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  1. My wife is saying that used to be true about forgetting the loan, but now they come after you forever maybe i need to talk to a lawyer
  2. is that really true about 5 years. do you have a source for that?
  3. My wife's daughter got several credit cards about 2 years ago and ran up about 200,000 baht in debt and didn't pay back. She hasn't used them for about 1 year so i assume the interest has kept adding up. she is not at the address she used to get the cards and threw the cards away, so has no idea what how much she owes or how to pay back. Anyone what usually happen in this situation? I assume the credit card companies will try to find her right? She lives with us now and works at Makro. I assume the credit card companies would eventually get the courts to have Makro take some money from her pay every month, but given what she owns, that could be almost 100% of her pay. Also, my wife is worried if the daughter doesn't pay, the credit card companies could come after us since we are the only ones with money. I don't don't know how they could make her mother responsible for the debt but this Thailand, anything is possible. My wife wants to pay the whole thing for her but i said if we do that, she'll get more cards and do it again. Anyone else had to deal with similar situation? thanks
  4. steve2112

    where to fly quick trip, somewhere different?

    i'm british don't like HK, been to vietnam and cambo thanks anyhow
  5. i have to do a visa trip and of the month and want to fly so i get a 30 day on return. any suggestions about a cheap quick flight from phuket to some place a bit different? i.e. not malaysia, singapore or bali? also going with wife so no visa requirement for thai thanks
  6. has anyone tried to use transferwise to send money OUT of thailand, i.e. from Thai bank to US bank? thanks