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  1. you need to get out more :) - is that a zinger?
  2. Did I ruffle a few feathers? Oh very envious (and yes that is sarcasm) :)
  3. 21 pages of ranting over what was really nothing, just two guys doing something stupid. The lunatics on here love a good hang em' high story.
  4. I wonder how many of the usual suspects on this forum were calling for his immediate deportation and calling him scum when the original charges against him happened.
  5. Belgian dies after hitting tour bus

    U turns are a killer. Some are in the most insane places, on major highways, near turn offs etc.
  6. Just wait till the designate you as trash and come after you... will you be singing his praises then? :)
  7. Personally, I have no time for 1%er motorcycle clubs. I have experience of HAs coming to a bar I used to work in and causing all sorts of trouble - they were basically dicks to everyone. And I don't think freedom means dressing the same and following stupid rules all the time. However, you are going down a very dodgy road if you want to ban people for just being part of a club. By all means, prosecute them for laws they have broken, but not for just being part of a club or group. All very well saying just ban them all etc etc. but who is next? You set a dangerous precedent for the government to come after anyone they want - which is not good. And I am not just talking about Thailand, what they are doing to biker gangs in Oz is a prime example of this.
  8. more civilized country? and no I wouldn't, cos i am not stupid to think everyone is the same if they come from a certain country. Protecting goods has nothing to do with it, that is a strawman argument. I am talking about generalizing about people
  9. I wouldn't say she is stupid. Having such insane drug laws and knowing how corrupt certain groups are in this country is the reason this scam is happening so much. I think Thais know if the BiB say you have drugs then you are screwed... so they are playing on that
  10. TVF favourite subject, I bet the old geezers on here haven't been this excited since the two gays guys bared their buttocks at a temple. 10 years!!! Deport!!! Lock them up!!! Let's see how they do in Thai prison (not so subtle, hope they get raped comment) etc. etc. - repeat and rinse
  11. If anyone thinks I am a thief because some other westerners stole some stuff, then I would think they are ignorant for generalizing. Kind of like how some posters on here think all Thais behave the same way :)
  12. No vendors to be allowed on Phuket’s Surin Beach

    Why can't they just plan it properly with the vendors involved - come up with a solution that is good for tourism and the people working. Nothing wrong with having vendors to serve food etc. what makes the beaches in Thailand great
  13. Judging from your posting history you are either the most ironic man in history or another lunatic of the hang em' high brigade - your pick
  14. Maybe they have been reading from TVF