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  1. Sorry Fredob43, i should of said. Neither of us are water lovers or fans of going travelling anywhere by boat
  2. We are over in November for a week in Ayutthaya, and want a few places to visit during the week we are there, any suggestions please for places within an hour or 2 to visit? So far we've got: Wat Muang gold buddha in Ang Thong Ayutthaya floating market Any other places worth a visit, aside from all the ruins in Ayutthaya city?
  3. mrblonde

    Ladyboy water volley ball Areca Lodge 2018

    Gents I missed this last year, was in Areca Lodge but didnt have a ticket/didnt want to look a freak asking a random for a ticket. Is this something I could buy a couple of tickets for? and does it include the evening do?
  4. Is there a ‘preferred’ rental website, for a years rental on property’s in or around Pattaya with a garden and possibly a small pool too? Thanks all
  5. Random I know, what is the green veg (looks like a really thick spring onion stem) that’s on the wooden skewer with the chicken/beef kebabs along with pineapple that all the street seller bbq guys sell? am guessing a chilli of some sort as they’re hot, but any idea what type please?
  6. mrblonde

    Any picturesque places within an hour or 2 drive?

    Thanks all, sorry I forgot to say we've been to Nong Nooch and Sanctuary of Truth previously. Silverlakes looks nice, as do some of the smaller islands (although we are both shockingly bad on boats) What is Samae San Island like (the one owned by the Navy), and also Koh Tao Mo just off Sattahip? I'm purposely picking those closest to the mainland
  7. mrblonde

    If you are stopped by traffic police @ Pattaya

    Got pulled over last November with my english GF on the back, fortunately had my international licence with me, was polite and he let us on our way years ago got busted for no helmet on a bike and had to get a taxi mpoed to the station, cough up (Think it was 500 or 800 baht) and take the reciept back to the bobby who was waiting with my bike
  8. Am back in Pattaya in november for 2 weeks with the mrs (English), are there any picturesque places within an hour or 2 drive from Pattaya worth visiting? Either quiet beaches, mountains, places like that? Before you ask why stay in Pattaya then, its because we enjoy the nightlife every night
  9. mrblonde

    Traffic police fined me illegally

    Pay the fine and move on. Think yourself lucky, had you been in the good ol' US of A they could of fired several warning shots into your back for it
  10. Staying in Pattaya in November for 2 weeks this year (maybe 3, not sure yet), whats the pros and cons of a condo from AirBnB vs a hotel? Have always stayed in a hotel, but thinking a condo, but not sure?
  11. mrblonde

    Sak Yant tattoo location

    A friend is considering the Thai 5 line Sak Yant tattoo, and most seem to be done on the shoulder blade. Does anyone know if it could be done on a side, or even on a leg? Random question but I guess someone on here will know
  12. Totally random, is there anywhere on, or near to Loi Kroh road where I can buy 2 or 3 light bulbs for the lamps in our room? Large screw thread, we want as bright a bulb as possible were here for 2 weeks so don't mind buying them and leaving them here when we leave
  13. mrblonde

    Issan Holiday

    My first visit to Isaan with my uk gf and we both love it. We're in buriram at the moment, love the people, the food (yes we eat at open air local eateries where you have to keep whacking flys away from your food) but we're staying in a recently built hotel that's costing £35 a night (equivalent back home would be £150+ a night). Yes its it's a bit of a struggle ording the exact food we want, and drink, but we can both point our way to a 95% success rate. We love it here, I guess this is the real thailand (cliche), away from the neon lights, the 6ft ladyboys and pot-bellied, tattood westerners that are staggering around Walking Street swinging wild punches at one another fighting over one of the tens of thousands bar girls there
  14. mrblonde

    Bar recommendations in buriram

    Got a couple of nights in sleepy buriram with my English gf, and recommendations for a pretty lively bar to visit at night please? Weve been to a couple of places already (buriram castle, football shop and khao kradong) and been quite a thing of fascination, with several small groups of teen girls coming up to us with their phones saying 'picture, selfie'
  15. mrblonde

    Dentist recommendation please

    Just dawned on me I could get my teeth sorted while I'm here, totally random I know. Any of you guys recommend a good dentist in pattaya I could visit? Nothing major just a decent clean and polish up etc