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  1. Should of said, "Can you speak,write and read English"?
  2. Do you read and speak English or just Thai?
  3. I have lived in BKK for 2 to 6 months for the last 17 years and feel extremely safe. Says it all. No need to comment!
  4. "seen very little evidences of deliberate violence, mostly accidental... " Never heard of accidental violence. I'll use that as a defence in Thailand when I knife a guy. Your honour it was accidental violence as I slipped over and my knife unfortunately cut his throat" LMFA only in Thailand.
  5. This should not only be scary for Thailand but for all humanity. Thailand clean up your own crap that flows into the sea would be a good start!
  6. Where the authorities who are supposed to enforce the law have no respect then the result is KAOS.
  7. Ever watch "Australian Border Security" on TV? 90% of Chinese sign immigration card answering "No food" yet so many have cases an cases full of food. Love the Chinese . Make me laugh. They lie and smile when busted. No speak English! Immigraion card in Chinese. Totally great show as it depicts Chinese nature.
  8. Addressed to "Simple 1" If the prison population is as what your saying is more represented by coloured people . Well have you ever thought the reason could be the white poms do not give them a basic job to make a basic living so have no alternative to feed their family but to commit a crime. I would commit a crime to feed my family if I was in their situation and I'm white Falang. What would you do? Let your kids starve?
  9. This quote from the article." Surachet said one of the arrested had been previously jailed and released for being in possession of cocaine. He would investigate why the suspect had not been deported, said Surachet." Bloody good question?
  10. black.white.yellow.WE ARE ALL THE SAME? Your not racist are you?
  11. Tonray Are you inferring all Australians are criminals? Still as my earlier comments. Having basically a senile 70 year old who can hardly use such a blade and I assume only have a blade thinking its protection, which was dumb I admit, As my father once said to me "do not pull a knife or gun on anyone unless you actually intend to use it" Still it remains the fact this young Thai slams the old bloke full force in front of a copper that could of killed him. Send the young guy to jail/gaol as he should of left it up to Thai justice to solve. He can use that as a defence in court by saying" I do not trust Thai justice so I took the law into my own hands".. LOL
  12. Well a 4 year old Falang could have written that in better English?
  13. Platinum Member. Got to be joking - Your "Fools Gold" and your Grammar and spelling is very poor! Thai member Ithink and working for whom politically is logical?
  14. Not only that. They do not immediately physically arrest the offender and handcuff him for immediate transport back to police station. Maybe checking for local CCTV footage as police witness within 1 meter is not sufficient? What a joke. Only in Thailand. Plus the fact the Guy is in his seventies and this scumbag mongrel thug is a third of his age and bravely hits him from the side at full power . Christ!
  15. Why don't the locals just bulldoze it over and blame it on Falang mafia. I'm sure all interested Thai companies will be there in a micro second and fix it up.