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  1. I always thought the police tell the courts what to do! They have too much power for the wrong reasons.
  2. Dear so called people, some people act more like animals and some animals more like people. "The more people I meet the more I like my dog", seems quite appropriate at times like this!
  3. Another sick puppy. I'm not talking about the dog!
  4. No developing country here!
  5. Carry on boys and if you don't have a license, it's ok, just no face kicking!
  6. No, the worst is already in these lunatics. There are so many here unfortunately.
  7. Hope he's not allergic to gravity!
  8. It's pretty obvious.
  9. These are the kind of news stories I forward to my friends back home. Keeps them from visiting.
  10. Some of the above comments are as disgusting as this article.