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  1. They left out the Falang Santa Claus who landed in Thailand for repairs on his way back home.
  2. I'll take the far left instructor. Aside from the Headline I was expecting something more raunchy. What a disappointment. Finally, did anyone here have to have sex lessons or read a book for a boom boom. It comes naturally like having a wee or other! Students must be brain dead!
  3. wavemanwww

    The crush is over, says Phuket airport deputy manager

    Out of interest what nationality were the Que jumpers?
  4. Geeze no wonder the ordinaryThai citizen and Falangs have lost faith in this joke of a legal system!
  5. I just saw Pinocchio and he looked like Payut with a real long nose!
  6. Lets see the police now have two charges against the Thai vendor. One being assault as he threw the first punch and secondly, breaking copyright laws by selling fake watches which is supposed to be a heavy offense. Oh let me hold my breath if he is charged with either offense.. I'm turning blue now!
  7. Its all Ok ! PM Prayut's priority at this stage is to ensure Thailand has no brothels in Pattaya. So please calm down. Shootings by rip off jet ski operators near tourists is his next promise to show peace and LOS all is good! Third promise will be most if not all coppers are not corrupt
  8. I''ll help you Israelis are full of BS and clueless. Does that help?
  9. My friend . Your dream will not happen whilst the USA military and the USA politically backs Israel for their own agenda. I do not condone the USA in this Israel/ Palestinian conflict at all. Nor do I respect the Israel military for their heavy military paybacks to Palestinians who are just trying to survive. But sadly this struggle will go on and on! So sad for all. So sad for us that watch it on TV in the comforts of a secure safe country and feel the pain for the Palestinians who are just trying to survive and TRYING to make a homeland that they can call HOME!
  10. You speak like an expert. Guess your not a virgin! LOL
  11. Clearly made in USA he got out of the left side of the car Not the right?
  12. wavemanwww

    Corrupt state officials ‘face tough action’

    you left the rest out ""....bast...rd"