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  1. Might be worth checking if the Thais have an embassy in Dublin. Could be easier to get to than London.
  2. Only to be approached by men wearing white coats and carrying a straight jacket.
  3. Trilingual - practical tips

    No experience of 3 languages, but we were told that if we brought our daughter up bi-lingual (German from Mum, English from Dad, both their mother language) then she would be a late starter with speaking. This proved to be totally untrue and she was no slower, and if any earlier than other children of friends, children at the nursery she went to etc. We started from the day she was born. When she was a little older, if she had friends round, my wife would still speak to our daughter in German, but then just repeat it in English for the visitor. She has just completed a law degree at Oxford, so it certainly did no harm. With regards to Thai, how much time will the children be spending with grandparents? We found time spent with Grandma helped a lot, even though it was only a couple of times a year for a week or two. Is it likely that the children will have a nanny at all. German friends of ours in Thailand had a nanny when the children were younger and that helped their childrens' Thai no end. We have various friends where the children are tri-lingual and it has done them no harm and of course helps them in their adult life. Good luck. It is worth the effort.
  4. TV/Internet viewing options

    We use Netflix on 3BB in Phuket: not through VPN. Works extremely well. No issues.
  5. Would love to know where you would get 840 Baht for a (valid) 10 pound note. THB 420 would be more likely.
  6. We have VoIP numbers in our home town in the UK and wife's home town in Germany. We can just call/be called as though we are in the UK or Germany. Costs pennies per call. Friends /relatives /bank etc. just call us without knowing whether we are home in the UK or Thailand. Have been using it for about 5 years and very pleased with it.
  7. Not sure it is much different from other countries, other than the newspaper photographs of the "baddy" surrounded by a dozen police officers. In the UK, it would be East Europeans, southern Europe North Africans, US Mexicans etc., etc.
  8. Might just be down to luck, but we have never had a bad experience with Bangkok taxi drivers, but we tend not to go looking for negative experiences.
  9. As you are out of the country at the moment, send the paperwork DHL or similar to the embassy (2-3 days). From arrival it will take a week or so max, so as long as you back in Thailand by the 8th to do it, you are fine.
  10. Swedish prosecutor says to drop Assange investigation

    It is unlikely that the Swedes would have allowed his extradition to the US and it it is also unlikely that Obama would have requested it. Now the Swedes are out of the loop, and Trump is in power, there is a much higher chance of the US requesting it, and the UK accepting it, so he might be in his little spare room for a while yet. Should have faced up to the charges in Sweden if he was innocent as he says.
  11. If you were evicted (very, very unlikely), you would get yr money back from Airbnb. They cannot afford the hit on their reputation for customers of Airbnb to be losing money.
  12. My wife (German passport) was in exactly this position a few weeks ago. Her existing passport was only 3 years old, but more or less full. She obtained a new German passport outside of Thailand (London) and we entered Thailand at Phuket Airport. Sods law, there was a trainee immigration officer on the desk went to, but the more experienced guy looking over his shoulder took my wife to another counter, spent a bit of time clicking around in the computer, and after a few minutes gave both her passports back, with the entry stamp in the new passport, with a handwritten comment next to it referring to the visa in the old passport. During this time, I went downstairs and collected our luggage from the belts and we were out of the airport in 20 minutes.
  13. Until such time as traffic laws are fairly and consistently enforced, with realistic sanctions for transgressors, then nothing will improve. Just look at the fiasco with helmets. 4 million motorcyclists in Ho Chi Minh City and in a week, we saw 2 without helmets. In Phuket, despite so many campaigns, probably 70% without.
  14. Lloyds eyes Berlin for post-Brexit push

    What a ridiculous comment! A huge UK retail bank with branches all over the UK will close their UK business??? They are taking an existing office in Berlin of 300 staff, and adding a few people so they can register a subsidiary in Germany to carry on their EU business.