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  1. That's exactly my point in regard to this thread. Tourists who don't own a car or motorbike in Pattaya are being scammed by taxi drivers along with baht bus drivers who sit at the designated 'Bus Stop' areas and are not willing to take 10 baht per ride. These baht baht drivers rather ask for amounts in line with what a taxi would ask.
  2. 160 is the lowest I found for Grab. 160 baht to go 210 metres from Avenue Mall to Kiss Food. (Yes I know no one would ever take a taxi between these 2 locations but I chose 2 locations many of us are familiar with in Central Pattaya so we get an idea on how ridiculous the prices are, even with Grab). I use Grab in many other cities in Asia, just not Pattaya. Isn't there still the possibility of getting into fights with motorbike riders and other taxi drivers by using Grab car?
  3. Has this guy personally spoken to the taxi drivers and baht bus 'taxi' drivers? 200 baht minimum to anywhere now in a taxi. Such an easy group to control with some pricing laws yet nothing is ever done about it. Yes I know the taxi drivers argue they can not be as cheap as Bangkok because there aren't as many customers. Maybe there aren't as many customers because the taxi prices are WAY TOO HIGH in Pattaya. I know I would take taxis daily if pricing were at Bangkok levels but now I take taxis once per month only if I have to get to a place not easily accessible by baht bus or walking.
  4. AlexCanada

    Good masks to filter pollution - where to buy?

    They sell 3M masks at 7-11. Not sure if they are up to your specs.
  5. AlexCanada

    Mayor calls on Pattaya to give up plastic, foam

    Did the right thing and went out to buy a reusable bag at Tops yesterday for 29 baht. Went to Thepprasit Night market. Used the bag to store some of the food we bought. Arrived home and noticed the bag was ripped along the side. Now the reusable bag is in the garbage adding more garbage than there would have been in the first place. Being from Canada we have been using reusable bags for many years. Will bring some sturdy ones back from Canada next time.
  6. AlexCanada

    rip off farang live and well

    AFAIK Thai are still paying 100 baht for lottery tickets as well. Did you see Thai before/after you paid 100 baht pay only 80 baht? I assume this was the case if you are implying Farang are paying more.
  7. AlexCanada

    Altercation with a taxi driver

    At the first sign of any problem with a Bangkok taxi driver, get out of the taxi and hop into another metered taxi. Cut you losses in time and get into a more reasonable taxi, there are many in Bangkok. Always take a photo of the license and make sure the driver matches the license. Report the driver. An alternative is to use an app like Grab if you are going to a place that may be difficult to find. Grab tells the driver EXACTLY where you want to go. Seems like your anger ruined your night, not his. Thailand may not be the country for you.
  8. AlexCanada

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Absolutely agree. Excellent naan is so important for me. Anyone know where to get the best naan in Pattaya?
  9. AlexCanada

    Mayor calls on Pattaya to give up plastic, foam

    Does anyone in Pattaya even use garbage cans? I see garbage thrown on the side of streets all over the city. Huge mounds of garbage bags piled up. Businesses dumping their waste down sewers.
  10. AlexCanada

    Where can i buy any roller skate at Pattaya ?

    Decathlon Sports in Tesco Lotus North Pattaya Road should still have rollerblades.
  11. AlexCanada

    best way to go Pattaya from Don Muang airport ?

    I usually prebook my taxis from DMK to Pattaya. Not cheap but it's a lot faster. I remember waiting for around 1 hour once for a taxi from DMK to Bangkok. There was a taxi lineup which literally extended in to the main terminal from the taxi wait area. Was that a one-off or is it always like that waiting for a regular taxi at DMK?
  12. AlexCanada

    Very sad goings-on in Pattaya

    Sad story but if there is really mafia involvement then you are far better off turning a blind eye like the rest of Thailand and the expats who live here.
  13. When a tourist asks me for directions to Walking Street now I'll direct them to the baht bus that goes to Jomtien Walking Street.
  14. AlexCanada

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Interesting. Inexpensive is definitely not a word I would use to describe Yamato now. I personally don't eat sushi so I will take your word on it but my buddies who I was in Japan with a couple of months ago really liked Yamato. My non-sushi cooked food at Yamato is delicious. Best I have had in Pattaya and I eat Japanese food multiple times weekly. I have been to other good Japanese restaurants in Bangkok but not Pattaya. If Yamato wasn't on the more expensive side I'd consider eating there much more often. At least Yamato is authentic with a Japanese sushi chef and owned by Japanese.
  15. AlexCanada

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    What about Yamato on Soi 13/1 aka Soi Yamato? It's been a fixture in Central Pattaya for years.