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  1. where to sell 2x ipad mini 4 in gold ? 3 months old

    both are already likely sold. I will pm you if one is still available.
  2. Visa exempt ?

    So my plan as of now is to spend a couple of days in Hongkong with my old passport. Should I try to get a new SETV there ? I searched abit around and there were mostly positive review about the thai embassy in hongkong. If I cant get one then I still can fly back into thailand and get a visa exempt und pick up my new passport.
  3. Hi, Where is the best place to sell second hand stuff ? I have two ipad mini 4 in gold and on is 4 months and the other one 2 months old. They both work perfect. Thanks guys
  4. Visa exempt ?

    Any other suggestions than Phu nam ron ? I was there once for a back to back METV and it wasnt so convenient to get there. I would prefer to fly in and out from bangkok. Does any destination do it or are some more preferable than others ?
  5. Visa exempt ?

    the new one will be issued in the end of january if im lucky. My visa runs out at the 25th january as well. Its not that likely that it will be issued before the visa expires so I will most likely in the need of doing a visa exempt run. I didnt do any visa exempt entries in the last 12 months. Thank you for your help guys !
  6. Hi, My current passport has 4 SETVs in it and the last one is red stamped saying that I often travel to thailand with tourist visas. Due to christmas I dont get my new passport before my current SETV+extension expires so I will probably have to get one visa exempt and then after that I want to get one SETV for the new passport (or the new smart visa once its officialy available). Will I have any problems obtaining a visa exempt entry into my current passport ? 20k baht and flight+hotel booking for the re-enter are no problem and im aware that I might need that. Whats the best way to get a visa exempt ? Im in Hua Hin currently. Money not really an issue, I just want it fast and convenient if possible.
  7. Ok thanks guys, so I missed the letter last time. I just want to say again that I had my old AND my new passport with me and they DID NOT let me leave the country. Probably its different from IO to IO.
  8. They didnt let me leave at the friendship bridge on the Thai-Lao Border in Nongkai. I didnt started to discuss the matter there with the officer because I was very confused and a little bit shocked. He told me to go to the immigration "headquarter" in Nongkai. The IOs there were very friendly and with the help of my thai gf we were able to figure things out. I missed my flight and wasnt able to follow my travel plans though. To be honest I still dont fully understand what you suggest now. Could you tell me what you would do in my position ? Im on a SETV atm and plan to get another SETV by the end of january with my new passport. But first I really want to make sure I dont run into trouble again because the german embassy told me last time I dont need the letter which was simply wrong.
  9. Hi, I plan to get a new german passport next week at the 20th december here in thailand which will then be issued 2-3 weeks later. My current passport has a SETV in it which expires on the 25th this month. Do I have to go to the immigration for the 30 day extension before or after I applied for a new passport ? Does it matter ? Now to the question in the title: According to the german embassy I need to get a paper for 1000 baht from them for the thai immigration which verifies that they issued a new passport to me. However I got a new passport here from the german embassy 3 years ago and ran into kinda huge trouble when I wanted to leave thailand because I had only my new blank passport with me without the visa in it and the old passport the embassy made invalid without the paper for the immigration. I then had to get the paper faxed to the immigration which was very very complicated. Do they "transfer" my current visa into the new passport or do they just make the "old" passport invalid and give me the paper for the immigration without the visa in the new passport ? I just want to be prepared and know everything this time because the last time I trusted the embassy which was a mistake. Thank you for your help guys
  10. red stamp - advise please

    No. The last time I was "home" was when I got my current passport which was issued christmas 2015. Reason I travel so long is just that germany in my opinion "sucks" in the words of a poster in this thread here. I really love thailand and would like to stay here for 1-2 years more until I know where Ill head next. I didnt want to open that topic originally but now Im gonna say it anyways: I dont see whats the problem staying in thailand the way I do. I spent in a month here what most thais earn in a year and Im happy about it. Dont feel very welcome when I get red stamped and I dont abuse the tourist visa system for sure. I use it exactly how its intented to use. However I will probably get a new passport issued here in thailand and then go for 1 or 2 more SETVs and then I will get an ED visa and learn thai.
  11. Hi, Short details: -from germany -23 years old -current passport has: 1 visa exempt entry 2x SETV from Vientianne 1x SETV from Bali 1x SETV from Penang (this one got the red stamp remark saying: "Remark: The holder of this passport travels to Thailand under a tourist visa several times which may result in the refusal of a visa in the future") -There are also a couple of old SETVs from various countries in my old passport. (not sure if that matters) First of all the most important thing, I dont work in thailand and have no intention to work here. I just want to continue to travel around thailand because I love the country. Reason I dont get a elite visa is because the 5 year period is too long for me. I would like to stay here for a while but I dont want to commit to something that expensive when its possible that I just change my mind and want to travel further to other countries. So what are my options for staying here longer ? Im very grateful for your thoughts and help guys
  12. Hi, I will be applying for a new SETV in penang on the 25th next week. My gf told me that there is a ceremony for Rama 9 on the 26th and that most people wont work. Will I have any issues ? I will use an agent and not head to the embassy in penang directly. Im a little worried now since I booked everything already and gonna stay only 3 nights. They dont write anything about closing on their website.
  13. Sportbike/Streetfighter for two up

    Are there different versions of the Triumph street tripple ? I googled it and the pillion seat seems to be quite abit higher than the drivers seat which is supposed to be very uncomfortable for the pillion driver ?
  14. Sportbike/Streetfighter for two up

    Yes we probably go and test a couple of bikes and then look whats comfortable and suits us both :-)
  15. Hi guys, Im going to make it short: I finally want to upgrade from my honda click to something bigger. After 3 years of riding clicks and honda forzas I want something more sporty now. However Im riding 90% of the time two up with my gf (45kg,165m). I really would like to get myself a ninja 300 or Z300 but after I saw the two up videos on youtube Im not sure if I want to do that to my gf haha. I guess something like a CB650F or a CBR300/500 would be better because of the seat, however my heart really beats for the Kawasakis. I guess I would like to hear someone saying that they ride a ninja or Z300 all time with their gf's behind but thats just my mind trying to talk me into it :D Any opinions and advise is much appreaciated :) Thanks alot