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  1. fullofmax

    financing a car - advice pls

    So you financed a car in your name with your wife as the guarantor without a job ? I dont understand how this works for thailand because she basically doesnt guarantee for anything. @ the other posters, thanks for the advice but that wasnt what Im asking about ?
  2. Hi guys, I would like to finance a car here. Looking at the Honda Civic 1.8 EL for 950k. I would like to make a down payment of 25% so 250k. Im on a tourist visa, and usually convert a fraction of my digital assets (bitcoin) to thai baht when Im here. Now I understand that I wont be able to finance a car in this financial situation as Im probably not credit worthy for a bank. We (my gf and me) tried it at one honda dealer so far and the sales person said it would be no problem to purchase the car in my GFs name (would be no problem for me) as long as she can make the down payment and her last 6 months bank statement would allow to pay the car monthly for 4 years (which would be around 16kish baht). Now Im sending her 100k+ a month for years already so everything sounded easy. However when we and the sales person met up with the bank person the dealer works with he said that my gf isnt credit worthy as we arent married. I find that a bit strange since we met the requirements the sales person told us we would need by far but yea in the end its the banks decision ? Now To my question. Was anybody in a similar situation already and was able to finance a car ? I guess if finance doesnt work I will need to buy a car cash but I prefer finance it. Thanks for your help and advice ?
  3. Hi, Can anybody recommend a place from where I can get my medical certificate to obtain a driving license ?
  4. fullofmax

    driving license in phuket

    I can drive both ? The question is how do I bring my own car without having a driving license ? Can I rent one nearby and bring it ?
  5. fullofmax

    driving license in phuket

    Hi, I want to make my thai driving license for car and motorbike by the end of this month. Im on a non immigrant O. I dont have a driving license in my home country. Could somebody please tell me what awaits and how much time I have to plan in for everything ? That would be really friendly :) Thanks guys !