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  1. Yes got it from a Falang cereal pack
  2. Smoking ban PR effort moves to Pattaya Beach

    I want to join that parade. So I can make an ass of myself too!
  3. Yep the rich get richer and the poor get the picture!
  4. What a joke. OHS standards! ISO 18001 at building sites. Get real. Even the cop and other workers on the site are not wearing helmets. Christ when will they learn?
  5. Just another brain dead driver passing the strict driving test in Thailand!
  6. Clap clap clap. Improving issuing licenses to poms. Meanwhile the Thais get a H/Vehicle or car licensee if they can answer one question on their test correctly. The question being can you drive and if they say." Yes I can drive". You pass. If you say, " No" then your brain dead and no license.
  7. Give the driver a break. At least he dropped the passengers at the front door of the hotel (If it was the right hotel or door) no matter what he had to literally move out of the way!. LMAO
  8. Oh where are the top cops doing the Walking street parade with dozens of lower cops saying"We will make this area family friendly" That was a couple months ago. Guess too busy counting tea money again! LOS my ass LOC- Land of Corruption is a better expression!
  9. Thailand performs better on graft-busting efforts

    Now 96 out of 108 and they Brag about that. What a fking joke!
  10. Woman robbed, injured by Bangkok taxi driver

    Gee wiz Sorry my time here is 3 hrs ahead and I do not set my alarm clock to read Thai news. BUT my comment still stays!
  11. I saw it Big deal, Your problem is?
  12. I think the shop owner just wanted to get rid of Taxi people constantly sitting on their shop front. Bit of saw action on plastic legs!
  13. Makes me want to eat grubs and bugs sold on the street than that thing!
  14. Geeze My question is who is ripping off the schools funds if it is so low they can't even spend money on fixing drain covers, Call in Inspector Clouseau immediately.
  15. Prawit has two weeks to clarify 25 pricey watches

    Love the email heading, "News Prawit given more time to clarify on watch case". Instead of a loaned watch he was given one? Rolex? I think he already has problems with the watches he already has without another addition to this saga :-)