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  1. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Here's something easy: Boil the whole, washed tomatoes for about two to three minutes until the skin starts to fall away. Remove. Now whilst they are still in shock from the treatment, throw the little monsters into a sieve. Use a bit of elbow grease to squeeze them good.
  2. toy supplier wanted

    It's actually around a week, maybe less, my friend Air in Chonburi buys a lot of bags and other stuff, what she said. No customs unless you are importing perfumes etc. A lot of toys are made in China, check quality always and safety. Just trying to help you out with ideas.
  3. toy supplier wanted

    Get on Taobao, China's biggest online store you can buy anything on there and they ship as well.
  4. Brits can’t believe America is taking credit for ‘inventing’ the sausage roll

    I need an education, what on earth is a corn dog? As the name suggests? I'll pass, I'll stick to Aussie sausage rolls.
  5. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Can anyone post up a pic of liquid smoke? Also with sausages tell you the story of my uncle's place in Swissland where the village butchered two pigs and my mum asked me to help blow the pig intestines to use them as casings for sausages. I was seven or eight at the time. Ugh fun stuff though.
  6. What are you eating? (food porn)

    More on the pizza dough, mix the dry yeast with the sugar and hot water to activate it, leave it to bubble up for around ten minutes in a small glass then, add it to the flour. In this hot weather after you made the dough and kneaded it, put a little olive oil over the ball and cover it with a damp towel to rise. then bash it down when it is double size and repeat. This should take about two hours to rise.
  7. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Keep your shirt on, it's for kids.
  8. Brits can’t believe America is taking credit for ‘inventing’ the sausage roll

    Oh my...........hahahahahahahaha
  9. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Mini pizzas are great but you will need muffins, some kind of Prego or other base, ham, cheese and pineapple. That's for kids.
  10. What are you eating? (food porn)

    Gosh pizza is about the easiest thing to make if you have the process all down to T. So many variations to the actual dough. Mum was a stickler for everything from scratch I have many of her recipe books but given in modern times and prep time, one does not always have the time especially with kids. From a young age I loved having my boys in the kitchen showing them the how to do it and they have a lot of fun. I think it's important as a learning process. Ok really easy pizza dough is this: 3 cups flour ( just plain old flour) 1 teaspoon sugar pinch of salt YEAST we use a tablespoon of dry yeast ( dry makes the rising time longer, wet is better) Olive oil Water The fun is in combining all the ingredients and making a mess with kids. Important: mix the yeast with the sugar, hot water ( not boiling or you will kill the yeast) and pour it in the middle of the mound of flour, add oil, use a rubber spatula to incorporate it all in and add water little by little. Pound it a bit and let it rise.....then pound it again and let it rise again. Roll it out. Toppings the sky is the limit once you have the initial base done right.
  11. Brits can’t believe America is taking credit for ‘inventing’ the sausage roll

    These are sausage rolls Aussie style. Those things in the OP America claims to have invented are definitely not sausage rolls. Those things would not even pass for the classic 'pigs in blankets'.
  12. Not at all Mr 79, 009 posts. As you can clearly read the OP ( opening post), now do go back and read it again please. I'm rather aghast at such a lack of comprehension here. I suggest you stay off whatever you are on....scary.
  13. Bashing Trump and various other comments you are out of line 79,009 posts .
  14. Bashing Trump and various other comments you are out of line 79,009 posts .
  15. This is not an OP to comment on Trump Mr 79,009 posts as such this conversation I shall abstain from. Please use your cognitive skills and ascertain what this is about. Thank you in advance and do not derail this topic.