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  1. You are talking about General enrollment, that is different from open enrollment. Open enrollment for Medicare is Oct 15th through Dec 7th and takes effect Jan 1st. That is when anyone on medicare advantage plan can change plans or if on original medicare can enroll in a Medicare advantage plan. General Enrollment is as you state from Jan 1st to March 31st effective July 1st. This is when someone on a medicare advantage plan can cancel that plan and go back to original medicare or if you are enrolling late. OP Not sure how long it's been since you were eligible for Medicare and didn't enroll but the penalty is 10% of the part B premium for each full 12 months you were eligible and did not enroll. The 2017 part B premium is $134.00. Also you were required to enroll in part D for drug coverage. If you did not enroll their is a Part D late penalty which is 1% of the national average for each month you did not enroll. For 2017 the national average is $35.6
  2. First off this is Thailand and you should know by now how things work in Thailand (power/money = win). Second he is being charged, he has not been found guilty yet and no fine sentenced so how can you say anything about the same standards. Let's wait and see what happens. I'm guessing he will get the same as the other expat a 2 year suspended sentence. It's funny how Thailand can never win. People complain that the police dont do their job, but when the police do their job and it involves an expat they complain it's not fair.
  3. yup, that is why I didnt do it. Not sure I would say about 7-8.
  4. Dont be surprised if TOT wants you to pay for the wire from the closest hub to your house. Back when my wife and I moved from BKK to Surin that is what they told her. They quoted 120,000B. We ended up with CAT wireless router. about 3 years ago TOT finally got our village wired up.
  5. completely different from what everyone including me thought. Again it would be good if you could give a little more information, is this background check for a job? Who said you needed a drug test, police, employer?
  6. Too late, he already killed the cobra that gives the numbers.
  7. I would say if you are comfortable with the price for what is being done then forget about it. You're going to worry if maybe another guy can do it cheaper but then what type of job will you get. I always look at it what I think is a fair price for me not to do the work.
  8. you could get traveler checks and then exchange them in Cambodia as needed.
  9. I would be careful and not give out too much info to more people. Sooner or later someone will copy you. Dont tell people you are going to make allot of money, tell them you will be able to pay the bills or something like that. I had a Thai friend try to copy our product so you never know who is going to try. This is Thailand and Money is #1
  10. I'm not familiar with Tech guys pay rates. We had a factory and was paying 320 a day, our accountant was getting 21K Getting good workers is not easy, but can be found. My one friend his wife used to make 80K a month back in 2002 but she spoke Excellent English and French and of course Thai. I find allot of Thais and can speak English but reading and comprehension is another story. As for lawyers be careful allot of them promise the world and then do nothing or not close to what they promise, Typical Thailand. I had a good friend hire a lawyer paid a retainer of 150,000B and then was never able to get a hold of the lawyer again.
  11. Her working for the government I'm sure can overcome this as I dont think they will check . As you will learn each office interprets rules differently so what one might require or dont require the next one might be the opposite. However with her working for the government things should go smooth. You Thai friend should be able to do this without the need for a lawyer. I know one guy paid 95K baht to a lawyer to open a company. When we opened out company my Thai friend did everything it was less than 25K baht. Have your Thai friend make some calls.
  12. They way things look I would not be surprised the company planned all of this and will file bankruptcy.
  13. Glad to hear you have a good plan. Allot of guys want to live in Thailand and open companies when they have no experience, such as a bar. Most fail. Not sure if you will qualify for BOI. We qualified because of the location of our factory and the market we were in. Your Thai friend should be able to do all the paper work to get a company opened and registered for you, especially since she works for the government. Govt employees tend to help each other out. Wish you all the best!!
  14. That's what we did and had no issues. Don't know what type of business you are opening but consider how much paid up capital you need/want. After a few years we increased our paid up capital and the cost was much higher than originally. Also your Thai partner may need to show they had the funds for their minimum 51%, as it cant all come from you legally.
  15. Yes the 2 million baht can be used to pay for supplies, expenses, equipment. However you need to pay a company registration fee to the government which is 500 baht per 100,000 baht of registered capital. So for 2 million Baht you need to pay to the government 10,000 Baht to have 2 million Baht paid up capital.