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  1. Gonna make extension soon but my 1 year lease is showing old passport number - got new passport few months ago - so what will Jomtien Immigration say ?
  2. Not surprised Danish Embassy pull this sh.t - They are also breaking EU rules when thais apply for Schengen visa. This has been forwarded to EU already and are waiting further action
  3. and think of all the poor sods investing in houses and condos here …
  4. Amazing Thailand - they wouldn't even care if a plane went down cause their stupid lanterns. Why does the airliners even sell tickets around Loy Kratong and New Year ?
  5. In a few years Thailand will be happy to have any "stayers" at all - bye bye 20% GDP
  6. Remember to shut down the Karaoke extortion scams and their 100k baht bills supported by bib
  7. Is this place getting more stupid by the day … ?
  8. Thai Police will scramble at any task ahead
  9. How much did the retired expats playing bridge have to pay these goons to drop the charges ?
  10. That kind of money and want to retire in Thailand … don't think so
  11. Agree but careful its not too hot a topic for this forum like when TRUE steals deposits from costumers
  12. Not to mention the 5-10,000 that die in the ambulance or hospital after ...
  13. This happens a lot at Bangkok Bank - they only pay back cause for once the banks name is mentioned … ? Why is there no charge against this long fingered thief yet ? I would never have account at Bangkok Bank since its a higher risk than most other banks but all thai banks have this problem more or less
  14. In 1972 my homecountry voted YES to EF - now EU - so I would like a re-vote please … Dumbbells