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  1. unlike all those shiny examples of virtue that are part of the Western diplomatic corps
  2. I bet you squeal like a stuck-pig when the immigration laws go against you
  3. haven't been able to figure that out yourself? Really simple, teaching right and wrong, responsibility and consequences of actions without having to beat kids up.... it ain't rocket science
  4. a naked person, the horror!
  5. Guess we have to help the Saudi backed Islamic forces, as Saudi kindly brought so many arms off us recently.
  6. who took the jam out of your doughnut?
  7. There is plenty of evidence out there, not my fault you can't be bothered to educate yourself about it. And nice strawman, I didn't say all kids who get slapped will become violent, but there is a ton of evidence that shows it has an effect on behaviour
  8. while all evidence shows that giving them 'a good slap' ends up teaching them that violence is the answer to solving problems, and you end up with what happened in the video. But I guess I must be a 'snowflake' for looking at facts and not just throwing around anecdotes and generalizations
  9. As must as I think this arrest is utter stupidity, you do know they haven't gone after Connect 4 players, that was an April Fools
  10. Ladyboys turn up for conscription call

    try reading, try doing some research, you are an adult, educate yourself
  11. Ladyboys turn up for conscription call

    Also in this modern age, people who are woefully ignorant of a subject get to voice their stupidity - swings and roundabouts I suppose
  12. Russian busted for overstay, drugs

    How dare young people be in Thailand! And Russians too, the outrage....
  13. Reminds me of the quote in Apocalypses Now Charging a man with murder in this place was like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500.
  14. mmm smell the hyperbole
  15. So Thai companies do learn from Western ones