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  1. Are there taxi-mopeds or baht buses in Buriram?

    Thanks all, will have a moped for sightseeing during the days just at night after a few beers just want to make sure we are not walking 1.5 miles back to Cresco in the pitch black any advice on getting from buri ram airport to our hotel please? Can I pre book with buri ram taxi? Or will there be taxis at the airport?
  2. As a lot of you will know I'm having 5 nights in Buriram in November (day or 2 in Surin by moped to the elephant festival) so 3 or 4 days in Burriam itself. Are there taxis/baht buses/tuk-tuks to flag down on an evening to get home after a few beers in the centre?
  3. Hotel recommendation in Buriram

    Thanks all - will take a look today. Are there many taxis or motorbike taxis in Buriram just to flag down or hop on at a road junction? (only even been to bkk and pattaya so far, so am guessing I've been spoilt for taxis so far?)
  4. Hotel recommendation in Buriram

    Guys Just doing a bit of planning and noticed the Cresco is not just a walk into town, and we do like our nights out, so would you advise changing to a more centrally located hotel, one where we can walk straight into the town/restaurants/bars etc during the day and at night?
  5. Am looking to rent a pick-up/4x4/Hilux type in Chang Mai in November for a couple of days to drive up to Pai (and stop off at places along the way), wheres best to rent from please? Also, anything in particular I should look for regarding insurance etc? I've navigated Pattaya on scooter many times so am confident on Thai roads
  6. Chang mai to pai

    Thanks all, after an afternoon chat with the gf we've decided to stay for 9 nights in ChangMai itself, just off Loh Kroh Road (for the nightlife) and do more day trips out, and hire a bike too (Ill start a new post for that)
  7. Chang mai to pai

    Thanks Winnie Hows best/safest to find a driver in Chang Mai for the Pai trip? and is the 3500 one way I'm guessing?
  8. I'll be needing a taxi in November from Ayutthaya to either BKK, or straight down to Pattaya for 2 of us. Can anyone recommend a taxi service to use please, as been told it may be harder to find one willing to do a longer journey? Many thanks
  9. We are coming to Thailand in November and our first 4 nights are in Ayutthaya, so will be wating a taxi for 2 people to get us there. Is it better to get one at the airport, or pre-book? Ive done Thailand a lot as a younger guy but always to Pattaya and used a local guy from there, just wondering our best option for getting to Ayutthaya? Think we land in BKK on a Sunday about 4pm Thanks all
  10. 1. I havent said I wont be looking into or asking about transfers from the airport yet, and I thought it was about 30Km away, not 70? If someone can confirm, it'd be great. 2. Our flights into, and out of Buriram are in the afternoon, so I'll hope the mist has cleared 3. I'm certainly not playing travel agent at all, which is the reason I'm asking on this forum, for advice, from locals and experts. So far, everyones been great. To all the other Buriram/Isaan people, am I really clueless to be travelling to Buriram i November for a 5 night break?
  11. Also, how long will i need to give myself between landing in DM airport, to getting on a flight to Chang Mai from DMK? We land back in DMK at 16:05, so whats the safest, earliest time i should look for a flight for? Asking as no idea what internal immigration/checks/delays/workers sat round with their feet up etc etc
  12. Thanks Paul, will be pestering the local forum on here about Chang Mai no doubt. We cant wait, bought my english gf last year to BKK, Ayutthaya and Pattaya (Yes, i know............ was visiting an ex-pat friend who lives there), and she loved it, even Pattaya. This year want to see other parts of the country too, hence Buriram and Chang Mai
  13. Sorry KhunBENQ, only just woke up in the UK. Hadnt even dawned on me to book 2 x 1 way flights... Khup I blame a week of night shifts for me missing that one.... thanks again
  14. me and my gf are visitnig thailand in November, and going to Pattaya, Buriram/Surin and Chang Mai/Pai, will we need any injections in the UK before we travel? She suffers a lot if she gets bitten by mosquitos, even in european countries, should we visit the doctors over here before we fly? We'e bought a thai brand repellant online (we used it in Ayutthaya last year, was given it by the hotel staff) and it worked a treat, but wasnt sure as we are venturing further north, and also into Isaan too?
  15. Hotel recommendation in Buriram

    Thanks everyone, we've gone for the Cresco in the end after reading the reviews on it, we cant wait. As a side note, best place to rent a scooter from in Buriram for 5 days please? (We'll be riding to Surin the first full day we are there), Im a rider in the UK and have survived 6 trips to Pattaya riding too, so have some experience of Thais on the road :)