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  1. only needed it you hire a foreigner. I do understand most maid are from Burma, but I have had some Thai maids.
  2. Did you read the article? They are trying to get them before the train runs over them they are waiting for the train to flatten the coin. Also the laws only apply to the Thai monarchy, Thailand dont care about other countries.
  3. again you are giving incorrect info. I too have been thought this. I had a 1 year non-B mulit entry. I quit working for a company they cancelled my work permit but since I had a Non-B and not An extension of stay I was able to stay in Thailand until my 90 day stamp was up then did a visa run and returned with no issues. When you get an extension of stay when the reason for the extension is lost so is the extension, so then yes you have to leave.
  4. I think he means "you know how much money we have and when its gone it's gone." I think when the money is gone she will be gone....with the car.
  5. When I do a transfer from the US to Thailand my US bank always asks if I want to send US or convert it first. I tell them to send USD as it seems I get a better rate in Thailand. My cost to do a swift is $35.00 and takes about 2 days to show up in Thailand account. I haven't deposited a check in Thailand in over 15 years, but last time I did it I had no issues and it tool about 6 weeks to clear. That was with Siam Commercial.
  6. Step 3) The person that filed the complaint commits suicide.
  7. Sorry but that is not correct. The USA regulates how many work visas are issued each year and for what market. Depending on the category of work depends if a certification from the U.S. Department of Labor is required to show that there are not enough U.S. Workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available to be employed at the same job and that no American workers are displaced by foreign workers. I'm positive other western countries protect they work force too.
  8. Thai airways? You really think Thai Air is good? I think their service has been going down hill over the last 10-15 years. Lufthansa I think is on par with Singapore.
  9. I do too, but not everyone just the ones that I feel are getting more for themselves. I do know there are mafia controlled beggers, guys will buys kids in then get them on the streets begging. I typically see an old blind lady and blind guy in tow singing that I usually give them something
  10. I think you are beating a dead horse. Reporting like this has been complained about and ignored for the last 20 years.
  11. I agree the corruption affects everyone. My wife says the only people in jail are the one that cant afford to pay. The police are known to check people for drugs at the bus station coming back from Pattaya. I told one of my friends that was on holiday and going to Pattaya dont bring anything back with them. They didn't listen, the police got them and they called me. I went down spoke to the police and worked things out for 15K.
  12. My wife's uncle had to pay 1 million baht to get his position at the school as principle. So it's not just in the police department. I asked my wife why he would pay that much that the position can pay that good of a salary. She said when a kid takes a test to get into the school if he dont pass the parents will pay anywhere from 10-25K which he gets most of this. So what we have are dumb kids whose family has money pays there way through school and then buys them a job after school. This is why allot of the Thailand doesn't function properly.
  13. Sorry dont agree with you. Our company is not big and we never had an issue getting our work permits in the last 10+ years. All of my expat friends that work all have work permits and they too never have issues. Granted none of them work for schools. Most companies that dont provide a WP are the ones that dont qualify or schools being cheap, dont want to spend 3000B.
  14. No, I got a little help from my friends..