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  1. Wow! What Hua Hin Expats think of Pattaya Expats

    Expats? Is it cos they are white and middle class that we don't call them immigrants?
  2. Nobody has called for them to be deported? I am disappointed
  3. Pollution tax on motorcycles now on the table

    how about stopping the pick up trucks and trucks that billow out black smoke?
  4. I see the swivel eyed loonies are out in force... he's got tattoos!! He might be a biker!!! Immigration say he is bad, so with out due process he must be bad!!! Ever given the thought that if you allow authorities to just write you off so quickly, with out the due process and justice, then one day it might happen to you. But of course you are all such good boys, right?
  5. yada, yada, if you do't want to help then just shut up about it... of course you want to do a bit of virtue signalling though. Some people get down on their luck because of different circumstances.
  6. Well that excuse for a human being, Alex Jones, is already saying it might be a false flag that was organised by Dems. And this is the man that is trusted by your president... how screwed are you then
  7. Forget the police investigation, send in the TVF investigative team - he will be hung, drawn and quart ed, serve life in a Thai jail and deported before you can say 'next!'
  8. Just like very other neo-con style president before him... MAGA my arse
  9. I see the usual hysteria and hyperbole is strong on TVF
  10. Mahakan Fort community loses ‘landmark’ House 99

    Disgusting what they are doing to this community. It was such a unique and different place, full of history.
  11. can we beat you up next time you are having a drink then?
  12. I didn't know 'virtue signalling' and 'de-legitimise white skinned people' were scientific terms
  13. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    try actually reading the rest of the post, do I really have to spell it out for you? Not the Thais, as in the everyday Thais, but it is the higher ups - didn't think I would actually have to point that out
  14. did the tinfoil hat slip off this morning?