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  1. Totally random, is there anywhere on, or near to Loi Kroh road where I can buy 2 or 3 light bulbs for the lamps in our room? Large screw thread, we want as bright a bulb as possible were here for 2 weeks so don't mind buying them and leaving them here when we leave
  2. Issan Holiday

    My first visit to Isaan with my uk gf and we both love it. We're in buriram at the moment, love the people, the food (yes we eat at open air local eateries where you have to keep whacking flys away from your food) but we're staying in a recently built hotel that's costing £35 a night (equivalent back home would be £150+ a night). Yes its it's a bit of a struggle ording the exact food we want, and drink, but we can both point our way to a 95% success rate. We love it here, I guess this is the real thailand (cliche), away from the neon lights, the 6ft ladyboys and pot-bellied, tattood westerners that are staggering around Walking Street swinging wild punches at one another fighting over one of the tens of thousands bar girls there
  3. Bar recommendations in buriram

    Got a couple of nights in sleepy buriram with my English gf, and recommendations for a pretty lively bar to visit at night please? Weve been to a couple of places already (buriram castle, football shop and khao kradong) and been quite a thing of fascination, with several small groups of teen girls coming up to us with their phones saying 'picture, selfie' 😂
  4. Dentist recommendation please

    Just dawned on me I could get my teeth sorted while I'm here, totally random I know. Any of you guys recommend a good dentist in pattaya I could visit? Nothing major just a decent clean and polish up etc
  5. Any decent rooftop bars

    Not racist at all, personal preference. I'd imiagine I'm not alone either... If you do find the rooftop bar full of ladyboys, please do share as I as a bit of a secret fan
  6. Ayutthaya to Lopburi

    Thanks Kwasaki, do you think we'd find a driver outside the bus station (or train station) happy to drive us there, wait a few hours then back again? If so, any idea what we should pay?
  7. I thought I'd asked already, but cant find it so i may not of (too many questions asked recently by myself), what should i expect to pay for a taxi for 2 from BFV into Buriram centre please? Hotel has said they do it for 900 baht, wasnt sure if its a lot? I'm not penny pinching, but dont fancy squashing on a packed minivan/bus either, i only pay 1200 baht from BKK to Patts last year.... Thanks in advance all
  8. What the weather like in November?

    Thanks emilymat, i was there last Septmeber and it was hot, with a few odd days of heavy rain. The usual 2 hour downpour, knee deep floods then bone dry again 2 hours later
  9. Have got 10 nights in Pattaya from 8th Nov, never been this time of year before so wondered what a typical day and nights weather are like?
  10. Ayutthaya to Lopburi

    Afternoon all We are due in Ayutthaya next weekend for 4 nights and thinking of visiting Lopburi for a day to see/photo/get mugged by the monkeys, whats the best way to get there from Ayutthaya please? We are staying in Ayutthaya on U-Thong road, was thinking of the train, never used a train before in thailand so will be an experience Any things to look out for, and to do or not do in Lopburi?
  11. We land in BKK next Sunday about 3pm and will be wanting a taxi into Ayutthaya for 2 people plus cases, wheres best to get a taxi from please? And what should we expect to pay? Only even gone from BKK to Pattaya on previous trips and used a well known company, so any pointers on a taxi to Ayutthaya would be great Cheers in advance
  12. Any decent rooftop bars

    As above, wondering if there is any decent rooftop bars in town in case I want a slightly posher/more sophisticated drink before hitting the bars and walking street. Can I express a preference of none/very few Russians there?
  13. Taxi fare - Pattaya to BKK

    Last September we used a taxi guy on a soi just off 2nd Road (heading in land) and the driver took us to Don Muang to pick up a friend, then on to Ayutthaya in a small mini van, Driver was clearly off his tits on something, and by the time we arrived, the 3 of us passengers were a bag of nerves.
  14. Superrich Pattaya.

    Thanks KhunBENQ, I'm staying in Areca Lodge next month for 10 nights and was wondering on a good exchange, so its a 2 minute walk for me... perfect!
  15. Surin elephant round-up/festival 2017 date

    Thanks manic, we are flying into Buriram airport on the Friday, and staying on the outskirts of buriram in Cresco (near the football ground I think) for 5 days. Im planing to hire a moped/scooter to travel to Surin for the festival, for either the Saturday or both days. I've survived Pattaya many times on moped so know what to expect on the roads :)