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  1. Must generalize about Thais no what, we must generalize about Thais Generalizing about Thais is more important that anything else
  2. What an exciting comment... Repeat hackneyed comment about 500 Baht fine and return to repeat the excitement every story
  3. Will the TVF super-sleuths be filing their report with the RTP soon? I hope so, the case will never be solved without their insight and knowledge
  4. How can they? He hasn't been prosecuted or even arrested - no arrest warrant then no extradition. You know there are laws and rules they have to follow
  5. and what is not being reported? Read the article - son doesn't get discount, son whines to daddy, daddy is a cop, daddy shuts it down for a week.
  6. I see a lot of butthurt TVF posters from this... best post ever, love it
  7. Sounds like a job for the TVF super sleuths - no case too big or small
  8. shhh you can't say things like that on here, just not cricket
  9. he isn't, he is pointing out that people are innocent until proven guilty - I know, such a crazy whacked our concept
  10. Understand, it is the way quotes are done on the new forum, doesn't include the one before
  11. ehhh that is what I was saying, unless you wanted to quote the original poster?
  12. They are not having sex with 52 year old men, though. With their own age group then fair enough, but not with adults - is that really so hard to comprehend?