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  1. PM urges Thais to help beat corruption

    "PM urges Thais to help beat corruption" As a Prime Minister you don't, ' Ask or urge" , You only enforce it otherwise nothing will change!
  2. PM urges Thais to help beat corruption

    Corruption in Thailand? No impossible! Lets see some major reports in the last year.. Red Bull Boss not apprehended and he's a billionaire- not hard to find. Another the jet setting Buddhist -no reports and finally Yingluck ex Prime Minister All no reports from Thai media or more importantly the government and all only on Blue Interpol alerts! NB not Red alerts. Plus the fact no updates as to attempts to arrest in months! Only Blah blah blah...Thailand no 101 out of 176 countries ? Come on! Again Thailand wants to be No 1 which is 176 out of 176. They made No.1 in road deaths. Keep up the Gold medal status Thailand officials!
  3. What has the capital of Poland got to do with anything? You from America?
  4. Lies, Dam lies and statistics. I remember a pole many years ago in USA during Saddam Hussein era and that is whilst the US bombed the hell out of Iraq. Plus sent in massive troops. I think the result was when asked to American citizens the question "where is Iraq"? 70% of replies stated "They had no idea"! God bless US and it's knowledge of the world. Apart from the fact they found NO chemical weapons which was their reason to do such an act.
  5. Video: Thais tricked by "farang" roadside con man

    Simple... If recognized by Thai taxi driver pull out your gun and or knife and shoot or cut him The scumbag deserves it,
  6. Yes we do also have scumbag like other countries. That's life, But we also have strict laws. Guess that's why he went to Thailand!
  7. You ever been to the beach near the pier (Sth Pattaya) Ever looked ar the RAW sewerage that flows out of the pipes there near the pier full of bars and restaurants? But a ciggy But is your major concern? Cannot say more otherwise I may be banned to talking to such people as YOU!
  8. How hard is it for Falangs to say where will I go for my holidays? Thailand mmmm fine you 100,000 Bah or 10 years gaol for sitting on a beach that smells like a toilet or go elsewhere? mmm ...I'm not Einstein but I know the answer to that one! "Not very hard is it"?
  9. Clearly you do not own a business that relies on tourists in or near a beach here in Pattaya. God bless you for not just thinking of your own feelings and commercial interests . Your a Thai saint!,,,,,oops forgot to ask did you assist in this new law.?... to assist a better financial return for you as far as fines are concerned in your future success being a saint?
  10. Whats the color of his skin got to do with anything. YOU A RACIST? PLENTY OF WHITE SKINNED AND YELLOW SKINNED PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD who are just as bad!!! PS i'm white skinned with a slight tan. Arrest me!
  11. Understand where your coming from! But lets get real here! It's Thailand. If the Thai officials or Jet Ski renters had to hand out a guide to every tourist as to what they can and cannot do, with their insane rules, they would have to hand them a book the size of War and Peace... plus that would interfere with their tax called " How to legally rip of Tourists".
  12. You walk along Pattaya and count them? LOL The old saying,"Lies dam lies and statistics" Please show us the paperwork regards Pattaya smokers Mr Maniac