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  1. I have been calculatin'

    I recall back in jan 98 the baht it 53 to the USD I figured no way will it go higher so I exchanged $5000 USD, the next few days it went up to 56. I think mid to late 97 / early 98 was about the best time for exchanges. Most of the hotels, restaurants didn't change prices yet and still at the 25b to USD
  2. It's hit or miss on getting a deposit back in Thailand. I have had places give back no issues, others I had to hound for 4-5 weeks to get it back after I moved out and of course had one that refused to give anything back and tried to hit me with extra cleaning etc. You need to figure when renting a place you are going to loose the deposit.
  3. At the airport they dont fine you for 1 day.
  4. and this is why Thais started their two tier pricing....
  5. Work permit with Non O

    Sorry this is not correct, if you have a visa and it's still valid you can stay. If you have an "extension of stay" based on work then yes when employment ends your permissions to stay ends.
  6. Really?? Even if a parent doesn't have any money if a child is asking for this type of help the parents are going to find a away to come up with something.
  7. Sri Racha

    Because of all the Japanese men living in the area that work at Japanese companies in Rayong
  8. Thai Police Record Check

    you dont need a letter just go there and they will help you. My wife and I went together we told them what she needed the police report for and they had her complete a few forms. It was very simple maybe took us 20 mins.
  9. Thai Police Record Check

    do it yourself, my wife needed one and it was only 100 baht, that was 4-5 years ago so might be a little higher than 100b now.
  10. strange actions by our Thai handyman

    shoeless can you translate???
  11. I dont think any expats are looking for a free ride when marrying a Thai. Almost all know it's going to cost them money!
  12. your right let her complain... we have posters on TV complaining daily (hourly) about Thailand!
  13. after awhile you learn to just ignore the numbers in a Thai report, they are never correct...never!