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  1. I am at a loss to explain how you could write such an idiotic statment
  2. Patong Police seeking German over footpath antics

    Yeah, 2 Germans, it must be an epidemic
  3. When I see accidents, all I see is Thais helping each other. When I had an accident here, straight away people around me stopped and helped. In fact the car in front stopped, helped me and even went to the hospital to check I was OK. I find it distasteful that people like you use a story of a Thai guy who is an idiot and totally in the wrong to push you sordid racist Thai bashing bs.
  4. Liberal members? Are they the ones that don't spit on monkeys at the zoo?
  5. Who would have thought it! People who are the same nationality scamming each other.... doesn't happen in other countries!!
  6. Funny that, I have lent some Thais some money and got it back... must be the company you keep
  7. I have heard this before, oh yeah, it was last year, and the year before... didn't last long
  8. Midweek rant: In Defense of Thai Men

    ahh you mean the White Panthers? :D
  9. The line 'File photo...' should indicate something is amiss with your comment
  10. How about the fact that she is probably really poor and can't afford childcare and has to take her child to work?
  11. False dichotomy, no one is saying it will stop others from buying them. But don't talk about reducing terrorism, while exporting more weapons around the world. - suppose that is 'liberal lunacy' or whatever buzzword you got from Fox News this week
  12. just thinking, would you expect foreigners going to your home country to learn the language? Or, is it only Westerners who have the privilege of getting indignant if the natives don't speak their language?
  13. Yeah, damn those poor people, they are always the cause of economic problems in countries around the world
  14. Khao Yai national park to go towards Thailand 4.0

    Oh, I do love Thai officialdom and their new shiny buzzwords - they try and shoehorn anything in to fit.