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  1. better than a bunch of fat old white geezers moaning at each other :D
  2. and what about all the white collar criminals? They do a lot more damage to a country than a few Africans. But, I guess that doesn't fit into your old fashioned backward narrative, does it?
  3. most Americans believe in heaven, hell and angels - 3rd World? No different
  4. So deliberately trying to kill innocent people is understandable,. You are as bad at the Islamic fundamentalists
  5. It is called being dirt poor and probably having little or no public transportation as for the other comment, don't talk rubbish.
  6. They will just drive more prostitution on to the streets - making it unsafe for the customers and the prostitutes. Should just make it legal.
  7. but he is fine with Saudi though
  8. Never understood people who think sexual abuse is a good way to tackle sexual abuse - very strange mentality
  9. Yeah, cos the only dancing Thais know or can do is this.... you need to get out more
  10. mmm lets see which county has invaded, bombed and/or interfered with elections in over 15+ countries in the last century.... it ain't North Korea, but they are the 'security threat'?
  11. you went from one taxi driver not having change to competing with the rest of Asia, that is some leap
  12. this will be in the dictionary under hyperbole
  13. Maybe they will sue Rossi for defamation
  14. Is it just me, or are they just pinning any old cr@p on her?