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    25 Thais jailed over VoIP scam in Cambodia

    It stands for Voice Over IP. Basically telephone calls carried over the Internet. For example, in our Phuket condo, we have the same UK phone number as we have in our house in the UK, carried over the Internet. We also have a number from my wife's village in Germany. They were perhaps carrying out some scam using Taiwanese phone numbers while sat in Cambodia.
  2. RandG

    Getting Frisked.

    Have transited Amsterdam hundreds of time over 40 years. Only time I have been frisked was in transit from a Carribean Island to Manchester. Started to ask me a few questions but as soon as my wife and at the time young daughter came up the walkway, he just wished me good day and a safe journey. Clearly trying to avoid AMS being used as a drug transit route. Was perfectly polite, spoke to me in English, until he heard me speak to my wife and daughter in German, and then switched to German.
  3. RandG

    UK banks

    I know nothing about them, or the services they provide, but monese.com explicitly state you do not need a UK address to open an account with them. Good luck.
  4. Why not just get a one year multi-entry in Canberra based on retirement? We did it in London with no problems. Police report, health form, UK Bank statement with equiv. 800,000 in a UK bank. Subsequent years (2nd year we did it based on re-entry stamp), one year extension in Thailand; my wife based on 800K in Thai Bank for 3 months, and in my case, income certificate from British Embassy. So far, has all been pretty painless. Good luck.
  5. Many of the hotels we have stayed in in Thailand use Airbnb themselves. Also, if Airbnb draws tourists into countryside where hotels are few and far between, and away from major tourist cities, then that is actually in line with government policy as I understand it.
  6. My German wife and I (British/Canadian) are retired and are in Phuket, and there are several other couples in our condominium complex. In a couple of cases, the wife and children stay here full time with the children being at school, and the working husband does a month on, month off, returning home or elsewhere, to work in the oil industry, or in 2 cases I am aware of, to keep the family business at home running.
  7. RandG

    Immigration staff checking passports at DMK Domestic

    Have never had an issue checking in to a hotel with Thai driving license. In the last year we have used hotels in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Korat. Small independent hotels as well as larger chains. Never even a raised eyebrow.
  8. RandG

    Immigration staff checking passports at DMK Domestic

    Although my wife and I have our passports with us, we always check in for domestic flughtacwith our Thai driving licences. Never an issue
  9. Waiting to see the cartoons/Photoshop pictures of him sitting on a rocket.