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  1. Yes you are smarter than every other expat in Thailand. Ive lived and worked in THailand for 20+ years and during this time have had several occurrences with police. I've lived in BKK, Surin, Rayong and Ubon and for my work have traveled all over Thailand. Most of the time i get waved through a check point, but there have been times that the police just want some tea money and they will make something up for you to pay. I have had plenty of times I have had great experience with the police but then a few times not so good. I dont go out to bars or entertainment places so it's not like you say if you stay away from these places you will be ok. I've had police in Surin, Ubon, Chang Mai, BKK, Rayong, and pai wanting tea money. Then many other times I've had no issues. It's all luck of the draw!
  2. You read and speak thai but paid 500B??? you need to learn to negotiate better. I never had an issue about my passport but have had police make up all types of stories wanting their "tea money".. I typically pay 100B . When they play their games it's best to just pay up or they will wait you out.
  3. OP go to the US immigration website you can find everything you need to know here (http://www.ustraveldocs.com/th/th-niv-typework.asp). There are several different types of work visas to choose from. Good Luck!!
  4. That already happens Thailand, but in Thailand they die not go blind.
  5. not all.. some have PR and I have a few friends that have Thai citizenship.
  6. Is your home country or country that you have a passport from apart of ASEAN? If so you can get an ASEAN member card and get 90 entry for business. I know a friend of mine from OZ had one a few years ago. He would do boarder runs show his ASEAN card and get 90 days.
  7. Allot of negativity on TV when it comes to owning a business in Thailand. Mostly from guys that never owned a business in Thailand. when we started our company we had some delays with cash flow here and there. We had no issues with workers. We would pay them something on pay day and the balance ASAP. Every company tries to pay bills and workers on time but when you have customer paying late it disrupts cash flow. Good luck to your company!
  8. Come on you should know by now this is Thailand and the rules are only a guideline and only followed if they feel like it. I
  9. when I was in school it was a good paddle on the butt, however you had to be sent to the principles office for him/her to do the paddling and then a phone call to mom or dad.. I must admit I got a few in my days.
  10. My mistake, as usual I assumed and should have known better.
  11. Non-O means "other" this can be for marriage, retirement, etc. Visa rules for Marriage and Retirement have different requirements. Op is asking about retirement.
  12. Wrong visa issued

    I agree, If ever asked "my work permit stays at the office where I work."
  13. So you are writing about another article but with no real information, why even write an article that ends up with more questions than answers!