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  1. yes i always eat there food good prices same yep do as the locals do eh
  2. HI MATE not all of the Thais are as rude as this bloke i went with my wife last week to our Ampur friendly sorted all my paperwork took about an hour or so gave me all the docs for the head man in my wifes village to sign the sort of Mayer if you want should get my yellow book end of this week done and sorted hope you have better luck with your next interview but as one of the posts here said dont forget all of us Farangs here in Thailand are RICH perhaps he was waiting for an envalope eh
  3. Hello to all here on TV. can anyone shine a light on this little request ..does anyone know if there is a minimum age that a property can be put into my childs name he is still only a few months old but wanted to put it as a legacy for later .its a condo that i thought about selling but then the cash gets spent thought this might be a better option..any help appreciated
  4. Harveyboy

    installing a pool in phetchabun .

    not that scared mate she is now my wife and mother of my son ha
  5. Harveyboy

    Residency and tax.

    yes all the money had gone thru the system back home ..but as i never bought in over the limit i never declared it just bought it in changed it for baht and banked it
  6. Harveyboy

    Residency and tax.

    just to add the money i have in my account is joint account with my wife would this be looked into as much as it being in my name only.. we pay tax on the interest yearly ..i have a single account keeping enough to prove my status when applying for my visa ..i read in one of the posts proof of where the money came from ie earnings in my country the money came from sale of my house obviously there are records of this would this stand to be taxed tks for any info
  7. Harveyboy

    Residency and tax.

    so how does this work i have used bank transfers to buy a property so there is a paper trace now i bring money out with me each time i go back that amount being below what im required to declare on either leaving my country and below what im required to declare here in Thailand this does away with transfer costs this money i put into my bank so over quite a few years i have money ..this ok
  8. Harveyboy

    UK pensions

    what are the fees like mate
  9. Harveyboy

    Residency and tax.

    does this mean i i move here permanently on a pension i would have to declare and pay tax also would this apply to any cash i may have in the bank
  10. yes thanks mate he is only 3 months old so no can say they have known him long eh ha .. i will go with the option of my wifes Boss thanks again for the help
  11. if you dont mind mate can i ask you a few is my case similar to yours my son born here ..my wife Thai i have been told that i have to get someone to countersign photos do they need to be British or can a Thai national sign my wifes boss is head of one of the government centres here and said would be willing to do this ..as far as address my sons birth certificate registers him at the house here her parents but my address is in Jomtien does my wife have to have any paperwork translated into English i imagine my sons birth certificate and our marriage would anything else be required ..any help you can give would be appreciated .. i was going to use the company for simplicity and not having to travel from here in Phetchabun to BKK twice idi do all the stuff myself paperwork ect for the marriage i suppose this i could do with the right paperwork tks
  12. hello mate did you do this your self or did you do it thru a company..
  13. Harveyboy

    passport for my son and registration

    thanks mate ive just sent them a mail asking for details