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  1. TAT numbers of tourists are equal to cabbies returning billions of baht to forgetful costumers … Not existing
  2. Depends on which Immigration, which Officer you get and what kind of mood that Officer is in ... Extension based on marriage can be a nightmare - at least in Jomtien Immigration I wish I could be more helpful but they make up stuff as you go
  3. Thanks for these criminal acts, invaders - that's gonna give Sweden Democrats a landslide victory next month Invite the Middle East and you get Middle East daily life
  4. Wallander4

    Phuket named second best beach in the world

    There's dozens of beaches in Vietnam better than any Phuket beach ...
  5. Can these jokers find their own a.. with the bum gun I wonder ...
  6. You mean like the d-bag "refugee" that murdered a woman and her son in IKEA, Sweden after he was denied asylum … ?
  7. Beach Club with the dirtiest beach water known to man - what could go wrong … ?
  8. Wallander4

    PM defends Kingdom’s conscription system

    Next generation of soldiers ...
  9. Extension based on marriage is a pain in the a.. at Jomtien Imm. You will have to show up with the witness at Imm also so they can see your witness, its not enough with photo and ID number. We are gonna shift to Retirement as extension based on marriage is too much of a hassle. Actually after the change to retirement in nov. we will leave Thailand and try a European country when spring comes to Europe
  10. Wallander4

    Three women accused in alleged Bt200m investment scam

    1.5 - 2 per cent per day … no alarm bells going on or only greed in their brain maybe
  11. Indian with 50k baht taking a baht bus … to walking street …. Find 3 wrong things here ...
  12. and how many entered and manage to stay cause of corrupt immigration … ?
  13. I am here cause of my thai wife - now we both got enough of this dump and leave for Europe in a few months. Mostly its my thai wife that wants to leave the Kingdom of loosers but I've had enough too so enjoy it here until you a part of the statistic of unexplaned deaths ...
  14. but if you apply for extension based on marriage expect to get the full disgusting treatment ...