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  1. steve2112

    pressure washer repair, talang?

    anyone know someone who can repair a pressure washer? it seems to be an electrical problem, nothing happens at all when i turn it on. i could take it back to Thai Watsadu but i think they take weeks to send it back to the factory, i'd like it done now. thanks
  2. title says it all really, where to watch motogp this sunday near Bang Tao beach area? any pubs that will put it on tv? i don't know the area very well myself and will be arriving just before race start so don't have time to look around. thx
  3. thanks, so i will get to Oct 30 then?
  4. my 30 day visa exemption expires on a sunday, the 30th of this month, and i need to stay as long as possible with an extension. so if i extend on friday the 28th, can anyone tell me, will they extend it from the 28th for 30 days? or from the 30th for 30 days? thanks
  5. hi all, i have a customer for our house, he wants to put 50% down and pay 50% over about 5 or 10 years, with nominal interest, say 5%. i'm ok with this but want to keep the chanoht in my wife's name until whole thing paid off, so if he defaults, we get the house back, no refunds! what would we register at the land office? i assume he needs some kind of guarantee that the title will be transferred on full payment, do we enter a loan agreement on the title and if so, does anyone have an example in thai or english? thanks
  6. hi all, i'm 58 so a few years to go to pension age but just wondering if i'm eligible for UK pension or any kind of benefits when i reach 65 or older? i'm English but only worked there for about 5 years back in the late 80s if i was to move back to the UK when i'm old, what would happen, would i get anything from the gov't? thanks (PS, i know rules can change, just based on current rules)
  7. well at least they upheld the asian tradition of getting through enough plastic bags to make a small island in the pacific
  8. is everything in Patong on bangla? are there any expat bars with decent priced happy hour beer (50 baht) like in Rawai? if so, where? thx
  9. hi, sorry if this has been asked a 100 times before but i want current info i arrived here by air and get a 30 day visa on arrival. can i extend for another 30 days by paying 1900 baht at any immigration? thx
  10. great, so new phuket airport even further from the main tourist areas so taxis can charge even more
  11. sounds like all the news is about condo building, i wonder if private houses renting out rooms is still considered ok?
  12. steve2112

    motogp pub in patong

    oops, its not tonight is it. oh well, still good to know
  13. steve2112

    motogp pub in patong

    hi, can anyone recommend a good place to watch this evenings race in patong, preferably someplace with an expat crowd that is into bikes thx