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  1. I thought i had her figured out when I looked at her left leg but can't be sure since her right leg seems a bit off.
  2. AlexCanada

    How is T21 doing?

    Busy on weekends but not so much on weekdays so avoid weekends if possible. Food choices excellent. Prefer Bangkok T21 small shops and the basement floor. Seems like every 2nd small store in Pattaya T21 sells diffusers. I get it since the mark up on them must be over 1000 percent. T21 should have limited the number of the same types of stores. Worth visiting to get out of the hot weather. Baht bus wanting to be taxis a huge issue. They sit in the bus stop not letting legit 10 baht buses pick up and drop off passengers. There is also one motorbike taxi driver there who is very rude to people who walk by him and don't take motorbikes. Huge turn off for tourists.
  3. And they are looking like 'handsum man'. .
  4. AlexCanada

    Best breakfast in Pattaya?

    Casa pascal on second road beside Baraquda hotel, across from Royal Garden.
  5. AlexCanada

    Vehicle Parking on Pedestrian Walkway

    I'd be a multi millionaire in no time taking photos of illegally parked vehicles or videos of poor drivers in Pattaya.
  6. Maybe she looked like a Thai Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Kate Beckinsale, or Angelina Jolie?
  7. Having stayed at The Base condo before I know they use those cheap safes. One night my safe wouldn't open so I went on youtube and figured out how to open it without knowing the combination or a key. I'm sure thieves can easily break into these cheap hotel type safes.
  8. AlexCanada

    Internet Service Providers

    Yep. This is exactly what you need to do. Also clarify that there isn't a 1 year minimum contract. Have them write it down. AIS tried to get me to pay all these penalties when I moved condos before the year was over. No one told me when I signed up. AIS finally backed down after I made a huge stink that my new condo doesn't accept AIS. Personally I still believe they were just trying to pocket some extra money from me.
  9. AlexCanada

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Teddy's burgers Buy any burger get one burger free until November 11. Time to try out Teddy's!
  10. AlexCanada

    Pattaya hotel blaze triggers stampede for exits

    I have my own personal smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. I don't trust any alarm system in a Thailand building.
  11. AlexCanada

    Terminal 21 Food Court Computers Crash

    FYI I tried to load up my card and was told max on card is 500 baht.
  12. AlexCanada

    Terminal 21 Food Court Computers Crash

    ok that makes more sense but I was just responding to OP's original post indicating computer was only down for 10 minutes.
  13. AlexCanada

    Terminal 21 Food Court Computers Crash

    The people who really wanted a refund on their card couldn't wait 10 minutes? 100's of people trying to get refunds in a 10 minute window? Maybe it's me but that number seems unrealistic. .
  14. AlexCanada

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Not open yet when I took the photo last week. I didn't see an opening date.
  15. Went yesterday at 5 pm and the day prior at 11 am. Zero traffic from Central Road to T21. No cars lined up to park in the parking lot. Likely will be different on the weekend but during the week it seems fine. Mall also MUCH emptier now.