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  1. Someone should send these details to the Sun newspaper in the Uk, and there must be some equivalent ones in other countries whose holiday makers come to Thailand as tourists. At some stage people will get the message that tourists are not welcome unless you have cash falling out of your pockets, and they would be better looking for more welcoming destinations... whatever happened to the ideas of a cashless society... ?
  2. I am 63, ride a BMW 7400 kms all over NZ with a Thai girlfiend, have a bike in Thailand and Cambodia, and will be building a small plane in Cambodia and a lot more....are you going to say I shouldn't be doing this ? Oh and I should mention the young Khmer daughter in Cambodia (whose mother is a Police Officer - so it was not a mistake)...
  3. This is not an accurate story. I have other photos, some quite distressing so I have not uploaded them. I was advised that the two children (6 and 9) in hospital had died and if you saw the other photos, then you would not be surprised. My friend who lives near there and whose brother is a Policeman in Udon said the Police shot the tires out, and were adamant that he was drunk.. this road is a very small road, and not the way to Central.
  4. I don't think this is correct reporting. My friend who lives very near there and whose brother is a Policeman in Udon said that he was fleeing, perhaps from the initial crash, and this road is very small, certainly not a road to speed down. She said the Police shot his tires out, and maybe this is when he crashed. Also she was told he was drunk.. she sent me some photos, not with his face blotted out, but for the life of me can't find them at the moment. She also said that the two in hospital had died.. I wonder if the real story will come out ? Who knows ?
  5. why can't we see her face... and say the Police would like to speak to her...
  6. I hope the Thai authorities advise the travel companies selling package holidays to Thailand that sexual services are illegal in Thailand and the law is being strictly enforced...
  7. mmm.. I wonder where the money to pay for the Hospital will come from ???
  8. There is pretty much a suicide epidemic in New Zealand, and most people would agree that it is vastly under reported... it's just a sign of the times. But hey, if life really is shit, then why not enjoy what remains in the best way possible. As for those suggesting there must be less messy ways... I don't know... I think for people who are serious about suicide, certainty is possibly quite important... it's just the way life and death is.. the reality is that we live in quite sick societies...
  9. No no.... if you look very carefully, it is the prototype AI Thai rice farmer... they just had to camouflage it so as not to frighten the locals......
  10. Indeed... Thailand and Cambodia seem to have it in for cell phones.. was one doing the rounds in Cambodia about the blue light from cell phones... and an accompanying photo showing a damaged eye.. a reverse image search showed the original article which was eye damage due to sunlight... - so why not make the point about children wearing sun glasses - the danger with such articles is that it deflects people from addressing the real issue, and the issue here seems to be more about irresponsible parenting... but better to blame the evil cell phone.. ADHD is just a term to describe a set of behaviors.. nothing to say they are medically wrong, just that there are socially unacceptable and better to blame it as some sort of disease than address the social issues behind it... sick really..
  11. Stopping Facebook in any country would be the fastest way to start a revolution. Can you imagine all generation Y's without their Facebook..?
  12. Why would Japan worry about a nuclear weapon from North Korea ? The Japanese are doing a very nice job of nuking themselves...
  13. Klomkhan said he braked, sounded his horn and flashed his lights but was unable to avoid a collision. - all from 60 KPH.. an achievement, perhaps he could have used his brakes harder instead...... not sure what the stopping distance is from 60 Kph, but not a lot..... 20 metres ?
  14. Better to have drawn his gun than banged on the windscreen...
  15. 300,000 to 400,000 Baht each would seem no small amount.. I wonder where they got the money from ? Loan shark ?