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  1. Absolute Hair Salon Closed?

    Yes, they've closed. The owner told me that he had to move out of the premises as the buildings were about to be redeveloped.
  2. Wing 41

    Thank you. I went this morning, so went the "long way" round. There was hardly any traffic at 5.30am so not a problem - and heaps of space in the airport car park at that time of the morning. Far too early to be up and out though. I won't be making a habit of it! Trisha
  3. Wing 41

    Thank you, and I should have mentioned it in my first post, but it's early morning I'm asking about. I need to be at the airport at 6am and was hoping to use that route. Trisha
  4. Wing 41

    Is Wing 41 open 24 hours? TIA
  5. Where to buy....

    Will do!
  6. Where to buy....

    Got a set of 4 from a place called "Maxxis" on Hang Dong Road - B700. Not "branded" and look fine. He had a second hand Nissan one, but wanted B200 for it and it wasn't the same as the other 3, so opted for the new set. Trisha
  7. Where to buy....

    Thanks, I'll have a look at Airport Plaza. Trisha
  8. Where to buy....

    ......wheel trims? I've lost a wheel trim from my Nissan March and have no idea where to look to replace it. I'm not worried about having "branded" Nissan trims, so is there somewhere I can buy a set of "universal" wheel trims? I am on Canal Road, south of Suthep Road, but can get anywhere. Thanks, Trisha
  9. Internet TV

  10. Good post Enoon, and "Bravo" Debenhams!