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  1. Hi, Can anybody recommend a place from where I can get my medical certificate to obtain a driving license ?
  2. fullofmax

    driving license in phuket

    I can drive both The question is how do I bring my own car without having a driving license ? Can I rent one nearby and bring it ?
  3. fullofmax

    driving license in phuket

    Hi, I want to make my thai driving license for car and motorbike by the end of this month. Im on a non immigrant O. I dont have a driving license in my home country. Could somebody please tell me what awaits and how much time I have to plan in for everything ? That would be really friendly :) Thanks guys !
  4. fullofmax

    Honda CBR650F

    Im very interested in buying one after I sat on it at the Honda dealer and after reading a few reviews of the bike. The only thing im worried about is that some people mention strong buzzing/vibrations. A the moment im mostly riding my small Nmax and it does vibrate at a certain RPM quiet strong as well. Around 40km/h while you cruise. This might be kind of a longshot but does somebody hear own one and can say how strong the vibrations are and in what RPM range ? I can live with the vibrations on my Nmax for 80k thaibaht but when I buy a big bike for 300k I dont want to be dissapointed when it buzzes so much that I cant use the mirrors like on my nmax at certain RPM.
  5. fullofmax

    Thai drivers license for drivng in USA ?

    excuses me I havent red (is it red or read?) the thread. If I as a foreigner have a thai DL can I obtain an IDL also and rent cars in other countries ? I dont have a DL in my home country.
  6. Is that still true one year later ?