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  1. Some fine finger pointing going on there - just in case we need clarification of what tree fell down.
  2. I would call him dumb, defending a bunch of people who would at the very least take away his civil rights and at worse hang him from the nearest tree. Would you or he also defend an ISIS march or demo? Doubt it. ISIS and the far-right are two sides of the same extremist coin, I would entertain neither.
  3. A vague, non-rational rule that is combined with the Keystone Cops and you have a perfect storm for utter stupidity
  4. Travel ban for whites then?
  5. Thaivsaforumess - the inability for some posters to calm down and control themselves, ending up think that all Thais act and think the same
  6. actually you will find it is a matter of science and fact :)
  7. I am good, but there seems to be something wrong with your moral compass and your understanding of evolutionary theory and the idea of survival of the fittest
  8. Ironic that fat old white dudes call others ugly
  9. is there something wrong with you?
  10. love to see the evidence of big bike riders taking lots of steroids or did the beer tell you to say that?
  11. So driving into the rear of a bike is OK? This guy wasn't doing any of the things you said.
  12. He wasn't riding like a dick, wasn't going fast, just filtering through traffic - what everyone does on bikes here.
  13. The nice professor tried to rear end the guy on the bike, all because he has reved his engine to warn him that he was going into his lane. There is cam footage from the bike that shows this. Saying that, personally, I would have pulled over, waved and then gone to the cops with the cam footage. No point getting into a fight with them.