ... "why dont you just move") ...
  7. Wallander4

    Japanese tourist held at Don Mueang on weapons charges

    Whats with all the clowns in the pic ... ? They dont have anything else to do maybe ?
  8. Wallander4

    Rescue teams step up search for Russian woman missing on Koh Samui

    Centara does not have CCTV ... wow
  9. Bla bla bla and then some hot air from authorities ... This will never be enforced - extortion money will be lost
  10. Sounds like a typical thai family ... dont get children in Thailand
  11. Calling on RTP to seek justice ... might as well ask father Christmas for help
  12. Security are mostly fast asleep many places but good the article mention name of "resort"
  13. Killed and thrown in the ocean hence fully clothed but its a foreigner so who cares in RTP ...
  14. Dont stay on ground floor in Thailand - too easy for all the thieves here