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  1. Hello Anyone can recommend me school to learn english with ed visa near BTS Thanks
  2. tomhk123

    Broken luggage claim

    I just pay cash when purchase suitcase I guess they need invoice for prove cost of my bag for refund. Around 1 year but i don't travel often
  3. tomhk123

    Broken luggage claim

    Hello guys, Shortly when i flew my suitcase got broken by airline company. I report at desk in airport but unfortunately they don't have office so i have to send them email for claim. I did send all information about my bag but they keep asking to give them scanned documents from luggage suppliers. I don't keep any recipe when bought my suitcase. I send them link to website where they sell exactly my suitcase but they reply me that we can't accept as it is not fit with the standards of our request. How i can claim money without recipe ? Lets say you just bought this bag in market. Any advise please ? Thanks