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  1. I'm salivating with you there. What's really good also are cabbage rolls with sauerkraut. When the heat subsides I'll do some as it takes a bit of prep and even with the exhaustion fans on the smell is awful ( according to my husband anyway) got caraway seeds, mustard seeds and all the other bits and pieces my mum used to put in them.
  2. This is in Hong Kong lol. Double horrible plus.
  3. Corn on pizza is disguisting, ugh, then again where is that? They do corn on vegetarian pizzas here along with Pizza Hut's offer of the decade: Durian Pizza I kid you not. I'm sure most of us haven't lived until we tried a big slice of durian pizza.
  4. Meat and fruit definitely do marry well. A bit of Sweet and sour pork.
  5. Just a few kebabs with lots of pork and pineapple, so delish. Can't beat these on a summer's day.
  6. Sure no worries, do you have any particular styles or image you would like to project? There are some very tried and true ones out there to be sure. I suggest in the heat and respecting the culture, you stay away from the following: 1) The Tourist: Baseball cap, wifebeater, shorts, flip flops and bumbag type. Any type of T-shirt with I Love Thailand, elephants. 2) The Professional out there to impress type: Long sleeved shirt, tie, looking like he walked out of a TEFLER class. 3) The Obviously Rich I Can do Anything in Amazing Thailand; Generally lots of money to throw around etc. Sorry, be yourself is the best take and respect the culture, don't look down on people.
  7. You're hilarious Naam, if you ever run again for that poster thing, I , my, fruit and meat will back you all the way. Great stuff.
  8. Playing the field he be. What's wrong with getting his toes wet? There's a bigger picture here, just not available to us.
  9. It's simply w-r-o-n-g unless you are a word beginning with g and ending in r. No self respecting woman would leech on a man, no matter how wealthy he was. This whole mindset is ridiculous from jump.
  10. Her marketing skills are somewhat lacking, she dated 5000 guys and not one stuck around? Anyway this is a silly scam.
  11. I had a fourteen year old friend in high school die from it, scary really and she never set foot outside of Oz or come in contact with anyone who traveled to high risk areas. I would definitely put it on my list if you haven't had the shots.
  12. Back when people died from it so they put it on the mandatory vaccine list. Australasia is at risk and if you have the bad misfortune to contract it the prognosis is not good. immunise.health.gov.au/internet/immunise/publishing.nsf/Content/Handbook10-home~handbook10part4~handbook10-4-8 Japanese encephalitis (JE), is an infection of the brain caused by the mosquito-borne Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV).
  13. Ok go away hahahaha.
  14. We have a vineyard in the Barossa Valley. Parents owned it for countless years, Rather nice for barbecue, export, wine tastings and always vino with meat as a marinade or a bottle, saying meat and fruit are not compatible is wrong.
  15. Understood.