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  1. The Park Jomtien

    Hi - I'm currently renting a condo and can give these info : Security is good - 24/7, at night 2 guys at work. 1 is sitting at the parking and 1 inside. There is no noise at all from Karaoke bar some 300m away. Pool is nice and secluded but sunbeds are horrible - look like they got them second-hand or from a junkyard ... Unfortunately a few days ago somebody has started to clear the big forrest area opposite The Park and who knows whats gonna be build there ... very noisy in daytime of course. Biggest problem for me personally is that our neighbor is very noisy with music late at night (3-5am) - we stop him but he just do again a few days after. He's a drunk or junkie, maybe both but unfortunately an owner so hard to do something about him except kick his teeth in eventually. We have complained to the Manager that he break condo-rules with this noise but nothing really change - we all know how these so called managers are. This is gonna be the reason why we are not gonna renew our contract. Let me know if you need further info
  2. Extension at Jomtien Immigration not so simple

    My guess is that you are one of these ridiculous tourist police that extort money from tourists - you should get a real life ...
  3. Extension at Jomtien Immigration not so simple

    Try to read what people write .... its not easy - cant you just get it or do you work at Immigration or stupid Tourist Police ?
  4. Extension at Jomtien Immigration not so simple

    My words exactly - I predict that some rules will be introduced regarding Retirement Visa shortly. Could be mandatory health insurance chosen by Immigration (way overpriced of course) or a raise in monthly income. There's a reason why Imm try to make expats change to Retirement ...
  5. Extension at Jomtien Immigration not so simple

    You're right Henryford, could do that but have a feeling that some new bs will emerge about retirement visa so I stick to my marriage extension ... after all we are married so why the harassment but I guess they don't want us here - maybe decide just to leave for homecountry with wife if it gets too weird here with their demands
  6. Extension at Jomtien Immigration not so simple

    Thanks for info thainet - most weird is their request to get pics from other angles, wonder whats next of stupid requests
  7. Went to get extension based on marriage for second time here in Jomtien - done it earlier in Chiang Mai multiple times. We thought we had done okay with all the copies, drawings of map to our home / Immigration, 4 pics of us in front of condo, living room, bedroom and entrance door with condo number but once again they managed to surprise and disappoint us. We had to furthermore get the following: Pics from a different angle .... yeah we wonder too about this weird request Sales documents regarding the condo from the owner Witness - Officer explained that since we don't have children we will need a witness at every extension Anyone can confirm these requests or do they make this s... up as they go ? We had a witness last year and was told that it was just the first time of extension in Jomtien we needed a witness - seems like that was not true. We have been married 5 years
  8. Another deranged Somchai - something very wrong with this male sick population
  9. Belgian soldiers shoot dead knife attacker in Brussels

    Belgium asked for it and got it - more IS supporters there than anywhere in EU
  10. Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel

    All should vote against Merkel, the DDR-murderer
  11. The DDR-murderer Germany has now is even worse than Hitler - wait and see
  12. So if bankteller is actually caught in stealing then its a transfer to inactive post I expect
  13. Cant wait to hear if Japan and Korea will follow up on this and ask for travel Insurance from thai tourists (aka illegal workers) - imagine the whinning and crying about how unfair it is
  14. Thats security of Thai Airports - hope ICAO read this example of simple incompetence
  15. Well done by Israeli policeofficer