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  1. I really don't get trolls. See you later keyboard warriors, I do hope your time here was informative and pleasurable. All the very best.
  2. I have no idea what these things are but they were trying to sell them to the tourists for a lot of money. They're actually real things in that BKK China market. Look like plastic. So we bought one and youngest actually tried to eat it..
  3. Last trip to Thailand.
  4. That's truly a brilliant a moment in time, not staged.
  5. That's ace and a shot of the decade.
  6. I recall a lot of little Thai kids and they are lovely around that time of the year, trying to sell flowers.
  7. That was from a trip to BKK around the flower markets. I have never had any success with orchids. It's really a throw away market in HK. I never got the mentality you throw things out. That's my youngest in the same place mentioned above.
  8. From Chinatown in BKK. Love them. Chinese New Year circa. The folks spend a lot of money in HK, mainland and many places. Orchids are difficult to grow.
  9. Go the food porn guys. Lots there. Actually started a what are you drinking thread no takers hahahahaha
  10. All good but I am more of a dog person. Nothing wrong with cats if you give them back.
  11. Kind Sir. Marmite would never enter this household as it is a Brit thing, Vegemite is black gold. Aussie breakfast of champions along with Weet Bix. One is based on meat extract , other is on yeast, anyway, these two pesky curtain climbers I am babysitting and they are crossed with a pure Persian. Lovely kittens.
  12. Here's a weird idea you may want to try. Mother did this stuff in the cellar. You relocate to Ozland and dad had a room under the house so all good. He also liked to make his own beer and let me tell you that one when the temps got to 40C and he stored over a hundred bottles of home made and they exploded in the garage lol. Firebrigade etc. You can successfully make sauerkraut and keep it in A/C conditions, how that relates to folks on here I don't know. It goes off quickly true.
  13. I wasn't ignoring you just missed it. Social & Co here and if you can finish it in half an hour it's yours free.