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  1. Good luck with this one Canada, you're going to need it. I hope you let her out on bail, at least, so she can skip out.
  2. Some would be disgusted with that headline. I am.
  3. Yes that is how I understand it. I have never run in to U.S. customs while travelling in and out of Canada from countries other then the U.S. Those U.S. Customs in Canada are for "pre-clearance" to U.S. destinations..... https://www.cbp.gov/border-security/ports-entry/operations/preclearance If anyone has that so called arrest warrant link from the U.S. please send it along. She was most likely in transit from say S. America to China etc when Canada should have stayed out of it. Stupid move Canada. Funny that a Saudi murderer (with proof) just flies around and no one arrests him in transit....oh, no arrest warrant..forgot.
  4. Good job police, and keeping those, so called, boat handlers ashore will keep tourists safer.
  5. She's the daughter of the founder of the company, the CFO. Not the CEO. She was in transit from what the story says. You mean everyone who works for that company is under arrest in the US......and Canada needs to comply to that! As a Canadian I think it's a stupid move.
  6. Someone in my house with a weapon! I'll restrain him with force, will shoot first thanks.
  7. 300sd

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    Never knew "run" and steal were synonyms!