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  1. There seems to be many police transferred to inactive posts all the time, because of wrong doing. Must keep the many good police extremely busy with all the on-going investigations. (obviously leaving little time for other important work). I wish they would publicize the results more often. Especially hearing what sentences the courts are handing out to these criminals, would be interesting!
  2. I have some chinchilla's if anyone is interested!
  3. I'll take their democracy over what Iran has to offer. And incidentally many Iranians might like that compared to what they are living under now.
  4. I think that statement is very true. I also believe that the justice system here in Thailand thinks that the "Cops" never lie and think that everyone else lies all the time. Might be why the prisons are overcrowded. The cops have great power in this country. Too much I'd say.
  5. Now he wants to fix the problem scientifically. That should take much longer, especially if he's involved!
  6. Yes that's nice. Would you also want Iran for a neighbor, if you had the choice? I'd choose the US thanks.
  7. Not sure where the pic came from but what I see every day on the roads, reality is much different.
  8. We just don't care. See it every day! Everywhere.
  9. Since when do 3 year old's go to school? They should never be in a school bus at that age, especially unsupervised! The job of a school bus driver is not complete until the bus is checked for sleepers after each run!
  10. It's easy to quit! I've done it thousands of times.
  11. Control, control, control.....and in 5 to 10 years no one will be speaking about an election!
  12. They need a "smarten up alarm" on the things, but many/most would be too stupid to use it.
  13. Yeh well what about the adults who do naughty things to the students? That may be a larger problem, especially when these young people look up to some of these figures, whether in authority or elsewhere. I'm sure this is a well known problem in Isan, that is kept very quiet!
  14. Erdogan fiddles while Turkey burns. See what he says when Turkey goes into hyperinflation.