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  1. 300sd

    Thailand's Phuket smartens up to bring tourists back

    That would keep me away for sure. Brilliant!
  2. This isn't too surprising....(it's ok to cheat as long as it benefits me!) Sounds like a corruption survey.
  3. 300sd

    Thai pharmacists demand Drug Bill withdrawn

    Well I have news for you Jaranwit, your so called "pharmacists" in this country already put the public at risk. They prescribe many unnecessary drugs every time someone is in need. Whether at a pharmacy or hospital. It's sick. These drugs will ruin the health of your people. They prescribe antibiotics etc. when there is no way of telling what is needed. Not only mild antibiotics but the strongest ones that should be used as a last resort. I'm speaking of a first visit and a 3 hour problem. Fortunately for your "pharmacists" the Thai people trust them, even think they are like doctors, and do not have the education to google and understand what they are getting. This whole system is a sham.
  4. My neighbor would pick up trash all along the road outside our complex. He worked hard. The garbage was worse after the weekend....go figure! Good for him, the road looked good. He moved away and it's back to pigsty again. Didn't think there were that many foreigners around here!
  5. Officials looking bad, as usual, not only the obvious criminal! It's pathetic
  6. That is true Morch, but with all due respect, I am saying that the US and Canada, along with most countries in the world, decide on their capital cities. The "State of Israel" is a country and I feel that it also has a right to do the same.
  7. I commend Australia for this, as I did with the US move. It's the capital of Israel apparently. The capital of Canada is Ottawa and Washington DC for the US. Australia recognizes them also.
  8. 300sd

    Phuket pharmacists up in arms over Drugs Act

    "Qualified pharmacists!" Not sure about that. Now almost anyone can dispense antibiotics at the drop of a sniffle or a cough!
  9. Congratulations Branson. You get my vote.
  10. Of course this would be the clincher for the top court. Everyone knows police don't lie.
  11. I definitely support this headline. If no one else is going to suggest to the "thai gov't" to do something about this disgusting hotel situation, then I'm real happy it came from Israel.
  12. That will beautify the place! Out of site out of mind. A better idea may be to hire a police force to uphold the littering laws, since you don't have a force that does that now, obviously!
  13. Not sure one can restore the reputation of a criminal element!
  14. There may be some "would be criminals" driving the tour buses. Might want to check the drivers for drugs.....