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  1. YES! Greatest comment I have ever seen on this forum!!! Please respond
  2. Totally different to my experiences! Banks were all willing to accept me, I asked at 3, but went with Kasikorn in the end as it has the closest branch and my wife banks with them so it's easy to transfer money to her account using their app. At the marriage the boss of the Amphoe was soo pleased that I wore a shirt and tie that he insisted on having photos taken of us with all of the staff in the office!! Pretty sure the photos will be on the office wall now!
  3. AaronC76

    2018 World Cup wall chart with Thai kick off times

    2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Free Prediction Template For Excel https://www.spreadsheet1.com/fifa-world-cup-2018-russia-free-prediction-templates-for-excel.html
  4. AaronC76

    Volunteer Visa required

    Do these organisations have websites that I could look at? It will be interesting to see how they present the opportunities and if they suggest that everything is legal or not. It may also be that they state they have employers/public liability to cover you for any medical costs if an accident should occur whilst volunteering for them.
  5. AaronC76

    Volunteer Visa required

    Subrogation will be used by the insurer. Basically they will find someone else to pay their losses in the event of a claim. Be that the insureds home insurance, the companies public liability etc etc
  6. AaronC76

    Volunteer Visa required

    As far as you're concerned you've been told by the organisations being worked for that there is nothing illegal about it, so you will be fine if you need to claim.
  7. AaronC76

    Volunteer Visa required

    What he said. and make sure your travel insurance covers manual volunteer work.
  8. I bet she's the kind of person that nibbles the chocolate off of all the edges first, but he's the one that's wierd right?!
  9. When our dogs get sick they get a mix of chicken and rice, I think it just needs to be something easy to digest and you can always add liquid vitamin supplements from the vet if you wish to. In the UK and in Thailand I have never given our dogs canned food. Normally in the morning they get the left over sticky rice mixed with "inside chicken" as my wife calls it that she buys from the nearest restaurant or tinned mackerel, boiled eggs and any left over meaty soup from the day before. In the evening they get fed a dry food mixed with milk, Smartheart is their preferred brand! Only just been able to convince my wife that chicken bones should NOT be fed to dogs!!! (Ohh and they do get the occasional chicken from one of the neighbours! Sshhh!!!)
  10. AaronC76

    Please Recommend me a car

    Try this site for prices... https://www.zigwheels.co.th/en But the cheapest SUV starts at ฿679,000 new
  11. I sometimes see requests in this Facebook group for Chinese teachers... https://www.facebook.com/groups/644309278969927/
  12. AaronC76

    Please watch out for PayPal Fraud...

    If they don't use your name, then it's a good sign that it's fake.
  13. AaronC76

    NE live in village monthly

    Ha, just read that you were the guy asked to fund the massage shop, I remember that post and remember feeling sorry for you!!! After reading about all the failed attempts at getting your wife to run a business and the endless funding of this I think you need to get a reality check and I feel less sorry for you now as you don't seem to learn! Stop being soo nice and put your foot down. Only give money when they prove that they have have done something to deserve it. As I suggested in the massage parlour post, get them to come up with a business plan before parting with any more of your cash. I am in a similar living situation but the attitude of my family is very, very different... I live with my wife's family in Nong Bua Lamphu and I cover the cost of all the utility bills and give my wife 5,000 a month to cover food for the family and our 4 dogs. Father in law is in his 60's and takes care of approx 25 cows all by himself and MIL takes care of crops and other livestock on the farm! I try and try to help out on the farm but they will not allow it because they do not want ME to get tired!!! I'm only 42 btw My wife runs a convenience store from our home and also takes care of her 10 month old neice and elderly Grandma who is 80+ and cooks and cleans etc etc etc NEVER does she complain and always tries to pay for everything when we are out and about. I guess I am the lucky one compared to most guys that post on here.