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  1. Why would Japan worry about a nuclear weapon from North Korea ? The Japanese are doing a very nice job of nuking themselves...
  2. Klomkhan said he braked, sounded his horn and flashed his lights but was unable to avoid a collision. - all from 60 KPH.. an achievement, perhaps he could have used his brakes harder instead...... not sure what the stopping distance is from 60 Kph, but not a lot..... 20 metres ?
  3. Better to have drawn his gun than banged on the windscreen...
  4. 300,000 to 400,000 Baht each would seem no small amount.. I wonder where they got the money from ? Loan shark ?
  5. I didn't know there were enough trains in Cambodia to have a crash...
  6. Sure low wages for the drivers, but even forgetting personal cost, just how many drivers could they employ for the cost of recovering and repairing the bus...? Probably enough to pay the drivers wages of a driver for a good few years - as the "extra" driver that should be used in this sort of situation...
  7. Those making derogatory comments about this boy either have a dad or or are so badly psychologically damaged by not having a father in their lives that they resort to arrogant ill-informed statements. Maybe he does want a "pay day", maybe he does want to move to the USA.. so what... ??? it's natural for everyone to try and better themselves, well from a young age anyway. Children without parents always seek to find them in order to try and get an understanding of who there are... but that seems a psychological step too far for some on here. And those idiots on here say "if he had been brought up right by his grandmother bla bla bla".. whatever... we are all a product of our childhood, and a childhood without parents is most often very damaging, grandmother or not. I did think that most people had it together on here, but my mind is now of a different disposition.
  8. I have had loads of stuff sent through Ebay, and also FedEx (I can't remember for certain) some big items from China (Alibaba) - about 20kg each... I guess about 1 in 10 of the Ebay items never arrive but I always get a full refund or they will send again.... Is best when they send with a Tracking number.. Also there is tax to pay once it get over ?? $1,000 baht, but many of my items were more than this and was never asked for tax.... If it has not turned up, check with your post office that it is not there waiting for you to pay some tax...
  9. The more and more I read, the more grateful I didn't sell up and move to Thailand... Have things always been like this ? What does the future portend ?
  10. Well I am in New Zealand.. applying for a multiple entry tourist visa... filled in the forms sent it all of by courier, then I am told I must travel to Auckland (2 1/2 hours) to do it personally.. could have easily been 5 hours away.. And what was the difference when I turned up in person.. NOTHING... But for friends in Thailand, I would never bother to go back.. and will in future spend as little time as I can there... But I guess the Thai authorities don't really care... after all there is a whole new wave of tourists from China - and the Chinese sure have a bad reputation in NZ....
  11. I read, maybe on this forum, that at sometime, early in August 2016, that the rules had changed again. I had a multiple entry visa. I was of the opinion that you had to leave Thailand for more than just the equivalent of a visa run. In the event, I could not be bothered with the drama came back home before the expiry of my previous entries 2 months... be really interested to hear what some people more in the know have to say about this ?
  12. As someone already stated, 6 months is not a big deal, but I doubt if your batteries will hold a charge for that long... So either invest in two smart trickle chargers (loads on Ebay for not a lot of money), or resign yourself to two flat and now ruined batteries... If you are going to change the oil do it before you lay the vehicles up as you don't want acidic deposits sitting in your oil in the engines sat there for 6 months... but really, unless your vehicles are very expensive and you are really worried about them, I would not worry. Petrol, well 6 months it's starting to get a bit on the long side as modern petrol is not as good as the old stuff... I would be tempted to drain all the petrol out of the motorcycle, including the little drain found on most carburettors. otherwise you might have a real pain to start it when you come back, but at the 6 month time, it is probably not a big issue, more than a year, definitely drain the motorcycle. You can't really do that with a car, but they are usually easier to start. Filling the cars tank, that is 6 of one and half dozen of the other.. at 6 months, you could fill it.. but more than a year, if the petrol goes "stale" then you have a lot of petrol to eat through (assuming the car runs) before you get to any new stuff. If you keep petrol in a car for one year, chances are it will start but run badly... hence the need to put fresh petrol in..
  13. Why you don't understand ? You are a Farang visiting Thailand. When you become a citizen you can also kill people. Get with the program. It is called being facetious... it is a way of making a joke... of course I know what it is all about...
  14. So if you overstay your Visa then you will be prosecuted, kill a Police officer and it's not such a big deal - something not quite right here... ???